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02/04/2020. DexauEnterprise Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! DexauEnterprise has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well under these difficult circumstances around the world. If you happen to find yourself stuck at home without many opportunities to get outdoors to alleviate the boredom then I also hope you can find time for MNO in your daily routine. After all, with so many businesses forced to close their doors in the interests of public safety, the HYIP industry being 100% online continues as ever before. There’s plenty to get through in today’s post with the main feature being DexauEnterprise, the name of a new addition to the MNO monitor, and let me say one that I’m really looking forward to working with. A lot of investors are clearly excited about this one, and at the risk of not sounding neutral or impartial myself it’s easy to see why. If managed correctly and responsibly (always the biggest caveat in this industry by the way!) then I’d happily share this enthusiasm for DexauEnterprise and wouldn’t be at all surprised if we end up looking back on it as one of the best programs of 2020.

Just to be clear about one thing before we get into further detail about DexauEnterprise and how it operates, when I say it’s new I just mean it’s new on MNO. In fact the DexauEnterprise website has been online since the middle of last year, only buried as a “sleeper”. Regular industry players probably already know what this means, for the benefit of anyone new here I’ll just give a brief explanation. The intention of creating a sleeper in the first place is to “hide” the project from a wider audience for a while and keep payments coming to create a loyalty base and have their name established in investors’ minds before eventually redesigning and upgrading the investment plans when the admin eventually feels the time is right to move the program to more popular and prestigious monitors. So let’s see what the admin of DexauEnterprise has in mind and whether it might be something you want to include in your own portfolios.
As usual I’ll start things off with the investment plans, probably the main reason you’re reading this. DexauEnterprise have two of them, the first is more medium term which takes longer for members to see a decent return but ultimately pays you more money. The other plan is of a lot less importance in my own view, being aimed at anyone looking for a quick short term profit but in reality is seen more as a sort of test option. Of course there’s nothing to stop you from joining both if that’s what you like. In fact DexauEnterprise even have five “investment slots” available in the longer term option so that’s how many active investments you can have running at any one time.

The main plan is the slightly more complex of the two, though nothing particularly challenging. It’s called The ROE63 Plan, named for the potential net profit. It’s more expensive to join, with DexauEnterprise asking a minimum deposit of $50 per investment. The upper limit is $100,000. If you’re joining this one the full length running time of the term is 30 calendar days, with members receiving daily interest payments this time. DexauEnterprise are applying the same fixed rate to all investors, big and small, regardless of the size of your deposit. This is 2.1% which, as the name of the plan suggests, adds up to 63%. That by itself of course is not enough to put anyone in profit, that only comes when DexauEnterprise release your principal bringing the final figure up to 163%, or your own money back plus 63% net profit. So let’s say you were to make the same $100 investment here, DexauEnterprise should pay you back at a rate of $2.10 per day over the following 30 days. That comes to $63 in total which then becomes your net profit once your own initial hundred is added to that.

Just a couple of other things you need to consider about this plan, firstly I know I mentioned this already above, but DexauEnterprise do allow you to have five active investments running concurrently at any given time. Why is this handy? Well, if you’re a bit sceptical about how things might work out in the HYIP industry over the coming weeks and months then you could always just start off with a smaller deposit. Once you see that it’s working, the admin is making regular payouts, and it starts to grow into something extremely popular then you don’t have to wait the full 30 days to get your smaller deposit out in order to make a bigger one. You can just go right ahead whenever you’re satisfied that DexauEnterprise will be a success.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that you may also leave the program before the expiry date and request your principal back anytime. Just be careful if you do need to make use of this feature, as DexauEnterprise will charge a significant exit fee which will eat a lot of your profits. The better advice of course is to not get yourself into that position in the first place by putting money you need back in an emergency in an online HYIP, but that’s a whole other story for another day! If you do need to do it the fee is 10% but only payable if you are leaving in the first ten days of the term. Anytime after that early withdrawal fees are waived so will cost you nothing. It’s a simple operation really, under the tab marked “Withdrawal” where you will find the button for requesting regular payments you will also see a button marked “Divest”. This is what you need to click if leaving early.

