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Hi, guys! Today I’d like to publish an interview with the admin of another great short-term program – UniCreditInvestment. The program is getting more popular by the day and despite all the LR issues, continues to pay to its members. Well, in my opinion it’s a strong indicator that UniCreditInvestment program is self-sustainable and is intended to run for a long time. If you want to have a better understanding of what UniCreditInvestment offers to its investors and my take on it please refer to the following review published here. I will let the admin of UniCreditInvestment do the talking now, and let you see that it’s no accident that the program has been listed in my Top 7 Recommended programs.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. Do you have any experience in running your online investment program?

Hello, My name is Ingrid. I’m a mother of two. I’ve been in the HYIP and autosurf arena for over 4 years now. This is my very first time to be the admin of an HYIP.

2. As far as I know you opened another site on a different domain first. Why did you make a decision to move UniCreditInvestment site to another domain and remake the design?

When we originally paid to have our design done we were very pleased with the design. We came to find out later that the design had been copied from another site without my knowledge. So I changed the designer, the design, the domain name and the host and I also got another license from GC. We are a serious investment site and do not want any bad publicity in the marketplace.

3. I just noticed that your FAQ section is not original. Why are you FAQs taken from Pathway-2-Prosperity site?

It remained like this from the old designer and I didn’t get time to re-make it with a new one. I’m doing this now and hopefully, we’ll get a new and original one by tomorrow.

4. Does UniCreditInvestment have any real sources of income apart from the new spends? If yes, what are they?

Yes! We have a personal forex trader that works with us 5 days a week on the open market. He is very experienced and we have full confidence in him and his abilities to generate these types of returns.

5. What plans does UniCreditInvestment offer to your potential investors? Do you think the plans will be sustainable in the long run?

We offer 3 different plans
13% – 14% daily for 8 days
130% – 144% after 10 days
120% – 128% after 8 days
Because of the diversification of the plans and the outside sources of income, I believe these plans to be very sustainable in the long run.

6. What payment processors does UniCreditInvestment accept and do you have any plans in adding more payment processors in the near future?

We accept LibertyReserve and AlterGold and we have very recently added PerfectMomey as an option as well. We’ll do some research and will try to add others in the future.

7. Why did you choose to use GoldCoders script for your program? Is UniCreditInvestment site DDoS-protected?

A licensed GoldCoders script seems to be the best and safest choice for a program like ours. And yes, we do have BlackLotus DDoS protection as well.

8. What is the advertising strategy you’re using to make your site known to your potential investors?

We have many large banners on forums including MMG and CollectiveInvestmentsForum and on other sites as well.

9. How much time do you plan to stay online? What are your plans for the near future?

We plan to stay online as long as the investors would like us to be around. Because we are not a ponzi it will not be an issue of having to close up shop.

10. In your opinion what differentiates UniCreditInvestment from hundreds of similar short-term HYIPs?

Real investments and a very good level of customer service. Anyone that would like to speak with me directly can reach me on Skype almost all the time. Username: ingrid1120 I’m more than happy to speak with anyone. I actually had one of my members thank me for having the best customer service on the net.

11. What would you say to the readers of my blog to make them think about depositing in UniCreditInvestment?

Let’s get real here, everyone knows that there is enough junk online today. UniCreditInvestment aims to change a lot of that. You will find here a very dedicated admin and a team of professionals working hard to serve our members. We know that no one will be let down by becoming a member with us. We have survived the LR downtime so I hope this proves to most everyone that we are not a ponzi and we anticipate being around for the long haul.

12. What is your opinion about my blog? Do you think it’s useful for an online investor?

I like your blog a lot, Paul. You do a really great job. I think to see the usefullness just look at the programs that you have listed. Most of them are quite succcessful which means you must be doing a good job for your readers. Thanks for this opportunity.

I would like to thank Ingrid for her time in answering the questions for the interview. I can confirm that the support for the members of UniCreditInvestment is simply great as you can ask the admin anything and chat with her live on Skype. Not many programs offer such an option as live communication with the admin and this feature is certainly useful in my opinion.

The plans UniCreditInvestment offers maybe not so profitable but are very sustainable and will allow the program to run for a long time. Together with a dedicated admin and a protected and licensed site it’s all we need to enjoy profits from a good short-term program as UniCreditInvestment.

I’ll see you tomorrow, guys, with more news and updates from the HYIP and autosurf world. Stay tuned!

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