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Hello all and welcome once more to the MNO blog where information comes first and where you’ll be the first to know of the latest updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. The listing prices for HYIP admins to add their programs to the MNO monitor remain the highest among similar monitors which gives us all an opportunity to get rid of the obvious fast scams and concentrate on the best programs that might favour lucky investors. That’s no guarantee of earnings though, so always invest sensibly and choose the best investment programs or join them at the right time. It all comes with experience, so don’t let yourself be discouraged even if you lost before, and make sure you properly diversify your investment portfolio so to minimize your losses and maximize possible profits. I’m pleased to see that according to the preliminary results of my poll on the MNO TalkBack at least half of those who voted so far realize it’s important not to invest 10%-20% of your total funds in one single program. The poll, by the way, is still open for voting until at least Monday so I’ll be interested to hear your opinions on that. Click here to take part if you haven’t done so yet.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to advertise your project on MNO it’s easy to stay in touch with me by writing to my email address directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, by submitting your query on this page, or simply by chatting with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. Note that for all the latest updates and new program additions you can follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, or just enter and confirm your email address on this page if you wish to subscribe for regular blog updates delivered straight to your mailbox. We’ll certainly have a lot of fun with promising investment programs this remaining spring and summer months, so do yourself a favour and start following MNO – he most up-to-date resource dedicated exclusively to high-budget HYIPs run by experienced admins.

In today’s update I’ll be discussing the latest developments from some perfectly paying programs on the MNO monitor like Weenzee, Hooplex, BullishInvestmentMood and BrilliantAlliance. Unfortunately I also have to report the premature and unexpected demise of Aria1AISolutions that happened just yesterday as reported on the ShoutBox as soon as I became aware. Let’s start with the better programs though, so make sure you check them out and sign up if interested in earning an extra income.


After five months online Weenzee is poised to further expand its boundaries by opening itself to the world with public conferences and webinars in such diverse countries as Brazil, Italy, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. The promotional efforts do pay handsomely to those who realized Weenzee‘s potential straight away after it came to MNO and joined one of its investment plans paying variable interest rates over a duration of 30, 60, 90, 180 or 360 days with the principal returned on expiry. The interest is usually around the 1% daily mark, though you may increase it slightly by investing for a longer term or participating in their attractive multi-tier level referral program. Weenzee accepts investments starting at $30 via PerfectMoney or its equivalent via multiple cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Dash, Zcash, Eos, Tether, Ripple and Tron. Withdrawals have to be requested from your account in Weenzee and are promised to be paid within a 72 hour maximum (though in reality they only take a few hours to be paid). If you choose to convert your deposit into the Weenzee internal currency called WNZ you will automatically get a 15% bonus on top of your usual daily rate of interest, plus have an option to withdraw your initial investment earlier than your expiry date for a certain fee. In order to read more on quite a complicated investment process in Weenzee please read the detailed review posted here or simply contact their Live Chat for any points you might have difficulty with.

For all the latest news from the project of the year Weenzee that firmly occupies the #1 position on the MNO monitor‘s Premium List please see below, and if you live in the countries mentioned in the news you can tag along to any of the events to make sure Weenzee is here to stay:

The leaders of WEENZEE from Brazil are back in business! In this country, there are many crypto enthusiasts and we invite them to the community WEENZEE. At our meetings, everyone can learn something new and useful. Do not miss the opportunity not only to make money on the crypto market, but also to become a professional in this new area of the world economy.
In the schedule of the event: the theoretical part, a demonstration of the possibilities of WEENZEE and live communication with speakers. Yes, you can chat with experienced leaders and ask any question! Also, you will be provided with drinks and snacks.All in all, pleasant learning is guaranteed!
Brief information:
Date: April 16, Address: Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 2510 – condominio Bora Bora, Time: 19:30, Speaker: Thiago Tardivo

