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Hi, guys! What an awful week we had! So many good programs failed including MoneyTrip, AdProsperity and my new pick FastProfit4You. And unfortunately they all scammed. I cannot say anything else about this but to call spade a spade. Let’s make some analysis of why seemingly successful programs fail so quickly and leave such devastating effects behind not only for the investors who lost in their programs but on the industry as a whole.

First the biggest falling of this week is certainly MoneyTrip. David/Orinto scammed to such a degree that it shook the whole autosurf industry. Some of the members even considered MoneyTrip as a possible hit for months to come. But all the hopes were broken after the email that became good-bye which he sent to all the members stating that since the membership is too high he couldn’t process the payouts as fast as before. And after that was nothing: no payments, no emails, no admin. He just disappeared into thin air with all the investors’ money. Actually somebody could reach him on Yahoo Messenger but instead of the answers to the worrying questions they only got some ridiculous offers from David to give him more money in exchange for returning it twice on the following day. There was speculation that it possibly might not be him and that somebody just hacked his YIM account.

But even if you run a ponzi game and it’s going bad at least you can tell the members about it and close the shop being more or less honest like AdProsperity admin did. But what a man you should be to leave your site completely to accept more upgrades and even try to cheat your members on Yahoo at the same time. I consider this behavior absolutely unacceptable and think that David should be ashamed of his actions. By the way, maybe his real name is not David but Tadas Kasputis as his account is called in SolidTrustPay. One thing I know for sure: I can say that his IP indicates he is in Vilnius, Lithuania if somebody is interested in this kind of information. Anyway, wherever he lived I can name him as one of the biggest scammers of 2008 as he managed to build trust between him and the members, slowly but steadily weaving his web of lies and bad intentions, making people believe that he really made some income that would make MoneyTrip stable and successful program in the long run.

For these 40 days of being online the growth of MoneyTrip was phenomenal and the program had every chance to become the biggest in 2008 but the admin David/Orinto/Tadas or whoever he is chose to scam his loyal members and hadn’t the guts to come out and say that the game was up. I despise such people: liars and cheaters, they are an absolute cancer in this industry.

I could understand why Thom, the admin of FastProfit4You chose to scam so fast (though the program had a lot of potential in my opinion). At least everybody knew it was a game and I hope nobody invested more than they could afford to lose. I really apologize that I promoted FastProfit4You but I honestly believed that it could become the next big program like YourProfitHere (which is still paying by the way). FP4Y just started to become popular and the admin is keeping silent since yesterday while still accepting the deposits from unwary investors so he’s just using the same tactics as David from MoneyTrip used. Well, the nature of scammers is all the same and I hope that they will be punished somewhere someday when they expect it the least (I believe in karma and am sure they will get what they deserve sooner or later).

Here I would also like to add that please before investing check out my monitoring page. It’s updated on a daily basis and if you see “Waiting” status or the program disappeared from the list please don’t deposit there even if you read it on my blog. I never edit my blog posts afterwards and only the current post can reflect the reality truly. Remember that the HYIP and autosurf world is highly volatile and what was a good choice today can become a scam tomorrow. So I encourage you once more to check my monitoring page first and make sure that the site is marked as “Paying” before investing there. It would be even better if you subscribe to my “Money-News Club” newsletter where I send alerts on a regular basis about the new promising programs I joined and possible scams. The last time I sent email to all my subscribers straight after I received the email from David, MoneyTrip admin about the possible delays with payouts and asked my subscribers to be more cautious and don’t upgrade. I know that it’s not the best solution but at least you will save the money that you might otherwise have given to this scammer David.

I believe that the demise of MoneyTrip had a deep impact on the entire autosurfing industry. In what way you may ask? Well, it’s simple to explain. Remember in a previous post I told you about so called “leeches”? “Leeches” are autosurfs that neither produce any income for the members nor are they just pure ponzi sites: instead they just deposit members’ money into more successful (in their opinion) autosurf sites therefore trying to make some income for themselves. That’s why they are the most dangerous ones: you can’t predict when it will go down and I already told you about the danger of such an approach.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m almost sure that AdProsperity which surprisingly for many announced its closure on the day after it became clear that MoneyTrip would not return, used the very same tactics. Myself and other members saw Daniel, the admin of AdProsperity in MoneyTrip‘s thread of MMG forum just before he sent out this email: “With a great regret I want to say that our funds are depleted. AdProsperity reached the minimum where there is no way to continue. The last few days required a lot of funds coming in order to complete the current payments. I don’t see any other option but closing AdProsperity for good. I don’t think restructuring the program will help to stabilize the cash in-flow level. Thanks for the support AP received from some members. I am sorry for the ones who lost money in AP. This is just the nature of autosurfing. I hope you will recover your losses in the other programs out there.

