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Hello all, and welcome back to the MNO blog which keeps defying the expectations by delivering you the latest updates from the most talked-about programs in the HYIP industry which have great potential to bring you sweet profits and not sore losses you might have already experienced if you had followed some less selective and more unscrupulous websites before. You see, MNO is totally different from other investment online blogs and monitors in its essence – the primary goal of my website is not making money for myself (that comes as a bonus as I have retired already from the day job a few years ago) but rather to educate readers in showing them the most stunning investment opportunities. I’m talking here about investment projects run by experienced admins with the string of other successful hits behind them which not only allowed them to become quite skilful entrepreneurs able to manage growth levels in a sustainable way but also able to attract funds into their programs on a consistent basis which is the recipe for any HYIP’s longevity and vital for the profitability of its investors. Therefore, MNO charges top-notch listing prices which effectively weed out all the potential inexperienced admins and deliberate scams at the same time welcoming the talent which the HYIP industry is lacking at the moment. Make sure you stay with the leaders of the industry and find some real gems by following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter and by subscribing to the blog’s regular updates sent directly to your email address you can submit here to join over 3,200 other lucky subscribers. If you ever wanted to discuss the most efficient advertising campaign for your investment project or simply have any questions or suggestions in regards to the MNO monitored program please do not hesitate to write a couple of lines directly at my email address abramsonp@gmail.com, submit your query here, or chat with me in live mode on Telegram @mnoblog. MNO has been online for almost twelve years already and I certainly know what I’m doing and how to do it properly.

Let’s get back to today’s news now, shall we? Today you can think about whether the newly added program to my monitor EternityAssets takes your fancy and hear all the latest updates from the such perfectly paying programs as Weenzee, BitAeon, and BitWave. Best to start with the introduction of the newcomer to the MNO monitor‘s Standard ListEternityAssets – that was added last night after just three days online.


EternityAssets is a program with a forward-looking vision and gradual development that is by an experienced admin with quite a few popular projects to his name. Although not a recipe for success in itself it should become a welcome assurance for many investors who prefer to deal with people with knowledge on how to run a program for a long time. Just to prove the program’s long-lasting goals the short-term plans of EternityAssets which one can see on the main page of the website are currently closed and will be open when the admin deems it appropriate for the next stage of its development. The current investment plans valid at the time of writing requires at least $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum or Ripple. The recommended investment plan at the moment pays 7% for 21 calendar days with the principal already included and not returned on expiry. The other plans also include 3% daily “forever” (with no possibility to withdraw principal at any time), 500%-3000% after 30 days, 4000% after 40 days, 4500% after 60 days, or 5000% after 90 days. As you can see, it might not be wise to invest in once on expiry paying plans, and better stick with the daily paying ones, at least until the new shorter-term plans are opened. Of course, in the upcoming review of EternityAssets to be published on the MNO blog on Sunday I will be discussing the investment offers in their current incarnation, and just wanted to confirm that although the withdrawals (the minimum is set at $1) are promised to be paid manually within 24 hours all mine have been processed so far extremely fast, and literally got to my online wallets within minutes of making a request. As EternityAssets is running off a totally custom-made original script (which is always considered a good thing) make sure you first Refill your internal wallet with the desired amount (at least $1) and only then open a deposit by clicking Invest. Apart from that peculiarity I haven’t noticed anything special that might create difficulties when investing, as the script being used by EternityAssets is essentially user friendly and easy-to-use.

The admin obviously takes the security both of the site and of members’ accounts pretty seriously and apart from the unique script the site boasts an EV (Green Bar) SSL-certification from GeoTrust for safe and secure browsing and is hosted on a dedicated OVH server protected against malicious DDoS-attacks. In order to boost newbies’ confidence one can view the certificate of organization from the US state of Missouri which is supposed to support EternityAssets‘ claims of “automated trading in securities and other stock assets”. What is quite interesting about the program is the meticulously planned RoadMap you can read on a dedicated page and which the admin has been meticulously following thus far. For instance, over the last couple of days two more language versions of the EternityAssets website have been added which you can switch to in the top right-hand corner of the screen – Vietnamese and Chinese. In order to follow the program’s current and future developments please join the EternityAssets‘ official Telegram channel and group chat which (along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and site’s own Live chat and phone support) were open a few days ago and is one of the many subjects the admin updated his members upon since the program’s official launch on February, 24. Please read the welcome message and all the latest news from EternityAssets below and make sure to check out the program’s full review on MNO on Sunday:

