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Hi, guys! I keep asking myself what is happening in the autosurfing industry recently when hatred and jealousy are coming hand in hand and when the admins-scammers want to destroy an honest program’s reputation. I’m talking about SurfLibertad – the program that pays daily and flawlessly for 9 weeks already 10% for 13 days. SurfLibertAd has been attacked recently by two scamming admins: David from MoneyTrip and then Once were Warriors (OwW) that scammed the members in SurfWarrior some time ago (there are actually some rumors on the forums that OwW and Jamie from PSTraffic is actually the same person but since I don’t have proof I cannot say it for sure). Anyway, what’s the point of attacking Robert, the admin of SurfLibertad for running a ponzi? Just to say once it’s over – we told you so? I know for sure that SurfLibertAd is partially a ponzi but backed by real investments to some extent. The real aim Robert tries to achieve in the near future is to create another program very soon that will be 100% backed by real investments so the ROI will be more conservative than we see now in SurfLibertAd (by the way, if you still unfamiliar with the program refer to my interview with Robert here for more details).

Why not just change the terms of current SurfLibertAd program you might ask? Well, in Robert’s opinion it will become a red flag for many members and will lead to the premature demise of the program. The admin is absolutely right in my opinion. He’s a very smart administrator and was able to run SurfLibertAd honestly and pay smoothly every day for 48 days. Maybe that’s why it’s the fastest growing autosurf site right now and already reached 1,100 members? Maybe that’s why its growth cannot be taken with dignity by David/Orinto and many other admins that tried to fight SurfLibertad?

Well, David/Orinto/Tadas said that he wanted to open member’s eyes to what Robert was and that he’s running a pure ponzi site not backed by real investments. Then why on earth did he organize cross-promotion campaign with Robert just a day before MoneyTrip went down? He’d better take care of his own members. Why on earth does he have money on his LR account but refuse to pay the members constantly delaying the update and avoiding unpleasant questions? Why is the upgrade button still enabled on the MoneyTrip site? I think he’d better think about his own reputation before blaming others for running a program successfully. For me the outcome is much more important that the fact if David/Orinto is really betting or not. What’s the purpose of this betting even if it’s true? The result is all the same: the site is dead and many members lost their money. So it was really not MoneyTrip but MoneyLessTrip for many investors.

If I have some doubts about David I don’t have any about “Once were Warriors”. He’s a big scammer for sure. I will remind you the story behind him. He once was an admin of SurfWarrior and if I remember correctly he tried to persuade his members to reupgrade in order to save his crappy program. Many people believed him and did it but only to realize later that they were scammed as this scoundrel disappeared into thin air with all the money from his site. And now he appeared again to give his advice to Robert?

It’s actually the best recommendation for me to join and upgrade in SurfLibertAd (I’m going to reupgrade tomorrow). The scammers’ rant is actually the best compliment for any program especially when its growth seems unstoppable (to read more on it see my post here). So I encourage you all: let’s unite and support Robert and don’t give the scammers a chance to do any harm to SurfLibertAd.

Other news for today.

Not much else happened today as it is Sunday anyway. I’m still awaiting an interview from the admin of SafeAtom (2% for 150% days) and even after my two reminders he is not in a hurry to answer my questions. Well, I don’t mind if he wants to miss this wonderful opportunity to promote his program. Anyway, it’s been paying me for 10 days already and I have no reason to complain as the payments are really fast. If you want to know more about SafeAtom please read my review here.

My first deposit in EmmaInvest has expired today but I almost forgot that today is Sunday and according to the program’s terms no payouts will be processed today. So I had no other choice but to use the reinvest button or else wait till tomorrow. I chose the latter as anyway I have a second deposit running (in the most attractive 138% after 6 days plan) and I finally want to report on my blog that I received my first payment on expired deposit. So far the program is doing good and growing stably and I must say Emma is doing the great job as an admin! To find out more about the admin and her program EmmaInvest please refer to my interview with her published here.

OG Fund, the program that has been paying me for a month already released the next monthly report on its activity. These are the main excerpts from it:
A month has passed since the launch of the online investment platform by OG Fund. In this period the highest daily yield was accumulated on the 10th of March (2.07%) and the lowest was achieved on the 22nd of February (0.46%). The returns have matched both ours and, hopefully, our investors’ expectations and we are ready to maintain them over the long run.
We have had numerous inquiries from our members that there are individuals who claim to represent OG Fund while they in fact do not. We would like to remind our members that we only publish news on our main web page and any other claims are fake and misleading. You should also never reveal your password to anyone, since OG Fund will never ask for your password or inquire you to provide us with sensitive personal information unless you agreed on it.
Over the past few weeks OG Fund platform was reviewed in numerous financial sources, followed by interviews by our representatives. We will be adding a new page to our website to showcase these interviews and reviews to our current and prospective members.
I hope OG Fund admin will add my interview with him among others as well. It has been published on my blog here if you are interested.

I joined a new program today called FastProfitNetwork (10% for 14 days autosurf with payouts upon expiry) and am preparing my review of it. It will be published on my blog tomorrow. So far I can say that I find FastProfitNetwork a very promising program and you will know why tomorrow on my blog. So stay tuned!

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