Sorry, but I don’t believe that the funds were depleted after only 3 weeks since the launch. I think that Daniel, the admin of AdProsperity just “invested” some money into MoneyTrip program and since it’s closed he had no choice but to close his program as well. I’m sure he left enough money for himself too but at least he had the decency to send some sort of good-bye letter to his members and put the site down. Although I consider AdProsperity as an absolute failure and can call the admin only unprofessional and even amateur in running an autosurf site. Unless of course it was his intention to scam from the beginning. It cannot be excluded from the possibilities. If the latter is true I can only congratulate him for having such a good plan but also I’d like to tell him that stolen money will not bring him happiness either. Trust me this money stolen from honest people will not bring scammers the happiness they are looking for. Even buying expensive things for this money will not make them happier because they will always know that they lied, cheated and stole this money and that this money is dirty and doesn’t belong to them.

Sorry for my rant but I just can’t just sit and watch quietly when such scammers as Nein from Tramael announce the beginning of round 3 just several days after the closure of round 2. I considered him honest before I found out for a fact that he hired paid voters to post for him on several monitors. They were claiming Tramael round 2 was paying for the last two days before closing when in reality no proof of payment has been offered. Also he didn’t even try to modify his program for round 3 to make it at least look more viable and competitive. So I would strongly recommend to all of you NOT to support Tramael this time. By supporting Nein this time again you are giving him a right to be an arrogant and lazy admin that is afraid of admitting his own mistakes and using lies to attract more investors to his program. I’m just hoping it will make such admins like Nein think carefully before spreading lies and silly excuses to put a big chunk of somebody else’s money into their pockets.

Here I would like to give another warning. Maybe it’s not true but it’s always better be safe than sorry later. I noticed recently some worrying signs in both Jamie’s programs PSTraffic (PST) and PSAdvertising (PSA). The case is the payments are being delayed now and stretched from the same day after requests to the maximum of three days. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with it as they are still within TOS but as you know there is no smoke without fire.The admin didn’t appear on the forums this week. He instead left his loyal supporters to answer unpleasant questions from worried investors. For example they said that PSTraffic became so big that there were too many payout requests daily and the admin could’t process them all. I don’t accept this reason simply because of some calculations I’ve just made. Let’s see: I had two cashout requests #1479 made on 22/03 and #1545 on 24/03. As you can see there are not more than 30-40 cashouts to be processed daily and I certainly don’t consider that as a work overload for the admin. I don’t even want to mention PSAdvertising whose Alexa ranking is very low and declining. Therefore it’s really strange for me that Twenty24Four, the moderator for PSTraffic, launched his own program RandomROI recently. Despite the hype that Jamie tried to create with his welcome letters asking you to join RandomROI that he sent out to members of both PST and PSA. It’s quite an interesting model but I opted not to join this one simply because of possible cashflow problems in PST and PSA. I would NOT recommend joining RandomROI just because it is somehow connected with possibly sinking PST and PSA and I think that this connection is closer than a lot might think and the launching of this program is more than just a simple coincidence.