New perspective of development
Dear Internet users and visitors of the EternityAssets LLC website, Today you have a chance to get acquainted with a new direction in online investment business and financial management implemented by our investment and trading company.
From this point on, anyone who has registered a Personal Account on the official website of EternityAssets LLC will be able to fully appreciate all the advantages of working with us and take advantage of our offers of passive income and partner rewards.
All the possibilities of a better future are here!
We are waiting for you and are ready for long-term cooperation on an equal basis!
I wish you success in business development!
With respect, Jon Charles, Director of EternityAssets LLC

Rising option indexes
Dear investors, In connection with the seasonal fluctuations of stock markets, we inform you about some fluctuations in options indexes. This phenomenon can be reflected in a certain negative light only on small players and in no way can affect our commercial interests due to the fact that our presence in this sector of trading is very significant and does not depend on the volatility of option indices.
In addition, we also want to note the increase in total return on investment, which over the last trading week grew by 0.78% of working capital, which in nominal terms amounted to 390000USD.
Given the strong growth dynamics demonstrated by our assets for five weeks in a row, the company’s management has decided to start investment intervention and to increase working capital, which will significantly expand investment opportunities.
Follow our news feeds and updates.
Respectfully, Analytical sector of EternityAssets LLC.

Roadmap of the company
Dear clients,
Every successful business has to have a plan. A strategy for the daily improvements and progress in targets. EternityAssets LLC has a simple and complicated list of activities to make our clients rich. All we need for the success is here: take a look at the Roadmap. We don’t make the range timing, fake improvements or other tricks. Just fair plan for the huge profit for our clients and making us the leader. So follow the Eternity way. Let’s go and check, how we will make it step by step, day by day.
Roadmap: https://eternity-assets.com/roadmap
Charles Jon, CEO Eternity Assets LLC

Official group and chat on Telegram
Dear clients,
We are happy to announce the official group and chat on Telegram for everybody. Join now, all good news and announcements will be add there first. Also we will give a bonuses for the activity and free money only for subscribers. Comfort and free cash: what could be better? Join!
Official channel: https://t.me/eternityofficial, Eternity chat: https://t.me/eternitychat
Charles Jon, CEO EternityAssets LLC

Vietnamese site version
Dear clients,
Due to the Roadmap and for our partners from Vietnam we added the Vietnamese site version. Now it would be more comfortable for our clients to use the service. Also, the Chinese will be added tomorrow.
Join our Telegram:
Official channel: https://t.me/eternityofficial, Eternity chat: https://t.me/eternitychat
Charles Jon, CEO EternityAssets LLC

Chinese site version
Dear clients,
EternityAssets LLC is an American company. But we don’t support the politics of trading wars. That’s why we are interested in closer cooperation with Asian region. As we promised, for our partners from China we added the Chinese site version. Now it would be more comfortable for our Chinese clients to use the service.
Tomorrow we will add the improved statistics for our customers.
Join our Telegram:
Official channel: https://t.me/eternityofficial, Eternity chat: https://t.me/eternityofficial
Charles Jon, CEO EternityAssets LLC


