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07/04/2020. Omega Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Omega has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone, and welcome once more to the MNO blog for all the latest news from the leading lights in the HYIP industry! I know a lot of readers are currently having to undergo harsh but regrettably necessary restrictions on your movements, under the circumstances I hope the weekend went as well can be possible for you if affected and you are in good company. As the new business week gets off to a start, something we’ll be able to say for the online world a lot more than the offline these days, I hope MNO can be a part of your routine to help you pass the time. There’s some news to catch up on today which I’ll be getting to in the second half of today’s update including the introduction of a brand new program to the MNO monitor‘s Premium List which I think you’re going to be excited about. All that is coming after we take a closer look at one of the newest programs on my monitor which is called Omega. Without doubt this is definitely one of the more unusual and unique HYIPs to come along in a while now. Omega, which apart from being an online HYIP (the reason we are most interested in it) is at the same time quite unlike anything else I can think of in the market right now. Overall it’s a complicated program though, not helped perhaps by an overload of superfluous information and graphics, but I’ll do my best to explain it as well as possible in simple terms for this review. So let’s see what Omega is all about and whether you think it’s a suitable addition to your portfolios.
First of all it’s hard to pin down an exact category for the investment plans in so far as you could say they are short, medium, long term, no expiry, and so on. A lot of this and how you manage your account in Omega is largely up to the individual member. It works along the basis of you purchasing the programs own internal currency called the Omega Unit, amusingly abbreviated to OMG at fluctuating exchange rates. This is what earns you your interest, but the individual OMGs themselves also equate to Trust Points which you use in the management of your account. I’ll try and explain that a bit better as we go along, but at the crux of the issue in the most basic and simplistic terms possible is this – you invest in Omega, you nominate a certain day of the week of your choice, and then every week following you will receive an automatic payment on that day. There are different levels you can join in at earning different rates, different types of account and so on, but at the heart of it is that one basic principle.

So we’ll get started with how to join. The first thing you will be asked is do you want a so-called Community Profile or a Signature Profile. There is no financial advantage to either, but I would have to advise on the Community option here. There’s no real advantage to the Signature Profile as it’s aimed more at people just looking to dump their money and forget about it, allowing the Omega script to manage their payments and have no further involvement with their account. Not a good habit to pick up in the HYIP industry I would say!

This is the first point that some investors may get confused about. You see rather than “making an investment” in the traditional sense, you have to look at your deposit as a purchase of Omega‘s OMG units. It’s the buying and selling of these OMGs that generates the cash flow. However, you will be asked to give an exact dollar amount which you wish to spend, despite Omega not accepting dollars directly. Currently they work exclusively with cryptocurrencies and don’t deal with dollar based payment handlers such as PM or Payeer. So once you have entered the amount you are investing in dollars, the internal exchange will tell you how much this is in BitCoin, Ethereum, and so on. This is then the figure you need to deposit, which is then converted into OMGs at the current USD/OMG exchange rate.

There are five levels of membership in Omega which will determine your rate of interest. Technically speaking this isn’t strictly decided by how much money you have deposited, but rather by the number of Trust Points you have in your account. Of course, the best way to get trust points is to spend money, so it kinda is about the size of your investment whether the Omega admin chooses to word it that way or not. At current exchange rates valid at the time of writing (be sure to double check this on the day you actually join if you are going ahead) one OMG will cost you $0.93. So once you have purchased one OMG you are also allowed one Trust Point. Obviously then 100 OMG will also get you 100 Trust Points.

Don’t worry too much about Trust Points just yet by the way. The truth is that for the overwhelming majority of entry level members they simply won’t make any difference because you will need to invest several thousand dollars before they start having any impact on your income. There are other ways to increase the number of Trust Points you have, such as promotional activities and so on, but unless you are a bigger than average investor it’s going to be some time before you get to the level that gives you any kind of financial boost here.

