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eTradeClub in Review


First I would like to apologize for the delay with my review. I know I promised to make it three days ago. But there were many things to do these days for me. That’s why it took me so long to get all the info together. Ok, let’s start finally. I will put all the advantages of this program in this review and tell you why I have made this decision to invest in this program.

1) First thing that grabbed my attention was their whois data. I noticed that the domain for eTradeClub was registered for three years instead of one. “Expiration Date: 2010-05-17 Creation Date: 2007-05-17“. Certainly the most common HYIP scammers would not do this to save the money. But in my opinion to attract big investors you should make a good impression of professional website. And registration for several years provides them with false sense of security of lasting program.

2) Second thing is the security issue. The site of eTradeClub is one of the most secured sites which I came across recently in HYIP world. It uses dedicated servers with DDOS protection, 128-bit SSL certificates to secure members’ accounts, Secure Randomized Keyboard (SRK) available when you try to log into your account similar to e-gold website protection (in order to use SRK you should click on the “SRK” icon). It makes me think that admin is a professional programmer. Of course he could outsource all the work but that’s not working in this case. Admin manages the website in a very professional manner and correct all the glitches in an expeditious manner. The program went online on July, 24 and shortly after that there were some issues with the server availability but admin was capable to do all the necessary work relatively fast and soon the site resumed its work online. So I can conclude with the highest level of certainty that admin is a programmer and can fix different problems. As you all know this feature can be life-saving under certain circumstances.

3) Texts on the website are original, attractively laid out. We can see that admin put a lot of effort in the making of the website. For example, I like very nice explanation of forex on “articles” section of the site.

4) But not only had the text alone gained my attention. The layout of the website is beautiful and accurate. It looks professional without too many graphic images which can be annoying. There was much time spend on it, it certainly adds the credibility.

5) Sufficient funds were spent on advertising. For example, the admin bought and displayed big banners on MMG forum for several days. The site also listed on many prestigious monitorings including InvestDaddy, HYIPnavigator, HYIPranks, HYIPinvestments,, hotHYIPs. I feel though that the advertising campaign goes steadily and the program hasn’t gained much attention yet. It’s definitely good as too much hype can kill any good program almost from the beginning. eTradeClub though became more popular among investors for these 10 days many of them just monitor it right now and they will probably make their deposits later on.

6) eTradeClub accepts investments not only through e-gold, but through e-Bullion and Pecunix payments systems. The conclusion: admin knows which e-currencies are really backed by gold and trying to use them all to attract the most possible amount of members which could be scared by e-gold difficulties.

7) I like the plans. They are similar like MInvestment has but slightly bigger ROI. Of course if you are average investor I only can recommend 2.1% for 90 trading days plan. Using this plan you will be in profit in 60 days, I think it’s a very decent term for a long-term program (compare it to MInvestment where you make profit after only 90 days). If everything goes well, you will receive 189% after 90 trading days. Moreover, “the sum of initial deposit can be withdrawn 90 trading days after the moment the relevant deposit was invested“. The question is if the program survives these 90 trading days. I think it’s 50/50 but I think it will be enough time for investors to be in profit anyway. The minimum investment is 20$, not as little as other programs have. The maximum investment is 8000$. You can make additional 3% referral commission on every investment made by a referred client. I think the plans are good and well thought-out. Many will also believe in these fairy-tales about forex trading and will deposit more with time. It will also have a positive impact on the longevity of the program. I think admin of eTradeClub is trying now to keep an image of successful entrepreneur and forex trader. The payments are made once a day approximately at the same time which I also consider as a positive sign which will enable gradual development and growth of the program.

My opinion on this program: if you are looking for a professionally made and new long-term program then I think the choice is obvious. eTradeClub is the right program to invest for you. Anyway, I would not advise to invest in plans 2 and 3 with sums bigger than 600$ as they are quite risky in my opinion. I expect this program to be online for at least 3 or 4 months. It will be enough time to make profit from it.

Thank you for reading my review and once more I apologize for the delay.

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