Weenzee that has been around 100 days already has been nothing short of spectacular. And I mean it when I say that because the program will have potentially doubled the money of the first lucky investors and is only moving on the way up at the moment. At least that’s the conclusion from the latest buzz Weenzee is attracting across busy Asian markets like South Korea, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Brazil is just about to join the string of countries (which among others include Turkey, Singapore, China, and the UAE) where people already know about Weenzee‘s offers first-hand via various conferences, seminars, and other events held by its leaders in public meeting places. Exciting news shared by the new Weenzee team responsible for the promotion of the program in Latin American markets will certainly boost investors confidence in the long-term plans by the administration to attract more funds to the program’s coffers. If you haven’t read the full review of Weenzee posted here I’ll just remind you you may invest anything starting from a $30 minimum which you can fund via PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Ripple, Zcash, Dash, and Eos currencies. You are the one responsible for choosing the most suitable investment term for you which can be either 30, 60, 90, 180, or 360 calendar days for the duration of which your funds are locked and are only released on expiry of the term. An exception to that rule applies allowing you to withdraw your principal at a fee before the expiry date if you convert your funds into the program’s internal currency called WNZ which Weenzee obviously has plans to sell to the public soon with (the latest news of a Vietnam based exchange service where you can turn your WNZ into the national currency VNDong strongly confirms the intention). This will also help you secure a 15% extra bonus interest on top of your current daily rate. By the way, the daily rate Weenzee offers is variable and depends both on the program’s performance and the term of investment chosen (higher rates go to longer-term investments). Usually it floats around the 1% mark, so you should get approximately 30% profit over the month, should you decide to invest in the shortest 30-day plan and get the profits out faster. A longer-term commitment might prove more profitable though, especially if you take into consideration all these positive updates Weenzee has been sending lately. Here’s the latest news that have been shared by the program’s administration over just the last few days:

During February, the partners worked productively and significantly expanded the geography of our community. A wave of leadership marathons was held in South Korea, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. During the events, the partners received a huge positive feedback, interest in the system, growth of leadership structures and an increase in the total investment capital of the system.
Weenzee sets the trend and continues to unify and improve the internal interconnections of trading, investment and social platforms. An international event will be held in the spring: a large-scale WEENZEE conference. All major investors and top leaders are invited.
The schedule of the event contains: summing up the intermediate results of work, awarding the best leaders, discussion of prospects and development plans. Entrance to the conference is strictly by invitation. Therefore, participants must submit an application to their coordinator before March 25, 2019.
All guests of the event will be able to take part in the development of a strategy for further development, the exchange of tremendous experience in the promotion of investment projects. At the end of the main part of the event, the leaders who showed the best results will be awarded. Pleasant bonuses are awaiting the most active and promising; a large-scale prize draw will be held among all conference participants.
Representatives of the media and press of the blockchain industry have been invited to cover the conference. The exact time and place will be known later.
The following conditions must be met before March 25th, 2019 to receive invitations to the event:
– the total number of people in your team should be more than 1000 people;
– turnover should be more than $ 100,000.
Special promotion! If the turnover of your team is more than $ 350,000, the volume of your personal portfolio is more than $ 25,000, if in your first line there are more than 20 active participants with a total volume of personal portfolios more than $ 10,000 then WEENZEE pays full travel and accommodation to the conference to the leader and 2 other team members.
In one of the following news it will be indicated the exact time and place of the event. Follow our information channels!
Sign up! Get into the big WEENZEE league!

WEENZEE is a new revolutionary blockchain platform for managing total assets based on artificial intelligence algorithms,” as experts on cryptotechnology from Korea characterize us. The resources Blockchain Hub and BlockTimesTV analyzed and released materials about the project WEENZEE.
Of particular interest was the scale of the project (it is already represented in 15 countries) and the organizational structure that allows you to earn with the help of trading bots and neural networks. Also, the active work of leaders who regularly hold training meetings and conferences was noted. They attract new people to the industry and motivate them to study and work more. The WEENZEE community is open to all enthusiasts and is growing every day.
You can read the full versions at the links: Blockchain Hub: https://www.blockchainhub.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=news&wr_id=35187, BlockTimesTV, http://blocktimestv.com/m/view.php?idx=9103&mcode=&stx
We will continue to inform you about all the interesting things that are happening with WEENZEE.
Stay with us!

The leaders of WEENZEE continue to organize conferences for people all over the world. The flow of new initiative employees, future cryptocurrency experts is increasing every day. This indicates the commitment of people to the ideas and goals of the WEENZEE community, that people see clear prospects for themselves and as a result receive a steady income from the project’s activities.
To enter the stream of earnings, it is enough to come once at a convenient time for you and listen to a small educational lecture given by WEENZEE partners in your city or settlement.
The nearest educational meetings for residents of Makassar are already scheduled. Save the time and place of meetings and get your opportunity for your decent life!
Date: February 27 – March 2, 2019, Location: Cafe & Resto Idi Kanrejawa (Jl.Topaz Raya Belakang Ramayana / Depan Royal Makassar Apartment), Time: 2 pm- 9 pm, Speaker: Mr. Prabu Daryanto, Contacts: +6281324567077
The refreshments and snacks will be provided during educational conversations.