Two other features you will see in each plan are the Stack Share percentage and a certain number of Weekly Auto-Sale Tokens. Technical terms but more or less these are the tools you use to establish the length of your investment term. There’s no fixed expiry date in Omega as such, the concept is that you can if you wish earn money from them on a permanent basis until the program collapses, however it’s up to you how to play it. Your Stack Share therefore represents the amount of your principal you can take out, and the Auto-Sale tokens represent the number of times can withdraw per week. I’ll explain this further below. There is of course no obligation on you to use these tokens, you have the option to skip some withdrawals in Omega and let the money roll over to become part of your principal, i.e. compounding, and therefore prolong your membership. It’s essentially down to you to decide, but there is no option to withdraw your principal in full and leave at will. In your account area you’ll find a handy revenue calculator where you can play around with the numbers in order to get a feel of what you might earn from your budget over different lengths of time. It might help you decide how long you want to stick around for or if you see yourself staying with Omega permanently.

You can join Omega for as little as $1, or to be exact whatever the $1 equivalent is in the cryptocurrency you prefer. However just to re-iterate the different plans in Omega aren’t strictly finance based, I’m going to describe them using Trust Points. Most people will enter the program at Lepton level. This will get you a variable daily interest rate that can float anywhere from a 0.9% minimum to a 1.3% maximum. This is credited to your Omega account every day, but you will have to watch it accumulate because you only get paid once per week. There’s not much else I can add to that really, except to say in the worst and best case scenarios this could possibly net you anything from at least 6.3% to as much as 9.1% in a week. Either extreme is unlikely, it will probably average out somewhere in the middle. In this plan you have a Stack share of 10% and one weekly token. That means you can withdraw once per week from your investment with this token, and will need to wait for further tokens to withdraw more.

At least in the early stages Lepton is the only plan most investors need concern themselves with. The reason is that in order to progress to the next level up you would need 5,000 Trust Points. At current exchange rates that would require an initial spend of $4,700, correct at the time of writing. However if you do eventually find yourself at that level regardless of whether you’ve spent that kind of money or not, here’s how things change. The next plan is called Quark and offers investors a wider range in the potential interest rates. This time you could get a daily interest rate fluctuating between a 0.8% and 1.4%. By the time it comes to collect on your nominated payday that means you can expect anything from 5.6% to 9.4% in interest for the week. Now, you might think you see a glaring error in there, and wonder why a bigger investment has the potential to give you a lower percentage in return. Well, that isn’t exactly how it works. One of the rewards for having enough Trust Points to qualify for a position in Quark is that you are also entitled to a revenue share booster that supplements whatever the daily interest rate is. At this level it’s only 0.1% but that’s OK, it’s enough to offset any losses in the hopefully rare event of Omega returning the minimum rate on any given day. The Stack share here drops to 7% but the number of tokens goes up to two. So you can withdraw on two nominated days of the week.

Theoretically that’s how the other plans continue. On paper it doesn’t look as if strictly speaking you have to have big money deposits in order to claim bigger Trust Points and therefore bigger interest rates, but in practice I really can’t tell you how easy or difficult this might be to achieve. The next level up is called the Boson and will apply to members with 15,000 Trust Points in their accounts. Omega offer a daily return in the range of 0.7% to 1.5%, which on your weekly payday should come to between 4.9% and 10.5%. Again the potential for bigger spending investors finding themselves with lower interest payments might seem a bit strange, though it’s nothing to worry about as Omega have added a revenue share booster of 0.25% so that will bring your earnings back up again. Stack Share is 5%, there are three weekly tokens.

The Omega Hadron plan continues the trend with a lower potential minimum of 0.6% and a higher potential maximum of 1.6% per day. Basic interest by itself for the week falls somewhere between 4.2% to 11.2%. Again, either extreme is unlikely but if the possibility of a lower weekly payment is putting you off then Omega supplement the daily rate with a revenue share booster of 0.35%. You would need 45,000 Trust Points to participate here. The Stack Share is 3% and you are allowed four weekly Auto-Sale tokens.

