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Hi everyone, and welcome once more to the MNO blog where only the best and the brightest investment programs are featured! I would like to argue with those people who believe that the current HYIP season has been nothing but dull with no really big programs to take advantage of. It’s possibly true that no obvious leaders are dominating the market at the moment like in previous years but that isn’t really the biggest issue now, we have quite a few excellent performers that simply do the job brilliantly and are paying quietly for some time, long enough to for savvy investors to profit. Just look at all the programs ranked from one to five from the MNO Premium ListWeenzee (reviewed here), BitAeon (reviewed here and interviewed here), BitBoots (reviewed here), CoinIcor (reviewed here), and TophatsFarms (reviewed here and interviewed here). They’ve all been excellent in their own unique way and brought profits to members. So whereas things might not be what some people are hoping for, there are lots of opportunities out there to succeed and make money from and the majority of readers can surely agree on that.

As you might already know, MNO stands out from the cheaper alternatives and offers the best advertising options for elite programs. Listing prices are deliberately kept high to reflect the superiority of the investment projects featured on the MNO monitor and each new addition is surely an event in itself being discussed on other major investment forums and blogs. That approach already paid quite handsomely to those following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter by giving them the first opportunity to join the new promising newcomers added to the MNO monitor while the blog subscribers gets an in-depth analysis of the major industry’s programs by getting all the reviews and news articles delivered straight to their email addresses on a regular basis (click here if you haven’t subscribed yet). My readers have also been quite active in discussing their favourites on the MNO ShoutBox and casting their votes on the MNO monitor. If they have any questions they can either contact me in real time on Telegram @mnoblog, or write to my email address directly at or by submitting this online form. As they say knowledge is power so together with my readers MNO will always stay a valuable source of information to empower you with the skills needd to succeed in the HYIP industry.


Are you aware of one of the most impressively performing market leaders right now, Weenzee? If not yet then you have to read the full review of the program posted here. Starting from a $30 minimum and a term of 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360 days with a variable daily return and principal back on expiry Weenzee works with many payment processors including PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Dash, Zcash, Eos, Tether, or Ripple. An advantage daily investment rates usually revolving about 1% anyway will apply to any investors who convert their deposits to the internal currency WNZ and get an extra 15% on top of the usual daily ROI.

As Weenzee has been successfully running for almost four months now you can imagine that a lot of investors have seen a handsome profit already. Having been listed on MNO from day one the program proved a popular choice with readers, but still not everyone has taken advantage of the opportunity, so issued a special newsletter a couple of days ago. It specifically named the five main reasons behind Weenzee‘s success which you can read below:

5 reasons for WEENZEE success
The winter 2018/2019 turned out to be very productive for WEENZEE: our community has increased several times, the geography of the project has grown, and the number of investments in our system is beating all the records. What is the reason?
1. At the beginning of the year, WEENZEE got the award “The Most Valuable Investment Project of The Year”. How it was
2. Since the beginning of December, WEENZEE leaders held 60+ conferences in many countries around the world: China, Indonesia, Vietnam and many others. Here you can see a photo report from the last conference in Shenzhen
3. Constant and numerous improvements and innovations of the platform
4. Official exchangers were opened in China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam (where the office was also opened)
5. WEENZEE was widely covered in the media – dozens of major world publications wrote about our project
We told about all this in detail in the news section on the website.
Read Weenzee news
We won’t stop repeating that WEENZEE is the power of a large community. And it is the community that is the main engine of our progress. Thank you for staying with us!

The main strength of Weenzee is in encouraging local communities to engage in promoting the program among friends and relatives and for that reason a lot of events are going on, and in Asian countries in particular. In the latest news posted on the Weenzee website we see new events and activities in South Korea and Vietnam that you may like to hear about:

The Weenzee team concentrates the most requested content and makes it available for viewing on popular video hosting sites in various countries.
A large number of reports from conferences, video reviews, official video instructions, as well as leadership recommendations for using a personal account and promoting the system are already available to our large Korean community on Naver TV Korea, as well as directly on the Weenzee website.
A very simple way to expand your knowledge and keep abreast of the hottest events of WEENZEE is to follow new videos on channels. Use it and be in trend! Link: Also on our website, at the top there is an icon for switching to Naver TV – use it.
Our leader will regularly share news with you, and you can contact him via Telegram and kakao talk (contact: @bungae7)

Korean top managers organize an unusual event to develop skills and unleash the potential of the leaders who work on the project. Together with the WEENZEE community, a competition is announced for the most creative, energetic and talented members of the community. The leader race for two thousand WNZ will help to unite the teams and give extra power to the development of WEENZEE in Korea.
During the month, two Korean leadership teams will hold events in their own groups in Kakao, expanding the WEENZEE Community and attracting all new users to the system using an unlimited arsenal of opportunities: creative blogging with high-quality content, organization of events or webinars and much more. We are waiting for a serious struggle!
We will stir up interest at the start and each of the participants will receive 100 WNZ in their portfolio. The winning team will receive 2000 WNZ, which will be distributed among the winners!
We will inform you about the progress of the teams and be sure to tell you about the results of the competition. Follow the news!
Be sure in your success with WEENZEE!

