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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the MNO blog for Monday’s news report on all the latest news and events in the HYIP industry from only the biggest investment opportunities. This passing weekend was quite eventful in the industry with two big programs collapsing at the same time – TophatsFarms and CoinIcor. Not that either were too bad, after all they brought decent profits to the majority of early investors, but those who joined too late might have suffered severe financial losses, especially if they invested big in the last few days. More on that later but I want to start with more optimistic news. There was, as usual, something important to report from Weenzee which firmly occupies the #1 position on the MNO monitor‘s Premium List which I’ll get to after I introduce a brand-new program that officially launched over the weekend and whose admin not only have purchased Premium Listing on the MNO monitor but also paid for the top banner spot on all the MNO portal pages for a month in advance. The new high-budget program is called BullishInvestmentMood which I’ll give you a brief description of today with a more detailed look coming around mid-week after I’ve had time to examine it more closely.


BullishInvestmentMood is quite an interesting program not only claiming to be involved in trading Forex and cryptocurrencies, but also creates some educational courses for its investors who can join its Academy and learn a thing or two about successful trading. The first video on the creation of an Ethereum wallet has been posted already and can be viewed from inside your account area on the BullishInvestmentMood website. Apart from that there is also a six-minute video presentation available on the site for the company apparently incorporated in England and Wales (not a difficult thing to do in the first place). BullishInvestmentMood is by an experienced admin with a sizeable advertising budget right from the very start, so we might very well expect good things from a program that is intended to be a slow burner. With its long-term plans requiring quite a few months to reach the profit zone BullishInvestmentMood won’t be an overnight hit for sure. It accepts investments starting from a $10 via the most popular payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin and Ethereum. Your daily returns and investment term will depend on the size of your deposit – the higher the amount the shorter the term but the intention is to reach a target of 240% for every investor. Profits are going to be credited to your BullishInvestmentMood account and can be withdrawn every calendar day under the following terms – 1% for 240 days, 1.5% for 160 days, 2% for 120 days. The initial principal is not returned on expiry and included with the daily accruals. Withdrawals have to be requested and may require up to 72 hours before completion, although I have received my first withdrawals much faster than that. More on the investment offers for potential investors of BullishInvestmentMood will be discussed in the upcoming detailed review to be posted in a couple of days, so stay tuned for that.

The unique script which BullishInvestmentMood is running off is always a welcome sign telling us about the admin’s long-term intentions. The website is available in six languages right from the start which is kind of impressive, so apart from the English version on default you can easily switch to Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesian by clicking the appropriate flag at the top of the screen. The site of BullishInvestmentMood is hosted on a dedicated server with OVH hosting and is secured by EV SSL from GeoTrust throughout. Although everything is quite clear and uncomplicated if you have any questions before investing you can forward it to the Live Chat support. The admin has told me that the updates from BullishInvestmentMood would be posted on the website quite frequently and you’ll be able to watch the program’s development right here on the MNO blog. Stay tuned for the upcoming review of BullishInvestmentMood and meanwhile read the first news posted on the website yesterday in regards to the new direction their traders are taking at the moment:

IEO investment portfolio
Dear users of the BIM platform of BullishInvestmentMood!
Our analysts analyzed the cryptocurrency market in 2019 and realized that the ICO trend had passed, and IEO came to replace it.
The joint participation of the company’s traders on the Launchpad platforms of the Binance exchange showed colossal results with a profit of 300-500% in a short period of time, and we decided to allocate funds to the IEO investment portfolio.
Our traders will participate in the IEO Top Network on the Huobi Prime platform on the Huobi Global exchange. The sale of tokens will be in the usual trading interface with the market depth in the TOP/HT pair. The sale will take place in three rounds (each round of 30 minutes – 20 minutes sale and 10 minutes clearing):
Round 1 (16:00-16:30) – Price: $ 0.00177, Number of coins – 300,000,000 TOP
Round 2 (16:30-17:00) – Price: $ 0.00213, Number of coins – 450,000,000 TOP
Round 3 (17:00-17:30) – Price: $ 0.00255, Number of coins – 750,000,000 TOP
Our traders plan to earn 20-70% of the profits from this transaction, we wish them good luck.


Weenzee has been at the forefront of the HYIP industry for over four months now bringing good profits to thousands of investors and relentlessly expanding worldwide, with special emphasis on the Asian market – always lucrative for any investment platform. The program joined the MNO Premium List at the very beginning opening its doors to investors looking for reasonable and sustainable returns from its offers ranging from 30 to 360 calendar days with variable daily interest rates and principal back on expiry. Weenzee accepts deposits starting from $30 via a variety of payment methods – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Dash, Zcash, Eos, Tether, and Ripple. As you can see Weenzee mainly concentrate on cryptocurrencies but you can withdraw your profits to any of the payment methods without any additional fees. If you convert your funds into the internal currency called WNZ not only will you get an extra 15% on top of your daily interest rate, but will also have the option to withdraw your initial investment at any time for a fee (something that is not usually allowed for other investors). Withdrawals from Weenzee tend to be processed very fast, however the program reserves the right to pay within a 72 hour limit. If you are interested to read more on Weenzee please refer to the detailed review posted here, especially considering that the program might seem complicated at first glance considering lots of features and unique script.