And now for the short term test plan. It’s called The ROE7 Plan named again after the net profit you can make. It runs for 5 calendar days, and makes one single payment on expiry of 107%, principal included, or 7% profit. So for example if you were to invest let’s say $100 then DexauEnterprise should return $107 after the five days are up. Pretty simple stuff really, nothing too difficult to understand about that. DexauEnterprise require a $25 minimum investment to join this plan, or you may spend anything up to a $1,000 maximum. That’s a fairly modest limit for the HYIP industry, though to be honest most people’s operating budgets would be well under that anyway, certainly for any one single program. DexauEnterprise will only allow you to make one active investment in this plan, their own website’s description of it being for testing purposes only. This is how things stands at the time of writing, if anything changes going forward I will make sure that MNO is the first place you will hear about it.

If you like what you see so far then let’s take a look at what your payment options are. There are five accepted payment processors, with both the more traditional PerfectMoney and Payeer for those who wish to use dollars and cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum if you prefer a more direct approach. Do however be aware that DexauEnterprise have a minimum withdrawal policy. It may only be requested once you have at least $3 clocked up in your balance, so smaller investors take note. Despite earnings being credited on calendar days, DexauEnterprise only process withdrawal requests on business days. These are made manually and should not take than 24 to 48 hours (Monday to Friday) depending on when you make the request. There’s nothing to stop you from requesting a withdrawal over the weekend, the admin just isn’t going to look at it until Monday. You are only allowed to have one pending withdrawal at a time.

So far so good, but what of the technical and security aspects of DexauEnterprise and their website? In a word, impeccable. There are clearly some long term industry professionals at work here, no doubt about it. Since being completely re-fitted after coming out of “sleeping” mode a few days ago, DexauEnterprise are in a prime position to compete with any program for investors money. The script DexauEnterprise is using to power and manage the website looks to be very safe and secure and is custom-made version though closely resembling some of the best HYIPs we have seen in the past. Make what you want out of that information, some people will draw the conclusion that the same script means the same admin, I myself simply mention it as an observation of something there is no point in denying. For added security you’re strongly encouraged to enable the 2FA authentication which is available in your account. It’s free-of-charge to use obviously and since the admin went to the trouble of including there’s really no reason for you not to. Initial sign ups will need to be confirmed via the link that will be sent to the e-mail address you are registering to join. As I said, all of this is intended to keep your money in DexauEnterprise safe insofar we can ever say that about the HYIP industry, so make use of the features for your own sake. Incidentally, when you first go to register an account with the program you are presented with two choices – individual and business. Whichever one you choose to sign up with has no bearing on the investment plans, they remain the same. In fact as far as I can make out the only real difference I can see between them is that business accounts will ask you for a company name and a tax number, whereas individual accounts are for the majority of people who keep these things private.

On a slightly more technical side, the DexauEnterprise website has an extended validation SSL certificate from Sectigo for safer browsing and more secure transactions, and is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of CloudFlare who I’m sure many of you will already know are among the most highly rated service provider in the field. The DexauEnterprise domain name is registered for ten years, and is a registered company in The Cayman Islands where they have a postal address. Other addresses include The USA and Hong Kong though it’s a safe enough guess to dismiss these as virtual hosted workspaces and not necessarily where you would find anyone connected with DexauEnterprise were you to simply walk in off the street. Better ways of communication, assuming you don’t find the answer you need on the FAQ page, include telephone support, an email address, and a customer support form. You just need to click the tab marked “Consulting” which then opens two further tabs for the FAQ and HelpDesk. For a visual aid DexauEnterprise have a YouTube video on the site which I’ve embedded on the MNO monitor as well if you prefer to watch it there, though I must say it’s more promotional than practical.

