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23/11/2019. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and welcome to this Saturday issue of the regular news overview from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry delivered to you by MNO – the oldest blog and monitor established in 2007 and dedicated solely to covering the most promising and high-budget online investment opportunities. You can probably all see with the naked eye at the moment that the industry is not what it used to be in the autumn months and there is little to no activities going on over the last few weeks, which is quite unusual for the regular seasonal patterns that traditionally mark the autumn as a fruitful period. Anyway, I’ll be discussing that matter further in the MNO TalkBack section which is in fact the only item for today’s blog, considering that there isn’t much else to report on in the remaining listed programs which you can find on the MNO monitor and which still pay everyone like clockwork. And that is I must say in stark contrast to many other similar websites that display lots of fast scams at the moment which the HYIP industry seems to be flooded with right now. Frankly speaking the overall quality of the currently running programs is quite appalling and the vast majority of them won’t even raise the interest of any experienced investor. On the other hand, the very few programs are performing extremely well at the moment, but they tend to fly under the radar without attracting much attention with their respective admins probably hoping to take off in the coming months when activities eventually get back to normal. And the BTC price which fell sharply to $7K over the last couple of days certainly doesn’t help matters and only make things worse, especially for the admins whose sole purpose would be to make money for themselves and not taking much care of their investors. This is a sad situation really and nobody knows when it is going to improve. We can only watch how it’s all unravelling in front of our eyes and hope for the best outcome for all the investors and the HYIP admins alike.

Speaking of which, don’t even doubt that the most talented and brilliant admins out there are not working hard now in order to bring something really special to the HYIP industry once they judge the right time to strike is upon us. They are busy behind the scenes and you can be pretty damn sure that we will see some great leaders emerging at a time when probably not many people are expecting it. So please do yourself a favour and don’t miss anything really worthy of your attention rather than all the fast scams where you will certainly lose money instead of making it. The best way to ensure that you’re in the loop and ready to spot all the promising newcomers once they launch is to follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook. It’s also worth checking out the MNO monitor from time to time to see whether a new program is added or to confirm the Paying status of the programs you’re interested in joining. And surely if you like reading the blog you have to make the wise decision to subscribe to the newsfeed and join the 3,000+ subscribers already enjoying getting all the latest articles directly to their mailbox they have already submitted here. I’m also always available on Telegram @mnoblog, so you can chat with me live if you have any questions or complaints. Another great way to stay in touch and contact me regarding any important matters is to write directly to my email address or submit your query on this page. Make sure to stay updated with MNO and have a successful investment experience where you will actually profit and not lose your hard-earned cash!

Now let’s discuss the results of latest poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page which was available for your votes over the last week while I would also like to ask you a new question regarding your expectations.


Since it’s been an otherwise shall we say rather thin day for news stories I think maybe we’ll just finish things up for this weekend update with a look at the results of the most recent MNO TalkBack page opinion poll. As I already mentioned above, there isn’t actually anything else to report today anyway. As always I’ll be replacing that with a brand new question once we get finished, but more on that in a moment. First things first though, one popular, or at least common, feature on a lot of HYIP websites these days is the inclusion of live statistics. That is to say real time information telling investors or anyone interested in checking it out just how much money is being deposited into the program’s coffers and how much is getting paid back out to account holders more or less as it happens. If used correctly this can be a handy enough tool to give anyone with a sharp enough eye an insight into the program’s finances, either good or bad. And of course if you should happen to be making a deposit or withdrawal there yourself the fact that you can see your own transaction included might indicate that the figures are probably genuine.

Or are they? One of many wide ranging differences between the HYIP industry and world of real business is of course the almost complete and utter absence of accountability and transparency. Obviously in the real world is a company is haemorrhaging money there are going to be some serious consequences and repercussions if the accountants or directors try to hide this from the shareholders, all of whom have a right to know since they have a stake in the business. In an ideal world that same principle would apply to the HYIP industry, but of course we all know that is rarely the case. OK, maybe sometimes the admin might hold his hand up and give some sort of “mea culpa” or whatever, and admit that money getting paid out now outstrips new money coming in forcing the program to collapse. To be honest though, in the rare occasions we witness such candour it’s usually long after the program in question has collapsed anyway and it’s no more than a matter of common courtesy that you are informed of the scam, as there’s certainly nothing you can do about it.

