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Since I’m not going to participate in PSAdvertising I delisted it from my monitoring list. The reason is simple: I’m not a “high level” player which Jamie refers to describing his new program. I could afford to invest several hundreds of dollars to PSA but will not do it because I consider it as high risk program and I always follow the golden rule of investment: “Don’t put all eggs in one basket“. On a brighter side, PSAdvertising seemed to catch up with delayed payments from August 21 and now can be marked as “paying program”.

Dropping PSAdvertising monitoring, I will probably increase my deposit in PSTraffic on the coming Friday. This program is becoming more stable with every day in my opinion that’s why Jamie deserves my full support. The latest update: “PSTraffic is slowly getting back on track. Hopefully by next week all “high level” accounts not in profit will be transferred over to PSA. PSA is a much more stable program prioritizing “high level” accounts. Once the transfer of ‘high level’ accounts have been completed I will assess PSTraffic’s situation to see if the cashout terms can changed to be more user friendly. PSTraffic payments are being made to those members who are not considered “High level” accounts. PSTraffic will cater to lower account levels. Maximum upgrades in PSTraffic have been lowered to $300 for the time being“. My prediction: PSTraffic will pay for at least one month more. Reason: admin would not open PSA and transfer the bigger amounts from PSTraffic to that (and it’s a huge work!) if he didn’t intend to promote it heavily to attract more “high level” investors. And this task will be achievable only in the course of time as big players are supposed to be more suspicious and will monitor the performance of two Jamie’s programs before upgrading in PSA.
Don’t worry if you found out that your account in PSTraffic hadn’t been credited for yesterday’s surfing because as admin explained “there seems to be a glitch in the system. August 21 earnings have not been credited. I will set today’s ROA at 20% to make up for August 21st earnings“.

Iwould like to apologize in advance for putting this long update below but I think this is extremely important for all the members of SurfMargin. Although the changes are not so big they will affect the members’ earnings. Also notice that Charles set the new deadline for all pendings to be paid – the 1st of September. I really hope this time they will be not just mere words.
Today my partner Ray is meeting our errant partner who has been away for a while and without whom we cannot proceed with e-gold payments or refunds. I hope to have some good news later today.
I should also inform you that there are proposal afoot to make some changes to the way both SM and SMSO operate. I can assure everyone though that these changes are being brought about in order to ensure that the problems we are now experiencing with e-gold etc. will never come about again.
Other changes in the pipeline are perhaps even more important and have materialized through observations of how some other surfing site owners have accessed funds for their own benefit. It should be stated here (and when we make these changes every member will be emailed) that during my tenure as admin (and also during the currently brief spell of the new partners being involved) no one has removed any funds what-so-ever from the main advertising pool for any other purpose other than to pay member bonuses. It is also important to note that a significant amount of capital has been and continues to be injected into these projects by the partners. (Show me any company in this industry that can say that and prove it).
You will recall that we deduct 10% (previously 7%) from every ad pack for admin purposes. Plus we place in a separate pool an additional 5% from ad pack purchases to pay commissions to members who have recruited other advertising members. This leaves 85% that goes into the main advertising pool. We would like it pointed out very clearly that payments to partners including myself as admin come ONLY from the 10% admin pool.
Whilst it is stated clearly that once an ad pack is purchased the monies involved become ours, which can be utilized at our sole discretion, it is important to understand that we are attempting to create a business that is run ethically and responsibly in a marketplace that has suffered tremendous setbacks from less than honest admins and owners or from young computer literate entrepreneurs who had/have little or no business sense.
It is our purpose to change that trend and to demonstrate that a unique advertising company like ours can be run legitimately for the benefit of both members and management. To that end we are suggesting the following changes:
With effect from the 1st of September percentages will be calculated in the following manner.
10% Admin. 5% Commission. 85% advertising pool.
The percentage TARGET calculation will be based upon the balance of the ad pack AFTER the 15% admin and commission have been deducted.
The TARGET calculation (note: not the daily calculation that establishes the percentage paid to accounts the following day) which is currently 140% will be changed to 160% (but on the lower amount of the balance left over after the removal of admin and commissions)
We also propose a three tier payment schedule.
For Payment within 3 business days ….. 7% will be deducted.
For payment within 5 business days ….. 3.5% will be deducted.
For payment within 7 business days ….. Nothing will be deducted.
1. To ensure the programs’ long life by making them financially stronger.
2. To ensure that the owners/partners who have invested heavily into the sites can be paid a return.
3. To ensure that the running of both businesses is as transparent as possible for the members.
4. To ensure that all members understand how the funds are distributed.
Finally there is one other aspect of the advertising fund that members should be aware of.
20% of the main advertising fund only, will be utilized for outside business activities conducted by the partners with the sole purpose of adding value to the members advertising fund. All monies utilized this way will be returned to the fund with full profits and accountability.
That, my friends, is what we propose. I believe that by the 1st of September all payments will have been brought up to date with e-gold. That is why we are announcing this now. The changes will have a small effect on your profits but I hope that you will see that we have done this to ensure that we can offer the SurfMargin and SMSO service to advertising members for many years to come and not months or weeks which has been the case up until now. People don’t like change! I understand that, but this is an evolving business in a struggling market environment that is crying out for stability. I hope you will come with us for the ride!

I got another payment from eTradeClub today. This program seems to be solid as rock and paying me promptly for several weeks already. The review of eTradeClub can be read here. Also I received payment from MInvestment which is the oldest program on my list but also paying quite well.

I made a request for an interview to admin of ProfitSwinger12DPClub and received from him: “We’d be happy to conduct any interview you have to offer. Do send us the
questions and we’ll answer promptly
“. So I sent my questions and will wait for the answers. By the way, I have just received another payment from ProfitSwinger12DPClub. My unbiased review of this site can be read here.

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