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IncomeStorm in review


IncomeStorm has unique combined features of an HYIP, autosurf, MLM and advertising company in one program. Why? Let’s break it down in this article.
1) This is HYIP because it offers variable ROI daily between 4.3% and 45% of the total cost of the total number of active shares in your account, which you must buy beforehand to earn your daily ROI. Each share costs 5$ and valid for 30 days. After that period it will expire. So even with minimum ROI you’re guaranteed to earn 129% for a month. But your daily income will fluctuate every day. When I tested the system I got 4.92% for the first day, and 5.20% for the second day. The payments are made to e-gold account very fast, usually within several hours.
2) This is autosurf because in order to get paid you need to click on 5 banners and watch the 5 sites like you usually do in any given autosurf program. You need to click on “Generate Income” button to be transferred to autosurfing option. After that you are able to request withdrawal. Bear in mind that the server time is different from GMT so don’t miss a day and therefore your income for that day.
3) This is MLM because it gives you an opportunity to earn from your downline up to 5 levels deep. They pay 5 levels of referral commission:
Level 1 = $0.50 per share
Level 2 = $0.20 per share
Level 3 = $0.10 per share
Level 4 = $0.10 per share
Level 5 = $0.10 per share
4) This is an advertising company because you can easily advertise your site or ref link with their advertising option. 5000 impressions will cost you only 4$. I think it’s a fair price and maybe will use it too in the future. The site is only 6 days old but there are many advertisers listed already. It’s important to mention that the process of adding banners is completely automated and you can track the performance later using your advertisement account. So I cannot say it’s pure ponzi because at least one real source of income available.
But that’s not all. There are also many special incentives offered. You can download free quality software and ebooks from “Free Downloads” section of your account panel. If you like free stuff like me you will surely like it. Also there’s some mysterious “Join Gifting” section. I don’t know what it is but hope to find it out soon as admin announced: “This is absolutely exciting: This is coming up very soon. Watch out! You are going to load your e-gold account with $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Start building your downline now as this is linked to your downline“.
My conclusion
The program seems to be well thought and managed. The layout is absolutely beautiful, fully customized script and features I’ve never seen before in any program also ensure me that IncomeTrust is here for a long haul. The program is listed on several surfing monitors for 1-2 days so it’s brand new and the advertising campaign has just begun. So I can say that IncomeStorm is really unique program which has the potential to become great very soon. You may either join it just to earn your 129% minimum monthly income or promote it heavily and earn referral commissions up to 5 levels deep. If you go the second way you don’t need a big deposit, just 5$ will be enough for beginning. Try it and I think you will like it too!
P.S. Remember I offer you 50% ref commission back. So you will gain 0.25$ for each 5$ share purchased in IncomeStorm back. Just email me or put the details in the comments section for this article. My email is

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