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The headline of today’s post implies to MoneyTrip – the most successful autosurf now that had a phenomenal success for its 16 days online. I have been paid again today and reupgraded already. What makes MoneyTrip so unique and successful and puts its Alexa ranking to the forefront? Is it its plan 10% for 13 days with payments on expiry? Obviously not as there are so many autosurfs out there with the similar rates. Maybe it’s the case with 4 different payment processors it accepts? Or very fast and prompt payments upon expiry? Or the possibility to earn the money only for promoting the program? Maybe it’s about the admin’s reputation who refunded all the members not in profit from his previous surf site or the fact that the returns in MoneyTrip are partially backed by gambling? Maybe it’s about the fast and professional support he provides to the members? I don’t really know and cannot answer this question, but one thing I know for sure. The sum of these parts combined provided the foundation for its growth and made it so successful and I assure you that if you’re not in MoneyTrip you’re missing a great experience and possibly one of the best autosurfing programs in 2008.

Today the admin of MoneyTrip David sent out the first update to his memberbase. Here’s the most important part from it:
We have been online for only 16 days, and there is already more than 500 registered members, the program is going amazingly well, I did not even think it would get this big so quick, this is certainly the top growing program right now, no other ones are getting the numbers and facts we are.
I also want to ask free members to take a second look at our website, forum threads and monitors, you will notice everyone is happy with MoneyTrip, so, consider upgrading your account, there is plenty of proof that we are paying and growing a lot, you will not regret joining and upgrading, you’re just going to make money, like all the active members are.
As I said, we are growing very fast, our Alexa traffic is very high, what gave us the level of other programs around that have been around longer than us that proves that we are putting a lot of money and effort into advertising, and getting the biggest number of members we can.
MoneyTrip is growing a lot, and quickly, so I’ll probably make some changes on the program’s structure, all positive, that will benefit the members, of course.
I’m also looking to hire some staff to help running the program, as this is getting very big and will just get bigger and bigger, so, having someone else to work with me is a very good idea, running a real and serious program is really a lot to take care of.
I think that is it, these 16 days were amazing, MoneyTrip is definitely the top growing website on the market right now and we are working hard to keep these growing levels. Once again, thanks for being a member and for all your support

I totally agree with the admin David that MoneyTrip keeps growing with an extremely good rate and to make this growth even bigger David decided to pay for “Sticky” topic on MMG forum. I think it will also greatly increase the investors’ awareness of the existence of this program. If you want to learn more about MoneyTrip and its admin David I urge you to read my interview with him which you can find here.

Other news for today.

Very good news came today from SurfProfitPro and its admin Dave! The program obviously survived DDOS-attack and is back alive and kicking. The surfing was enabled already and all accounts have been fixed and all missing upgrades have been added to members’ accounts. As promised there will be temporary changes in place starting today: “Some changes were needed… but these are all temporary only. Rates will be reduced to 5% daily for 28 days and referral commission will be reduced to 3%. Understand that the rates will go back to normal once we recover from these attacks“. Dave even noticed that if the things are really ok the next withdrawal will probably be allowed to make already this Sunday. As for the other program run by Dave – BusinessProfitPro – it’s also back online and I even managed to make a withdrawal today and got paid already. So hopefully things are coming back to normal here and it’s extremely good news in my opinion. Just one thing I wanted to stress: continue to support SurfProfitPro and you will be on the winner’s side. The final word from Dave’s update today is very important in my opinion: “We’ve come a long way in putting the site back up. I hope you understand that I will be here for the long haul. Continue to support me and you will continue to reap the rewards of being a member of this site. I would like to stress again, please promote our program! Don’t let your guards down. Don’t be content to what you have now, always reach for more. Thanks to all you supportive members and thank you also for providing words of encouragement and positivity at our forum threads“.

Like I predicted JRProfit is on a decreasing curve now. The daily ROI for LR deposits was only 2.20% today and even STP deposits haven’t reached 20% maximum. For me it’s obviously the history which we saw in BPP is repeating itself. I hope the admins will take some measures to return JRProfit to its original high percentage days (I noticed that the payouts sped up but it’s not enough). Otherwise I’m afraid it will share the destiny of other profit sharing programs that were suffered and slowly died because of the lack of members’ support. For now I would not recommend to join this program or to make any deposits at least if you use LibertyReserve for depositing because the daily ROI is extremely low now. I was considering the use of SolidTrustPay but seeing the decreasing of STP daily ROI as well I changed my mind. I will keep you updated on the current situation in JRProfit so stay tuned!

I received my payment today from QXLsurf but decided not to reupgrade anymore. Don’t get me wrong: the program is still paying and paying very fast but I saw some disturbing signs which don’t look good to me. First of all, the admin Jeff removed all the stats from his site giving the members some strange excuse about it. I also noticed recently (not long ago before it was withdrawn from the main page) that the active upgrades have decreased significantly so I suppose it was the real reason why the admin decided to remove the stats. Second, there was some hacking attempt and he discontinued the use of LibertyReserve as QXLsurf‘s payment processor. Only AP and STP are accepted now. I think so many problems that arise are not good for the program and so I decided to stop upgrading at least temporarily. If I see in the future that QXLsurf is worth upgrading again I will do it.

Very unpleasant news came today from Bayu, the admin of GreenLinkAds. Apparently NeverSay script has been hacked and moreover his STP account has been compromised too. I don’t know all the details yet but the upgrade button has been disabled temporarily for security reasons and the admin asked all the members: “PLEASE IGNORE ALL INFORMATION THAT COMES FROM ADMIN@GREENLINKADS.NET or GREENLINKADM@YAHOO.COM.” So be careful about it and I will keep you updated! As of now I will put GreenLinkAds on “Waiting” status on my monitoring page before the things clear up a bit.

Fund4Future is obviously a dead program now. The admin has disappeared from the forums but the site is still accepting deposits. So please be careful and don’t deposit there. In my opinion, the site that has not been paying for 3 days has almost no chances of survival. It’s time to move on, guys!

Other programs that have paid me today are AcmosTrade, OG Fund, UltimateHYIP and Finansert. All of them are low ROI programs that are paying me stably for some time already. If you want to read more about them please refer to “Interviews” and “Reviews” categories of my blog. You will always be able to find there some very useful info about all the programs that are listed on my monitoring page. I hope this info will help you make a wise decision about investing. See you tomorrow with more news!

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