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Hello everyone! Welcome once more to another news update from the oldest and most trusted blog dedicated exclusively to the best and brightest online investment opportunities. I hope you’re doing well and looking forward to the weekend while keeping up to date with the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry right now. As you might know, the MNO monitor currently holds the record for the highest listing prices which allow readers to pick only the highest budget money-making opportunities and thus maximize their possible returns from these quite risky but often very lucrative investment programs called HYIPs. As we expect more activity in the next business week bringing more promising opportunities on MNO please make sure that you subscribe to get regular updates delivered straight to your email address from here, or simply follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter where all the latest announcements are made known in real time. If you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests do not hesitate to contact me either directly at my email address or by submitting your query via this contact form. I will be also pleased to chat with you online in real time, so if you have a Telegram account please write me a couple of lines at @mnoblog. You are also more than welcome to be more active on the MNO ShoutBox and vote in the latest poll featured on the MNO TalkBack which I will be announcing at the end of today’s update. First though let’s discuss the latest news from come popular and well established long running programs like Weenzee and CoinIcor.


Over the first four months online the administration of Weenzee have become widely known for their various conferences and offline and online events held in all over different countries all around the world. I guess that’s what helps Weenzee to prosper and bring profits to investors who can choose from various investment terms ranging from 30 to 360 calendar days and receive a variable daily return with the initial deposit returned on expiry. Withdrawals are manually processed within 72 hours, but usually investors get paid much faster on requests to PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Eos, or Tether wallets. As $30 is the minimum investment in each plan just about everyone can benefit from Weenzee‘s investment plans and get paid around a 1% return for the duration of the term with a 15% bonus on top of that if they convert their deposits into the internal currency called WNZ. As it might be a little tricky to figure out some of the more complicated features of a Weenzee account (especially for newbies) it’s essential that the company’s leaders hold conferences like the upcoming three day event in a hotel in the Vietnamese city of Saigon, alternatively referred to as Ho Chi Minh City, though I won’t bore you with the details as to why people still refer to it under different names (something I only found out about six weeks ago when I actually visited Vietnam and asked some people!). Please note the event will be held next weekend, not this one as some people may think, so best of luck to everyone attending. Those who don’t live in the Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City areas but still interested in participating, investing, or just tagging along to see what Weenzee are all about can always refer to the detailed review of the program posted on MNO here. If you are in Vietnam though then you may find the information posted below useful as well:

WEENZEE continues to develop the blockchain community in Vietnam. We receive many requests from crypto enthusiasts from this region and try to respond to them quickly. Our Vietnamese office works for the benefit of the entire project and helps people increase their income through our business platform.
But we don’t stop there: the WEEZEE leaders have announced several conferences and meetings in Saigon. Events in the city will be held from March 22 to March 24 for all comers.
Representatives of WEENZEE will tell a lot of useful information, give practical advice and share their experience of working with the blockchain. The presentation will be accompanied by the handing of souvenirs from WEENZEE, colorful videos and a light lunch with drinks. And all this is free: you only need to come at any time convenient for you!
Date: March 22, 2019, Session 1: 2 pm-5pm, Session 2: 7 pm-10pm
Date: March 23, 2019, Session 1: 2 pm-5pm, Session 2: 7 pm-10pm
Date: March 24, 2019, Time: 5pm
Location: Grand East Hotel, Saigon, Organizer: Mr.Risco (+639951337899)


It took CoinIcor almost four months, of which three was spent on MNO, to establish a reputation as one of the absolute finest performers among perpetual style (no expiry date) programs. This field has recently been getting very crowded in the battle for investors money, but that just proves that it was CoinIcor (reviewed here) that started the trend and remains quite unique nevertheless. It promises to pay from a 1.5% to a 2.4% fixed daily return over an unlimited term, no option to withdraw your initial deposit, which starts from $20 and can be invested in CoinIcor via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, LiteCoin, Dash, DogeCoin, Zcash, Ripple, Monero, BitcoinSV, Neo and NeoGas. Although withdrawals are manual and may take up to 24 hours to be processed, CoinIcor has never missed a single payment and brought the first investors to join under MNO at least 27% profit already. That’s only counting deposits up to $500, which I guess is most of you, other daily returns on bigger investments have bigger payments. Despite the unlimited investment term current and potential members of CoinIcor should not forget that any program cannot last forever and bring you profits indefinitely. As CoinIcor has already reached the profit zone for many investors, the next step from the admin when he encourages potentially larger investors with an extra 10% (for investments starting from $500) or 15% deposit bonus (for investments ranging from $2K to $10K) should not come as no surprise. While it might be questionable for new investors willing to put $500 or more into CoinIcor in exchange for a promised 10%-15% bonus to participate at the moment, the availability of this until April 1st only creates a sense of urgency and pushes newbies to spend more and finance daily returns for others. Everyone should make its own conclusion from the latest newsletter from CoinIcor and decide whether to invest or not, as the admin emphasizes the program’s achievements so far and also promises to add more language versions to appeal to a wider investment audience soon. Below you will find the latest newsletter and the site’s news from CoinIcor:

