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16/03/2020. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all! Welcome to the MNO blog and the latest news from the major investment programs in the HYIP industry. The world we’re living in these days has become an even more dangerous place with many countries imposing strict measures and curfews due to the Coronavirus pandemic invading the world over the last few weeks, seemingly conquering more and more countries and affecting the day-to-day lives of regular people with each passing day. Severe restrictions and travel bans in many countries are in place and I’m sure many measures are yet to be announced to combat the spread of a potentially deadly disease. The world economy has reacted immediately with billions wiped off the stock markets over the last week and it looks like it might become the worst financial crisis of the twenty-first century so far. No wonder the cryptocurrency world took a severe hit due to the panic as well with people withdrawing from high risk actives to cope with possible shortages of food and travel restrictions as seen in China. That will surely further hit the world economy and as a direct consequence of that the HYIP world may also suffer. (Or will it?) I’ll be discussing the issue in more detail later in today’s news when I’ll start a new weekly poll on the MNO TalkBack page.

The markets have been in turmoil for quite some time now anyway with BTC alone losing about 50% of its value in mere weeks currently trading below $5K. As a result of that many established programs had to close prematurely not being able to cope with such difficulties and declining interest in general from new members more concerned about their own livelihoods than gambling with their hard-earned cash in HYIPs. The latest victim was Titan7 which stopped paying earlier today with the admin already confirming the demise after nearly two and a half months of stable work. Another program from the MNO monitor AlysDax is thankfully only beginning to grow and seems to be paying well and unaffected by the ongoing crisis. AlysDax will therefore be at the centre of my attention today with several news stories to be reported while the Titan7 collapse and the MNO TalkBack new poll will also be discussed, so keep reading.

Despite the obvious worldwide crisis caused by the Covid19 pandemic MNO will still remain active and the best way to find out about the latest developments and any new promising programs out there will be to follow me on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. You may also show your support by subscribing for the latest blog articles to be delivered to your email address you can submit here. And please do stay in touch as I’m always pleased to hear from you even during these challenging times. You may contact me using this online form, by writing directly to my email address or chatting with me online on Telegram @mnoblog. Thanks for all your support and let’s check out the latest news from the HYIP industry in more detail now.


Although online for only a couple of weeks, AlysDax has nevertheless been very active in recruiting new members right from the start. And I’m not talking about just online promotion, which is of course an essential activity for every single HYIP out there. No, I mean the real world events which the AlysDax promoters hold in various cities across the world to target the usually uncovered audience outside of the regular HYIP related circle. That strategy already worked wonders for former similar projects in the past which managed to last for many many months, and hopefully AlysDax will follow suit here.

For those not familiar with the program you’re strongly advised to read the full review posted here, as AlysDax is quite a complicated program with lots to digest before developing your own investment strategy and making a decision on which plan to join. I’ll just remind you of a few things first if you wish to try AlysDax. You may start with $25 in any currency accepted by the program – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Eos or Tether. You can choose from six investment plans which offer variable interest rates for terms ranging from 30 to 180 calendar days. Daily rates will vary depending on many factors but on average your account with be credited with 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days. You will get your principal back on expiry of the term, but may also close your portfolio prematurely for a fee. With AlysDax you may invest using one currency and be paid to a different one and every withdrawal is a subject to a small fee of about 1% to 1.5%, and withdrawals are paid manually within a few hours (although officially stated this could take up to three days, in practice they are processed much faster).

