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Hi, guys! I’m glad to report to you that MoneyTrip is completely back on track and even stronger than ever. The proper measures have been taken that can prevent further outages. After only 32 days online the site has reached 35,848 daily Alexa Traffic Rank and 1044 members and continues to grow rapidly every day. It’s undoubtedly the fastest growing autosurf site now as more and more investors realize that the admin David is actually making some good money for the members on sports betting. He’s really good at it and it seems that the daily payouts haven’t been affected at all by the recent outages. I received all my pending payments today and as far as I know many members are starting to reupgrade now. I will also reupgrade tomorrow as I’ve already surfed for today and I strongly advise you to pay close attention to MoneyTrip. If you haven’t done it yet read my interview with David here and decide for yourself if you want to become a part of this great program. I return MoneyTrip to my #1 spot on my monitoring page today as I can’t see any other program that deserves it more right now. Great job and well done, David!

Here’s the latest update from David, the admin of MoneyTrip that was sent out last night:
As you know we experienced some outages today. It occurred a problem with our registrar service and the site got several hours down. During this time I was contacting the providers of our name on the web and dealing new investment picks, once I was sure there were no problems with the server. We have a 100% uptime dedicated server installed, and I’ve total control over it. Also got 4 name servers registered on domain name, in the worst scenario at least a pair will be working.
The proper measures were taken and site is fully accessible now, if you still can’t get in please wait some minutes, then try again. Feel free to contact me through Yahoo Messenger (ORINTARIO) for any further issues.
Today, we got another good day on sports betting. I placed nice picks and deal good amount of cash. In this way the target was reached again, the profits were nice. You should have some details about our investment activity in the next few days. After all, we got a nice day.

#2 on my monitoring page right now is YourProfitHere. The site is only 2 days online but already has a reputation among investors as a reliable HYIP with unique script, instant payouts and dedicated admin that is very active on forums and started a massive advertising campaign already. You may see his ads on many different forums, monitorings and similar programs. Considering that YourProfitHere is a brand new program and you will be in profit just in 5 days I believe it a very wise choice to invest in now (for more details read my review here). One notice: the script used in YourProfitHere is aimed at instant payouts but if you have some difficulties with withdrawing please return and try again later. The script is quite new and sometimes has a few glitches. I had the same problem last night but it has been fixed now and instant withdrawals are working smoothly again. So far YourProfitHere is a great choice and you really shouldn’t miss this opportunity! The admin just told me that he would send me the answers to the interview tomorrow so be ready to find it on my blog anytime soon.

My #3 now is AdProsperity. I can’t say that the program is growing fast but rather steadily having 326 members (about 70% of them are acive) after 13 days. Today the admin Daniel announced that the first cycle (10% for 13 days) had been completed and the objective of stable growth had been achieved. That’s why he raised the maximum purchase limit from $500 to $1,000 and the maximum amount of upgrades from 4 to 6. It’s the transition to the next stage of the development plan for AdProsperity (read more in my interview with Daniel here). The payments are still processed twice a week and you can request them at any given day from Monday to Sunday. Also bear in mind that you can request separately two payments for your rebate earnings and two for referral commissions. So AdProsperity is a good choice too in my opinion!

#4 in my list is SurfLibertAd – 38 days online and 733 members so far. The main advantages of this autosurf site are daily payments with 10% for 13 days rebate plan and the supportive and committed admin Robert who is usually online and ready to answer all your questions. You can read my interview with him here. I received my payment again today and so far I cannot find fault with SurfLibertAd program. The feedback was great and all the members seem pleased they joined it. So don’t miss SurfLibertAd as it will be a good pick for you too!

And finally #5 on my monitoring page is BetHYIP which is paying 10% for 15 days. Surprisingly for me (as I was not sure about the admin Snaik at first) it was a good choice to invest and the program is running smoothly so far. As you can see BetHYIP uses licensed GoldCoders script which is typical for many HYIPs. But the innovation is that the payments are made according to schedule and you actually can watch when the payments session is started (usually the admin processes payments 2-3 times per day). Snaik, the admin of BetHYIP also claims to make money on match-fixing and the details you can find in my interview with him here.

Many other steady performers on my list paid me today and among them I would like to mention AcmosTrade, UltimateHYIP and OG Fund. They have all been paying me promptly for a long time now and are recommended by me if you are in search of diversifying your portfolio with stable low-ROI programs. One notice: they are paying only on business days (Monday through Friday).

Another program – Invest4Games – paid me too but is not recommended by me now. I think new complicated cashout rules and inability of the admin to properly explain them to the investors can only lead to panic among investors and capital flight. I may be mistaken but it’s always better be safe than sorry. We will see if Invest4Games is still worth investing in several days. And of course I’ll keep updating you on the program’s development on my blog.

One program that is not recommended for investing now is Tramael. It’s already got “Waiting” status on my monitoring page. Usually paid within minutes after expiry recently the payments have not been processed for 2 days already and the admin though seen on forums hasn’t said a word about it. Also I noticed many fake voters on several monitoring sites claiming that they received their payments instantly though in reality nobody has received them. I consider all these things as a warning sign and would not recommend making upgrades there at least before the admin Nein comes out with some explanation of the current situation. You have been warned!

I joined a rather interesting program today and am preparing a review of it which will be published soon. It’s called SafeAtom and claims to be investing investors’ money in the sphere of nuclear power engineering. It sounds like something new to me and since the admin agreed to answer my questions I hope I will publish the interview soon as well. SafeAtom pays 2% for 150 days and accepts e-gold and LibertyReserve. More details in my review soon! Stay with my blog and see you later!

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