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30/03/2020. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog – your most trusted investment resource covering the topic of elite HYIPs since 2007. Today marks my last news update for the month of March – the month in which without a hint of exaggeration the world has changed forever. Of course, we all are aware of the Covid-19 pandemic but only last week it seemed to take such a firm grip on the world with most countries being put on some form of full or partial lockdown with strict limits on movement sometimes put in place by authorities. We are only beginning to process just on how much that unprecedented worldwide event may affect the HYIP industry, but one thing is for sure – the investors’ behaviour is about to change, at least to some extent. In times of huge pandemics like this only happening once in a generation people tend to correct their habits and patterns and temporarily adapt to a new reality they will have to live with over the next weeks and even possibly months to come.

These are very interesting times in the HYIP industry for sure and many people forced to stay home will be trying to find ways of making money online which can be both a thrilling pastime or a serious business (depending on the individual). In any case, some changes will certainly come into effect within the next few months, so it will be definitely worth your while to observe the trends here on MNO. My regular readers might know that I’m all for discussing the latest news in the HYIP industry and there is a strong indication today that over the next few months it will be definitely rewarding to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe for the latest blog posts to be regularly delivered directly to your email address you may submit here. After all, it seems like activity in the industry are slowly getting back to normal with some experienced admins coming out of semi-retirement caused by the general industry slowdown over the last couple of years. Just today two new programs have joined the Standard List on the MNO monitor which I will be introducing in a moment with more detailed reviews coming a little bit later in the week – DexauEnterprise and Omega. More latest news from the current Sticky List program on the MNO monitor AlysDax will also be posted, so keep reading for more on that. Meanwhile, I do encourage my readers to stay active in the MNO ShoutBox and contact me for any support or feedback using Telegram @mnoblog, submitting the online contact form here or e-mailing me directly at


The first program to be introduced is called DexauEnterprise which has been a “sleeper” silently running since last summer and only today the admin decided it was the right time to go live and reach out to a wider audience. As definitely an experienced enough admin in the HYIP industry the first thing he did after presenting the renewed look and investment plans of his website is to purchase Standard Listing on MNO which entitles DexauEnterprise in its new incarnation to be reviewed on my blog within the coming days. So in a nutshell then what’s the current version of DexauEnterprise all about?

There are basically two investment plans to choose from – 2.1% for 30 calendar days with daily payouts and principal back on expiry in full (163% total return) or at any point before expiry date for a 10% fee or 107% once-off payment on expiry of a 5 calendar day term. There are five accepted payment processors, with both the traditional PerfectMoney and Payeer and cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum accepted. The minimum to invest starts from $50 in the daily plan and reduces to $25 if you wish to invest in on-expiry plan. Note that there are five simultaneously running investments allowed for the daily plan and only one investment for the on expiry paying option. Withdrawals may be requested once you reach at least $3 value in your balance and should take not longer than 24 to 48 business hours (Monday to Friday) to be paid to the specified currency, and you are only allowed to have one pending withdrawal at a time. Note that when signing up you will be given a choice to create an account as an individual or an organization when you should choose a personal account and confirm your signup via a special link sent to your registered email address. Remember to set up your 4-digit withdrawal PIN and all the payment processor accounts you intend to use in Settings.