So far there has been huge interest in joining AlysDax, and I’m sure that with so many conferences scheduled or already held around the world we will see more word of mouth spreading to help the program grow further at an unprecedented rate over the next few months at least. The latest news from AlysDax reposted below includes important information of the current and future events held in Indonesia and Brazil. If you live in those countries you might be interested to attend one of them in person if they come to a town near you:

ALYSDAX Palangkaraya is the main event in Central Kalimantan for future investors, leaders and traders. The program of the meeting includes theory and practice, discussions and insides of the blockchain industry. The main opportunity there is “an exclusive proposal for creation of a team of investors”.
Portrait of an investor in 2020: creation of partnership with innovative projects, financial pools and blockchain platforms
Blockchain as a new economic system: the modernization of the processes of economic development, cryptocurrencies and the effective use of their free volumes.
How to become a ALYSDAX leader: a mentoring master class, status of the partner, preferences for the most successful community members.
The conference will be held in one of the best hotels in Palangkaraya: Neo Palma Hotel.
Conference Speakers: Panji & Deddy.
Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020, Time: 14.00 – End, Place: Meeting Room, Neo Palma Hotel PalangkarayaOnline registration is open!
Link to the event in the FB
or by phone: Panji: (081351177107), Deddy: (081253747788)
Link to the ALYSDAX page
Subscribe to ALYSDAX on Facebook:
Have a nice day and see you at ALYSDAX Palangkaraya!”

The AlysDax Bandung 2020 conference is organized for practical seminars, training lectures for beginner investors and feedback sessions with community members.
Modern investments: learn about the margin trading as an engine of high-yield projects and increased financial support based on the AlysDax platform.
Digital economics: find out about the impact of cryptotechnologies on the global financial system and monetary policy of the state.
AlysDax mentor bonus system: check out the community promotion, partnership program benefits and investment project development features.
The conference will be held in one of the best hotels of Bandung: ASSRILIA BANDUNG Hotel. Conference Speakers: MR IBRA & H. RONI.
Date: SATURDAY, 14 March 2020, Time: 13.00 – End, Place: Meeting Room, ASSRILIA BANDUNG Hotel.
Registration is open!
By phone: IBRA 081395395313, H. RONI 081320599042, EMMA 08983400455
Subscribe to AlysDax on Facebook:
Have a nice day and see you at AlysDax Bandung 2020!

The big AlysDax Tour begins in Brazil! The top Leader of the Brazilian branch of the company will spend the whole week in meetings with those wishing to join the community.
What attracts people to the AlysDax project?
First, marginal trading in the crypto market is an interesting topic.
Second advantage is participating at big live events and new useful acquaintances you can get from there.
Third, a flexible schedule and financial support which is available for the Leaders.
You will get all this if you visit one of the events, which will be held in the near future in Brazil. AlysDax will visit the following cities:
03/14/2020 – Uberlândia, 03/15/2020 – Araxá, 03/16/2020 – Monte Carmelo, 03/17/2020 – Araguari, 03/18/2020 – Itumbiara, 03/19/2020 – Catalão, 03/20/2020 – Goiânia
Those of you who want to take part in an event in their city please contact the Leader: Flávio de Oliveira (+55 34 99226-4475).
Very soon we will announce 2 big Road Shows in Brazil from another of our Leaders. Following two rounds, a large Conference will be organized in São Paulo. We will announce it later on.
The Road Show in Brazil has started!

Complexity doesn’t always represent the successful earning technologies. The offer from the ALYSDAX service is a simple, practical and scalable solution, including flexible interconnections with organization that have different tasks and resources. The Investment Event of ALYSDAX on March 15, 2020 in Kota Kinabalu is the time and place of the association of professionals and like-minded people in the field of margin lending.
ALYSDAX at KOTA KINABALU covers the following topics:
Investor of the future: you can find the implementation of investment projects in the field of margin trading. Also, you can learn about the profit increasing of the investor’s personal portfolio in the ALYSDAX system.
Digitalization of economic processes: ALYSDAXS’S introduces the blockchain technologies in the vital processes of the financial sector and the state.
Benefits for leaders and mentors: see how they are implemented in the affiliate program, including leadership mentoring and scaling steps for the ALYSDAX Community.
The conference will be held in one of the best hotels of Kota Kinabalu: Promonade Hotel.
Conference speakers: Nizam Sahar and Amir Rashif.
Place: PROMONADE HOTEL Orkid Room (12, Lorong Api – Api 2, Api-api Center, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah), Date: – 15/03/2020 (Sunday), Time: – 7.30pm to 11.00pm, Contacts: Nizam Sahar (+ 6010-895 9998), Amir Rashid (+ 6011-6163 3683,) Jufina (+60 14-563 4599), John (+60 12-878 5003)
Subscribe to ALYSDAX on Facebook:
Have a nice day and see you at ALYSDAX Investment Event in Kota Kinabalu!