Interaction with participants is a key link in the work of any project. This is especially important for us, since it is you who determine how actively WEENZEE will develop. Thanks to teamwork, each member of the community will be able to achieve success.
The WEENZEE team is trying to take care of the participants who cannot always attend a live meeting with our leaders. Therefore, we decided to announce the regular WEENZEE webinars. You can visit them from anywhere in the world! All you need is a stable Internet and a desire to acquire new skills and knowledge.
On the webinars, you will learn about the basics of the blockchain, what cryptocurrencies and tokens are. Also, Maurizio will tell you what ways to earn money in the cryptosphere exist and will show with real examples how you can increase your income using the WEENZEE business platform. Do not miss the opportunity to ask questions to a professional with many years of experience.
The webinar will be held on 16th of April on the ZOOM platform at 21:30 local time. To access the webinar, use the link: https://zoom.us/j/8115246095.
Under the link you can watch the first webinar recording: https://youtu.be/uCCc3CkYTpk
On the date of the next webinar, we will notify you separately, stay tuned!

An increasing number of leaders and participants join the innovative project Weenzee. And we try to satisfy all your wishes and requests. Many of you ask us about additional trainings and Table Talks in cities where we have already been.
At the new event in the city of Sao Paulo, you will have the opportunity to learn our robotic trading system, which is based on the most innovative technologies of our time: artificial intelligence, which can instantly process terabytes of data using an advanced read algorithm. Of course, everyone will have the opportunity to have one’s question answered
For your convenience and comfort, you will be provided with drinks and snacks. Concept-meetings in Sao Paulo will be held weekly, every Thursday.
Brief information:
Date: April 18, Time: 19:30, Location: AV Paulista 807, 18 Andar Conj. 1801, Sala Domore, Speakers: Renata Mariah, Carlos Mesquita
Looking forward to seeing you!

The WEENZEE project accepts a large number of participants from a wide variety of fields of activity. System partners continue to conduct educational activities to increase financial literacy of users.
Also, positioning in the market of cryptotechnologies is very important for a business platform. Therefore, in order to draw attention to WEENZEE, we are launching a contest for the best text about the community, the project and its benefits. It will be held in several Korean media about the blockchain and cryptocurrency.
To participate, you must write an article and publish it on each of the following resources: https://cobak.co.kr, https://coinpan.com, http://cointalk.co.kr, https://ddengle.com. Since these media work in Korea, your article should be in Korean. In the text you can tell about your experience with the project, your impressions or just express your opinion on the development of WEENZEE on the blockchain market.
For the publication on each site you will receive 5 WNZ (that is, a maximum of 20 WNZ), as well as the opportunity to win 500 WNZ, if your text is the best. The contest will last a month. Every week we will award the best articles. The results of the competition we will summarize at the next major conference WEENZEE.
Send your articles to this address: Telegram: @linaweenzee, Line: linaostrowski
WEENZEE – self-development and innovation!

The meeting was held under the guidance of one of the top leaders from Brazil. In a friendly atmosphere, the leaders of the company discussed both global trends in the blockchain sphere and the development of WEENZEE.
Suggestions and ideas of the company were met with great enthusiasm. Conference visitors were interested in learning about an innovative and profitable project. WEENZEE motivates not only to earn, but also to engage in self-education and the development of useful skills.
All visitors had the opportunity to ask any question to the speakers from our team. Feedback and open communication with people who are interested in self-development and improving their wealth is very important for us.
Our leaders from all over the world will continue to continue to actively work and develop together with us and our investors! And if you suddenly did not get to this conference, then we recommend to see the photo report. And be sure to follow the news and come to the next meeting!
Photos from the event can be found in the gallery on our website: https://weenzee.com/gallery/.

