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Ok, guys! This is the new program I joined last night and already got my first payment instantly as promised. The HYIP is called YourProfitHere – a short-term program with the 25% for 5 days plan and instant withdrawals. LibertyReserve and e-gold only are accepted. So what made me join YourProfitHere you may ask?

1) First and foremost it’s a unique script which I saw for the first time. It’s a script called “Fund Manager” by The monthly cost of it is $199 and it seems secured enough to me. Though it takes more time for loading the pages than GoldCoders it appears to be original and cool. The features are easy-to-understand but if you dealt only with GoldCoders you should know that in YourProfitHere things are a little bit more complicated: you should first add funds to your account and only after that you are able to make a deposit. The plan is only one so you can’t possibly be mistaken.

2) In my opinion the admin is experienced enough and I don’t believe it’s his first program. The site is only 1 day online but he already managed to buy top rotating banners on both MMG and TG forums and equipped YourProfitHere website with fancy graphics and professional looking banners. So he put much money and effort in the development and we should expect at least 2-3 weeks of stable payments.

3) The security of YourProfitHere was also a matter of priority for the admin. There’s SSL available so you will have all your transactions and personal info encrypted and safe from hackers (especially it’s useful because of instant withdrawals feature). The site is hosted on a dedicated server and probably DDOS-protected (at least it’s mentioned on the main page).

4) The admin is very active on the forums giving the members prompt and fast replies to all questions and maybe that’s why the memberbase reached 200 after only 1 day online (the first day was testing so no deposits were accepted). He also agreed to answer some questions for my interview and I hope you will be able to read it soon on my blog.

I had one hesitation though before joining. The matter is I received the invitation to join YourProfitHere from the admin of Fund4Future which is a dead site now so I had a suspicion that the sites could be closely related to each other. If the programs are not from the same admin the database of Fund4Future could be acquired by the admin of YourProfitHere. There could be another possibility: the admin of YourProfitHere could just pay for the advertisement to the former admin of Fund4Future knowing that the plans are similar and that there will be many people who will be interested in joining YourProfitHere. But even if these two programs are actually from the same admin I still opted to join YourProfitHere. Why? Because I consider Fund4Future had a great success and was run for more than 3 weeks with fast daily payments and its 3 full weekly cycles so everybody was able to make a good profit from Fund4Future. And I don’t expect less from YourProfitHere as well (remember that the admin spent much money on developing of this program so it will not close until he recoups his expenses). Considering that the cycle is only 5 days here (you will get your deposit back in 4 days and on the 5th day you will get 25% pure profit) the risk vs. reward ratio is fair enough and you will have a good chance to make profit from it. You may oppose me but I’m usually right about these things and even if the admin choose to scam in the future those who deposited first will be in profit. It’s the nature of such short-term games so I advise you to get in earlier which will increase the possibility of you being in profit. YourProfitHere is extremely hot now so don’t miss the opportunity!

Other news for today.

There was much confusion recently everywhere regarding the new payout rules implemented by the admin of Invest4Games (read my interview with him here). It’s actually the well-known 50/50 rule but Philip modified it (and the script too) and this way made things more difficult for understanding. Of course this rule is necessary if a program wants to run for a long time. But I’m afraid it will frighten many new investors and will not encourage the old ones to reinvest. So I would wait and see how Invest4Games will develop in the next days and will not make additional deposits till then. I myself couldn’t actually figure out how it worked until my other upgrade expired today. So that’s how I made it (hope it will help you figure out how it actually works).
1) I split my deposit into two parts, and then each of them again split into two. So now I have 4 deposits with 1/4 of my original amount each. Don’t re-invest them!
2) I made a deposit which was equal to half (or more) of my original deposit.
3) I made a withdrawal request of my first of 4 small deposits and am waiting to get paid.
4) After it’s processed I will make another withdrawal (as according to the rules I can make 2 daily withdrawals).
5) Tomorrow I will make the requests for my third and fourth small deposits (any of them is actually 1/4 of my original deposit).
6) After that I will have all of my expired original deposit and only 50% or more of this sum will be an actual deposit that I will have in Invest4Games according to newly introduced 50/50 rule.
If you want to know more about the new payout rules please refer to the admin’s tutorial about it which you can find here.
As you can see the rules are extremely complicated for an average investor and I’m afraid this will cause some negative affect on the program. Even the removal of 1% payout fee will not help it because investors don’t like changes especially when they can’t understand them. Anyway, if Invest4Games is still online after a week from now I will admit that the admin was right about this new rule but not before that. So I advise you to be careful now and don’t deposit much money in Invest4Games until it is back on track!

MoneyTrip has some difficulties today and many members couldn’t access the site. David is still waiting for a response from his hosting provider and domain registrar about the issue. But meanwhile you can help yourself by using the trick suggested by one of the members. If you have Windows installed on your computer and want to surf and earn in MoneyTrip but has no access to the site please do the following:
Go to My Computer > C: (or the disk where the windows is installed) > Windows > system32 > drivers > etc > open the hosts file with notepad and add the lines below:
Now, save the file and refresh MoneyTrip website.

I hope that MoneyTrip will overcome this issue and wish David to be back on track sooner. I made another deposit today and would like to report that MoneyTrip has more than 1000 members now and most of them are active. The admin is doing a great job to advertise his site wherever possible. For instance, he hired some French and Dutch speakers to support the program on international forums. David also added this remark all the additional expenses for advertising:
I’d also like to tell you guys a little about the advertising we are working on, as I said on another update, it is paid with extra money I make from the bets and I am getting all these advertisements at a very low price, a lot lower than the usual market rate, most likely because we are the best around!
With such a committed admin it’s no wonder that MoneyTrip is one of most successful autosurf programs online now. If you want to know the details why it’s so successful please refer to the interview with David here.

Another quite successful autosurf that also pays 10% for 13 days is AdProsperity. As you can see now this program occupies #1 on my monitoring page. And I think the admin Daniel deserves it with his hard job and commitment he devotes to his website. For instance, yesterday some new attractive banners were added in members’ area and now you can use them for even more effective advertising of the program. No wonder that AdProsperity is growing stronger every day and already hit the 300th mark in memberbase yesterday, and it’s only after 12 days online. If you wish to read my interview with Daniel please take a look here.

And finally the third program with the same 10% for 13 days plan is SurfLibertAd. I get paid everyday like clockwork and so today I decided to make a bigger upgrade. I hope you will not miss this wonderful program and you’d like to find out more details about the admin of SurfLibertAd please read my interview with him here.

As some of you might already have known JRProfit failed only after 3 weeks online because of low daily ROI. It became clear to me that not only were the admins unprofessional and arrogant that caused the problem but also the very profit-sharing model is not viable. And this makes perfect sense to me as I already published an article about it here so not anymore profit-sharing programs for me. But JRProfit‘s admins didn’t just want to accept their mistakes and move on – they are going private. It’s a ridiculous thing to do in my opinion and I’m going to share my opinion about JRProfit‘s closure and possible reasons for that in my weekend post. I promise there will be some controversy involved so stay tuned and don’t miss my post!

Before saying good-bye I just wanted to remind about other good programs that paid for the last couple of days. They are: BetHYIP, SurfLibertAd, AcmosTrade, OG Fund and PSAdvertising. I’ll see you tomorrow with more news. Stay with my blog!

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