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15/04/2020. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all and welcome back to the MNO blog for the most up-to-date information on the biggest investment opportunities you can only find in the HYIP industry. My site has been online since 2007, so I might know a thing or two about how things are working in cycles and any fruitful period of high profits is always followed by period of failures with programs collapsing one after another without any apparent reason. Sadly over the last few days not one or even two, but three programs listed on my site have stopped paying and were moved therefore to Problem and then Scam Status on the MNO monitor. I would even call it an Easter Massacre as these events happened around the holiday celebrations which coincided with the coronavirus pandemic this year. As to why this happened with three different programs on MNO I will discussing them individually as the reasons behind each are quite different and hopefully the current negative pattern we see now in the HYIP industry is nothing but a coincidence. In any case, after every thunderstorm and there is sunshine once again. I’m pretty hopeful that the HYIP industry will rebound at some point, and I look forward to bring you back to the happy times once they happen.

Even during these tough times it’s important to stay updated and therefore I strongly advise you to subscribe to the regular updates in the form of full blog articles delivered straight to your mailbox you can submit on this page. You may also start following MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter where you will receive the most up-to-date alerts about new program additions, reviews or status changes on my monitor. If you feel the need to report something or chat with me online I most welcome you to do so by catching me on Telegram @mnoblog, or you may email me directly at or submit your query via this contact form.

Overall, despite a few scams I’ll report in more detail later in today’s update it’s not all that doom and gloom in the industry, as there are still a few good paying programs out there. One of them is AlysDax that has become quite a profitable program for some of my readers already and an important update from which is what I wanted to talk about first.


Some of my readers who’ve already read my detailed review of AlysDax posted here should have a general idea about how the program works as it operates quite differently from others and might seem quite complicated at first glance, especially for newbies. In reality there is not much difficulty once you overcome some initial obstacles and you can even train yourself on the whole investment process by checking out AlysDax‘s demo account. That should give you a great insight into the basics and is a great tool to learn about how their investment process actually works. If you’re a bit lazy and don’t want to go this far in order to familiarize yourself with the program’s features or are restricted by weakf English language then I have some good news for you too. Recently the administration has done a great job by providing current and potential investors with a great visual guide enriched with various screenshots you can download in PDF format in fifteen (!) different languages. I can only judge the English guide, and I must say I’m quite impressed by the way the info was presented, so check out the guide in your own language by following one of the links provided by AlysDax in its latest newsletter reposted below.

Just to give you a brief reminder of what AlysDax is all about. You are allowed to invest at least $25 via PerfectMoney, Ethereum, BiCoin, Eos, Tether or Ripple into any of the following plan/s of your choice – 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days. Please remember that the daily interest figures represent only an average return which will actually be variable from day to day and which you may request to be paid to your payment processor of choice (in AlysDax you may actually invest via one payment method and get paid to a totally different one). All the withdrawals are subject to a small fee and will be paid to your account within 72 hours (on practice much faster than that). After the expiry you may reinvest or withdraw your principal, and you’re allowed to get your principal to be withdrawn premature, however the implied fee will eat most of your profits from the plan so only should be used in emergency cases. Having been online for over seven weeks now and constantly improving AlysDax should be in every investor’s portfolio in my honest opinion. Hopefully we will see the program thriving for a long time to come as nothing has so far indicated otherwise:

The AlysDax community is growing daily. The number of new users is increasing. In order to facilitate and accelerate the learning processes, the project administration has developed special guides about the functioning of the personal account. They will help you to adapt fast and independent in the system so that you can take the maximum advantage of AlysDax.
Leaders can use these presentations to support team members during training workshops.
Here are the downloading links to files, just choose your language and use it.
English: AlysDax Instruction English.pdf
??: AlysDax instruction China.pdf
Bahasa: AlysDax Instruction Indonesia.pdf
???: AlysDax instruction Korea.pdf
Ti?ng Vi?t: AlysDax instruction Vietnam.pdf
Türkçe: AlysDax Instruction Turkey.pdf
Português: AlysDax Instruction Brazil.pdf
Malay: AlysDax Instruction Malaysia.pdf
???: AlysDax instruction Japan.pdf
Español: AlysDax instruction Spain.pdf
Italiano: AlysDax instruction Italy.pdf
?????????????: AlysDax instruction Arab.pdf
Le français: AlysDax instruction France.pdf
Deutsch: AlysDax instruction Deutsch.pdf
??????: AlysDax instruction Hindi.pdf


