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07/05/2020. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi everyone! The first week in May has just passed us now and in a lot of people’s minds that means the start of summer time, so let’s hope for some new beginnings for the world in these strange times. Hopefully we will all be turning a corner soon as some countries begin to see improvements in their pandemic conditions. Not nearly enough, but there’s plenty of reasons for optimism and encouragement out there.

Meanwhile in the HYIP industry it does look like a cautious but definite improvement is underway however as there’s been more activity so far this month than I was expecting. One brand new that just joined the MNO Premium List last night is called ValuableLoan, a classic hourly payment style HYIP which might be a huge success given the high popularity of similar projects in the past. There’s a slightly different spin on this one however which I feel is going to give it more long term stability than usual, a much more solid foundation built on stronger more predictable cash flow and reserves. I’ll also be reviewing them ValuableLoan in more detail in the coming few days once I’ve had more time to examine it, test how it works, and clarify any other issues with the admin. Meanwhile however I just want to say that as an hourly program I can already confirm Paying status so feel free to get started anytime you like if you feel this one is a right fit for your portfolio.

I’ll be focusing on that one in the introduction today as the main point of this update, however when we get to the news section I have some interesting updates from the current industry leader AlysDax who never seem to take a day off. That’s something about them I can definitely relate to myself, something I guess that comes naturally after running your business for 12+ years as I have. You just never seem to want to be away from it, despite earning enough to retire comfortably some time back. One of the most important things I’ve learned about the HYIP industry in that time, indeed how to succeed in business in general, is to never ever underestimate the importance of communication. If I had to pick just one word which describes how MNO is different from other HYIP related websites it would be this – information. You can never have too much of it and you can never ask too many questions, even when you don’t necessarily like the answers. To that end in order not to miss important news updates, status changes, or any new additions to my monitor please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter for all the latest bulletins, or subscribe here to join over 3,000 others who have all the blog articles regularly delivered to their mailboxes, or share any thoughts or questions with your fellow readers on the MNO ShoutBox. Whether you are a regular investor with some questions about the programs I have listed or a HYIP admin looking to advertise, you can contact me directly by e-mail at or if you prefer, by submitting your request via the online contact form here. If I happen to be online at the time it might be faster to chat in real time over Telegram where you can find me @mnoblog but whatever your preferred point of contact the most important thing is always to stay in touch.

Remember as well that I will also be closing the MNO TalkBack opinion poll soon before replacing it with another new question. Don’t worry, you still have time to vote in the current on if you haven’t done so yet, just to remind you, it asks your thoughts on how the upcoming BitCoin halving (discussed briefly in the last post on the MNO blog) might impact the HYIP industry. This is a regular event, not exactly with a date fixed in the calendar as such but still fairly predictable so anyone with a serious interest in such things will have been able to see it coming and use it to their own advantage. For the moment however it looks as if the event is being met with a collective shrug of the shoulders by most HYIP investors, the prevailing opinion being that there really isn’t anything that interesting about it and not much reason to either be worried about it or feel good about it. I believe “meh” is often the single word reply to express such thoughts on forums these days. Anyway, whether you feel good, bad, or indifferent towards the whole thing please say so in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll. Voting buttons can be found here and it only takes quite literally a second to participate. So, let’s get on with the main news of the day now, shall we?


ValuableLoan is a brand new addition to the Premium List on MNO which you might consider adding to your portfolios. This is an hourly paying program where depending on the size of your investment you will get a fixed return of 0.21% ($20 to $200 deposits), 0.25% ($201 to $1,000 deposits) or 0.29% (for deposits $1,001 and upwards). The interest is credited hourly over a period of 30 calendar days (or 720 hours) and your principal is already included in the payments and is not returned on expiry. That gives you roughly 5% to 7% per day, so by the end of the term you should end up with from 151.2% to 208.8% in total returns on your investment if things go as planned. The good thing about ValuableLoan which many investors will certainly like is that all the withdrawal requests are processed instantly and there is no minimum withdrawal if you request USD withdrawals via PerfectMoney and Payeer while for the accepted cryptocurrencies (BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin and Dash) the minimum to withdraw is higher but still a reasonable $2 requirement. You may actually check all the payouts stats on the page specially dedicated for that purpose on the ValuableLoan website. More on the program’s investment plans with practical examples I hope to tell in the upcoming review I’ll be posting on my blog in a few days time, so stay tuned for that!

