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22/03/08. SafeAtom Review and Other News



Today I’d like to tell you about a new site I joined recently. It’s called SafeAtom and is paying 2% for 150 days (7 days a week + principal back) with the possibility of withdrawing the principal with 50% fee before the investment term matures. SafeAtom accepts LibertyReserve and e-gold and the minimum deposit is $1 only. If you deposit $200 and more you’re entitled to extra $20 which will be added as a bonus to your main deposit.

Let’s take a closer look at SafeAtom and describe all the features available as pros and cons. So let’s start!


1) Overall impression about the design of SafeAtom website is good. The layout is strict and neat without any flashy images. Although in my opinion any HYIP site that claims to have real business to sustain payouts should have similar design. There is even a real postal address on the main page though I can’t verify if SafeAtom LLC is really located there.

2) $1 minimum deposit will attract many small investors who will be promoting SafeAtom for comparatively high 10% referral bonus. Also I like the $20 bonus which will be of interest to many smaller investors that are thinking of depositing more. This way the program has great perspectives for stable further growth.

3) SafeAtom has been accepting deposits for 5 weeks already. I think 35 days is not a long term for such low ROI sites especially when you consider that it will be advertised heavily by the investors. Remember that SafeAtom pays every day so you will be in profit already after 51 days (it’s less than two months!). Moreover, if for any reason you would like to withdraw your principal say after 30 days you will still be in profit (60% + 50% principal back). I consider this option as very flexible and low risk of course provided that the site is still online and paying after a month.

4) The security of SafeAtom is top-notch. They are using high protection level against DDOS-attacks, SSL-protected channel where all investors’ data is encrypted and also according to their claims their server provides 100% uptime. The domain is registered for 3 years which is also telling us about their intentions to stay online for a long time.

5) The script they are using on SafeAtom website is original and customized. At least I can say I’ve never seen anything similar before. The main features: the possibility to deposit not only in USD but also in Euro (if you use LR), changing compounding rate (0%, 50% or 100%), weekly profit chart (see your profit for a week) and support ticket system built-in in your account where you can get the prompt and fast answer from support. All in all the script is quite good and secure and looks professionally made.

6) Finally I like their FAQ page. It’s not a “copy-paste” template of questions and answers but original investors’ questions to SafeAtom admin. And the main question that has been answered is how they actually make money: “We gain profit from the investments into the companies that in any event relate to nuclear power engineering. They are essentially the companies that are engaged in construction and maintenance of nuclear power stations. The experts working in our company have a unique experience that allows speculating in shares of the major companies on the stock market. The secret of our success is very simple. It is necessary to buy shares and to sell them in proper time. Perhaps, it seems simply. But in truth it is necessary to be well informed about all events that regularly occur in the sphere of the nuclear power engineering.


1) I don’t quite understand how SafeAtom can provide such a high profit of 300% after 5 months + principal back on a constant basis. They also stated that they are able to make 4% daily while paying investors 2% of their profits. I consider it as an extremely high profit and I think that all they are doing is high-risk activities and would like to hear how they can minimize the losses in case something goes wrong.

2) I can’t verify that they are a real registered organization and that the postal address they provided on the main page is not fake. So I would like to receive some confirmation from them that SafeAtom is a real company and not a ponzi-game.

So as you can see there are some minor doubts I would like to be explained in the upcoming interview with the admin of SafeAtom which you will be able to read soon on my blog. My overall impression about the SafeAtom website is positive so far, I already received two payouts and am looking forward to many more days of stable payments ahead.

Other news for today.

Invest4Games is offline and I’m putting it to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page. The admin claims that their domain has been suspended due to some complaint that was sent to the registration autority that registered their domain name. The admin Philip admits that the situation is totally beyond his control but he will do his best and if necessary will register a new domain name and Invest4Games will continue. I doubt very much that after the return Invest4Games will be stable as usual. From my experience I can say that it’s almost impossible for a site to get back on track after so much downtime. But if the admin is able to return I will applaud him as such cases are extremely rare. I will watch the situation and keep you informed on the outcome in my blog.

I would like to emphasize that all the other programs I’m in are doing good. Among HYIPs I’d like to mark such daily paying short-term HYIPs like YourProfitHere (read the interview here) and BetHYIP (the interview is here).

My favorite autosurfs now are MoneyTrip, SurfLibertAd and AdProsperity. They all are paying 10% for 13 days, only payout terms are different. For instance, MoneyTrip pays upon expiry (read the interview with David here), SurfLibertAd – every day (the interview with Robert is here) and AdProsperity – twice a week (the interview with Daniel is here). All these admins have already sent their best regards and Easter greetings to their members and I’d like to give you my own best wishes too. I continue to receive payments from all three programs and they are in my Top 5 recommended.

Also I received a rather long update from the admin of SurfLibertAd Robert that was quite interesting to read. That’s why I decided to publish the most important part of it here. I hope it will be of much interest to all the potential investors because of the matters of additional income for SurfLibertAd site Robert covers in his update:
Our program is doing great. Our investments have started rolling in. New upgrades go into our program everyday in 5 digits. I am very much pleased with our growth rate. As you know I am paying out fast as I can so everyone is happy with my performance and my service as the administrator for our program. Please be patient with your sites in the waiting list. I will verify them as soon as possible.
Regarding our Car Trade Plan. We just sold our first car unit, and it was sold within just a few days, and profit of roughly 30% which is great for just a few days. And the investors for our car trade plan want to roll in the funds again for another unit and so I did. I will be purchasing a new vehicle tomorrow, after the buyer has paid the amount in full. Anyone else who is interested joining our car trading investment should contact me.
We have a few maxed out accounts in our system and I would like to thank everyone for being very supportive. We have more than 720 members now and still growing. Our referral contest is doing good too. We are able to increase the growth speed of our program because of this. Special thanks to the active referrers and their referrals for helping out with the success of our program.
SurfLibertAd is growing and I am sure it will grow even more. It is at this time that we all know that we will make money for sure because of our real investments. Our phone selling business is doing well too so it is sustainable. It is getting to a point where the sales would exceed my expectations for the week.
Without your help this will not be a success. So let’s go out there, spread the word, and promote our program as much as we all can.

Stay with my blog as tomorrow I’m going to publish an article analyzing the reasons and outcomes of the recent failures of two big programs: JRProfit and Tramael. Expect some controversial opinions but I’d like to warn you that it’s just my own personal point of view and you’re welcome to write some comments if you like and they will be replied to.

Also as promised I’m working now on modifying my “Money-News Club” newsletter which from now on will represent the weekly digest-summary of my blog and my personal recommendations on the current trends of the industry. Tomorrow all my subscribers will get the pilot issue of my new digest. I will work on the further development of it and will try to make every issue as unique as possible. Please send me your questions and let me know you suggestions about what you’d like to see in my “Money-News Club” newsletter. I will be looking forward to your suggestions! See you tomorrow!

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