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Beware! RapidInterest has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone, and greetings from Vietnam where I’m going to be writing to you for the next couple of weeks before returning home! Not yet two weeks into the New Year and already I think we can see a noticeable upturn in the HYIP industry compared to most of the last 12 months, with some high quality programs such as among others RapidInterest. Certainly it’s beginning to look a lot like a good old fashioned post holiday season recovery with some good looking new programs already launching and others in the pipeline from other experienced admins. In fact I’m going to be introducing another new program on my monitor‘s Premium List in the news section of today’s update, so keep reading for more info on that.

However the main focus of today’s article is the addition of RapidInterest to the MNO monitor’s Standard List as introduced in the last blog post. It’s no secret that some people are expecting big things from this program which came to MNO right from the very start as the first major monitor of choice. I hope this also sends out a strong message to other experienced admins that if high quality programs are going to reach serious investors then MNO is the place to bring them. So before I get to the day’s main news stories let’s get started on RapidInterest and see what it’s all about.
There’s only one plan to choose from in RapidInterest, and every investment big and small is treated equally. At first glance it might look like a longer term HYIP (the interest rate would be in keeping with that style) however you do get a greater degree of autonomy over your account and can more or less set your own term. So, the first thing you will need before you can join is at least a $25 minimum to spare. It’s what I would call a “perpetual investment plan”, meaning RapidInterest offer daily interest payments either for how ever long you decide to remain a member, or until the program collapses. Which ever one comes first. The rate of interest made available to members then is 2.5% per calendar day. So if let’s say you made an investment of $100 with RapidInterest you would expect to see $2.50 paid back every day. Based on that it’s a matter of doing some simple calculations based on what your own goals are in the program to work out your potential earnings, and if these can realistically be achieved. Beyond that it’s not that easy to give any further examples. It really is a case of being literally as many strategies as there are investors. Whether you want to stay for a day, a week, a month, or remain until the very end is entirely up to you. On the other hand you may have a specific financial target in mind, or maybe you just want to assess RapidInterest on a day-by-day basis and decide on the day when you think the best time to leave is. You just ask for your principal back and leave when you are ready. By the way, as an active investor of RapidInterest you will be allowed to keep as many as three working deposits in the program at any one time. It’s unlikely to be necessary for you though given that the maximum limit in any one single deposit can be as high as $250,000 (so $750,000 in total from any three deposits).

I’ll just make one very strong suggestion when it comes to strategies however. You see, RapidInterest charge a 10% withdrawal fee for returning your principal. Remember that if you’re leaving the program too soon, because this can eat into a significant cut of your profits. Despite the outward appearance of daily profit payments then you really need to remain a member for five days at least just to break even. Consider the first 10% of your principal as gone (you will still earn interest from it mind) and you can only get out of RapidInterest with a profit after that period. Payment options should you decide to join RapidInterest are a bit limited, though probably no worse than most average online HYIPs.

For payment options investors can choose between PerfectMoney and Payeer if they like the more traditional style dollar payment handlers, or BitCoin and Ethereum if they want to deal directly using a digital e-currency. The withdrawal system from RapidInterest is straightforward enough, though sufficiently different from other online HYIPs to warrant paying closer attention to. The first thing we need to be clear about is this – payment processors do nothing for free. They are commercial profit making enterprises who charge fees for their services. Nothing new there you might think, I’m sure you all already knew this. In the case of RapidInterest however, they simply pass their own fees on to the customer. That means that all withdrawal requests are subject to a 2% fee. So for every $1 you take out of the program, expect $0.98 to hit your payment processor account. Not a big deal or anything, most admins will factor these things in when designing their plans in the first place, it’s just important that you know where the discrepancy comes from. Of course, you can always just allow your payments to accumulate and redeposit once they reach to the required $25 minimum again. Personally I wouldn’t recommend it myself because even though it will help your principal to grow, in the meantime you earn nothing and the 2% withdrawal fee is still there waiting for you regardless. Smaller investors take note that there’s a minimum withdrawal policy of $2.50 in place. The payment schedule is another area where RapidInterest is unlike other programs. While your account with the program is credited with interest earnings an calendar days, seven days per week, withdrawals are only processed on business days, Monday to Friday. So yes, you will earn your 2.5% profit as usual on Saturday and Sunday, it just means you have to wait until Monday before receiving the money. There’s nothing to stop you from requesting it of course, you’re just not going to see it until the new business week kicks off on Monday. Withdrawals are then made manually and so will need to be requested from inside your RapidInterest members account area. The admin then reserves the right to take up to 48 hours (business days) to complete your transaction.