ValuableLoan is running off a licensed GoldCoders script which is widely used in the HYIP industry, so I doubt investors will have any trouble in navigating their account area. As ValuableLoan does pay instantly it might be important to enable the 2FA authentication as an extra security measure while any possible hacker attacks would be dealt with by DDoSGuard whose dedicated server and protection the website utilizes while the SSL-certificate by GeoTrust will help for securing the financial transactions as well. Overall, ValuableLoan is a decent looking website that might become a popular investment choice considering its instant payouts and high-ROI plans. Only time will tell though how the program is going to perform and whether it will become a profitable venture for investors. MNO will keep a close eye on all future developments from ValuableLoan and will report them on the blog in due course. Meanwhile, you may check out the program and see whether you like it or not and maybe even continue with a reasonable deposit before the full review is posted on Monday.


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that AlysDax has become the most popular program in the HYIP industry and after only two months online its level of growth seems to have intensified tremendously. As with the previous programs with very similar advertising strategies AlysDax has been destined to become a successful program right from the start. I don’t think it would be too late to invest in AlysDax at this stage, even if you regret having missed it a few weeks ago. You see, AlysDax has been gradually developing its chain of agents in various countries across the world which is aimed at supplementing its online advertising campaign that has been pretty aggressive now as well (just think about all the expensive YouTube video promotions you might have seen online or another extension of the banners and Sticky Listing on MNO for another month recently). It all requires a very solid and healthy budget which should be carefully spent on something which will truly help AlysDax grow in the long term instead of wasting resources which might prevent it from becoming bigger and more popular with time. And the admin and team has obviously come out with a very well developed strategy that will help AlysDax thrive where others fail.

Among the latest promising developments mentioned in the newsletters posted on the AlysDax website over the last few days there was a call for new leaders that could build extensive downlines across some of the most populated Latin American countries where there has been huge room to grow and seize the lucrative opportunities of becoming the first to promote the program that rewards affiliate commissions on multiple levels, thus making room for almost endless growth. Some Chinese promoters have apparently realized that already with a physical office now opened in the province of Zhejiang with a population of over 57 million people. Moreover, some international promoters of AlysDax are now using the Zoom video conference tool in order to make their point and spread the word about the investment and career-building opportunities provided by AlysDax. Due to the current pandemic crisis it might be especially useful and tonight’s conference for the Portuguese speaking audience conducted by a leader from Brazil and the one to be held by a Japanese leader on Sunday might be just the things people are anticipating from AlysDax to be pushed to the new heights. All of the latest newsletters reposted below have been also accompanied by the email marketing campaign mostly aimed at those investors still sitting on the fence and encouraging them to get active. These newsletters will give links where investors can find useful information regarding AlysDax‘s main features and considering the program might seem a bit more complicated than your average HYIP it’s a welcome move in my opinion.

By the way, I’ve tried my best already to explain everything about AlysDax in the detailed review posted here, so I would encourage you to read it if you wish to fully understand the basics of the investment process with the program. In a nutshell though you may invest anything starting from a $25 minimum via PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum, Eos, Ripple or Tether. Then you will start collecting a daily variable interest rate for the chosen investment term after which you will get your full initial investment back as well (you may also request your principal paid back earlier for a significant fee). On average you will be paid 0.78% for 30 days, 0.98% for 60 days, 1.13% for 90 days, 1.18% for 120 days, 1.23% for 150 days, 1.27% for 180 days. You should know that the variable daily interest is subject to many factors which include the duration of your chosen plan, AlysDax‘s trading results, the size of your downline, etc. but it will be about 1% daily anyway. Once opening an investment portfolio please take note that you may fund your account with one payment processor and choose to be paid to a different one which is set once before the investment is made and cannot be changed at a later point. Withdrawals are processed by AlysDax manually and the maximum waiting time is stated to be 72 hours although in practice it will usually take you only a few hours before you see your payment made to your payment processor of choice. I hope that if you read it for the first time I have raised your level of interest in giving AlysDax a chance as it’s been a tremendous success across the world with every passing day as seen in these latest updates:

AlysDax is one of the most large scale and demanding projects in the modern financial market. The number of partners in Latin America is growing rapidly. We are constantly evolving and reaching new levels.
We are looking for ambitious and smart people with leadership qualities from countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, etc. AlysDax helps to organise the conferences by expanding the number of regional leaders. AlysDax will teach you how to promote offline and online events. Also, AlysDax helps to receive additional bonuses and preferences to its leaders.
The task of the project leader is to guide its participants, help them effectively use the opportunities provided by the platform and receive high income.
If you are a strong leader, you feel your own potential and the need to realize it at the highest level, then do not miss your chance to create a team and take a leadership position in the region.
Fill out an application for a personal curator in your personal account
Join the leaders and achieve success!