The ideas of WEENZEE are actively discussed among all those who are interested in cryptotechnology! In Japan, the project is interesting for everyone: the mainstream media, bloggers, and ordinary people.
The opinion of crypto-community about our project is very important for the positioning and further development of the company. Only by relying on the opinion of ordinary people we can satisfy their needs and increase the income of all users of the platform. In their review, the authors talk about the Weenzee success formula, which is simple, ingenious and readable in all languages.
We are pleased that many celebrate the innovativeness of WEENZEE and its advantages. Thanks to such feedback, we can continue to lead the WEENZEE community to success. We are sure that even more informative articles about Weenzee will appear in Japanese and other world publications soon.
You can read the full version of the news at the link: https://ameblo.jp/weenzee/entry-12435094516.html

Indonesia’s leaders announced a new event for community members. An increasing number of leaders and participants join the innovative project Weenzee. Especially for them, investors and leaders of the Community are trying to hold as many interesting and useful events as possible.
At the new event in the city of Yogyakarta you will have the opportunity to explore robotic trading system WEENZEE, which is based on the most innovative technologies of our time. VIP investors will discuss the company’s achievements and prospects for further development.
Everyone will have the opportunity to ask any question to representatives of Community and discuss news and trends of the crypto market.
For your convenience and comfort, you will be provided with drinks and snacks.
Date: April 21, 2009., Time: 04.00pm – 09.00pm, Venue: IndoLux Hotel, Speakers: Mr Prabu, Mr Hans, Mr.Dennis, CP: +6281324567077

The leaders of WEENZEE in Italy are back in business! A representative of the company Maurizio Pilloni holds regular webinars for all those who are interested in profitable and innovative projects.
On Friday, April 19, the topic of the online lecture will be the preparation of WEENZEE leaders. Together with the participants, Maurizio will analyze what social channels can be used to promote and how to attract enthusiasts to work on the project. Also, the speaker will give practical advice on what tools to use to create thematic videos and how to upload them to various platforms.
Participants will learn about all the nuances of the work of the leader and the prospects that company WEENZEE give to the participants. In a few hours you will get a lot of useful knowledge and skills that you can immediately put into practice!
The webinar will be held on April 19 on the ZOOM platform at 21:30 local time. To access the webinar, use the link: https://zoom.us/j/8115246095.
Under the link you can watch the first webinar recording: https://youtu.be/uCCc3CkYTpk. Also, the record of the second webinar is already available: https://youtu.be/ysdCCP4fApQ.
WEENZEE – discover the world of cryptotechnologies!


Unlike the previous program Hooplex (reviewed here) has been concentrating its promotional efforts so far mainly across Indonesia, though most recently it started spreading its wings to Vietnam where it was announced the first ever conference would be held tomorrow. The city of choice is Saigon, also called Ho Chi Minh City where I was lucky enough to visit earlier this year. It’s a massive city on a global scale, bigger than anything in Europe except possibly London or Moscow, so has lots of potential to attract a new clientele. Hopefully Hooplex promoters will use this opportunity to its fullest. As usual, more events have been recently held in various cities across Indonesia and you can read more on them and the upcoming Saigon conference in the news reposted below.

If you haven’t been in Hooplex yet let me first remind you that with the program you can start investing having from $50 in your PerfectMoney account or its equivalent in cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, BitcoinCash, BlackCoin, Tether, Waves, Ripple, Zcash, Dash, Tron or DogeCoin. By investing you have to actually purchase the internal currency called Lexera, abbreviated to LXR, and then choose from various investment terms during which you will be paid daily and will be able to request your principal on expiry or earlier for a fee. Withdrawals from Hooplex have to be requested and will be paid to the account of your choice within a 72 hour maximum (usually much faster). Fees are applied for converting funds between LXR and other currencies but they are very small and can be easily absorbed by potential earnings. With Hooplex having been online for over ten weeks now it’s easy to see the first investors already in profit from any of the plans on offer – 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, 1.1% for 180 days. I hope that with so many promotional events in Indonesia and Vietnam you can read about in the updates posted below Hooplex will be able to grow further and bring even more success to members:

HOOPLEX GRAND BOP: Trenggalek, April 19
Have you been looking for an opportunity to change your life for the better? Hooplex community will help you with this!
On April 19, come to the Hooplex conference and find out about the business opportunities we can offer you! Join us, grow your community and get rewarded.
We Are Waiting For You!
Name of Event: HOOPLEX GRAND BOP, Date: 19 April 2019, Time: 15.00 WIB, Place: BUKIT JAAS PERMAI RESORT HOTEL – TRENGGALEK CITY JL Mayjen Sungkono 1 Ngantru Trenggalek, Theme: HOOPLEX UNITE ALL CRYPTO PLAYERS, Leader in Charge of: ZENAL MUTAKIN, Promoter: NAIMO, Host Couple: FAISAL, Speaker: – FAISAL – ZENAL MUTAKIN

