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04/03/08. Interview with the admin of AcmosTrade


Today I’m going to give you an interview with the admin of AcmosTrade – the program that offers 1.15% for 210 business days for small investors and that has a lot of potential for growth in the coming months. If you remember in my review of AcmosTrade (view here) I was impressed with their website and hoped that they could prove that they were a real registered investment company and that they were really trading on Forex. Well, I can disclose all the private info they sent me today but I can confirm now that AcmosTrade is a real company that has a certificate of incorporation as a registered company in the Republic of Cyprus since 2006 and all the necessary documents signed and sealed. They asked me not to show these scanned copies they sent me publicly but any investor interested can claim these documents and they will be sent to him. Moreover, they have sent me their trading results for the period from 15 January till 15 February. I’m really not a type of Forex person but here’s how they explained them to me: “Think this will help you to understand our trading strategy we are using in our main trading account. Please note for security reasons we using several brokers and our trading capital managed with several traders team. This helps us to trade 24/5 to make more profit for our investors. Trading results here will be calculated in total because we can not calculate this for every trading team and for every trading account we are using.” As Jack will mention in the interview you’re going to read anyone interested can request this info and it will be delivered to him/her. But like Jack told me privately: “This info ONLY for you – NOT for public“. I will respect this decision and will not publish it on my blog but the fact that they can provide you with all the necessary documents proving their trading activities and their registration means a lot to me so I consider of increasing my deposit with them in the near future. Anyway, let us give the opportunity to speak to the admin of AcmosTrade Jack. Here’s the long-awaited interview with him.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. What function do you perform in AcmosTrade?

My name is Jack Williams and I am the founder and CEO of the Acmos Trade Investment LLC Company. My part in this Company is to advise our trading teams and work with the other staff members.

2. Tell us about the history of AcmosTrade. How did you come up with the idea of making your own program and putting it online?

I think you can find this information on our website by clicking “Our Company” link.

3. You claim to be trading on Forex market and be very successful in it. Can you elaborate what exactly you’re doing with investors’ money that can give you such a high ROI? What will happen if you suffer some losses on the market?

This is a very good question and I will try to explain how our trading strategy works. We know that you will see many “investment” programs with great daily profit (20-400% daily) but certainly any self respecting investor can say that there is no way someone is paying you this kind of profit daily. Here are some facts about Forex and investments in general.

It is not possible to make more than 5% profit every day for a long time (eg. for 1 year). Every one who tells you about these high profits is simply lying. Of course you can choose to get 1 to 2.5 % daily with a real Company which has experienced traders who have been working for several years in the past. We know that the main key to stable profit is regular trading without taking big risks.

One important thing you need to know: we will send you our trading results if you want to figure out more about our strategy and you will be able to check ALL trading orders and ask me about ANY order. I will provide you with full details WHY we sell or buy at certain points. Trading results are available for our big investors every month. Try asking trading history from some “investment” website with a 20% daily for 6 days or 200% after 5 days and they will never send you any trading results because any trader knows: it is not possible to make this kind of profit without taking major risks. Yes, you can make $100.000 in 1 day, but you MUST have that $100.000 first and you can loose it in 1 day as well! We did not come here to play games. Our maximum daily profit around 3% only but this is real profit from real trading.

For big investments we are using the compounding strategy: you can read this information in your member area: Our trading strategy is based on monthly trading – this means we can get +4% on the first day, +2% on the second day and 1% on the third day. And even if we will make 4% every three days when we are trading, monthly profits will come up to 65 (74.8% last month) in total.

4. It is written on your site that Acmos Trade Investment LLC is a registered company. Can you provide us with some proof of your registration?

We will send document copies to potential or existing members upon request.

5. Please tell us about the phone support that AcmosTrade provides. Can anyone call you during working hours and really ask some questions? Do some of the investors use your feature “Request a call back”?