By the way, the script DexauEnterprise is currently running off looks be very safe and secure custom-made version while closely resembling some of the best HYIPs we have seen in the past. Although you should always remember that for increased security you’re strongly encouraged to enable 2FA authentication in your account – something especially vital for larger investors. The new design of the website does look attractive and is certainly made by professionals in the field, while the testing period DexauEnterprise ran for as a “sleeper” should help to bring in new investors and make the current ones upgrade their deposits to a higher level as well. The DexauEnterprise domain name is registered for ten (!) years in advance and the website itself is hosted on a dedicated and well protected CloudFlare server. The extended validation SSL-certificate from Sectigo makes sure that the company’s branded name registered in the Cayman Islands is protected alongside the investors’ funds allegedly put in the hedge funds with multi-million dollar assets. Of course, you could safely dismiss such claims for an online HYIP, but no one can deny that overall DexauEnterprise looks like a well-prepared program with bags of potential if managed correctly. I’ll have a more detailed review of the program most likely on Thursday. At the moment though I’d like to note that to me personally it’s an interesting thing that the admin of DexauEnterprise has actually accentuated his attention towards the spreading Covid-19 pandemic and wrote an article on how his company is coping with the situation a few weeks ago. Another comprehensive article posted just earlier today highlights the changes in DexauEnterprise which happened over the last few hours since the site changed its layout and investment plans. Read more on that in the News section of the website or below where I gave you a chance to read all three updates from DexauEnterprise in chronological order since July 2019 – the month of its official launch in their former incarnation:

Grand Launch
Today we are glad to announce the long anticipated launch of our new website. It is fully operational and available for the general public of investors. We would like to thank our partners support and dedicated technical department that have made this concept come alive. It has been a long way up and still a long way to go, it took us nearly 12 years offline to finally develop our trading strategies to offer such an amazing long term ROI for our future members.

Let’s Clarify COVID-19
Dear investors,
It is time to talk about the COVID-19 breakout, also known as “coronavirus” disease, that is currently hitting many countries as well as the global markets, since we lately got couple of tickets asking for clarifications regarding the situation of our business (to herein as “DexauEnterprise).
First of all we are doing our best to fight this virus by following the standard measurements imposed by the WHO, last but not least the business we conduct will continue operating as before: this means we are not intended to stop trading nor we will shutdown the withdrawals since this the common fear among investors as of now and their concerns are actually totally understandable to us.
Overcoming this difficulty requires us all to stay calm and do not panic, in order to maintain financial order and stability in our hedge fund, since we are firmly stating we do not stop operating in any way; rather it will allow us to qualify as a very trusted business. We are luckily located overseas in a strategic town of the Cayman Islands and this is therefore quite positive fact for the good of our business as long as the country does contain the breakout.
Our government was so far pragmatic and reliable against the disease, so we kindly invite you all to not worry about the future of DexauEnterprise – bright future ahead we would like to say!
In the meantime we lately been in process of liquidating the weak assets such as Litecoin and Ethereum therefore shorting wherever possible in specific allowed circumstances. Our hedge fund incorporated under the company name “DexauEnterprise LLC [KY]” in Cayman Islands is about to open offices in Unites States of America and Hong Kong to conduct a legal activity around the globe when this current situation is cleared out.
We really hope this announcement answered to your questions and that helps you out to stay positive and continue believing in our enterprise as this is what keeps us going – your trust in us!

