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27/08/2020. VevoLedger Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! VevoLedger has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog for all the latest happenings in the HYIP industry! As another business week continues and the summer begins to cool down we have a bit to catch up on in today’s news but especially I’ll be starting first with VevoLedger, another new name that was added to the Premium List shortly after it was launched last weekend. You might remember I already introduced VevoLedger in my last post, but now I’ve had the time to check everything out in more detail I can go through it all a bit more thoroughly for you today. With August almost at an end here now I can’t help but feel optimistic that it also signals the start of a new season for the wider HYIP industry that will be more successful this time around. The appetite is definitely there for it according to admins and investors alike who have contacted me, so I do hope VevoLedger is a springboard for bigger and better things for all of us. Let’s see what it’s all about then and whether you think VevoLedger might be worth taking a shot at or not.
First of all I suppose it’s fair to describe VevoLedger as a short to mid term style HYIP. There’s a good number of investment plans in VevoLedger all of which fall somewhere in length between two to eleven weeks, so you don’t really have to wait too long before seeing your first profit. But to start with an entry level deposit in VevoLedger you will need a $25 minimum. Somewhat above the industry average I suppose, but but pretty much what most of the regular players would be starting out with anyway. VevoLedger works with both traditional dollar based payment handlers as well as with crypto-currencies, so there’s plenty of choice in that regard. I’ll go through them all for you in a moment, but the best place to start is to see what the investment offers are first.

The most basic and affordable offer from VevoLedger, therefore I’m assuming it may well turn out to be the most popular, is called The Beginner Plan. An entry level deposit costs a $25 minimum, and the term runs for 15 business days which is three full weeks. You may deposit anything up to a $300 maximum, and in return receive a daily interest payment, made Monday to Friday, of 1.2%. This adds up to 18% in total, which then becomes your net profit once VevoLedger return your principal on expiry.

A simple financial example then might look like this. Say you spend $100 in the plan. VevoLedger pay you back $1.20 every business day for the following three weeks until you accumulate $18 in total. Your initial hundred is then added to that leaving you with $118 in return for your investment. Quite easy really!

The next step up from that is called The Standard Plan which will set you back a $400 minimum if you wish to join. In a similar vein to the previous option VevoLedger are offering daily interest payments on business days only, Monday to Friday, with the term stretching to 25 business days (five full weeks) and the interest rate improving to 2% daily. Therefore by the time you receive your final payment you will have earned 50% back from your investment, which then becomes net profit once VevoLedger return your principal as promised. The maximum amount you may invest is capped at $10,000.

VevoLedger take a slight change of direction for their third investment offer, known as The Maestro Plan. The main difference for this one is that investors already have their principals factored into significantly higher daily interest payments so there is no need to request it back on expiry of the term. You will need at least $700 to join, and in return VevoLedger offer you 7% interest per day for 20 business days (four weeks). That allows you to reach the break-even point, i.e. earn back an amount equal to your investment therefore making it impossible to lose any of your own money after 15 payments, after that it’s all passive net profit. You complete the term with a 140% return, or your own money plus 40% profit. VevoLedger have an upper limit of again $10,000 on this plan.

Plan number four reverts back to the previous method of lower interest rates and principal back on expiry. It’s called The Symphony Plan and the VevoLedger admin is asking for a $500 minimum before you can join. The operational term runs for 35 business days (seven weeks) during which VevoLedger members can expect a daily payment of 2.5% interest made between Monday and Friday. That eventually becomes 87.5% in total, which is your final net profit once your initial principal gets returned. The maximum spending limit is capped once again at $10,000. However I would have to advise you to ignore this plan, or at the very least point out that there is a certain case to be made against it, and I shall explain why below.