Weenzee has always been quite active when it comes to posting regular updates and news for its members and leaders and the last few days were no exception. The first item reposted below is about the so-called Great Event for the program’s best promoters that is by invitation only and for people meeting strict requirements of referring high numbers of people and funds into the program. Then, if you reside in Italy and would like to be a part of the Weenzee promotional team that is currently being formed there you should get in touch with their representative named in the second news piece. Next is a warning against creating multiple accounts in the program aimed at those self-referring for the sake of increased referral commissions for themselves. Note that such activities are forbidden and may result in the blocking of your Weenzee account, so please refrain from doing so. And in the final piece of news you will find the information about the creation of a mirror site with the .asia extension specially for those people who had troubles in accessing the existing Weenzee website in their home countries. That will definitely be taken positively by many people who have been waiting for some a response from the Weenzee administration team regarding recent accessibility issues. All the latest news from Weenzee from the last few days is posted below for your information:

Last chance: become a witness of a Great Event
Hello! Within the next few days we will announce the date and venue of the Great WEENZEE conference, which was announced in February (more about the conference).
Requests for participation are accepted UNTIL March 25, 2019. How to submit? Follow the link  and leave your data. In the Message field, type “Request for a Great WEENZEE conference”.
Submit a request
Conditions for participation in the conference:
– 1000 active members in your team
– Team turnover more than 100 000 WNZ
– Your status is WeenB and higher
Check if you are eligible for a sponsored trip (company pays all the expenses):
– Team turnover over 350 000 WNZ
– First line over 20 members with over 10 000 WNZ portfolio
– Personal portfolio over 25 000 WNZ
More about the conference
The conference will be a very important milestone for our entire community! We’re waiting for you to come.

WEENZEE is represented in more than 15 countries of the world, including such financial centers as Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. Recently, company representatives began working in South America, and a few days ago an Italian professional in cryptotechnology entered the community: Maurizio Pilloni.
We look forward to fulfil cooperation with our Italian colleagues. Internationality is one of the main competitive advantages of WEENZEE. Creative and talented people from all over the world work on the business platform. And you also can join us and make money with WEENZEE.
Very soon you will hear more news about WEENZEE from Italy. If you are interested in the career of a professional in the blockchain field and you live in this country, then contact Maurizio and join the team. Quick training, partner status and financial preferences are guaranteed for you!
WEENZEE – innovations that generate income!

WEENZEE is a stable and reliable project that is attentive to the observance of the rules of the system, the correctness of identification data and the safety of participants’ deposits.
We inform new participants and remind all users about one of the rules of the WEENZEE platform WEENZEE users should use only one account. Inside this account there is an option of opening an unlimited number of portfolios. Creation of multiple accounts by the user will be revealed by the project security system and will result in blocking the account in the WEENZEE system.
It should also be noted that for building a fictitious affiliate network of multiple accounts, the account will be completely blocked without any possibility of recovery.
By following simple rules, the members of the WEENZEE community contribute to strengthening the system. The development team and technical support are constantly working to improve the business platform, which allows users to increase their income several times.
Participants WEENZEE go to financial independence and success.

Reserve domain platform WEENZEE
Dear users!
The WEENZEE technical support service recorded and continues to record the appeals of users from Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, China and other Asian countries with information about the unavailability of the main WEENZEE domain in their regions. We immediately respond, and especially for you we have registered a reserve domain:
Using the primary and backup domains, you can continue to use the WEENZEE business platform, monitor and carry out all operations in your account, and carry out operations in the investment portfolios that you own. Also, we remind you that you can get access to the main domain using VPN services such as:, and others.
Technical support WEENZEE works around the clock for the benefit of the business platform and the entire community. If you have additional questions, you can contact the online chat or send us an e-mail to


Eventually even the most popular programs in the HYIP industry do scam and stop paying so investors should always keep this in mind and be sensible with their expectations, not leaving everything to chance and joining with unreasonably large amounts tempting the admins to close their programs and run with the cash. Both programs that stopped paying over the weekend – TophatsFarms and CoinIcor – have been consistent performers on MNO and lasted for long enough to make some respectable profits from. Unfortunately they both stopped paying after a more than decent run and have been moved to Scam status on the MNO monitor with prior warning against investing in either of them posted on my ShoutBox.

