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19/03/2019. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi everyone, and welcome back to another news issue of the MNO blog – the oldest and most trusted website covering HYIPs since 2007! If you’re not aware of it yet MNO is actually the only online resource dedicated entirely to elite investment opportunities – the type that boasts the largest advertising budgets run by the most experienced admins many start looking for when determining where to put their money. I charge the highest listing prices in the industry to make sure you will find only the best and brightest programs on the MNO monitor, as I take my responsibilities seriously and never agree to feature any subpar low quality programs on my blog. My readers are totally aware of that and meet all the newcomers with due enthusiasm ready to explore the promising investment ventures to their benefit. I’m sure that the selective approach with which MNO readers are armed with is helping them to include only the best HYIPs in their investment portfolio and therefore maximize their profits to the highest level if applying some reasonable planning and wise strategies. It’s no wonder that this season is showing a growing level of interest in what MNO offers from both the readers and the HYIP admins alike as more and more are subscribing for my regular articles to be delivered to their email addresses (enter your email address here to join over 3,200 subscribers) while following MNO diligently on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter to be the first to hear about some of the most brilliant investment opportunities that might actually make you a fortune. Despite this year’s season being only marginally better than a year ago there has been no shortage of high-profile HYIPs that are managed by admins capable of running their programs for several cycles. Such giants as BitAeon or Weenzee which are at the top of their game at the moment and will be the main focus of today’s news can be safely named as the best money-making opportunities of the last few months. Both are heavily advertised on MNO and have their banners featured on the top of the monitoring page for quite a while with dozens of my readers making a ton of money from them already. Let’s have a look at the latest news from these two, as over the last few days the HYIP industry has been quite steady and no new closures have been reported with only more programs added to the MNO monitor‘s Basic list as well.


It wouldn’t be a day in the HYIP industry without at least something going on in the intricate world of Weenzee, and today’s been no exception. For the first of their updates today the admin team reflect back on some recent issues a few of their members had, for whatever various reasons, accessing the main Weenzee website. I believe this may have been a particular problem for Chinese investors for reasons I’m interested in getting into here (certainly not of Weenzee‘s making by the way) though nevertheless it can happen to anyone so you may as well take their advice on board. The best way to get around the issue should it occur is actually very simple, but not always the first thing to come to most people’s minds. You just need to get a VPN or Virtual Private Network. If you don’t know what that is, it’s an online service that you basically use to cover your IP address if certain websites or apps are blocked your area. Simple to use, you just visit your VPN online and type in the name of the website you are trying to access. Money won’t be an issue, there are many providers offering this service free-of-charge, others that offer more elaborate features for a very reasonable price.

Anyway, I’m straying slightly from the point here which wasn’t to explain VPNs but rather to suggest that their use is wholeheartedly encouraged by Weenzee as there are also additional security benefits. It’s easy to see that with such attention to detail and customer service why Weenzee has rightly become the number one program in the HYIP industry now. Just in case you’re not a regular player then and don’t know what Weenzee is about, it’s a mostly longer term program with plans running between 30 and 360 days with principal returned on expiry. Weenzee costs $30 to join via various payment methods including PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Eos and Tether, and makes variable interest payments that usually hover around 1% per calendar day. You can make a 15% bonus on top of whatever the official interest rate is on any given day by holding your principal in the internal Weenzee cryptocurrency called WNZ, but more of that is explained in the MNO review posted here. I should add that Weenzee has been online for four months already and many of my readers are already in profit there, but surely more exciting things are still to come considering the program’s strong inclination to expand further on select Asian markets.

For instance, in the other news update from them, although the event itself has already passed now, it seems last weekend saw a larger than usual Weenzee conference held in Malaysia. They have of course a lengthy history of holding free public events in hotels and meeting centres across the whole of south east Asia and The Orient, expanding recently even into South America. Details of the latest one is included below:

Some time ago, the WEENZEE Community users had difficulties with access to the official website Weenzee. In order to provide access to WEENZEE users and investors, technical staff in some countries are working to optimize the website.
At the moment, all participants of the WEENZEE project are encouraged to use VPN services that will help solve difficulties with the availability of the resource, such as:, and others.
It should be noted that specialized services will not only provide access to the project site, but also make your stay on the Internet more secure. When using VPN services, traffic is encrypted, and personal information and anonymity are preserved.
Technical support of WEENZEE works around the clock for the benefit of the business platform and the entire community. If you have additional questions, you can contact the online chat or send us an e-mail to
WEENZEE is the stability and security of your investment!

