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Hi, guys! Today I have something to report about almost every program I monitor. So let’s start our news issue again.

After 12 days online I still think that Point4Invest is worth joining. That’s why I redeposited last night right after getting paid. The stats of the program are looking good with the total deposits more than twice exceeding payouts. I think the admin Paul is doing a great job (you can read my interview with him here). Though I use the longest plan 128% after 6 days I can’t miss the opportunity to earn some more money just by voting for the program on three main forums: MMG, TG and DTM. I remind you that you will get paid $0.10 for every proven vote as the admin explained in his email to the members: “I’m offering the second bonus e-mail today. After you’ll receive your payout or referral commissions, please post on MMG, TG or DTM forums about it. DO NOT forget to include your Point4Invest account ID, amount and payment batch number (or part of payment batch number)! Bonus for every post is $0.10 directly to your e-currency account. All posts must be truthful, no lies, no fake.” I received my bonus today to my e-gold account and you can do it too. I think you will not be disappointed if you decide to try Point4Invest.
Point4Invest.com - 112% after 4 days, 120% after 5 days, 128% after 6 days - E-gold, LibertyReserve, V-money
My newest program iNetCapital is doing quite well too. Though today the site of the program was inaccessible for the investors for several hours now it’s ok and paying. The explanation of the downtime was posted by the admin Stephen: “The iNC server is down right now due to connection issue from what I understand from our host. I cannot send out an email to all members until the server is rebooted & technicians look it over. Sorry for any inconvenience, this issue is being resolved & addressed. We appreciate your patience in the mean time.” By the way, if you want to learn more about iNetCapital I strongly encourage you to read my interview with Stephen here. Believe me, it’s worth reading.

The other site Lay4You was offline for some time yesterday because the admin upgraded the server and he even had to announce a surfing holiday. By the way, I noticed some controversy on forums that was caused by the refusal of the admin Ernesto to answer some personal questions to MoneyTalkTeam forum. My opinion: nobody can ask the admin personal questions like: “Do you have children?” or “What is your hobby?” I strictly believe in privacy and don’t think such questions will be appropriate to answer. I would not bother answering such questions myself and therefore found such an approach from this forum absolutely unprofessional. I still think Lay4You is a good autosurf program with conservative ROI (8% for 15 days) and I hope the admin will prove his honesty by stable payments from a long-lasting program. I believe Lay4You has all the necessary features to become successful. You can read my interview with the admin Ernesto (nothing personal of course, only business questions!) here. By the way, I received some ref commissions today and can confirm that Lay4You is paying. Since the new 15 days plan was added only a week ago we can expect to see the first regular payouts in a week.

I’m glad to report that I returned FastProfitNetwork to the list of “Paying” programs on my monitoring page. The admin seems to have caught up with pending payments and FastProfitNetwork seems to be fully back on track. I still don’t know the reason why the recent payouts were delayed but the admin John explained why he changed the plan to 8% for 15 days: “As you know if you read the entire FPN thread from the beginning, FPN dropped AlertPay and I had to anticipate the future problems…better to prevent them not to look answers when I have them and if you were program admin you did the same thing with some smartness. You couldn’t afford to lose“. So actually this change in the plan (was reduced from 135% to 120% after 15 days) was caused by AlertPay issues. I hope the admin knows what to do to save his program and I hope this preventive measure of changing the ROI will have a positive effect on FastProfitNetwork‘s performance. To find more details about the above-mentioned program please refer to my interview with the admin published here.

Strangely after I returned one program to my list of paying sites, another well-known program, OG Fund, showed some disturbing signs of being offline for more than 24 hours. It was supposedly caused by an enormous DDoS-attack according to the admin’s words: “Dear members, Due to a colossal DDoS attack our site will be unavailable for a little more time than we estimated before. We are working to solve this issue as soon as possible.” But what’s really strange to me why BlackLotus couldn’t cope with this attack and I may email them and ask about OG Fund situation tomorrow if the downtime continues. It’s just because I saw too much downtime where the admin blamed a DDoS-attack that was in reality non existent. I hope it’s not the case with OG Fund that seemed to me a reputable program. Anyway, I hope to hear some more info regarding this in the next 48 hours and of course I will update you right here.

I had some difficulties with the AcmosTrade site today. When I tried to withdraw my interest the system showed some error and my money disappeared with no signs of recording in withdrawal history. But it meant that I had to test their support system again that was fast as always. I got a reply from them in a matter of hours and this is what I got: “This is the first time this has happened. Neither we or you can see the withdrawal request. We added money to your account balance. Please try to request again.” Of course, I had no doubt that I would be heard as AcmosTrade support is top-notch and almost perfect. You can even request a phone call to you from one of their representatives in Cyprus where AcmosTrade is registered to get answers to all the questions you’re interested in. Of course you can do it if you’re not satisfied completely after the reading my exclusive interview with the CEO of AcmosTrade published here. I consider AcmosTrade one of the best long-term HYIPs of 2008 and after they translated their website into 5 more languagea I can really call AcmosTrade an international program. I hope you will consider trying this program so that you will see for yourself that their services are great.

This is all the news for today. I encourage you to answer my poll about your favorite e-currency that you can see from the left. So far LibertyReserve is the leading processor. Do you think it’s true? Please cast your vote as it’s important for me to know. I thank you in advance for that and I will see you tomorrow!

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