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21/02/08. Interview with the admin of MoneyTrip


Finally I received an interview from David, the admin of MoneyTrip and can publish it today. But first I would like to say a couple of words about this program. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you might’ve probably heard that MoneyTrip is the newest autosurf I joined. Here I would like to emphasize what made me join MoneyTrip. First, it’s the unique design and script of this program. I have never seen anything similar and it raised my curiosity to see it in action. Second, the admin of this project is not a complete novice but ran another project several months ago and after it failed he refunded his members in full. Third, he claims to have a strong outside income from different sources including gambling. Of course, it can be true or not based only on his words but he was ready to prove it with some evidence. So MoneyTrip is a site offering you 10% for 13 days with payments after expiry based on a different script with a beautiful layouts from an experienced admin claiming to have outside income. I think all these facts deserved my attention and I decided to give it a try. My testing was successful so far and the surfing itself and many features of MoneyTrip website work well, including the really unique one where you can advertise MoneyTrip website and earn at the same time $1 for 1,000 unique impressions. So I made a decision to upgrade with a bigger amount here today. I think since the program is very new (4 days online) and the admin is experienced enough it has some good potential for stable growth. Proven classic autosurf with the payments after expiration of an upgrade can also add stability in the long run. So my overall review of MoneyTrip is quite positive, but let David talk about his program himself. Here is my interview with him.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers and tell us about your previous experience in managing surfing sites?

Hello, my name is David Hyland. I am citizen of Dublin, Ireland. I am in this industry for about 4 years. Starting as investor I became admin of my first project (10 months ago).

2. Why did you have to close your previous surfing site prematurely and what is the main reason you opened MoneyTrip? What have you learnt from your past mistakes? was growing so fast, and I faced troubles with hosting so early. Nobody wanted to accept my site which was built on standard autosurf script (same stuff as well known 12dailypro used) and getting hundreds of thousands visitors weekly. After few long down times I realized that it has no potential to grow anymore. So I returned money to members who were not in profit.
Lack of experience in choosing good service was the main reason why my previous project failed.

The idea to open MoneyTrip was born when I was on a business trip in Switzerland. Inspiration did its job. Having free time I created a business plan which seems to be acceptable to nowadays investor.

3. You claim to invest members’ money somewhere. Please tell us about your investment activities in detail.

Being active for years in sports arbitrage, betting, poker I found the way to stability. Good management is the way to success.
I bet for NCAA basketball, NHL, NBA , Russian ice hockey, ATP tennis events basically.

For sports arbitrage I use proven stuff. It‘s less profitable (lets say 1.5% per event).

Poker. I am not an aggressive player there. Tourments at is my choice. Using proven strategies I rarely finish without profit. More or less.

4. Can you provide us with the proof of your investment activities? What will happen if your activities fail?

I’ve reached a good reserve doing my previous activities. I am ready for any outcome. In the worst conditions i will stop accepting investments and end up without debts.

My last week‘ betting activities at the link. Further will be more.

5. Do you think that the plan 10% for 13 days with payment on expiry can be sustainable for a long run?

I had a choice to try such plan before letting MoneyTrip go (at my previous project). I am sure I am able to handle it once again.

6. What payment processors do you accept and do you plan to expand this list in the future?

I do accept SolidTrustPay, E-gold, LibertyReserve and AlertPay at this time. Have no plans about expanding this list yet.

7. What script do you use for your site? What are the main features of it compared to other surfing scripts?

The script is named MIYISURF (visit for more info)

Advanced Security Encryption
Site Raffle
Site Randomizer
Support Ticket System
SMS Text Messages For US and Canadian Members
Signature by mouse (soon)
Play video poker for points with other members (soon)

8. Are you sure that your site is protected properly against possible DDOS attacks?

It has advanced DDOS protection. Script‘creator is also hosting provider of MoneyTrip, so he might know better than me what hositng solution is the right choice.

9. What are you trying to achieve with MoneyTrip? Do you have some ambitious plans for the future?

I have no knowledge of coding, and I am really bad designer. But I really know how money makes more money. By running a project well I am proving to myself that I can manage having big deals with other people not only in a real life. Of course I am looking to the future, but it‘s too early to talk about it‘s prospects just few days after official launch.

10. What would you say to your potential investors to encourage them to participate in your program? What differentiates MoneyTrip from similar surfing sites?

MoneyTrip has everything it needs to run for a long time and end up without debts.

For investors I would remind that our motion on MoneyTrip is that money never sleeps, you might be sleeping, I might be sleeping, but our money is growing more and more, and money is never too much, you will never hear someone complaining they profited too much. So, basically, your money will be gathered with other members money, and that is definitely going to grow, it will never be stopped, it will never sleep, and that is our key to success, the success we are going to achieve together, we will make money.

11. What is your opinion about my blog and do you have any suggestions in order to improve its quality on delivering daily news to my readers?

I rarely visit blogs, but seems to be different. Rich content respectable & responsible blogger. Independent monitoring service inside.”

I’d like to express my gratitude to David for agreeing to answer my questions. Stay with my blog as tomorrow I’m going to publish another interview and also soon you should expect some new and shocking revelations about the surfing industry on my blog. To keep yourself updated on what is happening on my blog you can always subscribe to my RSS-feed or by e-mail. Also “Money-News Club” subscription is open in the left sidebar, after being subscribed you will be able to receive weekly emails from me with the links to the best paid e-books which you could download straight away and absolutely for free so you could save hundreds of dollars in the long term. I’m also very glad to receive your feedback about my articles so if you have time please leave a comment on my blog or send me an email. I will always be glad to assist you and answer all your questions within 24 hours. See you tomorrow!

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