In other situations the admin would simply prefer that you continue to believe there’s a veritable river of cash flowing into his program with no end to the profits in sight. How to achieve such an illusion? Well, it’s simple really, you just lie about it. Make some numbers up, plant them in the middle of what ever genuine stats are there (if any), and carry on like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. So the question I asked MNO readers in the last poll was as follows: Do you believe HYIP admins fake live stats to make them more appealing to investors?

There was a fairly even split on the vote but most readers reckon they’re savvy enough to know this if/when it happens. 43% of you went for the option “Sometimes, but you can easily spot fake astronomical figures”. The remaining vote was more divided with 36% of readers saying “Yes, I don’t think any admin would display real stats all the time” and the other 21% saying “No, the live stats are mostly true and it’s pointless to fake them”. Well, make what you want from that, it’s hard to analyse figures like those except to speculate that perhaps at the end of the day readers in general might not attach any kind of significance or importance to live stats as displayed on HYIP websites. Not the kind that the admins were hoping for anyway.

Time now for the next question, which I guess stems directly from some of the issues touched on earlier in this article – the activity, or lack thereof, we are currently observing in the HYIP industry and when you think it’s going to recover. Now when I say recover I’m not necessarily referring to any kind of boom period of explosive growth, just a modestly sustained period where we see some dependable programs emerging on a regular basis – that is to say more opening faster than others are closing – and putting more investors into profit than just being a fast scam. Ordinarily I would have said the months of October and November would have been one such period, but clearly that’s not now going to be the case in 2019. Then again December has also often been a good period in the HYIP industry for new programs, not so much for fast profits or short term games, more for new longer term programs looking to get their name out there in advance of the coming new year when things can then start to get busy.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before it happens, the question I’d like MNO readers to speculate on is when. The exact question I want to put to you therefore is as follows:

When do you expect the next recovery in the HYIP industry to begin?

Please select from one of the following possible answers, choosing the option that comes closest to matching your own feelings on the subject:

– Before Christmas or the new year begins
– A recovery will be in January of 2020
– After the new year but only in spring

As usual let me just say a very big thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to participate. The poll will stay open for around another week or so, probably next weekend at a guess, but more than enough time for everyone who wants to vote to be able to do so. Voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here. It only takes literally a second to cast, and remember that all votes remain 100% anonymous and untraceable at all times. Everyone’s opinion is equally valued on MNO so if you have any thoughts on the matter you are welcome to share them with your fellow readers on the MNO ShoutBox if you so wish to do so. It will be interesting to see just how many of you are feeling optimistic for the remainder of the year versus how many are holding out for a brighter start to 2020.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: YesssHodium, Bitzee.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

As there isn’t much else to report tonight I hope you’ll all be enjoying the rest of your weekend and will spend it in good mood and in anticipation of something good coming our way soon. I’ve just arrived in Portugal where my short pre-Christmas vacation starts now and am excited to explore more of this wonderful country and its top destinations starting with Porto. Don’t fret though, as MNO will always be on full alert to keep updating you on all the latest news from the HYIP industry and will look forward to helping you with any promising newcomers once they are ready to launch. As for when that’s actually going to happen, well that much remains very much a mystery given the current unstable situation in the industry. However when the slowdown does come to its inevitable end is the subject for discussion you can vote on in the next MNO TalkBack poll which is set to remain active and open for your opinions over the next week or so. Please take some time to vote here and you may also discuss everything in relation to the current state of things in the HYIP industry and the MNO monitored programs on the ShoutBox. That’s all for today folks! Talk to you all again next week on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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