On the subject of any serious business activities to support the payments DexauEnterprise are making to investors, precious little else is offered in the way of practical information about what exactly they do. Yes, of course the claims are made, with the home page saying they are an “investment firm” but there’s little you can do to verify any of that. And as always, even if it were true that still doesn’t mean it always has to be profitable all the time. So don’t look for guarantees here. If you ever did you are in the wrong business by the way. Treat the program as you would any other high risk gambling based operation in the HYIP industry, set yourself a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose and easily recoup from other sources, and if joining DexauEnterprise at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

To conclude I hope you won’t mind sharing your feelings about DexauEnterprise and your plans to either investing there immediately, doing it later, or skipping it altogether. After all, it’s always interesting to look back after a few weeks and see if you were right in decision and how many others shared your point of view. So the question is:

Will you make an active deposit in DexauEnterprise?

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For some unknown reason the administration of AlysDax has decided to give those who opened investment portfolios in the program in four currencies – BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Eos – a 15% rise on their usual daily profit accruals for the month of April. Note that this will not sit well with who invested via PerfectMoney or Tether and for those who made a deposit before March, 10. That means preferential rates apply only to those new investors with portfolios created during the first week AlysDax came to be listed on MNO effectively becoming the only program this year to have opted so far to be listed on the more prestigious Sticky List. That announcement posted on the AlysDax website yesterday will surely be welcome news for those first investors who jumped into the program right from the start. Besides, those who have chosen the 30-day shortest investment plan should be able to request their principal back at the end of today, as AlysDax has been listed on MNO for exactly one month now. I would say that it’s only the beginning of bigger and better things to come from a program that strongly resembles such giants from the past as Weenzee and Hooplex. If you wish to find out more on AlysDax and see what it’s all about I suggest you read the full review posted here and if you have any other questions you can always ask their Live Chat support located at the lower right-hand corner of the website and check out the Demo account for better understanding of all the features covered in the review.

For those of you who lack time or attention let me give you an idea what AlysDax is about in a nutshell. The program offers variable daily interest rates (usually hovering around a reasonable 1% mark) which will depend on the program’s performance, your investment term and ability to refer others. On average though you should expect typical payments of around 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days. Note that on expiry of the term you will see your money returned to your balance for possible withdrawal or reinvestment. Early withdrawal of your principal is allowed for a sizeable fee which will eat up most of your profits making it an ill advised thing to do. All withdrawal requests (except for the principal withdrawal) are subject to a small 1% to 1.5% fee depending on the payment processor you’re using. Note that when purchasing your investment portfolio with AlysDax you will be asked what payment processor you use to pay for it AND what payment processor you want the interest to be paid to (please pay special attention to that as it can’t be changed later in the term). Also please note that after the portfolio creation you will receive your first daily interest at midnight GMT on the second day (so it will take 24+ hours) as the interest is credited for the previous full day of your investment portfolio becoming active.

Apart from the good news for some investors I already told you about, the other updates from AlysDax posted over the last three days gave us a chance to see photos from their previous conferences held in two Indonesian cities where their promotional teams are especially active at the moment. Below you will find both latest updates from AlysDax:

The AlysDax community decided to provide one-time support to existing partners who opened personal portfolios in cryptocurrencies BTC / ETH / XRP / EOS until March 10, 2020 (inclusive). In these portfolios, + 15% will be added to the daily accrual of profits starting from April 1st 2020.
An increased percentage of the indicated crypto portfolios will be given until May 1st, 2020 or until the end of the portfolio, if it occurs earlier than May 1st, 2020.
For users with portfolios in USD and Tether USDT, the profitability will remain at the level of daily accruals.
AlysDax is ready to launch similar support programs in the future to minimize the risks of community users using investment strategies in cryptocurrency assets. Follow the events and official news of the project.
We care about you! Our aim is to make work with us profitable!

