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I received the following update from IncomeStorm today: “Withdrawal to be changed to once a day: Please note that members will only be allowed to withdraw money 1 time everyday as from Tuesday the 21st of August, 2007. Currently some members make up to 15 withdrawals daily and that greatly increases our workload daily whereby preventing us from attending to some other things. E-gold is not always as fast as it should be“. I’m not worried at all as it’s just an administrative issue and I feel comfortable with one time daily withdrawals. The program is going quite well and those who are not familiar with IncomeStorm are welcome to read my review of this program here or interview with the program admin here.

Update from Jamie, admin of PSAdvertising: “I’d like to welcome everyone to PSAdvertising. PSAdvertising is a revenue sharing advertising program designed to bring more stability especially to members with very high account levels; at the same time offering a very attractive 8% referral commission. All current PSAdvertising pendings have been processed. Monitors and forum links have been added to the home page“. It seems that for the time being Jamie’s new program is not as popular as PSTraffic was. There is almost no discussion about it on monitors. I think whether or not the program gains popularity will depend on how accurately admin will pay to those members whose accounts were transferred from PSTraffic. Only time will tell if PSAdvertising will become elite surfing for those with bigger amounts. As for now the review of PSAdvertising can be read here.

Below is the new update from 4NewbiesMarketing which is about to become “paid-to-view” program very soon: “Hello All. This is just a quick update on where things are with the new site revamping. We have already started testing the new referral system and the new design is being worked on. You will be able to earn on your referrals ad viewing 2 levels deep. So not only are you being paid for free and just viewing ads, you are being paid for your referrals ad viewing as well. We have just come across an amazing site. This site is exactly in line with what 4NewbiesMarketing is going to become in the coming weeks. This site is called Yuwie and they pay you to blog, pay you to upload pictures / videos, refer friends, pay you to promote, chat, hang out and build the community. Video: It is very similar to MySpace, Hi5, Facebook and other social networking and “connect with friends” sites with one major difference – Use Yuwie – Get Paid! Best of all, It’s 100% FREE! Click the link below to join. Join now.” Looking at Yuwie website I can’t believe that 4NewbiesMarketing can become the same site but Israel is a very committed man and probably he will be able to create something similar to that.

Again I can’t access MInvestment website though I continue to receive my daily interest notification emails. I even tried to access by using proxy servers but still failed. Hope it will become accessible soon.

Bad news about SwiftMoneySurf if you were in it. I’m sure that admin ran away with the money already as his latest update was from August, 11. The site is not functional and I’m very glad that I didn’t join his brother and sister sites that were only another money sucker before disappearing. I considered that a big red flag and was right despite many still believing in admin’s honesty. I’m in a nice profit from SwiftMoneySurf and those who upgraded early enough are in profit too, I’m sure of it. Just another program bites the dust so it’s time to move on, guys.

I received payments today from ProfitSwinger12DPClub and IncomeStorm.

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