Yes you can call us from 8 AM to 8 PM Cyprus time (GMT +2) and you can use the Request a call back option too. Many members have already checked this. Please note: our support phone is only for important questions. We can not talk for 30-60 min. with every person. If you have any questions you can check our news or FAQ. Our online chat is online and will be happy to help you too.

6. Can your potential investors visit your office in Nicosia to make sure that your AcmosTrade really exist? How can your physical address be verified?

Any legal registered company needs their own address. Our company was registered in Cyprus because of tax issue and it is good for US and EU traders working in our team. You can call our office. If you intend to visit us please contact our support first. Our trading teams and other stuff is more “mobile”: you need to know we trade 24/5 a week and some traders need to sleep too. Our trading teams are working in USA and Europe.

7. Why are the plans so different and why is the minimum for the Standard plan $10,000 already? Do you really think that the online investors will risk with such big amounts of money?

It’s because $10,000 is really standard for any forex activity. We don’t need 1000 members with $10 deposits. This only puts additional work on us and on our support’s backs. Every online investor must think about a Company or a project where he intends to invest his money.

Some facts: We are a registered company with employees who are working on forex for at least 2 years. I don’t know for sure, but our technical department told me that we have a secure line (SSL) and protection against attacks. I am not really into internet technologies that much but I guess some of you investors get the drift.

And again: we can prove our trading activity. (Some our investors check our trading results and ask us some questions about trading orders and they are all with us already). Our results and ROI was calculated based on several years of trading.

8. Will you only be accepting e-gold, e-bullion and LibertyReserve in the near future or do you plan to add other payment processors? In what cases can your member use bank wire transfer to deposit or withdraw his/her money?

In 2007 we were accepting bank wire from all of our investors but after 2 members transferred stolen funds to our account we got some problems with our bank. After this issue was resolved we do not accept bank wire transfers because we don’t want to risk having problems with our bank again. Our members are using e-bullion at this time and this is a very good and fast system. You can fund your account via bank wire with a 0% fee and you can withdraw your profit to any bank of your choice: US bank, EU bank, SWISS bank. We will think about additional payment processors but e-bullion is working very well with big amounts (transfer fee 0%).

9. Many investors are especially concerned about the security of the site they are going to deposit to. Can you confirm that AcmosTrade is fully protected from hackers and DDOS-attacks?

As I have mentioned before, our technicians told me that we have protection from attacks and I would not worry about hackers since our website was coded by real professionals who know their way around the code. So to clarify: yes, AcmosTrade is fully protected.

P.S. Our database backups are made several times a day and even if our site would crash for a day or two this would not really affect your or our profit since our traders would still be trading and you would still be getting your profit on a daily basis.

10. How long do you plan to stay online and what are your plans for the near future? Will new investment plans or features be added soon?

We plan to work until we get our planned trading capital and after that our services will be closed to the public and our Company is going to work only with private investors again. Only members who joined us earlier will be able to work with us. As I already said: we do not need 100.000 members. Our main goal is making our trading capital grow since it will help us trade more stably achieving good profit for us and for our investors.

11. What differentiates your program from similar ones and what would you tell to your potential investors to encourage them to try AcmosTrade?

I think you can see the difference after reading the information in this interview. Our team has invested thousands of hours of work into this Company and we got this far in just a couple of years. We know that all investors need stability and profit without any risk and our company will do our best to continue achieving that. Stable trading is the main key for our success. If you want to be a part of AcmosTrade you are welcome“.

I would like to thank Jack for the interview he agreed to give for my blog and wish him and his company every success. In my opinion transparency is the key to member’s confidence in any program and AcmosTrade can be considered a program that can be trusted.

Stay tuned as the next big interview with the admin of OG Fund is on the way and will be published this week. To be always the first to know don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS-feed or by email if it’s more convenient to you. Thank you all for your support and suggestions I’m getting every day on my email and feel free to ask me any question you like. I’ll get back to you within 24 hrs. See you tomorrow, guys!

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