Just one final word on the investment plan, I think it’s probably worth explaining how to withdraw your principal when you do eventually think it’s the right time to leave RapidInterest for good. It’s not all that difficult to do or anything, it’s just that if you’re not familiar with the RapidInterest it might not be that easy to spot on your first visit. First of all (obviously) you need to log in to your members account area. Down the left side of the page you will see the various tabs allowing you to manage your profile, account history, and so on. Click the button marked “Withdraw”. This displays your payment processor account numbers, the amount you are owed at the time of your visit, and the section where you can now make a withdrawal request. It’s right there where you can see the line “For principal withdrawal with 10% fee, click here.” Click that to be redirected to a separate withdrawal page just for your principal.

Moving on to some of the more technical aspects of the RapidInterest website such as their design and account security features, I’m pleased to see the admin didn’t cut any corners. RapidInterest is hosted on a dedicated OVH server with tech support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by CloudFlare who are of course a well respected name and dependable service provider for mainstream commercial business websites. It’s of some comfort then that CloudFlare also takes care of the SSL encryption to provide safer browsing and more secure transactions. The script is custom made, though I don’t think I can say it’s unique. I’m open to correction here but I’m not aware of it being available for commercial sale to just anyone, however it looks remarkably similar to something used by a couple of very successful programs in the past. Some people will let that influence them to spend more money, others won’t care, it’s really up to you to read what you like into that. I can only say that from an investor’s point of view it’s very well organized and laid out, user friendly, and easy to navigate without compromising on security. The RapidInterest domain is registered for three years in advance, not a particularly difficult or expensive thing to do but still, always an encouraging sign of a professional admin who knows how to take care of business and let’s say take care of minor issues today before they become major problems tomorrow. On signup you will be required to create your own withdrawal code which will be known only to you and cannot be recovered, so take every precaution to memorize it. Besides that, you can enable an extra layer of protection while signed in by detecting possible location and browser changes.

Any further questions for the RapidInterest admin that you think I may have missed in this review or account related issues you need to have dealt with can be passed on through a couple of different channels. The first thing you should be looking at of course is the website’s FAQ page, which is extensive and covers just about everything in detail. If this doesn’t help you avoid having to contact RapidInterest support then you can either fill in your details in the online customer support form and submit it through the contacts page. A postal address (actually a PO Box number) is listed in the UK, which is of course unlikely to lead you directly with anyone connected with the running of RapidInterest so is best ignored. Other methods are available to signed up members only, i.e. the admin’s own e-mail address for direct contact and their Telegram details for live chat support. It’s also stated that when it comes to online support it’s the active investors in RapidInterest that will be treated with priority and can expect a faster service/response time than just members of the public making general enquiries. Quite a reasonable policy I think.

Just in case anyone is interested, the alleged business activities behind RapidInterest and how they fund the interest payments to their members are from BitCoin trading and mining. It’s long been a popular claim in the HYIP industry there’s just not much solid evidence to prove that RapidInterest are any more involved with it than any other program. And an important point for HYIP newbies to remember, even if it was true that doesn’t mean it always has to be profitable. So if you’re intent on taking the gamble and joining the program remember the two most basic fundamentals, which are staying well under a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose and earn back easily from other sources, and if joining RapidInterest at all then keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Although still a brand new program I’m guessing the name RapidInterest might have popped-up on the radars of a lot of readers given the relative enthusiasm surrounding it. If you’ve put any thought into joining then I’d really appreciate it guys if you wouldn’t mind taking a brief moment then to answer the following poll question on how you feel about RapidInterest and their chances of becoming one of the first really big hits in the HYIP industry this year. The poll is 100% anonymous of course, and could make for some interesting reading in the coming weeks and months as we observe the future performance of RapidInterest.

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I would like to start with the introduction of 12DailyCoins – another brand new addition to my monitor’s Premium List. The admin started his advertising campaign exclusively with MNO yesterday immediately on the program’s official launch so hopefully it’s going to be only the beginning of a successful run all of you will benefit from. The admin of 12DailyCoins certainly took inspiration in the previously hugely successful formula of 12% daily interest paid over a term of 12 calendar days, giving a total return of 144% by expiry and allowing you to break even already after the ninth payment. What more can you ask for? 12DailyCoins requires a $10 minimum deposit and offers instant withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin, while if you invest via Ethereum, BitcoinCash, or Dash then expect to be paid manually within 24 hours. I can confirm that the first payments for me were processed instantly which allowed me to move 12DailyCoins to Paying status on the MNO monitor and schedule a more detailed review for sometime next week.