In one of several current disappointments, AmarBit became a fast scam almost as soon as it opened. I first became suspicious that something wasn’t quite right in AmarBit when I saw, from the website’s own deposits page, that the single biggest investor suddenly disappeared. So what if he withdrew you might ask, it’s his own money after all? Well, the thing is with a hefty 10% early withdrawal fee slapped on returning the members principal, there was absolutely no way this particular investor could have been in profit. It was quite a large amount, actually putting the investor at a loss and effectively turning his money from an investment into a straight up donation to the admin’s vacation fund. It just didn’t make any sense. But later on in the day I was then contacted by one of the MNO downlines in AmarBit, coincidentally the single biggest one rather than the smallest by the way. He told me he received a message informing him that a large withdrawal from his account had been made successfully, however he made no such request. On attempting to access his account he then discovered that he was locked out, 2FA authentication had been installed but not by the legitimate account owner. So in a word his account with AmarBit was basically hijacked.

I don’t really know what else to say about this one since the problems started almost immediately, just that the admin’s reaction to it all was a bit weird. It was his insistence that the issues encountered by members were somehow their own fault and not really his responsibility that made it fairly clear that AmarBit was never going to have a long term future anyway. And of course it seemed an odd coincidence that the only people having problems in the first place turned out to be the biggest spending investors and never the $25 and $50 guys. There may or may not have been a serious breach in site security, I have no way of knowing for sure, it’s just that when the AmarBit admin’s own attitude to what was happening his own program boiled down to “that’s someone else’s problem” you can be sure I know this was not going to be a long running hit. I suppose at the end of the day one positive thing to come out of all this is that the program was still so new and not so many people had gotten involved yet. Cold comfort to those investors who lost money, but in the greater scheme of things it could have been a whole lot worse.

I contacted the admin who when asked did provide with payment proof for the member’s withdrawal, it was definitely made alright but the trouble was it went to a completely different BitCoin account. Now whether or not it was the AmarBit admin himself just targeting his own biggest spending investors is a moot point by now, it makes little difference to the victims. But the admin even went so far as to change his ID on Telegram and then (from his end) delete all traces of the conversation we had on the subject, so if that’s not an attempt at hiding something I don’t know what is. Because in that conversation he assured me he would restore my referral’s deposit, and resume payments as normal. This of course never happened. The program is completely compromised and has been moved to Scam status on the MNO monitor. Do not invest there under any circumstances, you have been warned!


If the failure of AmarBit was a disappointment then that of Moon999 was utterly shameful largely because it was also avoidable. Just to refresh your memory on the short lived project, Moon999 was an open ended perpetual style program, making hourly payments until such a time as the member decided to withdraw his principal and leave. Unfortunately for investors the program got off to the worst possible start. For reasons I’m sure will never become fully public, the Moon999 website was subjected to a series of prolonged and relentless DDoS attacks resulting in the program being offline most of the time. The danger here with a program like Moon999 that returns the principal on demand is that investors get very jumpy, therefore using what ever uptime there is to cut their losses and get their money out ASAP. Even if it means taking a financial hit to themselves in the form of withdrawal fees cancelling out any previous profits.