The reason for this is that the next plan is open to deposits within the exact same margins, i.e. a $500 minimum up to a $10,000 upper limit. So, consequently it’s going to cost you the same amount to join but puts you into a bigger profit in a shorter space of time for more or less the same personal financial risk. It’s called The Ensemble Plan (I myself have joined this one) and runs for 45 business days (nine full weeks). Here VevoLedger offer members a daily payment of 3% interest, Monday to Friday, and your principal returned on expiry. That gives you a total net profit of 135% on top of your initial investment being returned. Crucially however is the fact that you will have already earned 105% interest (therefore a small profit even) when 35 days into the 45 day term. In the previous plan for the very same size investment you are only at 87.5% and not in profit until you see your principal returned. OK, I can see at least one argument in favor of The Symphony Plan over The Ensemble Plan in the sense that you get out with a still respectable profit ten days earlier and therefore not have the continued risk during that time. But then is that really why you join HYIPs? If not to maximize your earnings and see the biggest return from the smallest investment then why?

Prices go up a bit for The Virtuoso Plan with VevoLedger asking for a $700 minimum spend in order to join. The running time is 55 business days (eleven weeks) during which members can earn 4% interest per day, Monday to Friday. That’s 220% in net profit and your principal added to that at the end. It’s an expensive option for most readers but if you do happen to be a risk taker then the break-even point comes relatively early into the term after just 25 from 55 payments. Again VevoLedger have a maximum spending limit of $10,000.

The final option for you is called The Overture Plan and changes direction completely. For one thing the investment term is cut way back to 15 calendar days, and please pay attention that I did say calendar days for this one and not business days like all the others. You can invest anything from a $500 minimum up to a $10,000 maximum. In return VevoLedger offer you one single payment on expiry of 130%, principal included. That makes it your own money back plus 30% net profit combined into one lump sum.

So, plenty of plans in there to choose from though of course not all of them are going to be suitable for everyone. Then there are other ways to earn from VevoLedger aside from spending money on investments. I’m talking here about their so-called Bounty Program where existing members are given a financial incentive to promote the business online using various social media networks. It’s even suggested you could earn as much as $500 a time, though to be honest it isn’t very clear as to exactly what you would have to do to get a payment quite that big. The basic rate starts from $2 for instance, and can be for things as simple as promoting VevoLedger on Twitter. In this case payments hinge on how many followers you have and how many re-tweets you can get. It’s a similar set-up with Facebook promotions, and creating videos for YouTube and Vimeo. I know not everyone is adept at networking in this manner, but as it costs nothing to try it won’t hurt to give it a go. The rules are explained in the relevant section on the VevoLedger website.

Once you do find a plan in there that you like then the next thing you need to know is what your payment options are. For anyone who prefers the more traditional style third party payment handlers to move money from one place to another VevoLedger accept PerfectMoney and Payeer. If you prefer the direct approach and want to pay directly with a cryptocurrency then BitCoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin are your alternatives. Payments are made manually and need to be requested by members from inside their VevoLedger account areas. Withdrawals tend to be fast based on my own experience with the program, however you are asked to allow up to as much as 24 hours for all transactions to be completed which I think is perfectly reasonable from the admin. Smaller investors need to be aware that the minimum to withdraw via PerfectMoney and Payeer is set to $1 while cryptocurrencies need a $10 minimum, so keep that in mind when deciding what payment processor to use.

Moving on to some of the more technical aspects of the VevoLedger website now such as design and security, to the best of my knowledge it’s being powered off a custom made script developed from scratch especially for the program. Or at least if it isn’t then it’s something you wouldn’t see in routine use in the HYIP industry. I’m sure a lot of the longer term industry players will appreciate this as requiring more computing skills and generally associated with a higher calibre program where the admin is less reliant on outside help if he needs to make any changes and improvements. It’s still very much an uncomplicated and user friendly website despite this. The site is hosted on a dedicated and DDoS protected server by CloudFlare who are also providing an extra layer of site safety VevoLedger with their own SSL encryption certificate for safer browsing and more secure transactions. To further protect your account and personal details members are asked to create a one-time password of their own choosing which will later be required if you need to make any changes there. The VevoLedger domain name is registered for three years in advance which although not a guarantee of such a long lifespan is nevertheless something that investors might admire.