The market dictates new directions for the development of blockchain technologies and investment projects. “Network effect” is the key trend of 2020, it provides new opportunities to increase profit. There are also new trend developments, hedging systems, as well as the popular topic “how to save and increase finances during cryptocurrency racing”.
Action Plan for Yogyakarta:
Modern investments: check out margin trading as an engine of highly profitable projects and increased financial support based on the ALYSDAX platform.
Digital economy: see the impact of cryptotechnologies on the global financial system and monetary policy of the state.
ALYSDAX Bonus Mentoring System: learn about the community promotion, affiliate program benefits and investment development opportunities.
The Conference will be held in one of the best hotels in Yogyakarta: Merapi Merbabu Hotel. Speakers of the conference: Endro & Endik.
Date: Sunday, March 15, 2020, Time: 14.00 – End, Venue: Conference Hall, Hotel Merapi Merbaba Yogyakarta.
Registration is open!
Or by phone: Endro 082223269691, Endik 085259056999, Kohli 08123424168
Subscribe to ALYSDAX on Facebook:
Have a nice day and see you at ALYSDAX Yogyakarta 2020!

Most recently, we announced the first Brazilian tour of AlysDax. We promised you to organize another tour and we keep the promise! Even more cities, even more events – you should not miss such an event.
You are waiting for: lectures and master classes on margin trading, a discussion club on the topic of blockchain, the ability to ask a question to an expert in the field of cryptotechnologies. Search your city in the list of cities and come to a meeting!
16/03/2020 – São CARLOS, 17/03/2020 – ARARAQUARA, 18/03/2020 – RIO CLARO, 19/03/2020 – PIRACICABA, 20/03/2020 – ARARAS, 21/03/2020 – LEME, 22/03/2020 – PIRASSUNUNGA, 23/03/2020 – PORTO FERREIRA, 24/03/2020 – BARRINHA, 25/03/2020 – JABOTICABAL, 26/03/2020 – BEBEDOURO, 27/03/2020 – FRANCA, 28/03/2020 – BATATAIS, 29/03/2020 – SERTÃOZINHO, 30/03/2020 – PONTAL, 31/03/2020 – PITANGUEIRAS, 01/04/2020 – OLIMPIA, 02/04/2020 – BRODOSK, 03/04/2020 – JARDINÓPOLIS
Leader contacts: RAMON FARIAS (+55 11 97141-4537)
Following the results of two road shows, a large conference will be announced in the capital of Brazil – San Paolo.
Stay tuned and be with AlysDax!


Although Titan7 remained a top performer on MNO for ten weeks in a row it appears it simply could not continue as payments halted today and the admin admitted he stopped fulfilling people’s expectations and the trust they put in his program. We all knew it could not last forever, but hopes were high as Titan7 became one of the most successful program of the year so far. It seemed that it was only the beginning of a long journey for months to come, but alas, not to be. The coronavirus fuelled crisis suddenly strikes last week with the cryptocurrency market taking a huge dip followed by panic mood wiping out many BTC speculators. In such conditions few admins would survive.

I honestly believe Titan7 was quite a big program by the end, however new investments were no longer enough as of last week to sustain the withdrawals to current members. As many people were hesitant to invest recently, Titan7 took a huge blow which it failed to recover from. An experienced and talented admin behind the program who had the very best of intentions to run his site for as long as possible, but even the addition of the new payment processors last week didn’t help. This resulted in the first issues with withdrawals being reported last Friday, which the support explained as erroneous script issues only affecting PerfectMoney withdrawals. That proved to be a lie though earlier today when it was confirmed Titan7 was no more a paying project.