Either powerful enemies with nothing better to do with their own clearly considerable resources or just jealous competitors, the end result is the same for investors. And that’s what really makes the situation so egregious. Because as anyone who knows anything about the HYIP industry will agree, the only people those targeting Moon999 will succeed in hurting are just the regular HYIP investors. The admin looses nothing, he’ll be back in a week or two if he wants to with a new identity and a new website ready start all over again though maybe in a different direction. He looses nothing, the attacker wins nothing, and ultimately it’s investors picking up the tab for the whole sorry mess. But as far as I’m aware, and I have no real reason to think he wasn’t being truthful on this particular issue, the Moon999 admin did try his level best to keep the program online and paying. On a technical level he was just out of his depth with the level of attacks that were swamping the program, and with the only thing investors were looking to do with the increasingly brief windows of uptime was to withdraw their principals and leave, the end was inevitable.

It didn’t have to be like this, but there you go, it just can’t be predicted. There have been numerous programs that followed an identical business model to Moon999 over the years that were huge success stories, I myself don’t see a justifiable reason for this not becoming one of them, but someone else with access to such things decided it for everyone. I can only commiserate with anyone who didn’t manage to get their principals back out of the program on time, you’re quite entitled to feel like the victim of two crimes here – not just the financial scam but also of the DDoS attack that forced it. Bottom line here is the same no matter which way you look at it Moon999 is now also a scam – do not invest!


Out of the latest scam wave I guess the least expected was DexauEnterprise. The program has been running as a “sleeper” for months just to redesign itself a couple of weeks ago and get itself added to the Standard List on the MNO monitor. Perhaps picking the listing type was intentional as some regular investors might remember some extremely successful programs that ran off the same script as DexauEnterprise and the huge profits made by the first investors. So the buzz surrounding the program was overwhelming with many claiming it was run by a well-prepared team responsible for bringing some of the best names of recent years. Unfortunately in this case it looks like DexauEnterprise was nothing more than an ugly impersonator that would bring losses to everyone. The program was cleverly disguised with many features deliberately left from its more successful predecessors it was trying so hard to mimic that made even experienced investors think that the admin hoped to run for a long time. Well, perhaps he did mean well, who knows! I personally tend to think otherwise. It’s entirely possible DexauEnterprise was run by a fast scammer who didn’t have any good intentions right from the start, however having managed to fool many into thinking they were dealing with the next big thing. The lesson learnt has surely cost dearly the vast majority of DexauEnterprise investors as the program abruptly stopped paying yesterday.

I have no idea as to why the admin resumed payouts on Monday after the non-payments weekend and halted all again on Tuesday as he has not replied my emails. However, what I find staggering is why on earth so many other monitors are still displaying DexauEnterprise on Paying status. Many of them even keep posting the old payments dated from Monday on various forums which might encourage some unsuspecting investors still join and invest in that scam. No wonder trust in monitors is so low at the moment, as you can see from the currently running poll on the MNO TalkBack page (click here to voice your opinion on the subject). Some of my readers have been asking why I have moved DexauEnterprise to Problem and later Scam status while the terms and conditions clearly say you should wait for up to 48 business hours in order to be paid (some even implied I should give it six business days before changing the status). Well, in a nutshell when an admin suddenly misses a day of payments (and nobody was paid on Tuesday) and stops replying to emails it’s highly unlikely the program will resume stable work and in my 12+ year experience in the HYIP industry such cases could be counted on one hand. So, I’m sorry to disappoint you all, but DexauEnterprise is a horrible scam which made things even worse if you think about such a beautifully designed website and the alleged involvement of one of the most brilliant teams of admins of all time. That was unfortunately all the pretence and the nice facade hiding low-life scammers really involved in running this shameless operation that only further puts the future of the HYIP industry in doubt. What a disappointment it was, guys! Make sure you spread the word as someone deceived by careless monitors might still not know that DexauEnterprise is a proven scam now. Do not invest there!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: AlysDax.
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: Omega.
From MNO Basic list: Zuhoxe.

That’s about all for today I guess. I don’t think I’ll be posting again until the end of the business week unless something extraordinary happens, of course. I do hope all my readers will stay safe and healthy, considering the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones and I hope to talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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