Hooplex Conference: April 13, Martapura
Hello friends! We would like to inform you that last Saturday, April 13, a Hooplex Conference was held in Martapura. The event took place at the Dafam Hotel.
We are grateful to everyone who was interested in our community, and who came to learn more about it. We are sure that together with you we will be able to change for the better not only our lives, but the whole world, because every day the Hooplex community is getting bigger!
We thank local leaders and remind you that you can join them, as well as open a Hooplex representative in your city.

Hooplex Conference – Palangkaraya, April 20
On April 20, the Hooplex community will be waiting for everyone at the Neo Hotel in Palangkaraya, Indonesia. This is where our next conference will be held, dedicated to the opening of the regional representation.
We are waiting for everyone who wants to improve the quality of their lives. Free admission!
Date: Saturday, 20 April, Time: 14.00, Place: Neo Hotel, Palangkaraya, Theme: Hooplex Conference, Leader in Charge of: Gilang Artha, Promoter: Gilang Artha, Host: Daniel, Speaker: Indra Radian

The first Hooplex conference in Vietnam!
Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that as early as on April 20 our community will hold the first conference in Saigon, Vietnam. This means that residents of this country will be able to take advantages of all the opportunities offered by Lexera technology and the Hooplex community!
This is the event that must not be missed! Come to discover new opportunities that will change your life forever!
We are always open for cooperation — just contact us and join the team of leaders and open a representative office of the company in your city to get a high income.
Date: 20 April 2019, Time: 1PM – 5PM, Place: Grand Eastin Saigon, Leader in Charge of: John Dao, Promoter: John Dao, Host: Welly, Speaker: John Dao


A slow burner in the HYIP industry but nevertheless a program that’s been gradually winning its share of fans has been BullishInvestmentMood. With the general trend in the HYIP industry at the moment leaning a little bit more towards longer term projects it’s no surprise that this one hasn’t really been an overnight sensation exactly, but that’s fine as it was never the intention. In this case BullishInvestmentMood offers plans of 1% for 240 days, 1.5% for 160 days, and 2% for 120 days all with principal included and from a starting point of just $10. So you can see why perhaps the program is still bubbling under, aimed as it is for investors prepared to take a low ROI and wait for longer term profits. You may also have noticed that all three of BullishInvestmentMood‘s plans offer the same net profit of 140% once the term expires. The difference is that the shorter term plans (if I can call them that) are reserved for bigger spending investors, meaning that they still get the same 140% net profit as everyone else but just get there a lot faster. Payment options include PerfectMoney and Payeer for the more conventional currency payouts, and BitCoin and Ethereum for those who favour cryptocurrencies. By the way, just to remind you that BullishInvestmentMood have a limited payment window which only allows investors to make withdrawal requests two days per week. This happens every Monday and Friday, and with this being Friday you are urged to submit your payment request if one is due to you ASAP.

One thing that should begin to open BullishInvestmentMood up to a much wider audience however is the recent introduction of Russian language customer support. While numerous programs have tried to expand into the lucrative Russian HYIP market in the past by just making Russian translations of their websites available, few have went the extra mile by actually backing it up with Russian speaking support operators so in that sense BullishInvestmentMood have taken a huge leap forward. You can read all about that in the newsletter below, keeping in mind that even if you are not a Russian speaker and this is not a service that you will make personal use of it’s still a positive development. After all, it doesn’t matter where new investors/money comes from, as long as it flows everyone benefits. “A rising tide floats all boats” as the old saying goes. If you need any more information on the workings of BullishInvestmentMood then please feel free to read the detailed review of the program first published on MNO here, meanwhile check out the latest news from the admin republished for you below:

Russian support service
Dear users, at the request of Russian-speaking partners in our community, it was decided to create a Russian-language support service in one of the popular social networks of the CIS. There you can get acquainted with the work in the project “BIM” in more detail, watch the training videos, learn about the project news, communicate and ask questions.


