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08/02/2019. Hooplex Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Hooplex has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! It’s the end of another business week which I hope went well for you and are looking forward to the weekend. For myself I’ve finally reached the end of an epic three month adventure traversing South East Asia. Returning home after such a long trip is something I’m looking forward to and dreading in equal measure as it involves 15 hours sitting on an aeroplane and a 20+ degree drop in temperature once I get off at the other end in London, but I guess it’s just one of those things that has to be done. Anyway, I have plenty to keep myself occupied before that with all the latest news stories from the HYIP industry and the introduction of another new program (keep reading for more info on that) but mainly a more detailed look at a brand new program called Hooplex that was added to MNO’s Standard List just a few days ago. You might remember from the introduction of the program earlier in the week that Hooplex claims to be involved with the technology and development of a new cryptocurrency. Not that there’s exactly a shortage of such things around at the moment, but it seems to be a popular enough concept. So let’s see exactly what Hooplex bring to the HYIP industry and why they consider themselves more deserving of your money than the next program. See if you agree and have room for them in your portfolios.
Following on from a number of highly successful programs in the past that positioned themselves as cryptocurrencies, Hooplex would seem to learned from that and just made everything easier and more user friendly. Trimmed the fat so to speak, offering realistic and achievable investment goals that are both profitable and affordable, just removing the unnecessary complications and jargon that can so often make what should be a relatively straight forward thing overly complicated. As a result it probably goes to making Hooplex a more appealing program for more investors, which I guess is what the admin was going for. Just to get one thing clear before we continue then, all deposits will be converted into the program’s own internal currency first, called Lexera and abbreviated to LXR. This is largely just a cosmetic issue anyway as when you go to make a withdrawal your new LXR profits are just turned back into dollars or whatever currency you used to join the program. One advantage Hooplex offers over a lot of other programs is that in this regard you can use one currency to make a deposit from and another to withdraw you profits to. Maybe not a big deal to a lot of investors but a handy feature nevertheless if you happen to be a regular player. I’m going to describe the investment plans using dollars as the exchange rate in Hooplex is a straight one to one for USD and LXR. The exchange rates for other cryptocurrencies can be seen in your member’s area when making a deposit.

I’ll talk you through the practicalities of making a deposit and requesting a payment in a moment, but first let’s look at the actual investment plans as that’s what you really need to know if you’re going to decide if Hooplex is suitable for you or not. So, there are six mostly long term plans for you to choose from. They all carry the same affordable minimum investment required to join, the difference is that the longer you are prepared to commit your money for the higher the interest rate Hooplex are prepared to offer you.

For the most basic entry level investment you can start with a $50 deposit. The shortest term you can join for is 30 calendar days during which Hooplex will pay 0.7% interest per day. That adds up to 21% in total by the end of the term, nowhere even close to a profit obviously, that only comes when Hooplex return your initial principal. A typical example of how this might work out in financial terms then would be if you were to let’s say invest $100 with Hooplex they would repay you $0.70 cents per day until you have collected $21 in total. Your initial hundred is then released leaving you with $121 as your final return, $100 of which was yours to begin with plus $21 in net profit as your reward for joining the program. If however you wish to withdraw your principal and leave the program before the 30 day expiry term you may do so for a 30% fee removed from your principal. As that’s pretty much all of your profit and puts you at a loss this is obviously only an extreme measure to be considered in an unexpected personal financial emergency.

That’s more or less the basic premise behind the rest of the investment plans, with fixed rates of interest paid on according to a daily schedule for longer and longer terms. So again for a $50 minimum deposit Hooplex are offering members a daily rate of 0.8% over a term lasting 60 calendar days. In total this adds up to 48% by the time you receive the final payout, which then becomes your net profit once Hooplex return your principal. So the same $100 investment here gets you back $148 in total, or $48 in profit. An early principal is allowed here too, also for a fee. If leaving within the first 30 days of the plan the fee is 33%, if leaving anytime after that it’s reduced to 15%.

If you are willing to commit your money to a term lasting for 90 calendar days then Hooplex will repay you a daily rate of 0.9% interest per calendar day. That’s 81% in interest payments alone, allowing a total return of 181% when your principal is returned as promised on expiry. In comparison to the other plans offered by Hooplex then a $100 deposit here gets you back $0.90 per day until you have $181 in total, with $81 of that being your net profit. If you need to withdraw your principal early for some reason you may do so in the first 30 days for a 36% penalty fee, reduced to 20% if you are leaving at a later point.