The final plan in Omega is called the Quantum and is where members who have earned 100,000 Trust Points will go. The gulf between possible daily interest payments grows ever wider, in the range of 0.5% to 1.8%. That means your weekly payment falls somewhere between 3.5% and 11.9%. Omega will supplement this with a 0.5% revenue share booster so your de facto earnings will be on the higher rather than lower side. Your Stack Share now goes down to 2% and you are given five weekly tokens.

I’ve already mentioned that Omega works exclusively with Cryptocurrencies, even though you are asked to express your desired investment using dollars. Just to give you the full list of currencies then, you can use BitCoin LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Tron, Stellar, and Zcash. Payments are handled automatically by the Omega script so you don’t need to make any requests. It’s a lengthy enough process however and can take 24 hours to go through as I found on with my own first payment. So when you nominate a payment day all that really happens if the process gets initiated, not necessarily that you are paid. In my case I listed Monday as a payment day, in fact it was actually Tuesday before the money came through so do keep that in mind if joining Omega. That’s just the maximum time you need to allow, the admin said it can be faster depending on the staff workload. There’s a timer that will eventually process it for you automatically anyway, however if there’s an operator on hand while the transaction is being put through they can hurry this up significantly.

If we can put the complexities of how Omega functions as a paying online HYIP for a moment now we can look into some of the more basic information on the website itself. Features such as design and security, etc. The Omega website is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of CloudFlare. As I’m sure a lot of you will already know, they happen to be one of the most trusted service providers for shall we say mainstream business so there’s little to be worried about on that account. Likewise nothing was left to chance with the script which as you can imagine for a program like Omega needed to be built from scratch to meet their unique requirements, so it’s all entirely custom made. The background music can easily be switched off with the click of a button if you find it annoying or too much of a distraction by the way. For an added layer of protection the Omega website has an Extended Validation certificate by Sectigo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The Omega domain was was actually created back in 2018 and is valid for five years until 2023, so clearly there’s some history with the admin. To make the program more accessible to a global audience Omega is available in Spanish and Portuguese. More languages are scheduled to follow I believe.

If you have any further questions for the Omega admin – and I suspect that given the nature of his program that you might – there are a couple of channels you can go through. It may not be entirely necessary if you’re just looking for information though as there is an FAQ section plus a step-by-step start-up guide that makes use of screenshots to help get you on your way. If your issue is more technical or account related and you absolutely have to reach the admin or a member of the customer support team then you can use the Live Chat feature which is actually a Telegram account so you’ll need to install that first. There’s a support Ticketing system under the “Collaboration” tab so you can give longer more detailed questions and problems there. If that doesn’t suit you then you can fill out the e-mail contact form and submit it online through the Omega website, and check their social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

The alleged business activities of the program sees Omega describe themselves as a cryptocurrency pool. Regular HYIP players will no doubt ignore such claims, but just for newbies you know even if this were entirely genuine, there’s absolutely no guarantee that such things are profitable, indeed for every trader making millions of dollars in any particular market it has to be funded by the money spent (or lost) by others. So whether you choose to believe it or not, the fact remains that Omega is still a game you need to play cautiously. I mean don’t be afraid of the risks, if nothing else trying to make a couple of extra bucks for yourself on the side with an online venture should first and foremost be fun I would say. But do at least be aware of the risks. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that’s based on your own disposable income and what you can comfortably afford both to spend and to lose. Keep your investments at a level you enjoy, not something you worry about because that’s no fun at all. And if you are joining Omega then at least try to keep them as part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Before I finish with the review of Omega and move on to today’s news updates I would like to ask if anyone reading this has their own opinions on the program? Good, bad, or indifferent, I hope you won’t mind sharing them with your fellow readers. It takes literally a second to vote, is totally anonymous, and will make for more interesting reading once we are looking back at the program at the end rather than looking forward at the start. In other words how many people would make a good and bad judgement call looking at the program today. Please answer the following question:

Will you make an active deposit in Omega?