AlysDax Community is growing! Many new participants joined us. They are ready to gain financial independence. Leaders Panji and Deddy have visited many cities. One of those was Banjarmasin.
Speakers talked about the AlysDax system and its advantages for investors. Payment security in this project is not only digital, but also real, as AlysDax protects your funds with innovative blockchain protocols.
The conference in Banjarmasin was held in a friendly and family life. After the main part, all participants together with Panji and Deddy discussed the latest news and asked interesting questions. Several constructive proposals were made for the development of the community in modern market conditions.
All new participants in the project received a lot of new emotions and motivation to increase their income further. Photos are in the gallery on the website. Follow the news and wait for the announcements!

The conference participants in Bogor were the people who want to develop and improve their financial situation during the global crisis. The guests of the event communicated with the leaders of AlysDax and asked their questions for several hours.
The topics that were discussed during the event were: 1) how to build a business during the crisis; 2) partnership with innovative projects and blockchain platforms. The main topic of the conference was the margin trading, which is the main opportunity of the AlysDax platform. AlysDax provides it to all members of the community. There are opportunities to earn more using consulting support of project leaders, as well as effective bonus program and certain preferences for regional leaders.
Speaker and organizer of the conference, Mr.Julianto held a mentoring workshop. He spoke about the advantages of partner status and how to achieve success in the Community using his own example. The conference ended with the ceremonial acceptance of the evening guests into the ranks of the AlysDax participants and the presentation of souvenirs and traditional corporate T-shirts to them.
You can see the full photo report in the gallery at


I suppose in many ways the virtual world mirrors the real world in many ways these days, especially when it comes to news stories. In other words there’s not much else going on out there right now, except of course for folks to stay safe and watch what they are doing. As we can see from the news update posted above one of the few programs still trying to put a positive spin on things and keep spirits high is AlysDax, which follows a tradition albeit a recent one of holding public meetings and conferences. I suspect that may well change in the immediate future depending on what country you live in and what conditions are currently like there. But life will continue and, eventually, the world as we know it today will just be an unpleasant memory. AlysDax as it stands still have a business to run, long may it continue I think we all agree, I’m just curious as to what MNO readers think about these events they say they are holding in various different countries.

Certainly no harm or damage is done to the program by any of this, but at the same time do you think it helps much? Under the current circumstances with much of the world under medical advice to stay in their homes, you’d think this strategy would be suspended or maybe even abandoned. Not with AlysDax however, they came up with the solution of swapping seminars for webinars, ie moving everything online and perhaps in the process making these already public events even more accessible. I guess it works for them, they know what does and doesn’t work for their business and probably have experience with the same methods. At the end of the day though, the most important opinion here will be that of the investors themselves. I know that typically the regular players of the HYIP industry won’t attach too much importance to the actual conferences themselves as stand alone events, but that wouldn’t have to lessen the impact or importance of these events to the global promotion of AlysDax as an investment opportunity. The exact question I asked MNO readers about this was as follows: Will the international AlysDax conferences help them grow further?

Replies were mixed of course, they usually are, but largely positive. 50% of you say “Partially, some people will always want to join in” which is a fairly accurate statement I suppose. 37% of you seem opposed to the idea (personally I don’t know why because as I said, if they don’t do any damage to the program then what’s the problem?) by voting “No, it’s just a marketing gimmick, they don’t even occur”. The remaining 13% of voters are more upbeat, holding the opinion that “Yes, they’re hugely helpful in finding new members”.