Company Rebrand
It is with a big pleasure that we introduce you to the new Dexau web interface as well as fresh company rebrand after 250 running days of online activity and counting no bad feedbacks, no successful hacking attempts and no payment delays, just solid promises that are kept.
In past months we have worked hard to deliver great results in a timely fashion and that was only possible thank to you, reader and investor, who kept supporting and helped us to expand our business even further.
For this exact reason we want to reward you with a new available set of investment formulas known as ROE63 and ROE7.
What do they offer?
ROE63: a progressive 2.1% daily net interest for 30 calendar days, resulting in 163% return on investment, but what really makes this plan so special is the tribute to the deprecated ROE45 plan (0.30% daily for 150 days), that is the ability to withdraw the principal anytime with just a penalty of 10% fee in case of early divesting which the term is set to 10 days. This is basically the investment formula you were used before but on steroids!
You can afford this investment starting from as low as $50 and you can only have 5X concurrent active investments at a time.
ROE7: also known as the “test plan” because it pays back 107% in only 5 days, meaning 7% total net profit. Needless to say this is an upgrade of the deprecated ROE30 plan (13% weekly for 10 weeks), so if you have not yet upgrade then do it now and do not miss this investment opportunity, because it is only limited to one investment per person at a time with a maximum threshold of $1,000.
Regarding the previous (still active) investment plans you will continue receiving interests on daily basis without delays but we highly suggest you to drop them off for the newly launched investment formulas we start offering from today, March 30th 2020.
Despite Bitcoin was a good companion we found opportune to add new payment methods and cryptocurrencies to it: Perfect Money, Payeer, Ethereum and Litecoin without any hidden fees!
Good news do not stop here because we have made changes to the affiliate program too, increasing the affiliate commissions from low 1% to high 5% for each deposit your affiliates make.
You can now also analyze at more complex and complete account statements in your client area as well as a reinvented dedicated help desk with attached U.S. hotline for fast support assistance.
Let’s now discuss the changes of company’s trust strategy; in order to establish even more trust among old and new investors we decided to get an EV SSL from certificate authorities that proves we are the solely owners of the company DexauEnterprise LLC incorporated in Cayman Islands – any attempt of hijacking will be close to zero from now on.
You will find more in depth informations regarding our offices in Cayman Islands, United States of America and Hong Kong in “About” page of our website.
There probably is a lot of more talking to go but it is maybe a good idea to let find out more and educate yourself on DexauEnterprise on your own through the tons of informations and features we have put online on new rebranded web platform.
We hope you all will enjoy this fresh new experience and remember, our help desk is at your complete disposal anytime.


And now as they say for something completely different. A brand new program in every sense of the word is Omega, hot off the presses and straight to MNO when the admin was ready to launch just a few hours ago. I have to warn you in advance it’s a bit more complicated than most programs, but ultimately I have a good feeling that’s going to be more rewarding. And kudos to the admin for at least trying to go against the grain and do something different in these strange times.

The investment plans in Omega are basically what you make them. The term itself is indeterminate, that much is largely down to the investor. Payment options are all in cryptocurrencies but for the sake of keeping things simple I’ll say the minimum deposit and withdrawal is the equivalent of just $1, which is quite a bargain really and well below the industry average. But here’s where things get tricky. As with most programs the amount you invest will decide how much interest you earn. Omega calculate this on a daily basis, however you won’t get to withdraw it so frequently. You can only do that once per week. The admin will endeavour to make sure the rates add up to in the area of 5% to 7% over the course of the week, but of course don’t it expect it to be the same all the time. At the lower end of the scale Omega shouldn’t credit your account with less than 0.5% for a single day. The highest rate for the biggest investors could potentially be 1.7% per day. From personal experience monitoring programs such as this over the years however I doubt either extreme would be that common, and 5% to 7% for a week is probably a good enough guess. In addition to the basic interest rate there are some ways to bolster your earnings from Omega. These involve bonuses for certain promotional work, and a premium extra rate depending on how much you invest (mostly applying to bigger spending clients in this case however).

The concept is more or less the purchase of the program’s own Omega currency, amusingly abbreviated to OMG. You can use any of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Tron, Stellar, and Zcash to join, and the idea is that your profit comes from buying and selling these OMG units to and from Omega. You simply need to nominate a payment day, and let the Omega script handle the rest.

There are two types of accounts you can open, Community and Signature. It’s a personal matter for the individual, one does not pay more than the other, but personally I do not see anything to recommend the Signature. It’s basically for people who want to just drop their money and forget about it over time, and with all due respect to the admin who I think is a good industry professional, it’s not a strategy I’d advise to an investor for playing in HYIPs. The domain was in fact created in 2018 and is valid for five years until 2023, so clearly there’s some history with the admin. Omega is hosted on a protected website handled by CloudFlare, runs off a custom made script, and is SSL encrypted by Let’s Encrypt Authority. It’s clear that it took the admin a long time even just to compile original texts for the program let alone invent a totally different type of investment platform many will try hard to comprehend. But at the end of the day I’m hopeful that Omega can become a new trend-setting program that investors will eventually grow into.