WEENZEE successfully works in 15 countries of the world, especially actively advancing in the Middle East, Turkey and the developing countries of Asia: in Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines. Some events are held in Dubai, China and Singapore. We are pleased to announce the launch of the business platform WEENZEE in the South American market!
Investors, top leaders, blockchain professionals from Brazil and other countries of the continent are interested in cooperation and come to us with development proposals and new investment strategies. At the moment, a team of top leaders of the new region is being created, which will directly interact with WEENZEE curators in the process of developing events and planning the promotion of WEENZEE in South America.
Large-scale events, great opportunities, new experience in the field of investments and financial well-being are already available to you with WEENZEE!

We are pleased to announce that Weenzee continues to evolve and integrate into the economies of various countries. Recently, anyone investing in a project in Vietnam can exchange Vietnamese dongs for WNZ. For many people, this news will greatly simplify their profit and will be another opportunity to increase their funds with the help of our project.
The instantaneous transfers, high reliability, security, transparency of the transactions are the positive sides that characterize this exchange site.
On behalf of Weenzee, we thank the team of leaders from Vietnam for their efficient and productive work, and we wish all holders of WNZ a profitable, safe trade and good luck!
Contact exchanger:
Name: Nguyen Dung, Email: hyipcenter4me@gmail.com, Telegram: https://t.me/hyipcenter4me_blog, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrhip9999, Website: https://hyipcenter4me.com/, Phone: 086.94.99999
Wealth comes to every home with Weenzee!


What to say about BitAeon? It’s almost like the Rolls Royce of the HYIP industry these days. I mean it’s fair to say it’s been a moderately successful time in the industry of late in the sense that we’ve always had a couple of good performers online even if ideally we would have liked the security of having a couple more. But the one constant that’s been with us all this time and have always put in a solid, consistent, and predictable performance has been BitAeon. You know as a blogger and a monitor I have to at least try to maintain a certain level of neutrality and impartiality when it comes to the programs I cover, it’s just that when a program like BitAeon comes along all of that just goes out the window because you simply can’t deny an outstanding achievement when it happens. Four months online have now been surpassed as BitAeon enters a fifth month, and if you want to know how amazing that is you need only remember that it only takes a few days to be in profit. Investment plans offer 3% per business day with a reduced rate of 1.5% per day at weekends, no expiry date, and your principal back anytime for a 10% fee. So you can profit pretty quickly if you want a fast buck, but for those who recognised the true quality of BitAeon from the start and held their nerve, they would have almost tripled their money by now. Perhaps the one thing that’s helped keep the growth in BitAeon at a manageable level is their reluctance to add more payment options, limiting the choice for now to just BitCoin. Never mind, it’s results that count and BitAeon have delivered on that front big time. You can read more details on how it all works with the original review first published on MNO here or read what the admin himself has to say about it in his own words in the interview published here.

Anyway, moving on to the latest news from BitAeon there’s a lot of information that’s going to be of good practical use for a lot of members and also in helping the program’s further expansion. New translations to German, Spanish, and Italian for example will make the BitAeon website much more accessible to an ever greater number of investors. On the more technical side of things the admin also addressed some of the problems that Chinese investors may have encountered on accessing their account areas. This is not down to any glitches or bugs in the BitAeon system but rather the Chinese government’s efforts to block or limit some of the services provided to websites by Google (in this case the Captcha security feature). If you’ve been affected by this then there’s no need to worry, advice is included in the following newsletter and you can contact support any time. Extra support staff are on hand in line with BitAeon‘s growth with the idea of slashing the waiting time for a reply. There was also an explanation as to why some investors may have had a brief overnight delay in the delivery time of their payout requests. This was due to an upgrade in the program’s own payments system, necessary I would imagine to deal with a higher volume of traffic. Again disruption though inevitable was at least kept to a brief minimum. Read all the news from BitAeon in the newsletter I’m republishing below:

Report #005
It has been more than four months since we launched our platform and BitAeon keeps growing stronger and stronger with each day. Our membership has increased exponentially and we are in process of hiring new employees for our support staff to make sure all your queries are processed in a timely manner.
Last few weeks have come with a lot of achievements and a few challenges that we managed to overcome and keep on delivering you the best investment services online.
Due to safety reasons we have changed the login solve captcha to Google’s reCaptcha. This system offers higher security and prevents brute force attacks. If you are not familiar with it, do not be scared. The system prompts you to find and select images that belong to a certain category (i.e. car, traffic light, etc.). After you select all the images proving that you are not a bot, you will be able to access your account.
As you may have known, China has blocked many Google’s services and for some members the reCaptcha might not work properly. If that is the case for you, be sure to use the recovery form to access your account: https://www.bitaeon.io/password/reset.
Alternatively you can use a VPN or Proxy service of your choice.
On the nights of February 20th and February 21st our payment system was ongoing a maintenance and some payouts were delayed. This was a result of us upgrading our platform and switching to a new payment provider. All the necessary upgrades were performed successfully and the new payment system keeps on delivering instant payouts 24/7. We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
We have noticed an increased amount of situations where our clients use a payment provider or exchange that does not send the funds instantly resulting in the deposit processing to be delayed. Ideally, all deposit payments are processed automatically, but if the payment was not received within a few hours the deposit needs to be processed manually. If your transaction is confirmed in the Blockchain and still not activated in our platform, please contact us as soon as possible. And remember to use a single deposit address only one time. If you want to create another deposit request a new address.
As a part of our Global advertising expansion we have added a few new languages to our system. Now you can use BitAeon in twelve languages including the newest addition of: German, Spanish and Italian.
Thank you for your attention.


It’s been talked about for a while now and I know the admin has been looking into the whole idea since around about the time his program was launched just over a week ago, but the BitWave regional representative scheme is now up and running. I’m sure that most of the experienced readers among you will probably know what this means, indeed a lot of you might have even done this before for several other programs in the past. But just in case, the general concept here is that regular rank and file members of BitWave will put their names forward to act as promoters, technically speaking this is supposed to be in your own geographical locality or at least language group. In reality of course when we are talking about purely online ventures such as BitWave your downline can be drawn from literally anywhere, from your next door neighbour to an astronaut on the international space station, it really makes little difference. Anyway, if you are prepared to let yourself be included on a list of official representatives then BitWave will reward your efforts with an improved rate of referral payments which you would not get if you were just promoting the program privately. One difference between BitWave and many programs with similar schemes is that in this case you don’t have to have any active investment with them. Just an empty account will do, because you earn from the ref link and not any actual investment. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be all that good at online promotional work, but it would really help a lot if you are as only the top promoters would earn significant amounts in just ref comms alone. You can read more on BitWave in the original review first published on the MNO blog here and its plans that pay an instant 0.15%-0.2% hourly rate “forever”, and can give your principal back anytime after 48 hours for a 5% fee. A raft of payment options include PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, and DogeCoin and to the majority of them withdrawals are processed instantly, so you will be paid in no time. What’s not to like about that? The latest on BitWave and their appeal for regional representatives is included below:

Become our Regional Representative for free!
You can now become our Regional Representative for free, which means you are not obligated to have an active deposit with us. You will earn 10% from your direct referral investments, made directly using crypto currencies or account balance of BitWave.
All you have to do is send your application explaining how do you plan to promote BitWave to rep@bitwave.me and we will check your application within 24 hours and get back to you ASAP.
You just have to provide your referral link to others for joining, which is: https://bitwave.me/?ref=mnoblog
Happy promotion and earnings!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: WeenzeeBitAeon, BitBoots, CoinIcor, InstantBitex, InstantMiningLimited, BitWave.
From MNO Standard list: Hooplex, EternityAssets (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: TophatsFarms.

That’s all the news I have for today. Thanks for staying with MNO, guys, and I hope it helps you make wise investment decisions to pick from the most outstanding programs while skipping the deliberate fast scams that can be found in huge numbers on cheap monitors. I’ll be back on Sunday with a more detailed look at EternityAssets that just opened for business and will also post any further news stories you might need to be aware of. Meanwhile, please make sure to vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page as the final results will be drawn soon and discuss your favourite programs and ask any questions on the ShoutBox. MNO is where information comes first, so make sure you follow the latest trends in the industry. Thanks for reading and see you all on Sunday on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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