Before that you’re welcome to browse the website and see if 12DailyCoins is something you might be looking for to diversify your investment portfolio. From first glance it looks like a neat and elegantly made website quite easy to comprehend and join. 12DailyCoin is running off a licensed script by GoldCoders which will be familiar to the majority of HYIP investors, the site is SSL-secured by Comodo and is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of DDoSGuard. The admin told me he’s going to upgrade the server to a better one, so I hope by the time I post the review I will be able to tell you what the new provider for 12DailyCoins will be. As well as I hope to tell you more about the investment plan and other features, including the program’s active social network accounts, UK based incorporation certificate, payment proofs page and Live Chat support. Stay tuned for more info on 12DailyCoins on MNO soon!


If you’ve been with BitAeon for some time now you might know that the program has been the top performer and has reached the #1 spot on the MNO Premium List after ten weeks. Many investors have already profited from BitAeon (reviewed here) as the program offers marvellous flexibility when it comes to reclaiming your principal which can be done anytime by paying a 10% withdrawal fee and sent instantly to your address in BitCoin – the only payment method currently accepted by the program. If you consider that you get paid a fixed 3% rate on business days (Monday to Friday) with a reduced rate of 1.5% credited to your account on Saturdays and Sundays, it’s possible to earn a decent profit in less than a week. However if you had some trust in the admin and stayed put for all these ten weeks on MNO you would have been rewarded with a handsome 80% profit on top of your principal. And now it looks like this already long run might be just a preparation stage for some exciting things to come. As the admin of BitAeon explained in the interview to MNO posted here, he has plans to launch BitAeon‘s own coin and wallet sometime in 2019. So it appears the testing stages for this are just around the corner as announced in the latest newsletter posted a few days ago. If you’re in BitAeon you might have had a chance to see the so-called BitAeon Coin balance feature accumulating. Where are these coming from you might ask? Well, it’s actually deducted from your own daily interest in the program which though is only a tiny fraction of 3% from the daily credited sum. After the next stage begins you will be able to use these BitAeon Coins for various transactions within the system and even spend it on the official coin launch in the future. The whole process has been explained in detail in the newsletter re-posted below so I won’t be repeating it here, just read through and check the changes in your account as to how much BitAeon Coin balance you may be holding already. As always MNO will keep a close eye on the upcoming developments with BitAeon‘s own coin and will keep you updated as further news develops:

Preparation starts now
We are working hard to make sure our Cryptocoin exceeds all your expectations and becomes the number one choice for investors all around the world. This takes time but our developers are getting closer and closer to the first testing stages.
In order to prepare for the closed testing, we are giving our members FREE BitAeon Coins! For a limited time, the amount of 3% from your daily profit payments will be added to your BitAeon Coin balance.
For example:
Your active deposit is 1.0 BTC – your daily profit payment on a business day will be 3% = 0.03 BTC. From this amount 3% will be added to your BitAeon Coin balance (0.03 * 3% = 0.0009). On weekends, when the profit payment is 1.5% = 0.015 BTC, you will receive (0.015 * 3% = 0.00045) BitAeon Coins.
You can see how many BitAeon Coins you have received in your Dashboard. These coins will be used in the closed testing and you will be able to send, exchange and spend these coins when we launch our Cryptocoin.
During the last year, we have achieved many of our goals and there are a lot more to come in the future. You can view and follow our official Roadmap here: https://www.bitaeon.io/about
The BitAeon Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Weenzee.
From MNO Premium list: BitAeon, InstantMiningLimited, CoinIcor, 12DailyCoins (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: Royal7, RapidInterest.
From MNO Basic list: VFinanch, Neuronic, EtherLite.

That’s all the news for now, guys. I hope you enjoy reading and following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, and have already subscribed to my newsletter here. It’s very important to stay informed especially now that the HYIP industry seems to be showing clear signs of recovery which might lead to new highs in a few weeks time as spring approaches. Anyway, as we can clearly see the first contenders for the next industry leaders emerging and eagerly await their finest hour to shine and bring profits to its members. Don’t miss these unique investment opportunities some of which are found exclusively on MNO and if you have any questions or suggestions please say it on the MNO ShoutBox, contact me here or directly at my email address at abramsonp@gmail.com or simply chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. Please keep voting on the MNO TalkBack‘s latest poll to express your thoughts on what type of plans the new leaders of the HYIP industry might offer potential investors. The final results will be drawn on Monday when I’m also going to publish the review of Royal7 (perhaps the most popular new program among readers at the moment) and will bring you all the latest news from the biggest investment opportunities you might have seen so far in 2019. Have a great weekend ahead, everyone, and talk to you again in a few days from Hanoi Vietnam) on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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