Some background music can be switched off if you find it annoying or distracting by the way. The latest news updates, actually so far the only news updates from the Omega admin can be found below, however as it’s going to take me some time to do a more thorough check on how it all works I’m not expecting to review it until next Monday when I can confirm Paying status for sure. But please make sure to read the news from Omega carefully as, especially in the second update, the admin does give some practical steps in how to get involved and start earning money:

Today Omega Platform had its official launch!
As we are extremely excited to publish the result of our 1.5-year work, this article may become a bit of a mixed bag, although there are still some important keynotes to note…
It is hard to explain, how happy we all are to introduce the instrument, that as we believe, may become revolutionary. Even now Omega Platform may some kind look as a ready done product, but one thing we know for sure – without global support of its followers, no technological achievement should be considered valuable.
So stay skeptical, you have all the reasons to…
For millions of people, the last 3 years had become true financial hell. Only the group of golden boys made their fortunes. They have money, thus some good level of influence over the market is always present.
We have been observing the change of the blockchain industry (frankly speaking – Bitcoin gambling and flashy array of ICO scams) and it seems like the pump scheme is about to begin again.
Remember these stories about diversity, when 1% of the population controls 90% of funds.
Here is a trick…
With all the power of blockchain currencies, decentralized ledgers, trust-less ecosystems, the bottleneck is actually the freedom itself. Not only you can pick up the sword and protect your financial prosperity with it. Bad guys can do just the same. The difference nowadays is that early on you had no chance to collect resources, and often skillful fin-tech “entrepreneurs” are way more organized and experienced.
With the global economic infrastructure, that has rules and departments, legal protection and a handful of options to find justice, with blockchain world – no one can take the steal from the thief.
And that’s the mission of our team…
But our squad is not so big.
There are only 12 people in it, strategically positioned throughout the globe. Even if we wanted to put all the cards on the table, it would become only the Achilles heel of the community. Instead, please read some insights on the layout of our story as it is here.
We do believe, that with an honest approach, no matter how painful the truth is, we can still win your trust and do great things with the help of millions and maybe even billions of people.
Together we are the Force! And to achieve this mission, we need your help.
Unity is the key, and the Omega Platform was designed to Unite the ones who care with the ones who can.
Only now you are welcome to explore this opportunity.
Criticize it fairly, stay vigilant and suggest improvements, but most importantly – become a part!
With our Revenue-Share Program, we can provide users with tangible monetary motivation.
With the Bounty Program, we might just conquer the world…
It is all possible, but will not become overnight. And there are significant risks involved…
So us let’s have bravery, some luck, and patience.
Sign Up at Omega and exchange your Digital Assets to experience the full spectrum of benefits.
Your directives are priceless, give us the honor to follow your needs!
Always yours, Zander, The Dark Knight”.