The first of the Hooplex plans to put you into profit before actually returning your principal requires you to commit your money to a 120 calendar day investment term. In this instance any investment of $50 and more will see a daily interest payment of 1%. That adds up to 120% in net profit and 220% in total with your principal returned. So were you investing the same $100 in this one you get back $1 per day from Hooplex until you reach $120 in payments, then your own initial hundred added to that. If you can’t wait that long and are unable to see out the full term an early principal withdrawal clause is again available, costing 39% during the first 30 days of the plan and 30% for requests submitted after that.

A marginally better rate of 1.05% is available if you are prepared to leave your money with the Hooplex admin for a 150 calendar day term. By expiry this adds up to 157.5% in interest and 257.5% with your principal returned. So again if we look at that in financial terms a $100 investment here would see Hooplex paying members $1.05 per day until they have $157.50 in total profit and and $257.50 with your principal returned. For early principal withdrawals you will need to pay a 40% penalty fee regardless of when you would like to leave.

And finally if you really have faith that Hooplex is genuinely a long term player in the HYIP industry and is serious about making their presence felt here, you can join their final plan which commits you to a 180 calendar day investment term. That’s around six months, which is pretty ambitious in a business where few think past next week. But as it will still only set you back a $50 minimum to join the risk doesn’t have to be anything more serious than you yourself make it. As long as Hooplex are in possession of your money here you can expect to earn 1.1% on your money for every calendar day. By the expiry date this comes to 198% in interest payments alone (you net profit for joining Hooplex) and 298% when your principal is returned. In monetary terms then that would see a $100 deposit earn $1.10 in interest every day until reaching $198, becoming $298 when the Hooplex admin releases your original deposit on top of that. You can get your principal back early within the first 30 days of the plan with a 42% fee deducted from it, or a 50% fee if leaving anytime after that.

So what about your payment options? I guess I can include the list of currencies and third party handlers alongside a brief description of how to deposit and withdraw from the program. As I mentioned earlier Hooplex has its own internal currency, so the first thing you need to do after making a deposit is to exchange it to Lexera (LXR). After doing that you can then start an active investment. I know this is going to sound so ridiculously obvious but honestly, I wouldn’t need to repeat were it not the surprising number of people who forget it – after you have made your initial deposit it’s simply not enough to just leave it there. You have to fund your LXR wallet and move your funds to an active investment plan before you can start earning with Hooplex.

If you prefer using real hard currency and wish to invest with dollars then your only option is PerfectMoney. There’s a far more extensive list if you are using digital cryptocurrencies however, including BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Tether, Dash, Zcoin, Tron, Ripple, BlackCoin, Waves, and DogeCoin. There’s a couple in there I’ve never even heard of before, others not especially popular in the HYIP industry, but the choice is there for you if you want. When I said the minimum investment required to join Hooplex was $50 that wasn’t exactly 100% accurate. Strictly speaking the minimum is 50 LXR, but as they offer the exchange at a 1:1 ratio it’s the same thing. Exchange rates for all the other accepted currencies are shown when you go to make your deposit, so just make sure that whatever you are using comes to at least the equivalent of $50/50LXR.

You will see all of this on the left hand side of the page when you are deciding how much to invest. There is a drop-down box with a list of currencies, you just click the one you want to use. You then enter the amount you wish to invest using LXR (keeping in mind that it has the same value as the dollar). Below that you will then see the amount in your chosen currency that you will need to deposit to make a LXR investment of that value. For example, let’s say you want to make a $100 deposit using BitCoin. Select BTC from the drop-down box. Type in “100” to the next box marked LXR. The third box will then display (accurate at the time of writing!) 0.0298 BTC, which is the current exchange rate of the day. From there you just click the Deposit button to proceed with your investment.

The reverse then applies to your withdrawal. You just select the currency you are withdrawing to from the drop-down box, then enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the LXR currency, the next box below that will tell what this is valued at in the currency requesting. You then click the Withdrawal button to proceed. Again, remember that Hooplex allow you to withdraw to a different currency that the one you joined with if you so wish. Payments are made manually by the Hooplex admin who requires you to allow a maximum of 72 hours for everything to be completed. Personally I haven’t needed to wait anything like that, especially considering the program is so new, but do keep it in mind. Smaller investors however need to remember one very important thing – at the time of writing Hooplex have quite a hefty minimum withdrawal policy of $10, so in reality only the bigger spending players are going to be able to make daily withdrawals. If your request is under $10 it simply won’t be dealt with. You will also be expected to cover the withdrawal commission fees which are anything between 1% and 1.5% depending on what currency you are requesting.