View Results

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I’d like to start today’s news by introducing a brand-new program called Moon999 which has been added to the Premium List on my monitor earlier today. The program is an open-ended investment project with a very short 24-hour lock-in period after which you will be able to withdraw your principal for a reasonable 5% fee. Until you decide to leave Moon999 credits your account with a fixed 0.15% interest on an hourly basis (or the equivalent of 3.6% daily) which you may then withdraw once you reach the required minimum of 0.0002 BTC if you invested via PerfectMoney or 0.001 BTC if you invested via any of the three accepted cryptocurrencies – BitCoin, LiteCoin or Ethereum. Although Moon999 is running off what must to to the majority of investors be a familiar licensed GoldCoders script there was clearly some work done on customising it with more features added or modified to suit the program’s needs. For example, the main currency Moon999 is working with is BTC and not USD, like you might have thought. So, on investing you will be prompted to convert at least 0.005 BTC which is the required minimum (approximately $37 at the current exchange rate) into the currency of your choice, providing of course you’re not making a deposit directly from your BTC account. Another interesting feature is that once the deposit is active you’re allowed to set your own level of compounding from the on default 0% to 100% and increase your profits if you do not intend to request payments too frequently. By the way, withdrawals are not instant and are processed by the admin manually within 24 working hours. My first withdrawal request was done quite fast, but I will have a better idea on the usual waiting period by the time the full review of Moon999 is published on my blog in a few days time.

Now as I’ve already mentioned it’s totally up to an individual investor about kind of strategy should be applied to the term and level of optional compounding. I can just tell you that any changes can be made when you click the All Deposits tab inside of your Moon999 account and try to release the principal once the button appears after the initial 24 hours passes or change the compounding level. I think it’s pretty much self-explanatory and simple process. On signing up you will be able to set your currency accounts which you will be able to modify at a later point by using a 4-digit PIN-code you will be asked to enter. Other features you might notice on the Moon999 website at first glance would be the designer’s inspiration from a certain well-known program from the past (not that this means it’s run by the same admin) by including a live music player inside of the account which can be easily switched off on the top of the screen. There is a certificate of incorporation from the UK available to view, a short video presentation now also embedded on the MNO monitor and a Telegram account if you have any questions for the admin. The security of the website is quite good – a dedicated server from Genius Security and an SSL-certificate from Sectigo, so I don’t think the website’s uptime will be significantly interrupted in the near future. Again, the background looks solid and it’s now only up to the admin to prove that Moon999 is worthy of your attention. I hope the program will exceed our expectations and will show some good results, but of course an investor can profit already after the first two days, so it’s essentially up to your own personal strategy as Moon999 is all about flexibility. I believe some MNO readers will take note of that and will give Moon999 a chance to show what they can do, if anything. Of course, only time will tell if that’s going to happen, meanwhile please read the welcome newsletter posted on the website earlier today on its official launch and read the full review of Moon999 on my blog in a few days:

The start of the MOON999 LIMITED investment program is successfully performed. It is glad to announce that MOON999 LIMITED is now open to the public now!
MOON999 LIMITED is an international commercial organization, it was created for the purpose of providing its members with the safest and most secure investment, with the best possible and achievable returns at minimum risk.
All investors from the worldwide are welcome to open an account and make investment. We accepts e-currencies below for now: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
The highest quality of service and constant opportunities will bring power to our community!
Yes, we understand that there is a long way to run as well as trust and reputation can be built only on strong values with non-stop improvements, yet with a true passion for performing, we are here to bring you something worth working with and maybe even sharing to others.
Join us and enjoy our professional capital management!Watch for updates of news and welcome to the MOON999 LIMITED!


We all know that once a program becomes famous someone always comes along to try and exploit a well established brand and long-built reputation by creating various phishing websites and fake social accounts. They may try to offer bonuses for a small fee, stealing your passwords and demanding ransoms to return access to the account or pretend to be someone from the admin’s team by creating various copycats and impersonators whose only aim is for unsuspecting investors to part with their hard earned cash. In the case of AlysDax an already trusted performer that has been online since February and already put some investors into the profit zone. AlysDax was first reviewed on MNO here, but if you haven’t had time to read it here are some highlights for you.

