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Hi, guys! Here is Sunday’s update. I haven’t yet received the interview from Stephen, the admin of iNetCapital. He promised to send it today but I haven’t got it yet. So hopefully it will be published tomorrow. I remind you that iNetCapital is paying 18% for 6 days (108% total ROI) and the review of the program can be read on my blog here. I already received my payments twice and I only wish I had joined iNetCapital earlier.

The program is really impressive. With such low ROI iNetCapital can last for quite a long time providing the investors with a stable income. The admin Stephen and staff are working hard to bring more investors into the program and remind the members to promote iNetCapital too as it will be beneficial for both the members and the program itself. Here are the most important excerpts from the latest update published on iNetCapital website:
We will soon be featured on both Money News Blog & DreamTeamMoney Forum with interviews. I’ll keep everyone updated when those are ready in the next few days. Other than that there isn’t much new news. We are growing & working hard. We will soon be adding email support as an option for our members to reach us. Details about that will be announced in the next update. Have a great weekend & keep on promoting!

By the way, my blog has been officially rewarded with Approved and Informative Blog status on DTM (DreamTeamMoney) forum. You can see my thread on DTM forum here. I will be checking my thread regularly so you can also post your questions there. By the way, I think DTM forum is the perfect place to find out more about online money making opportunities. The community is great, the moderators are friendly and the forum itself is less biased than MMG and TG forums. DTM is actually very new but already has a very good reputation among investors and is really the #3 forum after MMG and TG. I hope DTM forum will become even better soon and am going to conduct an interview with somebody from their support staff and publish it soon on my blog.

The fact that I placed iNetCapital as my next “Pick of the week” doesn’t mean that I recommend Point4Invest any less. It still performs well with deposits more than twice exceeded withdrawals and payouts that are still processed within 12 hours after making request. I was paid last night and redeposited part of my profit and am going to make another deposit tomorrow. The interview with the admin of Point4Invest can be read on my blog here.

Another recommended program is SafeAtom that has been paying me a stable 2% every day for a month. I remind you that SafeAtom makes investments in the sphere of nuclear power supply and the details can be read in my review of the program here.

Among autosurf programs the best pick now is undoubtedly the very new program Lay4You. I hope you have read my interview with the admin Ernesto and if not please refer here for more details. The admin of Lay4You is very active on forums and you can really communicate with him and ask him for any proof of his betting activities. Another update has been published today and here it is:
I’m sorry for these emails that can be annoying, but Lay4You just started so there is a lot of update. First of all today my AlertPay has been verified, so now I’ve both STP and AP verified. Well, now AlertPay and LibertyReserve automatic upgrades work. I’m 100% sure of this. I’ve fixed also STP upgrade but I’ve not tried it. AlterGold upgrades are still manual. You can get live support with Skype. My Skype id is Lay4you“.

Another autosurf site FastProfitNetwork showed some troubling signs last night and despite my request the admin John didn’t bother replying as to why he suddenly changed the plan to 8% for 15 days (120%) instead of 9% for 15 days (135%). He was on forums but didn’t answer me and I find it suspicious. Also I noticed that on the stats page there are only 7 paid pending withdrawals out of 25 for the last two days. In the TOS it’s written that the payments are processed within 72 hours but given this sudden change in plans I find it worrying. It was the second change in plans in the last few weeks and the admin didn’t even change the banners this time and didn’t quite explain why he did it. Taking all these facts into consideration I made up my mind to temporarily put FastProfitNetwork to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page. I know that FastProfitNetwork is still within terms with payouts but my work is actually to inform you about the current status of any program and in my opinion all these changes and the admins’s silence don’t look good. I may be wrong of course and would be glad to put it back to “Paying” programs but only after I have confirmation that FastProfitNetwork is ok and paying and not before that.

This is all the news for today and I’ll see you again tomorrow!

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