Any further questions you think weren’t covered in this review or account related issues that need to be dealt with can be submitted via a couple of different channels. If after reading the FAQ section (which is extensive and the first thing you should be checking anyway) you still haven’t found what you are looking for then the first point of contact should be the program’s Live Chat support. You’ll see the icon for that in the bottom right hand corner of the VevoLedger website. If you don’t find an operator there you can fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it via the VevoLedger contacts page. Alternatively you can write directly to the e-mail address listed on the same page. A postal address is included but as ever I would say this can safely be dismissed as a registration and virtual office space used for VevoLedger‘s incorporation as a company in the UK. In fact you can view the details of their certificate on the VevoLedger website. This is something commonplace among HYIPs for a number of years now but not somewhere you would find anyone with the program physically located. Far more beneficial in my own opinion anyway is the use of social media sites where you can connect with VevoLedger using the likes of Facebook and Telegram. By the way, keeping an eye on their news section will go a long way towards keeping up to date with what’s going on there too.

To finish then as I think I’ve covered just about everything else you might need to know about whether VevoLedger is suitable for you are not, you just need to remember you are still in the HYIP industry with all the possible risks and rewards that go with it. Officially VevoLedger claim to be involved with “investments” and rather vaguely just leave it at that without much follow-up information as to exactly that might entail. You can choose to believe what ever you want here, as long as you remember that no matter what really happens it still gives no guarantee of success or profitability. As with everything else that in the HYIP industry, VevoLedger is deserving of the same level of caution as every other program. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose if things go wrong, and if joining VevoLedger at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

At this stage I know a lot of you will probably have come to a decision one way or another about joining VevoLedger or passing on it to wait for something else. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts on that with your fellow MNO readers? Please vote in the following poll which as always remains completely anonymous and untraceable. It’s not really the immediate results that are all that interesting, rather looking back much later when we see a more definitive picture of the program’s fortunes, good or bad, to see how many people made the correct judgment call. So:

Will you make an active deposit in VevoLedger?

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Staying on the subject of the above reviewed VevoLedger let’s see what kind of new developments happened with the program over the last few days. First of all, the investment plan paying you 7% for 20 business days had its minimum investment cut to $700 which should make it much more affordable to investors. As the admin rightfully noted in the last newsletter the HYIP industry is now a bit on the dryer side and investing over $1200 does seem to have deemed quite risky by the majority of investors, especially during these uncertain times with the Covid19 pandemic still raging worldwide. This change has already been reflected in the review you will have read above, so no need to say any more on the subject except to hope that VevoLedger will have more investors eager to try the Maestro offer. And for another update unrelated to VevoLedger as such the admin took some time to go through a short list of things you can buy with BTC funds this year. The list includes gold, Ethereum and costly flight tickets. What are the main advantages to spending BTC to buy such things? Find out more below:

Three crazy things you can buy with bitcoins in 2020
There’s nothing merely impossible today which bitcoin couldn’t be used to purchase. It has been in the market for quite some time now. It is one of the best ways of investment and returns today! People who invested in it during its initial days are millionaires now.
Here are a few things you can purchase with bitcoins:
Due to its volatility, the price of bitcoin keeps changing. Here is a list of things you can buy with 1 bitcoin:
1. Gold
Amid the pandemic, the world economy has faced major downfall. Even the price of bitcoin has touched the rock-bottom of $3500. However, the businesses have resumed running back to normal!
The evaluated price of bitcoin has crossed the $11,000 mark. Therefore, 6.5 ounces of gold could be bought with 1 bitcoin easily.
2. Ethereum
In order to convert your bitcoin to other crypto currencies, find out how many bitcoins can contribute to how much amount.
1 bitcoin is equal to 30 ETH! There are over 2000 cryptocurrencies in this world to choose from. Bitcoin is the most popular of them all!
3. Costly flight tickets
Ever wondered how much it costs to travel via affordable yet luxurious flight from New York to Singapore? It’s almost $14000. Therefore, you can buy it with one bitcoin, whose exact price evaluation is somewhere around $11697.8
As the adaptability has increased for cryptocurrency, more and more feasibility is paving its way! We will keep you updated with more fun stuff, till then, use your Bitcoins well.