Vietnamese leaders are actively developing the WEENZEE Community. Each participant can come and at any time personally communicate with representatives of WEENZEE in the opened office. Collaboration with top leaders helps in organizing events, conferences and trainings for users of the business platform. The results of these events are a massive increase in interest in the WEENZEE system, the organization of new teams and the emergence of strong leaders.
Watching the achievements in the work of active participants, the representatives of the WEENZEE community decided to encourage them with special exclusive bonuses – the limited collection of fifty gold WEENZEE coins. To obtain a unique coin, you need to demonstrate your enthusiasm and visit the leadership branch in Vietnam.
The company thanks the representatives of WEENZEE from Vietnam for new ideas and dynamic development of the system! We are sure that colleagues from other countries will follow the example of their colleagues from Vietnam using creativity and imagination to unlock the full potential of the WEENZEE Community.
You can contact the Vietnamese team through these links to social networks and messengers:
Support telegram (support24/7):
Telegram Group (discussion ):
Telegram Channel (news):
Facebook Page:
Facebood Group:
WEENZEE is an innovative community, where everyone achieves success and financial freedom!


Many readers were quite excited to learn of long-term development plans outlined by the admin of TophatsFarms who was interviewed on MNO here. The program has become a favourite over the last couple of months it’s been featured on MNO, even before its recent upgrade to Premium Listing as reviewed here. By accepting investments starting from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and Ethereum into the three daily paying plans – 7% for 22 days, 5% for 30 days, 3% for 50 days – and allowing to boost profits by investing into the 110% after 5 days plans for the active members TophatsFarms has managed to multiply profits for the early investors. Hopefully the best days are still ahead of them, as the admin of TophatsFarms spoke of plans to extend the site’s domain for five more years as well as introducing a new design for a better browsing experience. As for the assurances in the US incorporation also outlined in the latest newsletter I’d personally be skeptical about it and take it with a pinch of salt – no other program have ever done it and I’m very much doubtful TophatsFarms will be the first. Although I might be impressed and see it done for the first time in the history of HYIP – who knows. Anyway, the latest news from TophatsFarms reposted below sounds promising, however at the time of writing nothing that was promised has been delivered yet so let’s see how it goes:

TophatsFarms Ltd news flash: USA incorporation, domain extension and website redesign
Not to stay still and move ahead?—?this is the main postulate of TophatsFarms Ltd, which we undoubtedly adhere to. There is not a day when our team would not think how to improve the terms of cooperation with investors, how to make your participation in our project even safer and more comfortable, how to gain your maximum trust, etc. We study with great attention all your comments on our work and make every effort to eliminate any shortcomings.
This week we extended validity of domain name of TophatsFarms by 5 more years to show that the company came to the market seriously and for a long time, our business is extremely in demand and promising.
It’s time to move forward. Those who somehow monitor the growth of TophatsFarms Company know that our primary task in 2019 is to enter the United States food market. Since we work with American fast food chains in Europe, many of our partners were able to convince themselves of the high quality of the product we supply. The company receives more and more offers of cooperation from overseas, but until today, we have been restrained by significant facts, namely the lack of representation in North America, which could organize a sales system and logistics of supplies. We finally found a solution and are already in the process of drawing up a company in the USA and obtaining the necessary trade license. Of course, it is too early to talk about this as an accomplished act, but we promised to keep you updated on all company news. The US subsidiary will be open as early as this month, after which we will start obtaining the appropriate business permits and, with a high probability, in May of this year we will begin regular nutrition supplies, which will increase gross income and allow us to expand the line of investment plans. Perhaps we are also updating the system of affiliate rewards?—?we consider any opportunity to make the partnership more attractive.
Finally, this month we will present a redesign of individual elements of the website. Innovations will affect primarily user accounts to make the investment process more understandable. If you have a vision of what else can be improved on our site, we are waiting for your suggestions?—?you just need to write us a letter or contact our managers in any convenient way indicated on the site.
Traditionally, we would like to thank our active investors, and those who are somehow connected with the development of the company and the promotion of its ideas around the world!


A lot of news from EternityAssets has been coming out including the official launch of their long-anticipated representatives program and two additional language versions in German and Japanese (joining English, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish). However, the main update mostly concerns current and future members on a total overhaul of the investment offers. Please note that some investment plans have been scrapped altogether (active investors there will still be paid as usual, of course) while more short-term plans have been added. As my previous review reflected the old set of plans (click here to read), I’ll go through all the changes for you below.