Get up to 15% EXTRA on your deposit.
Hello. After almost 4 months of hard work we are writing to you a second COINICOR letter. Here are some updates that you might have missed during this time:
1. More than $7,000,000 of investments have been received;
2. More than 30,000 customers worldwide and number is growing up daily;
3. COINICOR is expanding: more than 150 regional representatives from 54 countries are working with us.
Get 10% or 15% extra on your deposit. Bonus is valid until 1st of April.
Best regards, COINICOR TEAM

More languages are coming
CoinIcor is preparing translations for Turkish, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese and French languages


Unfortunately I have to finish tonight with a report of a scam, quite a popular program called EternityAssets. At the time of writing their website is no longer accessible and no response from the admin has been received since Wednesday night when MNO was the first site to warn users of pending and delayed withdrawals. Even when I confronted the EternityAssets‘ online support they told me they had no idea on about payments had been delayed. This was already a very clear indication of a pending scam which followed on Thursday when EternityAssets was moved first to Problem, and then following the website’s disappearance to Scam status on the MNO monitor.

I must admit that the problem with payouts started when it was time to return deposits on expiry of the 102.5%-130% after 1 day plan just added. This was not covered on MNO as it was not open when the program was first listed. Needless to say that everyone who didn’t listen to my advice in the EternityAssets review and invested in any of the on expiry probably suffered severe losses. Those preferring the only viable 7% for 21 days plan may have done better. Anyway, that is no excuse a bad admin who cashed in on investors taking bad plans. In any case, as the website is down there is no point to issue any further warnings, just to say that EternityAssets has become one of the few scams which I try my best to avoid listing on MNO. Cold comfort to anyone who lost money, but at least we can respect an admin who has the common decency to remove his website when the program can’t be sustained rather than keeping it online to steal from more and more unsuspecting newbies.


Just to wrap things up for this business week I guess we should take a final look at the results of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll and replace it with another new question. The issue came up recently in a private e-mail exchange with one reader about his failure to profit from some of the HYIPs listed on the MNO monitor despite me stating on my blog that most do tend to be profitable for a reasonable number of investors. Now, I won’t be so dishonest or so downright stupid as to guarantee this is always going to be the case, the very nature of the HYIP industry means that in every single program someone must lose money if anyone’s is going to profit, and that’s kind of the definition of how gambling works. I mean if you make a bet with your friend on who’s going to win the World Cup, the Superbowl, a horse race, next US election, or whatever, one of you has to lose in order for the other one to win, right? So it’s kinda that way with the HYIP industry too in the sense that there’s a good time to join a bad program and a bad time to join a good one.

The last question put to readers on the MNO TalkBack page was related to risk in the sense of how you evaluate it. The exact question was: When do you usually decide to make your first deposit in a HYIP?

Some interesting results with a variety of strategies in there, but by some considerable distance the clear winner with 46% of the vote was the option “I join early but only when I check blogs and monitors”. In second place with 27% of the vote was people who take a much more relaxed attitude to such things, or at least don’t always see it as necessarily the most important issue by voting “I don’t give too much consideration to age, they are all different”. 17% of readers take the more cautious approach of waiting to make sure that other investors are either at least in profit or else have completed a cycle by voting “I will only join after at least one full investment cycle is done”. And only the remaining 10% of you have attitude of getting in before anyone else or as soon as possible by voting “I join immediately when I’m aware the program is online”.

Running over the next week will be a question somewhat related to risk, but I suppose more so about numbers and how much readers can generally afford to spend on HYIPs. Maybe sometime you expect nothing and just have a minimum investment for fun, maybe other times you expect more and have a bigger investment thinking you can make a lot more money. So how much money do you typically invest in your first deposit? Note that I’m not asking for full amounts or total and final figures, just wondering when you decide you like the look of an online program and how much you want to make your first deposit with? I’m not really looking here to know how much you would invest in a program over its complete lifecycle, that’s private of course, more how much you would invest in your first initial deposit when testing things out. You might go back in later with a second deposit of course, but I just want to learn what do you usually like to start off with. The exact question therefore is as follows:

What is your usual entry level deposit in an online HYIP?

Possible answers can be taken from the following options, whichever best suits the answer closest to your own feelings:

1) Never more than $100 to start with
2) My opening deposit is $100 to $300
3) I normally invest from $300 to $1,000
4) I invest bigger amounts, from $1,000

As always thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to vote in the poll. You can find the voting buttons on the MNO TalkBack poll here, and remember that all votes remain 100% anonymous and untraceable. Plus it literally only takes a second to cast a vote, or how ever long it takes you to read the question and make up your mind. The poll will stay open for at least another week, maybe ten days, so plenty of time for anyone who is interested in participating to have plenty of time to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 84 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: WeenzeeBitAeon, BitBoots, CoinIcor, TophatsFarms, InstantMiningLimited.
From MNO Standard list: Hooplex.
From MNO Basic list: Bittera, NexoFX (the first payments received).

That’s about all I have for you tonight, guys. Enjoy the weekend coming and please make sure to vote for your favourite programs on the MNO monitor or the MNO ShoutBox after receiving payouts to support the hardest working admins – the only ones we want listed here. Also, please vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack Page, and thanks for doing so to everyone who takes part. I really appreciate your readership over the years and hope to see you all on Monday with the next news update. Stay tuned and talk to you all on soon MNO – For Money Lovers!

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