The deposit amout has been reduced to $700!!
The high yielding projects faced a total makeover due to the corona pandemic. With the market getting affected, the businesses faced turmoil.
As things start getting back to normal, here a few developments we would make you aware of!
The deposit amount picked up a good high due to less money in the market. It reached even $1200 with some! Now, it has been reduced to $700. This makes it easier for the ones with unstable or lesser income to go for very beneficial programs without thinking twice.
Not only, the deposit amount got favorable, but also the return on this got up to as high as 7%. Such heavenly returns pave way for more people getting good returns in such tough times.
Isn’t it good news for all who are linked to such rewarding projects? It is a very easy way to make money and become stable overnight. You just need a correct mentor and a trustworthy guide to get you through!


If there is a program that always something to say on an almost daily basis it’s QubitTech (reviewed here). The program has been listed on MNO for 72 days now but due to its lower paying investment plans the very first investors should be in profit in about seven weeks from. You see, QubitTech only pays about 25% monthly on average as it offers variable returns up to 2% daily with a much lower average daily return that rarely goes above the 1% mark (although you must reach 250% ROI when your investment expires which might take about a year). You should also add to that a high initial threshold to invest of $100 only accepted via ETH and BTC funds to be converted into an internally used USD balance and to be converted back to ETH and BTC funds on withdrawal subject to a 2.5% fee and realize that QubitTech‘s potential on the HYIP market in the shape it is now is quite limited. It’s no wonder than the program is mostly targetting HYIP industry outsiders with a string of online webinars and offline conferences its best promoters and potential new investors might be interested to attend. There is also a very lucrative multi-tier affiliate program in place for any talented team-builders who may earn a fortune within a relatively short time frame.

Among the latest news from the platform posted over the last three days I can see an invitation to join the team of QubitTech analysts. You can read it in full below, along with other interesting updates, including the new version of the website translated into the Chinese and Nepalese languages, results of last week’s first meeting in Bangkok and the previously held online webinar, the opening of the fifth physical office of the company in Russia, and an announcement of tomorrow’s further webinar and leaders’ meeting online you might be curious to attend. Here is all the latest news from QubitTech you need to know in order to stay in the loop of the company’s recent developments:

We are looking for analysts and partners in quantum technologies
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We invite to cooperation analysts who make reviews of the cryptocurrency market (with vlogging experience) interestingly and with deep knowledge of the topic, as well as are familiar with the field of quantum technologies.
We need both experienced specialists and novice analysts with good potential. At the moment we are looking for people with excellent knowledge of the English language. Subsequently, vacancies in other languages will be opened.
We are also looking for partners and scientists, as well as startups actively engaged in the development of quantum technologies, like QubitTech. We are ready to help you both with the search for strategic investors and with the patenting of your developments. As you know, we independently develop our quantum technologies, and we are already using them in different directions, in particular, in the QubitTech system of automated algorithms.
If you have any interesting suggestions – write to us (

QubitTech website is available in Chinese and Nepalese
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to inform you that our new website is now available in Chinese and Nepalese.
Let us remind you that all these languages were already presented in the previous version of our site.
We will keep you updated with all the latest QubitTech news in these languages.

