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Today I would like to review a rather unique program and if you are not a member of it I suggest you think seriously about joining. I’m talking about the new program I joined and announced last night – iNetCapital. It’s not that new, in fact it’s already 5 weeks online but looking at the history of the program I realized that iNetCapital will be here for the long haul. I’m almost 100% sure of it. First I would like to mention what is so unique about iNetCapital that caught my attention.

iNetCapital is a mixture of low-ROI and short-term HYIP that occurs very rarely in the industry. Actually after depositing via LibertyReserve (the minimum is $1 only) you will get paid 18% daily during 6 days. So the total ROI is only 108% (1.5% pure profit daily) but you can increase your profit by constant redepositing (direct compounding is not allowed). Doing it only 5 times monthly you will actually get 147% from your deposit and doing it daily you can multiply your money. Why am I so sure that iNetCapital will be here at least for a month?

Well, first of all the whole history of the iNetCapital website is impressive. It started 5 weeks ago and first it was the same plan but with payouts upon expiry. You can imagine that with such low ROI the growth was moderate first but still the more and more investors joined iNetCapital. And then something unexpected happened that would make other sites close but in case with iNetCapital it only made it stronger. After three weeks of successful work some rather jealous competitors complained to their domain registrar and their domain was suspended. They couldn’t transfer their domain to a new registrar so it was decided to register an entirely new domain and temporarily close all deposits.

But the most interesting thing happened after that unexpected event. In a matter of several days the admin refunded everybody their principal with 8% profit and re-opened the deposit option from April, 9.

I noticed iNetCapital from their first days online but first was watching its performance. The issue with their domain registrar made me think that the days of the program were numbered. But after it was over iNetCapital was able to regain the trust of investors and now it’s growing at a very good rate. Actually, I think this little problem proved that the admin is very serious about his site and that iNetCapital is really aimed towards being here for the long haul.

Now I’ll say a couple of words about the site itself. iNetCapital is hosted on an offshore dedicated hosting with DDoS protection provided by BlackLotus. Secure and customized script makes your work with the site easy and comfortable. Remember that the 18% interest is credited to your account every 24 hours through the course of your 6-day upgrade cycle and is available to your Wallet Balance for withdrawal. By the way, I noticed that iNetCapital doesn’t work correctly with the Opera browser as I had difficulties with logging-in to my account but it works perfectly with Firefox so use this browser to access your account.

After you request a withdrawal you will be paid within 48 hours starting from the day after a cashout is requested. For example, if you request a withdrawal at 5 PM server time on Thursday, you will be paid by the end of the day (midnight server time EST) on Saturday. This delay is a necessary security feature and is made because the support staff verifies all requests before placing them in queue. By the way, the support in iNetCapital website is top-notch and you can contact “Live Support” seven days a week if you have any problems with your account. For active promoters who regularly post on forums they provide small bonuses that are paid to your Wallet Balance account at their discretion.

The admin Stephen and support director Janet are available on Yahoo Messenger Live support on the following hours: 5 PM EST – 2 AM EST Monday through Friday, 3 PM EST – 12 AM EST Saturday and Sunday. You can ask them all the necessary questions. I’m going to have an interview with Stephen soon, so stay tuned!

Bottom line. If you are tired of fast one-day scams like ProfitBay and similar sites that promised to pay you fast but disappeared even faster then try a proven site, iNetCapital, that has been paying for 5 weeks already without any issues. Yes, the return is quite conservative (108% total ROI) but if you use the power of compounding (not directly) you will be able to really increase your profit. You will be surprised how easy you can do it and I’m going to tell you about that in my next article about iNetCapital. So far I think that the iNetCapital staff are doing a great job and there is a good chance that this program will be huge very soon when more and more people start to realize that a small but regular and stable income is much better than fast easy scams.

Other news for today.

AcmosTrade never stops to surprise me with its development. This time they made 5 more versions of their website in 5 different languages: German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Now you don’t have to torture yourself by thinking over some difficult words if you’re not a native English speaker but rather translate the site into your language with one click of your mouse. Also note that the translation is made by professionals and not by some program (like on my site for example). The conclusion: AcmosTrade continues to spend more money on their development which proves that they are here for a long time. It’s possibly the best low-ROI program of 2008 and if you’re still thinking to join this one don’t give it a second thought. It will be huge for sure! They even have phone support so you can request a telephone call back absolutely free if you’re interested in talking with one of the representatives of AcmosTrade. The interview with AcmosTrade CEO Jack Williams can be read on my blog here.

Another possibly good program Tradelite published more news on their site regarding their trading success: “Energy prices reached new highs as speculators and investors buy oil futures to hedge against the weakened dollar. In addition, worries about supply setbacks pushes prices even higher, in spite of the announcement regarding Brazil’s Petrobras discovery. Our derivatives portfolio realized significant gains on oil futures bought at the beginning of 2008.Tradelite only accept LR deposits not less than $50 and have three plans: 118% after 20 days, 147% after 40 days and 194% after 60 days. You can cancel your contract at any time and the money will be returned to you minus a 10% fee. The details of Tradelite you can read in my review here.

Point4Invest is still my favorite program that pays quickly. Don’t forget to vote on MMG, TG and DTM forums after you get your payment and you will receive a bonus of $0.10 from the admin Paul for every confirmed vote. Just email him and the bonus will be yours. I did it last night after I received my payment and the bonus was paid to me pretty quickly. This way you can help Point4Invest grow further and will be able to earn some money at the same time. It’s a no-brainer and beneficial for us all! By the way, if you don’t know yet, Point4Invest offers the investors the opportunity to earn 112% after 4 days, 120% (+1% bonus) after 5 days and 126% (+2% bonus) after 6 days. All the details can be read in my interview with the program’s admin here.

As I predicted RandomROI ended very fast and did not even last three weeks. Probably Jamie decided to run away faster this time and I’m glad that many of you actually listened to my advice and stayed away from this scam. Of course, he tried to throw some accusations around even towards me blaming everybody else for his failure. But I never posted in RandomROI threads or tried to destroy the program. I just said what I thought on my blog, that’s it! Remember that Jamie will change his name for sure and will make another program as he has done more than once in the past. So even if you have any suspicion that it might be him, don’t join! I hope his recent failure will teach him that the members are not what they used to be and that they actually can find some info and draw the necessary conclusions to avoid his scams. Just like they did in case of Tramael that had to close very soon after the admin Nein opened a new round. He just lost members’ support after all his lies and fake votes he was using. So beware of his new possible scams as well! I believe there are some really honest programs available online and my task is to find them and introduce them to you, my dear readers. But also my task is to expose scammers and warn you against possible losses and I will not stop doing it!

I would like to thank everybody for their interest in my poll and I have changed its topic already. Now it is: “What payment processor is your favorite?” There are 6 options available to answer and you can actually leave your comment too. Please let me know what payment processor do you like most and this will help me decide about a future article about payment processors to be published on my blog. I look forward to your opinions!

There are more surprises and interviews awaiting my readers coming this weekend. So stay tuned as there will be some interesting info! Have a nice weekend and see you tomorrow!

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