Please do not invest in Titan7 anymore, as the game is certainly over now! As MNO has been monitoring the program since day I think that ten weeks online was more than enough time for smart investors to benefit. The luckiest of you might have even doubled your initial investment if you applied the right strategy. As with any other program though things were not so rosy for latecomers. In any case, Titan7 investors had at least a fair chance to earn quite good profits and I will be pleased to see the admin return to MNO with his next project when ready. I believe it will happen before long, so follow MNO for all new additions to my monitor to find out when.


Well, a little bit sooner than I hoped for (I think we all feel the same way on that!) but since things are the way they are there’s no real point in keeping the last poll open any longer. I had been asking about how investors perceived the addition of new payment methods to Titan7 would make that much of a difference to to program’s fortunes. Given the well publicised collapse in value of BitCoin against the dollar recently, with literally millions wiped out overnight, this is bound to have a major affect on pretty much anyone holding money in any cryptocurrency for any reason.

For the record, given that as I said the admin has more or less admitted he can’t continue, I suppose it’s kinda pointless to continue asking the question, which was: How important is the addition of extra payment options for the success of Titan7?

Since the program has finished anyway there’s no real reason to analyse the votes too deeply, as despite the admin’s best efforts it didn’t do anything. The vote wasn’t actually all that interesting anyway, with 45% of readers saying “Vital, it will offer a wider choice to accommodate every type of investor”. An equal number of you, that is another 45% hold an entirely opposing point of view saying “Not much, investors were fine using the more popular options already”. And finally completing the poll the remaining 10% of voters are in the middle, saying “Moderate, it might give a boost to reluctant investors to give it a try”. Maybe that would have changed had Titan7 survived a bit longer and I kept the poll open, but it’s a moot point now. Let’s put it behind us and move on.

It’s not very often that I include shall we say “real world” news in the TalkBack opinion polls, but for the times we are in right now there’s only one story out there now, isn’t there? It’s the Coronavirus, or Covid19 if you want to get technical. It doesn’t matter what country you are in, it’s affecting you whether you like it, know it, or not. Schools and universities are shutting down, sports events are postponed, airports, airlines, and borders are closing, bars and restaurants, in some localities everything except food outlets and pharmacies are shut. Even if you are not directly employed in these businesses that’s a lot of people out of employment for the next month. A lot of white collar workers are setting up home office desks to work from home, and it’s only a matter of time before people unable to do this are forcibly laid off temporarily (e.g. anyone in manufacturing, transport, and so on).

It’s not a pretty picture, is it? With the greatest respect and sympathy to anyone directly affected by the illness itself, i.e. if you or a family member got sick from this, how do you see this crisis affecting an industry that exists totally online? I have to express this carefully now, in no way do I see anything whatsoever good or positive about this, but like it or not the fact is that on the day billions of dollars were wiped off the value of most companies listed on stock markets around the world it was reported on the news in the UK that strong gains were made in one public firm that provides funerals! I mean it’s awful to say it, but it has to be acknowledged that someone is making a ton of money from this, sad and all as it is.

So at the risk of sounding insensitive, and again please forgive if so but the question has to be asked: How will the Covid19 crisis affect the HYIP industry?

Possible answers can be selected from the following options:

– Negative – people have no surplus income to play with
– Neutral – it’s an online business so not affected much
– Positive – people need to earn now more than ever before

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates, I appreciate you taking the time and effort and remember that all votes remain 100% anonymous and untraceable at all times. Unless of course you wish to share your thoughts on the subject on the MNO ShoutBox which you are free to do at all times. The poll will stay open for at least the rest of the week, long enough for everyone who wishes to take part to have ample time to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: AlysDax.
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: Zuhoxe.

That’s all I have for today, guys. Please stay safe in these difficult times as the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world. Look after yourselves and your loved ones! MNO will be back in a few days when I have anything else to update you with. Thanks for staying with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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