If we talk about TophatsFarms, the first signs of their upcoming demise came on Saturday when the usually instantly processed withdrawals halted first for the larger investors, and then for everyone else. While the admin tried to make all manner of excuses on the program’s Telegram group about technical difficulties causing withdrawals not being processed pretty much straight away it became clear TophatsFarms was no longer a paying program. As soon as I became aware of the fact I didn’t hesitate to move them first to Problem and then to Scam status following the failed communication with the program’s admin. Already on Friday I reported on the blog about the suspicious US registration which apparently served no other purpose as to attract more funds before the collapse. I didn’t know it would happen so fast of course, but considering TophatsFarms was listed on MNO for seventy days already this option could not be excluded. Overall, the program managed to last for almost four months and can seriously be considered a roaring success, cold comfort to anyone who lost money I know but in the current climate so few admins manage to achieve anything like that.

CoinIcor managed to surpass TophatsFarms and lasted for over four months in total from which it has spent three months on MNO. That was more than enough to reach the profit zone from CoinIcor‘s perpetual plan paying at least 1.5% daily for the duration of the program’s lifecycle. The first payment delays with CoinIcor happened on Saturday as well which prompted me to move the program to Problem status only to return it back to Paying on Sunday after the pending payments had been processed closer to the 24 hour maximum waiting time. Unfortunately that didn’t mean that CoinIcor was back to normal and as of today the admin has stopped paying completely and the program currently sits on Scam Status. Actually, it was clear to me already on Saturday that CoinIcor was nearing the end, as the unusual 20% deposit bonus was suddenly announced on top of all the new investments which has always been a warning sign in most programs. I shared this information on the ShoutBox and advised people to stay away even though the program seemingly resumed the payouts. And even before that the first warning signs from CoinIcor were detected a couple of weeks ago when the admin announced a limited in time 10% to 15% deposit bonus on larger deposits which usually means the HYIP is on its last legs. I do however give the admin credit for an excellent run with all the early investors being in good profit. That doesn’t apply of course to those who joined too late and lost money due to being seduced by extra bonuses. Please do not invest in either CoinIcor or TophatsFarms as neither are paying anymore!


I would otherwise totally ignore messages from a dead programs like LuxEarn with the attempt to squeeze any extra money from newbies, had I not been contacted by a couple of my readers asking to explain what this message they received yesterday might be about:

LuxEarn is resuming work after a forced break! Stable and profitable work again!
We are happy to inform you that at the moment our company is resuming its work, after a forced break, which was associated with technical problems of insuperable force. We are pleased to announce that all financial transactions related to the withdrawal of funds will be renewed within a month. However, due to the peculiarities of the new standards of the work of the company, we inform you that in order to activate the possibility of withdrawing funds, you need to activate your account – to activate, you need to replenish any of the investment plans presented on the site, with the minimal sum of $350, also please draw your attention to the fact that the amount must be made exactly from the external processing, (Deposits from account balance is NOT supported!). Within 14 days, all accounts that have made a new $350 deposit will be activated automatically.
Together we have come a long and successful way.

Well, if after reading this email containing an absolutely blatant attempt to steal people’s money you are still wondering what it was all about let me explain it to you. LuxEarn was once a pretty successful program back in 2018 which used to pay promptly for months to people with realistic expectations who invested in its longer-term plans at the expense of those who invested in some ridiculously priced offers promising a 900% return after 100 business days, or similarly constructed plans. Of course, such high returns have never been honoured and people investing unwisely lost their money in LuxEarn. Now the admin has probably decided there is a great opportunity to collect more funds from such investors and composed this simple email in case someone actually believes his promise and injects more funds into a long dead, but still fully functioning website. It costs him nothing to send a mass email to the thousands of members LuxEarn used to have and pays off even if one person makes a deposit of $350 in order to get back much more after the alleged reopening on the website for public in fourteen days time. Surely it’s not going to happen and I would strongly recommend you always ignore such emails or anything else soliciting more funds with some suspiciously high returns from programs marked as Not Paying on every single monitor. I hope my readers are smart enough to delete this email from their mailbox and not follow the advice of a scamming admin.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: WeenzeeBitAeon, BitBoots, InstantMiningLimited, InstantBitex, BullishInvestmentMood (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: Hooplex.
From MNO Basic listGlobalOffice, Aria1AISolutions (the first payments received).

Before signing off for today I just want to express my sincere gratitude to all the MNO readers subscribing to receive the regular blog updates via email (click here if you haven’t done so yet) or closely follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter (the number of MNO Telegram channel followers has recently reached 263 and is growing daily). My readers have been quite active on the MNO ShoutBox while actively participating in the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page. To them I would also like to say thanks. And finally, please note that the best way to stay in touch with me if you have any questions or suggest advertising co-operation is by email at, by submitting your query via the online form here, or just by chatting with me on Telegram @mnoblog. I will be pleased to hear your feedback on how to improve MNO as I work hard in order for you to achieve better profits in the HYIP industry. I’ll be back on Wednesday or Thursday with a full review of BullishInvestmentMood and any other important updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry over the next few days. Stay tuned and see you on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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