For the next MNO TalkBack opinion poll I want to dip into the old nostalgia file. If you’re a long term HYIP industry player, you’ll probably remember the one time king of the payment processor business which was SolidTrustPay. Of course I know a lot of readers won’t remember them as you may not have been involved with the HYIP industry back in those days, so it might surprise you to learn that at one time as much as 60% of the money passing through the business was handled by them. Obviously I don’t have receipts for that, I’m estimating the figure based on my own experience and let’s say inside knowledge as a monitor. I know the currency monitors were using to pay for listings and advertising, and from referral commissions I know what investors preferred to use. To make a long story short, SolidTrustPay made the decision to abandon their interests in the HYIP industry some years back and adopted a strictly anti-HYIP policy. They had a number of legitimate real world businesses as clients anyway, none that I’d ever heard of myself, but all perfectly legal. Given the problems faced by the owners of LibertyReserve back then (all doing lengthy jail terms in US federal prisons now) I guess you could hardly blame them for backing down. They thought they could survive without their HYIP industry clients, either admins or investors, but that turned out to not be the case. As of the first of April SolidTrustPay ceased to exist.

Recently I received the following e-mail, as did many other readers I am sure:

Dear Valued Merchant,
It is with sincere disappointment that we announce that SolidTrust Pay will be permanently ceasing its operations on April 1, 2020.
For 14 years, we have been a leader in the payment processing industry, providing our merchants with unsurpassed service. To our regret, recent changes in economic and regulatory conditions have had a significant and negative impact on our operations.
These changes have made it difficult to secure the financing required to expand our services.
We request that you inform your members about the forthcoming discontinuation of our services and proceed to withdraw all funds in your SolidTrust Pay account prior to April 1, 2020.

It goes on to explain the various methods you can use to get any remaining funds in your account out before then and is signed off by Stella, the STP founder. I actually had a pretty good working relationship with her on MNO back in the day, she did some interviews on my blog and even once did a Q&A session with MNO readers where you were allowed to submit your own questions for her. To be entirely fair, she did nothing to dodge any difficult or uncomfortable issues that were raised about the HYIP industry or how she justified her reasons for involving her company in it. It would surprise a lot of investors these days to see how STP published a real postal address for contacts, used actual traceable bank accounts to make payments, had telephone support where you spoke to real people on a one-to-one basis (quite friendly in the Canadian tradition as I remember by the way) and so on. You can’t even possibly imagine getting that the likes of PerfectMoney, never mind BitCoin!

Anyway, it’s a chapter from the history of the HYIP industry which is now closed. Things change and evolve, people’s expectations and requirements change, service providers come and go, we move on. I’d just like to ask how many people out there still remember STP and the role they played in the HYIP industry’s glory years. Do you even know who they were or care that they’re gone? Do you wish they were back as an alternative to the cold anonymity of current payment handlers? So, the exact question I want to ask MNO readers is as follows: How do you view the closure of SolidTrustPay?

And the possible answers can be chosen from these options:

1) I had an account and wish they were still serving HYIPs
2) I had an account but don’t care that they’re gone
3) I didn’t really use them but I remember who they were
4) I don’t remember or don’t know anything about them

As always let me just say thinks in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to vote, it’s always much appreciated. Even though the poll itself is largely nostalgia I still think it might be interesting to hear the thoughts of others. Voting is 100% anonymous and untraceable, keeping in mind you are always free to discuss your views on the MNO ShoutBox if you wish, and will stay open for about another week or so to give everyone who wants to vote enough time to do so. Voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: AlysDax.
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: DexauEnterprise (the first payments received), Omega (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: –

I guess that’s about all for today, folks. Thanks a lot for staying with MNO and for following me on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter – the fastest ways to be aware of upcoming industry giants and simply the programs everyone will soon be talking about. Another great way to follow all the latest trends in the HYIP industry would be to opt in to the blog newsletter sent straight to your address you may submit on this page. And of course, I will be pleased to hear from you and get your feedback which can be submitted via email at or via this contact form. When I’m available online I can also chat with you in live mode on Telegram @mnoblog so don’t hesitate to write a couple of lines or just say hello. I’ll be back next week with a detailed look at hot-off-the-press program Omega, so if you liked the program but are still a bit confused about its investment offers don’t miss your chance to find out more in the most comprehensive review you will be able to find online. I will of course have all the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry, and please watch for more programs which may be added to the MNO monitor in the meantime. And again, thanks for reading MNO – For Money Lovers!

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