With AlysDax each investment plan can be joined for a minimum of $25 which can be placed in one of the following plans – 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days. Please don’t take it wrong as this is just the average daily interest you can expect from them while in reality you will get a variable return on your investment. There are several payment options accepted for investing in AlysDax with the list including PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Eos and Tether. However, investors should be careful as on creating the chosen portfolio you will be asked what currency you wish to invest in and also what currency you want your profits to be paid to. It’s extremely important to choose the best option for you due to the withdrawal fees and limitations imposed on each option, so pay special attention to that. The initial investment will be put back into your available balance as soon as your portfolio expires and you will be able to reinvest or withdraw it without any fees, plus an early withdrawal clause is available that will eat into most of your profits, so think carefully before doing it. Overall, withdrawals tend to be processed fast and I’m always paid within just a few hours, however AlysDax reserves the right to pay within 3 days, which I would guess applies to larger withdrawals, like principals for instance.

AlysDax is the only program currently listed on a Sticky position on MNO, but it’s not the only reason you might want to try it out. With its variable returns and sophisticated setup lots of promoters are trying their best to spread the word about this money-making opportunity around the world and build huge teams of followers due to the program’s multiple downline levels and generous rewards for higher ranked team builders. That often brings very good results in the long term and the previous projects running in the past have proved to be viable and provide sustainable growth for months to come. Whether the same will apply to AlysDax we will wait and see, the situation might be different this season due to how the Covid19 pandemic which seems to be out of control in some countries affects people. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for AlysDax though, as it has a professional and talented admin that should be able to come through whatever the circumstances. Below you will find the latest newsletter from AlysDax warning of the dangers of following unofficial channels and chats which will definitely result in you becoming a target for scammers and fraudsters living off impersonating a truly great program. So take note and stay safe:

The strategy set by AlysDax is to scale the project in the world. As it globalizes, increases the share of presence in investment circles, at the same time it provokes the appearance of scammers parasitizing on the success of our unique project.
The AlysDax team is interested in providing safety for its investors and partners. When users receive information from official sources they have the opportunity in real time to get acquainted with the project news, receive support from the team of curators (Team Manager) and use the base knowledge of Technical Support.
The Community already has got the following channels for successful communicating with users of the system:
– Contact the support company through the Feedback form on the “Contact Us” page or in online chat on the official website.
– Request for support of regional curators. This option is available in your personal account by clicking on the “Get a Team Manager”.
Official news channels on social networks:
Additional official sources of information in the Telegram messenger:,, @AlysDaxLeaderbot,
We remind you to maximize the protection of AlysDax user accounts from unauthorized access. Technical Support strongly recommends changing the default security settings by activating verification via Telegram or Google Authenticator.
Following the recommendations of AlysDax is the key to your prosperity!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: AlysDax.
From MNO Premium list: Moon999 (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: DexauEnterprise, Omega.
From MNO Basic list: Zuhoxe, RoboticsOnline (the first payment received).

That’s all for today, guys. As I see quite a few people have participated in the recent TalkBack poll on SolidTrustPay, a once hugely popular payment processor that formally closed the 1st of April I have decided to give people more time to vote. So I plan to draw the final results in the next blog post where I will review the newly added Moon999 as well as the latest news from the industry’s biggest and most talked about programs – the only type you see listed on the MNO monitor. By the way, if you liked the review of Omega today and don’t want to miss anything as breathtaking in the near future please make sure you subscribe to the MNO newsfeed by submitting your email address in this form powered by Google Feedburner and join 3,000 other subscribers already doing the same. There is even a better way to keep yourself updated on the very latest of what is happening at the moment – follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. And if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me by writing directly to, submitting your query via this contact form or simply chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog or throw a question via the MNO ShoutBox where you can also support your favourite programs by voting for them. Thanks for reading and words of support during these dark days affecting most of the world now. Stay safe and I hope to see you back soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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