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Jamie from PSTraffic is still struggling to get his site back on track and to launch another one – PSAdvertising – at the same time. I think in this case it’s a “more haste, less pace” thing. Here is his latest update about the current situation: “I apologize to everyone. I’m really trying my best to make sure everyone is paid. I’m hoping once PSAdvertising is launched it will help me in getting PSTraffic back on track“. I remind you that tomorrow is a payday for members of PSTraffic so don’t forget to request your cashout after upgrading 65% or more of your requested amount.

From yesterday I cannot access MInvestment website therefore I cannot request a cashout. I don’t know what’s happened but since everybody else can do it and getting paid there’s nothing to worry about. I will keep trying to access. Anybody have any ideas on how to open MInvestment website? If you’re able to help me I will be appreciated.

I noticed that e-gold rates are very low today. In the morning the rates were 665.2$ per ounce and now it’s only 646.8$. So I lost 3% today in my gold funds. I hope it’s just temporary and the fall will not be progressing over the coming days.

I found out that my interest from today was missing in eTradeClub and immediately wrote to support. I received an answer within several minutes: “We made some daily updates on the server and this caused some missed interests. Our Technical Team is testing the interest calculation system and we will send interests as bonuses to missed ones. You patience will be greatly appreciated“. So the support service was tested by me and I must say it worked quite well. There are rumors on forums that eTradeClub is somehow connected with another program OpenTrade which is 1 year online already. You can make your own conclusions but for me it’s obvious – eTradeClub is here for the long haul so don’t miss this great opportunity to be a part of a big program. My review of this program can be read here.

I have added a new program to my list today. You are welcome to test it too just don’t invest great amounts of money here because the participation level is just too small now to risk too much. It’s an HYIP game called ProfitSwinger12DPClub. Strange name? Not if you know that it’s a combination of ProfitSwinger (150% after 10 days) and 12DP (12% for 12 days) plans. Check it out and make a test spend if you like it. Of course I will pay 50% ref comm. back if you join under my link. My review of ProfitSwinger12DPClub is on its way so stay tuned.

I also want to inform you that I received payments from IncomeStorm and eTradeClub today.

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