One of the most promising new developments in the industry in recent weeks has been the decision by the admin of BrilliantAlliance to take the program off its short spell as a sleeper and move it into the mainstream once he had developed it to a sufficiently high standard. Mind you, had you been lucky enough to stumble across BrilliantAlliance while still in its relatively brief sleeper mode you could have seen a fast profit even before any major monitors were added. That’s because for just a $10 minimum investment BrilliantAlliance offer plans of 4.5% for 34 business days and 112% after 12 calendar days, both with your principal included. The admin however is, perhaps wisely so, keeping an eye on the longer term and slower development of the program. For example, when first making the BrilliantAlliance website available to investors the admin had just two payment options available for deposits. Now granted that these were by far the two single most popular options to begin with in PerfectMoney and BitCoin, that’s really all that most investors would be looking for, but it never hurts to have some alternatives. Especially as it looks more professional and adds something to the overall appeal of the program. With that in mind one of the latest improvements the BrilliantAlliance admin has made to the program then is to offer the also popular payment processor Payeer to the growing number of enthusiastic investors that are beginning to sit up and take notice of this expanding program. As with the existing options the admin goes on to remind us in his latest news update republished for you below that all payouts continue to be processes instantly no matter what your payment handler of choice happens to be. Read the news update for yourself and remember when you want further information on how BrilliantAlliance works then the first and best place to find it is the original review first published on the MNO blog here:

Payeer payment system
We welcome the alliance customers!
The Payeer payment system is available to complete transactions with Brilliant Alliance: now you can choose the most comfortable method of investing your fiat assets using an excellent opportunity to pay your deposit with the Payeer or Perfect Money systems!
All payments with the Payeer and PM services are completed instantly and without additional fees: your deposit will be activated immediately after the payment, and the funds withdrawal into your wallet will be made upon your request.


Unfortunately despite the recent stability in the HYIP industry it seems a certain degree of disappointment is never too far away sometimes. The rotten apple in this month’s barrel turns out to be Aria1AISolutions which has now stopped paying. Whether the admin was simply out of his depth and didn’t know what he was doing, deliberately intended a fast scam, or just decided to run away with the first big deposit makes no difference to anyone at a loss (pretty much everyone who decided to join I think). Prior to yesterday Aria1AISolutions had been making automatic payments which were made on a timer after investors submitted their withdrawal request. This has now been turned off and no further payouts are being processed. So no matter what the underlying reason is for the failure of Aria1AISolutions personally all I can see here is a missed and wasted opportunity that I can’t help but feel would have been so much better if only a more experienced professional admin. Despite the end result of the program – one of total failure – it’s hard to ignore the preparation and background work that gave the program such potential. It could have been a success story if only the admin had more ambition and took a longer term view, but alas the HYIP industry is littered with such “what if…?” stories. The only statistic that matters here is if Aria1AISolutions is paying or not, and the answer is no. Commiserations to those who lost money, I hope it wasn’t too much and that you have better luck recouping it from some of the other more dependable programs still paying their members. I just know that the admin did not make any profit from listing on MNO, so hopefully that will encourage him to stay away from my monitor the next time he wants to start a program. All he’s doing here is more damage to an already fragile level of trust in the HYIP industry, so to be blunt the quicker we are rid of admins like this the better for all of us. But for now Aria1AISolutions has been exposed as a scam and you are strongly advised to stay away and not invest there again.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 84 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Weenzee, BitBoots, InstantBitex, BullishInvestmentMood.
From MNO Standard list: WaveRiderHooplex, BrilliantAlliance.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news for now, guys. I hope you all have a great weekend, and especially if you’re celebrating Easter then enjoy the holidays and make the most of your time. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to you all on Monday to bring you more on the latest developments from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry, as well as drawing the final results of the latest MNO TalkBack poll (click here if you haven’t voted yet) and posting the next question. And (who knows!) we might even have a brand-new program to be introduced too. Stay tuned for more on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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