Moving on to some of the more technical details of the Hooplex website such as design and security, looks to be well put together and a very professional job has been done on it. Hooplex is powered off a custom-made script though unlike some similar programs it’s a lot easier to navigate. The Hooplex domain name is registered for five years in advance, and hosting is on a dedicated server with both protection from DDoS attacks and SSL-security provided by CloudFlare. For potential investors whose English skills may not be their strong point then the Hooplex website has been translated into four other languages. The English version come up by default as is usually the case but can easily be switched between that and Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish or Portuguese. The site also features a professionally created video presentation explaining what the program is all about. This can be viewed on the main page of the Hooplex website or if you prefer has been embedded on the MNO monitor as well. The more active promoters among you will be able to see there are multi-level referral rewards available in Hooplex which should help to keep interest in the program high.

Also on display is the by now almost traditional certificate of incorporation from the UK where Hooplex claim to be operating from. There’s no postal address and these things can be bought by anyone perfectly legally over the web, but for whatever reason it seems to inspire more confidence in some folks. Without a postal address your ways to communicate with the Hooplex admin should you have any further questions or account related issues is to either fill out the support form and submit it online through the website, or just write directly to the listed e-mail address. Something quite conspicuous by its absence however is an FAQ page, but then again I imagine that’s why a lot of admin’s need their programs reviewed on MNO.

Overall it’s quite an original and well planned operation, and everything at this early stage would indicate a good long run for them. Sustainable plans that can be carefully managed, good marketing, good organization, even the timing of the launch as winter gives way to spring will contribute to bigger longer term growth for them. That being said, Hooplex is still very much a HYIP. Granted it might be a little better than an average HYIP, but nevertheless a HYIP. For the record they claim to be involved with the multi-currency core LexeraWay and electronic currency LXR. As usual there’s not a great deal you can do to verify that, time will tell if any of this ever really gets traded publicly, and even if that does happen you still can’t say it necessarily has to be so profitable all of the time. Better just to be aware of the risk rather than afraid of it. After all, if you want to make any kind of money from this industry then your choice is simple – either take a risk or else forget about it. All the usual rules still apply at all times here. If you join then be sensible with your spending limits, and be realistic with what you expect to earn. Don’t spend money that might leave you in trouble were you to lose it, and try to keep Hooplex as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. I expect a lot of you may be thinking already that this is exactly what you were looking for though.

Just before we move on to the news section I want to finish up with Hooplex, at least for today anyway, by asking what readers think of it. You can weigh up the pros and cons of joining, and decide whether it’s a risk you think worth taking. I hope then that you won’t mind answering the following opinion poll question, which is as always 100% anonymous and only takes a second to complete. Thanks to everyone who votes, as it will make interesting reading maybe not today but several weeks from now when we look back on Hooplex and see how it has developed by then:

Will you make an active deposit in Hooplex?

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I want to start today’s news update by introducing a brand new addition to MNO called Coinvestment. The admin launched his advertising campaign by purchasing the most expensive Premium List on the MNO monitor so surely has a sizeable initial budget to keep his program going for a while. The main advantage of making a deposit in Coinvestment is the option to request your principal back any time after an initial 48-hour lock-in (you’ll see the Release button under the My Deposits tab in your account area). Note that you will pay an automatically deducted 5% fee on every deposit release, but the good thing is it’s entirely up to you to decide when to leave Coinvestment with profit. Crediting your account with 0.15% every hour on a permanent basis (until you get your principal back) adds up to 3.6% daily, thus making your venture profitable after the first two-days and requiring only a $10 minimum to start with. Another great feature Coinvestment boasts of is instant withdrawals which I’ve confirmed so Coinvestment has been moved to Paying status on the MNO monitor already. The minimum to withdraw is $1 and all withdrawals less than $100 to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin are instant. Larger amounts than $100 going to Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Dash will be processed manually by the admin within 24 hours. I’m also pleased to report that Coinvestment seems to be running off a totally custom made yet easy to navigate script with everything clear and well explained. The Coinvestment website is SSL-encrypted by Let’s Encrypt Authority and hosted on a dedicated server protected by ProManaged. There’s the usual UK certificate of incorporation available to view on the Coinvestment website and for further transparency a Payment Proofs page has been included where you can track all the latest payouts to members. For promoters there is a regional representatives scheme, and there is a very active official Telegram group and Live Chat where you can ask any questions before reading the review of Coinvestment on MNO next Monday. Stay tuned for more information on Coinvestment and meanwhile check it out to see if you like it or not and read the first welcome message from the admin of this brand-new program reposted below:

