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02/10/2010. UniteTrade Updated Review and Daily News from the Industry



Hi everyone! I’m leaving Geneva today (great city! Really enjoyed it!) and am currently enjoying the train journey to Zurich where I’m going to be based for the next couple of days. So as I’ve got a couple of hours to spare (when I’m not gazing out the window trying to spot “Heidi”, lol!) I want to take the opportunity to go back and take a look at a program that I have slowly become an enormous fan of over the last couple of months. It’s called UniteTrade and I know that many of you are going to be familiar with already.

I know that I reviewed this one a couple of months back so you may well be wondering what the point is. Well, to tell the truth a lot has changed with UniteTrade since I first came across it and it has slowly evolved into what could arguably be described as the best short term HYI program of 2010. Granted it’s still only October but it’s hard to see anyone passing them out between now and the start of next January, no matter what happens next. Why? Because UniteTrade already has a flawless payment record dating back a full six months now. Apart from that the program has become a bit more attractive than when it first featured here, and I’m continuously getting mails from readers asking me to reassess them. So as I’ve got a free morning I’m inclined to agree.

The first thing you’re going to see on UniteTrade that has changed for the better is the complete overhaul of the website. It’s been redesigned from head to toe and is now much more professional looking. I know that that’s just a subjective opinion but it’s a lot more than merely a cosmetic or aesthetically pleasing improvement – UniteTrade is now more user friendly and easier to navigate as a result.

One thing that hasn’t changed with UniteTrade is the plans. There’s still only two of them, both short term, both highly profitable, and both made all the more stunning by the admin’s ability to keep them functioning so successfully up until now. Proof if any were needed that we’re not dealing with an amateur here but rather a skilled professional HYIP player and admin who knows the industry intimately and knows how to make money for his clients.

So the plans themselves are remarkable in their simplicity. They’re both straight forward and easy enough for even the newest investors in the industry to use without any complications, but remain firm favorites with the older members as well. Anyone who joined UniteTrade when they launched, or even when I first came across them a few months back, will attest to that and be in an absolutely dizzying level of profit by now. So kudos to you if you’re one of them!

The first plan runs for 7 calendar days and accepts deposits from a minimum of just $5, making it suitable for even the smallest or most cautious investors. Of course you can also continue spending up to a maximum level of $5,000 so the only limit here is your own budget. But do remember to keep it at a sensible level, whatever that may mean to you. Your profit will be paid on expiry and will be 120% of your initial investment, principal included. So for a $100 spend that would be a reward of $120 after just a week. That’s a very attractive offer in anyone’s books, but at the risk of repeating myself a simply amazing one considering that UniteTrade have been doing this since last April and no sign of slowing down.

If you’re prepared to spend a minimum of $100 then take a look at the second plan. It too pays on expiry, but only on completion of a 15 day investment term. The return is a much more lucrative 150%, principal included. So the same $100 invested here gets you back $150 on expiry. I must admit that I had a couple of misgivings about this plan when I originally reviewed it, owing to the fact that on paper it looks a much bigger risk. This was of course the voice of caution coming through and was largely down to UniteTrade being an unproven program at that time. I’m more than happy to admit now that over the course of the last few months the admin has through hard work and diligent payouts proved me wrong in that assumption. I mean I stand over my belief that it’s always better to be safe than sorry when handing your money over to strangers, but time has proven UniteTrade worthy of a gamble and again the countless members to have passed through their ranks since April are proof of that. Had you joined the program back then or when it was first reviewed on MNO you would again have amassed a phenomenal profit by now.

If you didn’t, well not to worry because it’s my belief that it’s not too late. Far from it in fact as we can see the UniteTrade admin’s approach in promoting the program has been meticulously planned and organized. It’s been a very deliberate and conscious effort to bring the program up slowly to the level it’s at today and now the admin seems to be preparing to step things up a gear with some a new advertising campaign and coverage on sites not previously used by them. That alone should ensure the safety of your deposit for a while longer at least.

But what’s new in UniteTrade? Well for one thing the list of payment processors has improved since last being reviewed here. The old perennial HYIP favorites of LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are still there of course, but are now joined by AlertPay, the admin having had his account with them verified. And despite some people’s wariness of how fast they can turn against online HYIPs for whatever reason, I’m still pretty sure that most investors welcome them.

And that’s not all that’s new. Or improved. Withdrawals are now instant, and have been for a while. So there’s no real waiting time before seeing your money. Just withdraw and it should appear in your e-currency account within seconds.

What may be of a bit more importance to you however is that the security of UniteTrade has been beefed up to make it comparable to many of the better online HYIPs. Nothing has changed with the hosting or the script – still on a dedicated Staminus server from DdoSWiz and licensed from GoldCoders respectively. A marked improvement has come with the introduction of SSL encryption for safer browsing. The admin has also dropped his old free mail accounts and all communication now comes exclusively from his address to try and cut out the scam and spoofing mails floating around claiming to be from him.

Speaking of communication, that’s another area to have undergone a significant overhaul. You can still contact them by filling out your details on the support form and submitting it via the contacts page. Big improvements are underway with multilingual online support being added. As well as English obviously, Hungarian has already been added to the list with a number of others to follow including Russian and Chinese. Multilingual telephone support is also in the pipeline and is promised very soon. I know we’ve seen this before in the industry when it leads to nothing more to inaudible recorded messages and no actual operator ever picking up the phone, but if UniteTrade do as good a job on this as they have on everything else then I’m sure it will be a decent service.