The closed online meeting with leaders
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We are pleased to announce that there will be a closed online meeting with QubitTech leaders from different worldwide regions on August 28 (15:00 UTC).
The main event speaker is Marc Swickle (QubitTech CMO): he will discuss with leaders important platform news and strategic promotion plans.
All users, who have reached the rank 3 and high, will be able to take part in the online meeting. The connection link to the online meeting will be sent to each user by email.
If you have not reached the rank 3, but want to take part in the online meeting, then you need to fulfil the conditions for achieving the rank 3 until August 28.
And remember – Success is in your hands!

QubitTech first meeting in Bangkok
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
QubitTech successfully held our first conference in Bangkok on August 22. During the meeting, the main speaker Marc Swickle (QubitTech CMO) and the top leaders of Thailand discussed the plans of work in Asia, as well as, the technological prospects of QubitTech. Besides that, he gave an interview and answered the questions.
Users and team leaders from different regions of the country attended the event. The conference lasted for a few hours and gathered around dozens of like-minded people.
The Asian market is very important for QubitTech which is confirmed by the great involvement of local leaders.
Best regards, QubitTech team

Fifth QubitTech office in Russia
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are glad to share with you great news – the fifth QubitTech office has already opened in Russia. Now we are represented in the second city of the Republic of Tatarstan – Naberezhnye Chelny.
As a reminder, QubitTech consulting offices are also present in such Russian cities as Kazan, Irkutsk, Ulyanovsk and Tyumen.
We congratulate our partners on the success in promoting QubitTech and our technologies in Eastern Europe.
Join our team!

Webinar: What do you need to know about QubitTech?
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to invite you to the webinar that to be held by Greg Limon (QubitTech CEO), Amador Ramirez (Consultor de Expansion LATAM) and Marc Swickle (QubitTech CMO).
The topic of the webinar: What do you need to know about QubitTech?
The webinar will be very useful for newcomers who want to join the QubitTech community.
The webinar is free and will take place at 16:00 UTC (August 28) –
We will be waiting for you!


Winza (reviewed here) has been another great program where many investors have made a good profit already. With Winza in addition to the regular investment plans where you can invest in the Bankroll and get up to 5% variable daily profit until you reach 150% on your investment and Hodl with lower daily returns and principal back anytime. You may play Casino games and claim your free hourly money via the Free Faucet. That makes Winza quite a unique program that not only claims to have additional source of income but also has some actual proof to backup their words with regular business (in this case gambling) activities anyone can independently verify. It’s no wonder that after a few months online Winza has become a very successful program that grows every day winning more and more fans among HYIP investors. I hope the admin will keep up the good work and we will see Winza on Paying status on the MNO monitor for many months to come. Here is the latest short announcement about the main advantages of joining Winza posted on their official Telegram channel today:

100% Provably Fair Casino Games
Bankroll Investments +150% ROI
Staking Wallet Up To +1% Daily
Free Faucet For Unlimited Spins
Built-in Crypto/USD and vice versa exchange
No KYC, No AML, Fast Signup & Instant Deposit Approval
Join our network and invite your friends right away > (


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: VevoLedger (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: Winza, QubitTech.
From MNO Basic list: CryptoNode.

That’s all the news I have for now guys. If you like what you read and would like to be informed with newsletters sent directly to your email address please submit it on this page and you will be the first to know about the most promising investment opportunities in the HYIP industry. Alternatively you may follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook where all the news about the new programs listed on the MNO monitor and their status changes are posted first. My website is well-known for listing only the highest quality and biggest budget investment programs and being very fast in detecting scams, so do yourself a favor and be the first to spot either the rough diamond or the rotten apple, depending on what angle you’re looking from. And of course if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or advertising requests for me please forward them all via this contact form, directly at or just chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. I will be happy to hear from you and strive to answer all emails within 24 hours. Remember that in September things will be moving at a faster pace and so I plan to post on the MNO blog more often. Make sure you check out my monitor to see whether the next leaders of the HYIP industry emerge anytime soon. Talk to you again in a few days time and thanks for reading MNO – For Money Lovers!

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