AlysDax is actively developing, its leaders organise a large number of meetings, as well as online events. A large amount of work with investors, participants and leaders of structures requires close personal communication. Regional project partners open consulting centers for making it easy to contact them, for quick assistance to new participants and growing leaders.
Partners and members of the AlysDax community can visit the office at Xixi Rd, Huanglong Shangquan, Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China and get all the interesting information about the project!
We thank the top leaders from the Chinese team for the active development and promotion of the project in their region.
More photos

The next online event of the AlysDax leaders will be held on Zoom on May 10, 2020 at 20:00 (Tokyo time, Japan). The video-conference will be held by the leader Hajime Onozato.
He will present the AlysDax platform, talk about ways to make money using financial pools and options for flexible investment in the project for users.
Also at the online event, the stream organizer will show how to join the project and review the affiliate program.
If you want to participate in a video conference and ask questions to a top leader, just follow the link
Using the Zoom application is possible from a personal computer or mobile phone.
The leaders of the AlysDax Community host a huge number of online events around the world. Follow the announcements on our website and do not miss streams, conferences, speeches and master classes in your region.

Leaders from different countries are happy to support the format of online meetings. AlysDax TOP leader, project partner in Latin America Mr Lucas Fernandes invites all participants to business communication on the most relevant topics:
– Earnings using the advantages of the flexible AlysDax platform;
– Extended affiliate program;
– Benefits of investing in margin pools;
– Building the network structure and promotion of the team in individual countries;
– Also the insider’s information about the development of the project.
The webinar starts on 07/20/05 at 9:00 PM (Brasilian time). The format of the webinar is open. For participation just follow the link:
Date and time: May 07 at 9:00 PM (Brasilian time), Speaker Name: Lucas Fernandes, Contacts: 082981342262, Broadcast Language: Portuguese

Your first steps towards passive income with AlysDax
Hello! You got acquainted with the AlysDax project. You have registered your first portfolio. Moreover, you are already receiving the investment income.
The AlysDax project has another cool feature for you. That is passive income. To get this, you need to tell your partners about our project, invite them to the project using the affiliate link and receive generous bonuses from your team.
There are three steps to becoming a team leader:
– Contact your local team manager and discuss exclusive leadership conditions.
– Get the most support by joining leadership chats (Telegram, WhatsApp, WeCat, Kakao).
Use marketing materials for easy on-line promotion.
Learn for yourself and develop the skills of users of your network structure.
– Get relevant information from the official social networks: Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, I.YouKu, YouTube, Instagram.
You are following our advices, so you are already on your way to becoming “the network affiliate” and receive mega-bonuses!
Good luck!
With respect, AlysDax team

Share the results in AlysDax!
Hello! Probably, you are using many social networks. Usually people there are chatting with friends, listening to music and watching videos.
If you are a crypto enthusiast and leader, then your chats in a Telegram, WeChat, Kakao and WhatsApp just buzz from the messages and success results of others.
Follow their path, it is the right way. People trust more and want to work with those who give them a positive example. Be a good example to your followers. Just do it!
Carefully review the list of official chats and communicate safely:,,
Turn your social networks into the means of earning!
Good luck!
Remember that you can always get a personal manager.
With best regards, AlysDax Team

AlysDax Promo will be interesting your friends
Hello! Do you remember how to earn even more money in AlysDax?
The more people join the team, the more your income will be. It is important to talk about the project and constantly share with everybody the new information.
There are two useful tools for this:
– Share the best videos that demonstrate the benefits of the AlysDax project. All such videos you will find on the channel in Youtube. You can share website news from a separate block.
– Share links to videos on your pages on social networks with friends. The more information you have about the company, the stronger you become. Remember that in the age of information technology, you can earn money sitting at home and look at the screen of a smartphone.
Good luck!
Remember that you can always get a personal manager.
With best regards, AlysDax Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: AlysDax.
From MNO Premium list: ValuableLoan (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for today, guys. Thanks a lot for sticking with and supporting MNO during these unusual times. I hope you will stay safe and observe all the guidelines and suggestions made by your respective health authorities to survive this crisis. Most likely I’ll post again on Monday when I’ll have a more detailed review of ValuableLoan and of course will report on all the latest news from the HYIP industry’s biggest and most talked about programs that deserve your attention. Talk to you again soon, guys! Stay with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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