So what’s new for EternityAssets investors Modified investment offers starting from $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, or Ripple but there’s no more of the so-called Termless plan that paid 3% daily “forever”, however the most popular 7% for 21 calendar days plan remains unchanged as Standard and you may still invest upwards of $10 there to earn up to 47% pure profit by the end of the term. In my review I actually expressed my doubts as to why the perpetual plan was made available to investors anyway, since there is a much better daily paying plan available. That made no sense to me and the admin seems to have listened and removed the plan after all.

All the other investment plans currently offered by EternityAssets pay once on expiry. The shortest available plan starts from a $10 minimum and called Tariff 2 will last for 5 calendar days will pay 117% to 300% profit depending on your principal. The longer Tariff 3 will require at least a $10 minimum and will possibly bring you 140% to 700% return on expiry of the 10 calendar day term. If you wish to invest in the Tariff 4 plan you will have to commit a $10+ deposit for the duration of 15 calendar days for a chance to earn 210% to 1,300% back on expiry. The other plans called Tariff 5 and Tariff 6 and will pay 330% to 2,000% on expiry of a 20 calendar day term or 500% to 3,000% if you are a total risk taker for a 30 calendar day term. Again some higher almost non-achievable rates are offered to those with large investments and, as covered in the review the on expiry plans should be treated with caution and only played with smaller amounts. Please sign in to your account in EternityAssets and click the Invest tab to see what investment offers are now open.

As EternityAssets plans to introduce even shorter-term plans in the near future the MNO blog will report in due course. All the latest newsletters from them over the last four days announcing changes to the investment plans, new translations, and the representative program can be found below:

Dear partners,
EternityAssets LLC is international trading company and the payment system of new generation for everyone. We are interested in making the world better. The company bases on St.Louis (Missouri, USA) and Bangkok (Thailand).
We are highly interested in the cooperation with active people and opinion leaders worldwide, that can share the great opportunities of our platform and EAC payment system. We are ready to pay big bonuses for any activities and give special huge presents for your help. Also you will get increased 5-2% commission.
Welcome to the Representative team of the EternityAssets LLC. The best worldwide team af true professionals and opinion leaders. We are here to make your life better, with same great opportunities for everyone. Send a request and start work with us.
Also we made a list of reviews of our platform from most famouse online blogs and services. You can check the professional reviews and feedbacks from the opinion leaders about the EternityAssets LLC.
Charles Jon, CEO EternityAssets LLC

German site version
Dear clients,
EternityAssets LLC follows the best plan to success ever – the Roadmap. And today we should add the German. But every day we checked the traffic and read customers feedbacks – there are many requests for the German language. So we will add Portuguese a bit later, and adding the German right now. Willkommen meine Damen und Herren!
More comfort, more partners and more income here.
EternityAssets LLC is almost ready to announce own cryptocurrency EAC (Eternity Assets Coin). Beta testing now is in process. We will make cryptocurrency great again!
Join our Telegram:
Official channel:, Eternity chat:
Check the reviews about the Eternity and send a request for the Representative status here:
Charles Jon, CEO EternityAssets LLC

5 days plan is valuable
Dear clients,
EternityAssets LLC is an international trading platform. We are happy to get first feedbacks from our clients, who joined the first days. They have already get the principal back and now will get stable daily profit. We offer the best investments opportunities ever.
Also i get about 20 requests daily about the 1 day plan. Our strategy is balanced and we will open it soon, when the site will be ready for increased cashflow. Now the 10 days and 5 days plans are valuable for you and surely will give 140-700% and 117-300% profit.
Join now, invest and enjoy.
Charles Jon, CEO EternityAssets LLC

Japanese site version
Dear customers,
EternityAssets LLC is an international investment platform for everyone. Lots of our investors are already in profit, and we are ready to share this fantastic opportunities worldwide.
Following the Roadmap, our next step is Japanese. Japan is a beautiful country with old traditions and unique atmosphere. I was traveled to Japan as a tourist for several times and all the trips were fantastic and unforgettable. As we can see on stats, more then 10% traffic on Eternity site comes from Japan.
We are adding the Japanese version. Konnichiwa!
EternityAssets LLC is almost ready to announce own cryptocurrency EAC (Eternity Assets Coin). Beta testing now is in process. We will make cryptocurrency great again!
Join our Telegram:
Official channel:, Eternity chat:
Charles Jon, CEO EternityAssets LLC


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 84 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: WeenzeeBitAeon, BitBoots, CoinIcor, TophatsFarms, InstantMiningLimited.
From MNO Standard list: EternityAssetsHooplex.
From MNO Basic list: Bittera (the first instant payments received).

That’s all the news for today, guys. Thanks for reading. I hope you profit from the best performers in the HYIP industry and be sure to vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page with the latest results due in a couple of days. See you all soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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