The WEENZEE system has reached phenomenal heights – thanks to leaders and simple participants who work hard for the benefit of the whole community, hold events and leadership meetings!
Representatives of WEENZEE in Malaysia will come together to hold a big event for all participants and investors of the business platform! The speakers and top leaders of WEENZEE will talk about the success of the system, expanding the geography of the Community, organizing several new large teams and receiving a huge amount of excellent feedback from the participants of WEENZEE.
This unique meeting will be held March 16 at the M Suites Hotel! We remind you that an additional light lunch and drinks are also planned for all participants of the event.
Date: March 16, 2019, Address: M Suites Hotel, JB, Johore, Time: 3 pm-7pm
Speakers: Mr Nizam Sahar (+60196799969), Mr Zack (+601135519330)
Mr Hj Ambok +60197763345, Dj Hilmi +6011366166778, Mr Norizwan Ali +601114936777, Mr Hadi Rahman +601110783644, Mr Tuah +60197763345, Hj Johar +60197777774, Mr Skhrudin +60166076106, Ir Azmi Hussain +60183896912, Mr Hafizzudin +601139396812, Dato alias +60 13-491 9777, Mr Alex +60 16-983 6878


Well if Weenzee deserves its spot as the number one program in the industry then BitAeon certainly deserves to be in hot pursuit as they are a very solid number two. Since launching way back in November of last year BitAeon have become one of the leaders, trend-setters really, of the current spate of perpetual style no-expiry style programs that now dominate the industry. It’s also a fine example to everyone involved with the HYIP industry how possible it is to run a perfectly competent program that can make money for both its owners and their investors alike. BitAeon offers investors one simple plan paying 3% per business day and 1.5% per day at weekends, no expiry date. That’s a very nice 18% profit per week. You can claim your principal back anytime for a 10% fee so it’s possible to be in profit within just a few days, but if you just do some simple math you can see the breath taking profits the first more brave who joined BitAeon at the beginning are in by now. Of course, it’s still just a BitCoin only program so perhaps some folks see that as a little off-putting, but the bottom line here is profit, and those figures speak for themselves, especially considering all the withdrawals are processed instantly which in itself wins over many fans. If you want more information on BitAeon and how it all works, you can read the original review first published on MNO here. More recently the admin William tried to explain things a little better in his own words when I interviewed him here.

In the following newsletter from BitAeon William has some very serious security warnings for his members. At this stage you would think a lot of this might simply fall under the category of basic common sense, but then not everyone makes a living from the internet so a little naïvety is sometimes to be expected in some quarters. Unfortunately not everyone who does earn a living online does so honestly. With the best interests of BitAeon members at heart then, the admin has had to issue a strong warning about fraudsters pretending to be support team staff and making bogus offers to some members. These “staff” has no connection to BitAeon whatsoever of course, their only intention is to steal your money. In order to avoid this happening to you and add to your online security and peace of mind, you are also advised to install the 2FA two step Google Authenticator app. If you don’t know what that is, it’s explained by the BitAeon admin in the newsletter below:

Safety awareness warning
Our security team has observed continuous attempts of fraud towards our clients and once again we would like to remind all of you to be smart and keep your accounts safe and secure.
BitAeon staff will NEVER offer you services outside the platform. We do not contact members privately and if someone does you can be sure that they are NOT official employees. All investment operations are processed ONLY via our web platform.
There are multiple persons who are pretending to be members of BitAeon staff and are sending fake offers. Some of them even copy the profiles of our Telegram group admins and pretend to be them. You can easily tell if they are fake by comparing their usernames.
If you encounter such person be sure to report and block them as soon as possible.
Our official domain is and always will be BitAeon – any other websites are fake and malicious.
BitAeon will NEVER send you emails advertising other websites. It is extremely easy to fake the outgoing email address and some of our members have received mails that appear to be sent by us but lead to malicious websites. All official news and announcements are always posted on the website and if you receive something that is not here, delete the email as soon as possible.
Every day they try to find new ways to attack our members but you must stay one step ahead, be aware and keep your accounts safe.
2FA is the best way to secure your account and will prevent anyone accept you from accessing the account.
How to setup 2FA:
1) Download the Google Authenticator App
2) Access BitAeon and navigate to the 2FA page
3) Write down the code – in case you lose your current device you can restore the 2FA access on any other device
4) Scan the QR code in the Google Authenticator App
5) Enter the 6 digit code and press Enable 2FA
*Make sure that the date and time on your devices is updated and synchronized as this may cause issues.
Be smart and be safe!
The BitAeon Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 84 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: WeenzeeBitAeon, TophatsFarms, CoinIcorBitBoots, InstantMiningLimited, InstantBitex.
From MNO Standard list: Hooplex.
From MNO Basic list: Bittera, NexoFX, Traizelity (the first payments received).

That’s all the news I have for you today, guys, and I must say I’m always pleased when it’s all been positive developments to report. Thanks a lot for staying with MNO, reading my blog and actively participating in the discussion on the ShoutBox and voting on the latest poll included on the TalkBack page. If you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests I will be pleased to talk to you live on Telegram @mnoblog, or you can submit your queries through this online form or write directly at I’m always pleased to communicate with my readers and the best HYIP admins who might find co-operation with MNO fruitful for their businesses (provided they have genuine long-term intentions on making their programs a success that is). I will try to post again on Friday, but if anything important or exciting pops up you can be sure you’ll hear about it earlier than that. I wish you all a very prosperous business week ahead and talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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