Getting Started With Omega
Let’s start with basic math. As you already might know, there are 2 account types that any regular user can sign up with…
1. Community Profile
Designed to provide you with all the Revenue-Share & Bounty Program instruments available.
Great for a diverse investment portfolio, growing your Trust-Point Rating and team-building.
2. Signature Access Account
Unprecedented privacy, one-click registration yet limited to community features.
After choosing the right account, it’s time to fill it up with some juice…
But before you acquire your first Omega Units (OMG) and fully enjoy its monetary potential, there are 3 essential things you should know as a user, so please give it a minute.
I. Omega Platform is a Trust-Point based community as every tool it holds.
All 6 Profile Statues are not only aimed to differentiate people by their Revenue Rotation but will provide each layer with a set of unique tools and premiums. You will automatically grow up with your current status from “Omega Lepton” and higher, just by performing frequent exchanges and participating at the non-obligatory Bounty Program, where Affiliate Trust points are all auto-converted into new Omega Units by default.
To review your status and its benefits, lookup for the “See more” section at your Desktop.
II. Auto-Sale Schedule, Weekly Tokens, Stack Share are all important.
Auto-Sale Schedule or, a process of exchanging your Omega Units back into the currency of choice with profit, has to be manually set by deploying your first weekly schedule Token. Each Auto-Sale Token will sell out a portion of your OMG balance (aka “Stack Share”), thus not utilizing these tokens right away will drastically increase your Compounding Potential. Higher profile status will allow you to set more days of the week in the future.
III. Cells, Representatives & Networking are all a subject of choice.
Your direct sponsor’s affiliate activity will define a “Cell Booster” level, that is applied over the regular Revenue-Share program and profile status booster.
Effective Representatives can create a truly unique revenue condition for all 3 Tiers of their team, resulting in even greater profits for everyone. But for now, we only can recommend you choose the sponsor wisely, or allow some time for the current one to show solid results. Motivate your referrer or select another one to benefit from his or her decisiveness.
Okay, let’s get straight to the Revenue Stream!
Let’s take a quick look at your Community Profile’ Desktop and acquire some OMGs.
A. Choose your Digital Asset for an Exchange.
You can acquire Omega Units with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Tron, Stellar, Zcash.
B. Transfer funds and get credited with Omega Units. Send an exact amount requested and wait for your balance to get credited with new OMGs.
C. Set up an Auto-Sale Schedule and Payout Wallets. Receive your profits & make more exchanges.
D. Become a part of the Community to increase your rating. Explore Profile’s premiums & Bounty Program opportunities.
But how much of a Daily Revenue should you expect?
At average your R.O.I should total at about 1% Daily*, although it may change based on the holding duration**, profile status, and inner platform’s rate conversions. Each profile status will have a unique Revenue Rotation, as starting your path as the “Omega Lepton” will result in 0.8-1.5% Daily respectively.
*With the Status Booster (+ up to 0.5%) your potential Omega Units return can go up to 1.5-2% Daily.
**Even if there is no limit to your OMGs holding duration, you may eventually run out of available balance, thus it can stop the revenue stream. Using less Weekly Tokens for the Auto-Sale Schedule will result in at much higher Compounding Rate of your stack.
And finally, how to withdraw your Omega earnings?
Well, nothing can be easier than that.
Create your Auto-Sale schedule using your Weekly Tokens, make sure to have your Crypto-Wallets all set, then simply wait for your profits to appear at exactly the day specified. The final transaction can take some time, although should be very fast. As long as you keep your balance filled with Omega Units, this process will continue.
A few good tips will never hurt:
– Set up your Crypto-Wallets right away, and make sure these are fully yours and will remain permanent.
– While Exchanging, send only an EXACT amount requested to avoid potential unconfirmed deposits.
– Start slow, get familiar with the process and become more confident after the first Auto-Sale!
– Address our Support by Creating a Ticket, and remember – if everything was done right but ended up with an issue, our team will take care of it!
As you can see, it is was quite easy to get acquainted with all the main functionality of the platform.
There are always more details explained at our FAQ section, come and visit!
That would be all for today’s article and good luck!
With Love, Team of Wild Technical Geeks”.


AlysDax keeps doing what it does best – processing timely payments for every single investor while working hard worldwide to spread the word about the program and its benefits for potential investors and promoters. Having been online for over a month already I believe the very first investors have already managed to complete the first 30-day cycle and requested their principal back. I’m sure though that many more others will be joining AlysDax soon once they realize that the administration consists of professional people capable of staying online and paying well for months to come. At least, AlysDax has everything in place to achieve some remarkable results later this year. The program was first reviewed on MNO here and I strongly advise you to read it if interested in all the features AlysDax has to offer, as it is more complicated than the average HYIP you might be more used to dealing with. Just in case you don’t have time though let me remind you a few things about AlysDax.