Other than that I can only add that I wouldn’t go back on my original assertion that UniteTrade is simply an online HYIP based game and does of course still carry a certain risk as such. What I would add to that however is that UniteTrade is also a massively improved site, one that’s getting pretty hot now, and also one that deserves to be considered the leading short term HYIP on the net today. Six months of payments and still growing is a fact that can’t really be disputed. That fact that a large percentage of industry players are only now starting to wake up to this hidden gem of a site can only be a good and productive factor for its future. I have already interviewed the admin once before (his name is Andy and you can read it here) but hopefully given the positive changes made to the program in recent weeks I can get another one with him if he agrees. And whether or not you’re a member of UniteTrade you are welcome to submit some questions of your own to my mailbox.


Saturday is traditionally a slow down for investors and admins alike so there’s a bit less to report on today. EarnPlaza (reviewed here) is still doing fine and the payouts are being processed fast on all plans: 110% after 5 days, 130% after 10 days, 160% after 15 days. The program has been online for nearly two weeks and the first payouts on expiry from the last plan are yet to be processed. And it’s hard not to notice the work is going on at EarnPlaza. I can see that already many review banners were added on the main page (including MNO which was published last night) and the Live support is on the way as I can see the picture already (though not active at the time of writing). It looks like the admin is doing his job perfectly well and we can see that the program is growing, especially after the recent addition of AlertPay to go with LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. It was interesting for me to find out the latest plans for developing the site in the near future so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to send some questions to the admin for an interview. I hope that all the positive changes happening at EarnPlaza now will result in a program that will run for a long time and put many members in profit. Here is the latest newsletter from the admin of EarnPlaza Matt:
Hello, EarnPlaza went trough another great day and that makes me feel great. Today we have customized our website and I hope you all will like it. Finally live support has been added so you can ask your questions live now. We are always glad to hear a feedback so feel free to contact me anytime if you have ideas how to improve EarnPlaza and we will surely do all we can do this. We are currently working on EarnPlaza twitter and hopefully we will add it tomorrow. Also we are going to implement a new support system on the upcoming days that will save me some time and leave more time to take care of payments and other things that need to done every day.
As you may know already our program was reviewed by top HYIP industry blog Money-News-Online. I would like to say thanks to Paul for a good job he is doing. You can read his review here:
If you are russian speaking member feel free to read also review on HyipForAll blog. You can find it here:
More reviews and updates coming soon. I hope you are all happy with what EarnPlaza is providing you, I’m trying to do my best in order to achieve the maximum success. The last twelve days has been amazing for me, both personally and financially as I can see I’m helping a lot of people with EarnPlaza earnings. It feels really great to know I’m doing something actually good. I wish you all a great coming week and enjoy your profits and lives, there is so much to be done out there, and you are the ones who have the possibilities to do so. Thanks so much! See you all soon.
Best regards, Matt Powell
EarnPlaza Support

It looks like 144CashAds (reviewed here) is trying to expand their concept of being an advertising portal for sites, already offering free advertising to its members together with their 144% ROI on all plans. They currently increasing the prices for the banner spot placement ads. Here is the latest email from the admin of 144CashAds Lewies (interviewed here) with the new banner prices and reminder about the withdrawal button that is closed on weekends. It will reopen on Monday as usual:
Thanks for all your support and enjoy weekend.
All payout done.
Payout button as usual will open on Monday server time.
As we already announced to increase our banner advertise cost from 1st Oct. So now its effect from today.
Below proposed cost detail.
Header 468 (Header 468×60), Cost $12, Credits / Impression 1000
Footer (Footer 728×90), Cost $12, Credits / Impression 1000
Side bar 600 (Side bar 600×160), Cost $15, Credits / Impression 1000
Thank you. Lewies. Project admin

A new long-term program has been added to MNO today and it’s called InternationalCommerce. Quite an uninspired name I must say but everything changes when you take into consideration that the program managed to survive for 550 days (!) already. Of course, that is provided that you believe a few monitors that displayed the program as Paying for so long. The threads on the main investment forums TG and MMG are dated from the end of May 2010 though and why the program didn’t advertise on the forums before is kind of a mystery to me. The site domain was registered in late 2007 and is currently hosted on a dedicated server by a leading hosting provider Dragonara and running off a licensed GoldCoders script with SSL encryption also installed. It seems unbelievable to some newer people in the industry today but in fact I saw many HYIPs that ran comfortably for three or four years in the past due to gradually increasing advertising and sustainable plans. As a rule these programs are coming from some professional admins whose intentions are simply to run their programs for the longest possible time. So taking into consideration that InternationalCommerce is offering quite a conservative but at the same time attractive return on your investment – 1.8%-2% for 100 business days with no principal returned on expiry it’s possible that the program could run for such a long time. In fact it already has! The daily rate is fixed and depends only on the amount invested in InternationalCommerce. The minimum to invest via both LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney is only $15. I believe that the program deserves a closer look which will be done next week.

And finally the news update would not be complete without a payment report from MNO about the programs that paid me for the last 24 hours. They include:
FundsOMatic, PremiumGain, Vodapex, UniteTrade, FutureTrails, GainBucks, YesInvestment, EzProfit, OptimumPride, TradersPower, PawnShopFund, EarnPlaza, RedOrchidInvest, OilStructure, VividTrade, EMSFinance, WorldPrivateFunds, GloTrade, YoKapital and FiboTradePro.

I hope to see you on my blog tomorrow and wish you all a very pleasant Sunday! See you later, guys!

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