I don’t know if PST and PSA are in danger but I know for sure that my next pick of the week SurfLibertAd is still doing great. I can only congratulate Robert on the more than 1,000 members the site reached this week and encourage you all to read my interview with him here. On a brighter note, Robert told us that he NEVER invested any money in MoneyTrip though David suggested him to do it so I consider him being smarter than Daniel from AdProsperity that became a “leech”. Anyway, I strongly recommend you to give your attention to SurfLibertAd (10% for 13 days with daily payouts) that has now after the premature demise of MoneyTrip and AdProsperity become the leader in autosurfing industry. Be aware though that Robert will soon take the necessary steps to reduce the number of cashouts to several times a week instead of unlimited cashouts. I can understand it because of a real work overload that he experiences daily. He has every reason to do so with more than 1,000 members already. Here’s the highlight from his latest update:
As I have mentioned before, I might be limiting cashouts to maybe 3 cashouts per week for each member, when I think I can’t handle the number of cashouts submitted per day when our member base grows even more. As you all know we are a daily cashout site and there is a HUGE margin as to how many cashouts are submitted compared to those who only pay after expiry. My work is 13X more than those sites. So I will be asking for your cooperation and patience and acceptance on the 3 times per week cashout soon, I will pre-inform everyone, at least a week or few days before we implement such change.
Other than that, I think you all know, SurfLibertAd is growing at a good rate. Members keep referring, promoting and advertising our program. Members also keep on reupgrading and new members upgrade even more. I can only promise you that I will do all I can to make our program 100% fully backed with continuous income streams. I am working on that every day, by thinking of more ideas.
I am here for you my dear members, and I am hoping that you will always be there for me too.
I also would like to inform you that, I always do backup of our database and site files for our security, so no matter what happens we are secured. Our funds are safe and will “NEVER” be hacked.
Did you know that I process cashouts one by one? Well now you know.

Among HYIPs one is my favorite now is BetHYIP – 10% for 15 days. The program is online for more than 3 weeks and continues paying like clockwork already reaching almost $20,000 in deposits. The admin claims to make money on “Match fixing” betting and you are welcome to read my interview with him here. I’m going to redeposit some money tomorrow after my first 15 day cycle is completed and I hope for many more cycles ahead. Meanwhile the admin Snaik just presented his new banner and you can take a look at it after this paragraph. I think it’s a meaningful banner of course provided that BetHYIP is really backed up by some betting income and not just a purely ponzi site.

YourProfitHere is another good choice that is paying me stably on a daily basis. Though YourProfitHere is not an instant payment site anymore the admin Marc is active even after 11 days online and is trying to process all the payments in a reasonable timeframe which sometimes is no more than a few minutes after the request. I will finish my second 5 day cycle tonight and will be on the third now. To read my interview with the admin of YourProfitHere click here.

With the sudden end of both MoneyTrip and AdProsperity I think it would not be a bad idea to pay some attention to the more stable low ROI programs that is slow but steady performers in my portfolio. I would suggest you to consider investing in OG Fund, UltimateHYIP and SafeAtom but my favorite program among low ROI HYIPs is undoubtedly AcmosTrade. It grows slowly but steadily and I believe it will become the new MInvestment very soon. One of the members recently accused the admins of AcmosTrade over the lack of promotional methods they were using and I think it would be interesting for you all to read what Jenifer (support member) answered him:
Our website has been added to some main monitoring websites and we have many serious investors already who are very keen on working with us. Additional advertising would be just an unnecessary spending of money.
I think every thinking person can understand the difference between a real Company and some “investment projects” registered 1-2 weeks ago and paying 20-33-55-200-500% daily for 5 days. They need a lot of advertising – we are not here for 5 days, we do not need masses of small investors in a rush.
Our member count is growing without any big advertising campaigns and we are happy to see this as a result of our successful work.

You can find all the necessary details about AcmosTrade in my exclusive interview with the founder of AcmosTrade Jack Williams here.

Finally I would like to mention that there is still a chance for the members of MoneyTrip that used to upgrade via SolidTrustPay and AlertPay as they allow chargebacks and you have a chance to get at least a part of your money back if you contact them and make a complaint (I know that Stella from STP just confirmed that David’s account in STP had been frozen and hopefully the members will be refunded at least partially). Let’s learn some lessons from all this unfortunate businesswith MoneyTrip and move on! I just hope there will be less liars and more honest people in this industry and will continue to do my best with providing you the necessary info about the best money making opportunities online. Stay tuned for more news and surprises soon and check back with my blog regularly! Thanks for your attention and see you tomorrow!

P.S. IMPORTANT! After the article has been published David/Orinto appeared on MMG forum with such a statement: “I am lost. I am not as strong as you were. Everything was going perfectly well. What can I do now? Please give me advise. 3 of 4 payment accounts was hacked. Yes I got it back, but what can I do now? Please leave a comment“. So maybe there’s some hope left? I will keep you updated.

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