Welcome to Coinvestment!
We’re proud to announce our investment project online!
After a great time of planning and developing the platform, today, February 7th 2019, Coinvestment opens it’s doors to public.
Our mission is to provide the best investment experience regardless of your skills and knowledge of the crypto-currency niche. We trade cryptocurrencies for you and offer a lucrative investment terms on your deposits. You can start with as low as $10 USD and we offer you to earn a 0.15% hourly profit forever which equals 3.6% a day. Happy earnings!
Thank you, Coinvestment Limited


Earlier today I received a couple of emails alluding to be from Weenzee asking me to reset my password in the program, which as you can imagine they were just phishing attempts aimed at hijacking your account to eventually empty it. That’s why one of the latest emails from Weenzee couldn’t have been more relevant as it was a strong warning to members against providing personal information to anyone while urging further enhancement of account security by activating 2FA authorization for email or enabling secondary confirmation of every transaction via cell phone or Telegram. Please take this advice extremely seriously and don’t fall victim of scammers stealing your Weenzee profits:

Dear users,
Appeals to technical support from Weenzee members, complaining about spamming to them, have become more frequent. Letters are misleading the user notifying him of a temporary or complete blocking of access to his personal account.
We remind you that Weenzee never requests a login password, a financial password, or any other personal information from its users.
Be careful about saving personal information. We recommend to activate two-factor authorization on your e-mail address and to confirm financial transactions via a code sent to a cell phone or Telegram.
According to the offer agreement, the participant undertakes to make every effort to preserve confidential information.
The security of your finances is the key to stability and well-being.
Respectfully, WEENZEE team

Getting now to other important news from the always busy Weenzee and its leaders and promoters, there’s a lot of activity again now across India, South Korea, and Indonesia according to several updates in the website’s news section. You can read about all the former or future activities in the reports posted below, but first let me remind you that Weenzee is now in its third successful month online and it has been growing like never before. Many people have already made significant profits from the program’s investment plans (further analysed in my review posted here) t can be joined with as little as $30 via several different payment methods. The list includes PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Dash, Zcash, Eos, and Ripple. You can choose between terms of 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360 calendar days with principal returned on expiry. The daily profit usually floats around the 1% mark is largely dependent on your investment term and whether you have opted to convert your deposit into the internal WNZ currency which boosts your daily profit by 15%. By using the WNZ currency you will also have the option of withdrawing your principal early for a fee, so this can protect you in case of unexpected events where you might need your money back fast. Withdrawals are processed by the administration within 72 hours, but usually much faster, and you will pay a small fee on every withdrawal if you convert your WNZ to any other currency. Weenzee has been steadily getting more popular among readers and is currently ranked at #3 on the Premium List with a big chance to climb higher judging by the support they’re getting both online and offline and by the level of enthusiasm shown by promoters at some of the public events featured in the updates below:

Experts predict that in the coming years, India’s economy will come close to the economy of its Chinese neighbor. This country attracts many investors and businessmen. Recently, the Indians have become very interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency.
WEENZEE always supports those who want to achieve success and make money using innovative technologies. Our representatives arrange a 3-day series of meetings to form the WEENZEE team. Insider information, opportunities for training and earning – come to the event in Mumbai and get it!
Every day there will be two sessions (day and evening): you can come at your convenience. You will be provided with snacks and drinks. ?heck the details and meeting place with the organizers by phone.
Basic information:
Date: February 4-6, Time: afternoon session: 1 pm-5pm, evening session: 7 pm-10pm
Place: Hotel Marine Plaza, A Sarovar Premiere Hotel, Organizers: Mr.Risco (+639951337899), Mrs.Welly