The program offers variable daily returns which will depend on the trading platform’s daily performance and will be higher if you choose to invest for a longer period of time. The average returns you should expect on your investments will pay you approximately 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days. The initial investment is returned at the end of the term in full but may also be requested prematurely for a fee that will effectively eat into your profits from AlysDax, so make sure you only use this option if absolutely necessary. Withdrawals are processed manually within 72 hours (every request is subject to a small fee), although in practice they so far have been done within literally hours. Note that when making a deposit you should specify the currency you pay with and the currency you would wish to receive your profits to, this needs to be done once and cannot be changed afterwards. The minimum to invest in AlysDax‘s is only $25 for each plan and currently there are six payment options you may invest via – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum, Eos, Ripple or Tether.

With the rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world I believe the traditional conferences for AlysDax members have to be postponed or even cancelled in many places. However, they will resume sooner or later and my question for the TalkBack poll still stands in which you are all welcome to participate here. Meanwhile, the latest news posted on the AlysDax website over the last week was about the regular webinars that will be conducted twice a week from now on and the buzz created around the investment platform on various South Korean websites and forums which will hopefully make a difference when attracting more Korean investors to join AlysDax. Below you will find the latest news from the program reposted for your convenience:

Modern realities dictate the trend of transition from offline to online meetings conferences and webinars. We support this initiative and launch ongoing webinars from leading experts of the company. You will be able to gain new knowledge, skills and earn money without leaving home.
Partners of the international AlysDax Community will conduct webinars twice a week at 06:00 PM.
Every Wednesday, topics of webinars are dedicated to AlysDax: how to make money using various tools, how to get bonuses when participating in an affiliate program for developing the system, what are the optimal portfolios for making a profit. Fresh news will be announced by the top leaders about the development of the company. The communication process will involve the audience and will provide the feedback.
Every Saturday, a discussion will be organised of the latest trends and market news. The topics will cover the volatile cryptocurrencies, online economics, forecasts of professional investors, so on and much more. It will be discussed what is a must have for anyone who wants to keep aware of the hottest financial news. This is an exclusive opportunity to ask your question to the speaker in the chat and get the answer!
Speaker: Kielas, Broadcast Language: English, Time: Wednesday and Saturday, 6pm
Broadcast Location: >> <<
The crypto community is not scared of the crisis! Watch AlysDax webinars!
Special offer! Are you ready to host events online?
Write to Technical Support on our website and get promotion in the news feed and social networks of the AlysDax community!

The close attention of the South Korean media is another indicator of the high level of the AlysDax project and the results of the work of its international team.
New publications on earning opportunities in the AlysDax project have been published in such well-known publications as:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
The editors of all the listed media agreed that AlysDax is a unique project in the field of margin trading. It has got everything that every new investor in the community needs for successful development: the leaders and financial consultants, technical services and active marketing, professional traders and the most advanced technological solutions. Also, trusted partners and reliable investment tools provide a stable and high income for everyone who joins the platform.
AlysDax is developing and looking for new partners not only in South Korea. The news about the special status of the “National Leader” of his country has already spread all over the world and there are still some vacant places to go. If you are ready to join the project just find out more details on our website. Plus, if you are a leader and people are following you just get your Team Manager to show you the 100% advantages of AlysDax.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: AlysDax.
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: Zuhoxe.

That will be all I have for you today, guys. Please check back with MNO in a few days time for a detailed look at the newly redesigned DexauEnterprise and will surely report all the latest news and events from the HYIP industry’s biggest investment projects running at the moment. I will also try to bring you the final results of the latest poll you can still vote in on the MNO TalkBack page and will ask you a new question as the once hugely popular payment processor SolidTrustPay ceases to exist in a couple of days time. An entire era in the HYIP industry was associated with STP, of course, but everything changes in this world. So hopefully in the future we will see how the industry will evolve further due to the widespread coronavirus pandemic with so many people forced to stay home due to their respective government restrictions. How it will affect the HYIP industry only time and MNO will tell. Thanks for staying with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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