South Korea makes a great contribution to the development of innovative technologies in the world. Samsung, Hyundai, Kia Motors, LG – these are the giants of the Korean economy, which significantly affect the global market. And now South Korea especially interested in the blockchain.
The Chain Plus + conference is annually held in South Korea and attracts the attention of the entire community. This time, leaders, managers and project founders from around the world gathered on January 23-24 in the capital of South Korea to discuss the blockchain, cryptocurrency, innovations and global changes in the financial sphere. More than 1,500 people participated in this event, many projects were presented, and the largest media from all over the world wrote about the event.
WEENZEE was presented separately at the conference: the project was discussed both by our Korean colleagues and other experts from around the world. The main topic was WEENZEE’s own artificial intelligence, which is the basis for the entire business platform.
We plan to further develop cooperation with organizers from different countries and are ready to participate in any events aimed at sharing experiences and constructive discussion of important issues. In the future, we plan to visit all countries that actively interact with the blockchain and introduce it into their economies.
WEENZEE – the most ambitious blockchain project!

WEENZEE does not stand still, project ideas spread throughout the world. We see more and more people willing to learn cryptographic technologies and develop the blockchain market. We invite such people to our project and guarantee them great prospects!
Many of our leaders work in Indonesia and want to train and help their fellow citizens achieve success. Representatives of WEENZEE travel around the cities and organize educational lectures for all comers. The leader Mr.Fachrurrozi is now in the city of Pontianak. He will tell you about unique earning strategies and share his work experience. Such knowledge you will receive only in WEENZEE! We are waiting for you: admission is free for everyone!
Basic information:
Date: 04 – 09 February 2019, Time: 14.00 – 21.00pm, Place: Meeting Point Resto & Cafe (Jl.Teuku Umar No.56 Pontianak), Speaker: Mr.Fachrurrozi (+62 812-5088-3272)

Interaction with participants is a key link in the work of any project. This is especially important for us, since it is you who determine how actively WEENZEE will develop. Thanks to teamwork, each member of the community will be able to achieve success.
The WEENZEE team is trying to take care of the participants who cannot always attend a live meeting with our leaders. Therefore, it was our decision to announce the regular WEENZEE webinars on Facebook. You can visit them from anywhere in the world! All you need is a stable Internet and a desire to acquire new skills and knowledge.
Follow the link to watch video from the first webinar:
So, to get to the webinar you need:
1. Subscribe to the official WEENZEE page
2. Read the announcement of the first webinar
3. Go every Tuesday and Friday at 7pm to Facebook and get exclusive information from a real blockchain professional
Details you can check with Mr. Imran on the phone: 082199809998
Watch useful and interesting WEENZEE webinars!

WEENZEE leaders continue to plan and organize conferences and TableTalks with people all over the world. New initiative employees and future cryptocurrency experts are extremely important for the company. In turn, we guarantee you prospects for self-development and a stable income from the project. All that is required of you is to come at a time convenient for you and listen to a small educational lecture.
In the first half of February, the leaders of the WEENZEE team organize a series of meetings in the city of Jayapura. Participants are given the opportunity to talk with leaders who already work at WEENZEE. Educational conversations will be held with drinks and snacks. Specify the place and time of meetings by phone with the organizers.
Date: February 1-15, Location: Nomaden Area Kota Jayapura, Speakers: Mrs. Asri (082134366769), Mrs. Editha (081248702894)
Looking forward to you!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BitAeonBitBoots, Weenzee, InstantBitexInstantMiningLimitedCoinIcorCoinvestment (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: Hooplex (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: TophatsFarms.

That’s all the news for today, guys. Enjoy the weekend and hope you will all be back to check out MNO on Monday when I’ll have a more detailed look at Coinvestment plus all the latest news from the biggest HYIPs on the net. MNO has been quite a unique blog-monitor that has been running for some twelve years now. I keep MNO listing prices high so not to overwhelm readers with the hundreds of fast scams that flood other and to attract only the most talented HYIP admins with real ambition. This policy worked wonders for MNO and my readers who enjoy a much better selection of high-quality programs and saved me a lot of time and effort which I would rather spend on personal time, as MNO is not a full time commitment for me any longer. If you would like to change your fortunes in the HYIP world please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, and take a couple of moments to subscribe for regular blog updates delivered to your mailbox on this page. Join over 3,500 subscribers and you won’t regret it! If you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests remember that it’s easy to get in touch with me by emailing directly at, submitting your query via this form or just by chatting with me on Telegram @mnoblog. I would also appreciate your valuable contributions to discussions conducted on the MNO ShoutBox while you can be sure that your voice will always be heard on the MNO TalkBack page. The new HYIP season is only getting started, so stay tuned with MNO – For Money Lovers – and hope to talk to you again on Monday!

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