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BEWARE! SoaretInvestment has been moved to Problem status! Do not invest there!

Hi guys! Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend so far so far and whatever you’re getting up to is going well. As is often the case on Sunday there isn’t much going on in the HYIP industry to report on so I’m going to take a break from it myself today. I still have a couple of things to tell you about though, one of which is a new program on MNO that I want to introduce to you (more on that in a few moments) but the first thing is an interview I received from the admin of another recent addition to my monitoring page, SoaretInvestment.

His name is Josh and his program has been online for the last two and a half weeks now, offering one simple plan with no expiry date with terms of 5% daily forever, and the option of claiming your principal back after 15 weeks. If you would like to see more information on SoaretInvestment then check out the original review on MNO first published here.

1. Hi Josh, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and give us a little background information on yourself and your experience in managing a business and handling other people’s money. How much experience do you have with the online HYIP industry?

Hi I am Josh Willis from SoaretInvestment. Thank you Paul for this interview. I am the admin of SoaretInvestment and my duties mostly involve overall management and smooth running of program. We have team with specified task like investment management, customer support, technical and others. This is my very first venture as admin of a so called HYIP program however I have been on the internet for over 7 years as a support to some of the top HYIP program and I have a wide range of experience in managing funds of investors and running of investment projects.

2. Can you share some facts about the SoaretInvestment business with us? How long have you been in operation?

SoaretInvestment started its online services in the month of September 2011 and since then we have grown very strong capturing the interest of top online investors.

3. I mentioned in my review that I see most of the texts on your website have been copied from other online HYIPs. What do you say to that?

Paul, we are honest team and we are subjected to always give truthful information, you are very much correct, some of our text were lifted from past project however this is not a flop on our ability, it’s just an easy was to express ourselves to the general public for best understanding.

4. What are you offering investor in terms of plans and profits? What is the minimum and maximum amount you can invest?

We offer a single investment plan which pays members a 5% daily profit 7Days a week for the life of our program, with this plan you are allowed to withdraw your initial deposit after a period of 15weeks. The minimum investment allowed is 50USD and 50,000USD as maximum limit.

5. Do you think that by allowing investors to withdraw their principal without warning (other than the lock-in period) makes things very unpredictable for the program? How can you plan and organize things properly when you have no idea how much money you are going to have to pay out from one day to another?

Well withdrawal of principal would be easy to achieve once we have gained stability within the 15weeks lock in period. Well Paul you would be shocked to know that we have an idea of investment and daily payout, we have quality experience and we have been able to analyses 95% of our program possibilities hence we only have to deliver, we cannot go below success.

6. What payment processors are SoaretInvestment currently dealing with? What have been the most popular choices so far, both in terms of the number of individual investors and in terms of the amount of money deposited?

At the moment we accept investment in only E-electronic currency; LibertyReserve, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney, we the most used is AlertPay as of today.

7. Can you give us any other general statistics on the program, for example the number of active members, total deposits, total withdrawals, etc.

SoaretInvestment as of today dated October 14th, 2011 have a total investors in three thousands whom have made a total deposits running thousands of dollars, withdrawal has been processed smoothly on a daily basis.

8. What would be the best and most efficient way of contacting you if I have any questions or problems? What about the Live Chat support? I can see that you have the feature but I have never once saw it operating, why is that?

The best way to contact us is by sending email to; soaretinvest@gmail.com, we also offer a live chat via Gmail so you can contact us on urgent issues.

9. What have been the most common questions, problems, or other support related issues that you have had to deal with so far? Is there anything you would like to address here so that members can avoid having to contact you?

One question which has been asked over and over again is about compounding, we do not offer compounding at this time, we may consider it in the future but for now we do not allow compounding of interest.

10. Can you tell us in detail about the security of SoaretInvestment? Who is your hosting provider and how highly do you rate them as a service provider? What script are you running off? How well are you protected from hackers?

We are using the secure Goldcoders script. The script is common in the HYIP industry and so is easy for the investors to understand. Koddos is our hosting provider and they are pretty capable in their job, we are running on a DDoS host with SSL encryption.

11. Can you talk a bit more on the other outside business and investment activities are you involved with? Can we see any independently verifiable proof of these activities? How long do you honestly think you can support a massive interest bill that adds up to 35% per week?

35% a week is very sustainable, if we do not run into any troubles mostly with AlertPay then we are very well okay paying 5% daily for up to a year or more.

12. Tell us more about the general advertising and promotional strategies being used by SoaretInvestment. In a very competitive market what are you doing to bring the program to a wider investment audience?

You would agree with me that our program has captured lot of investors, we have our banners on all top blog, forum and monitors, we also got the best of monitoring services from experience admins, not left out is promotion on PTC’s.

13. Are there any plans to develop SoaretInvestment further in the near future? Will there be any interesting changes made soon? How are you planning to keep the program competitive with so many other options open to investors?

We will keep our program competitive by simple giving the best of customer support and processing payment within minutes of requests, if we are able to do this then our member base would increase and we can get more results.

14. And finally, is there anything you feel that wasn’t covered in this interview that you think the readers of MNO should be aware of? Especially anything in my review that you felt was mistaken or would like to comment on?

We are a growing investment company with well qualified people. I would urge investors to try out our services and to make some profits along with us. We cannot go below success.

Thanks a lot to Josh for that and best of luck to him in turning SoaretInvestment into a successful program and best of luck especially to all existing and future members there. Fingers crossed it works out well for all.

That’s almost it for this weekend guys, except for one other matter. The new program added to MNO’s Premium listing tonight is called TradeQ. It started just 10 days ago and offers variable weekly returns of up to 12% and principal returned after 20 weeks. Compounding is allowed which can increase your overall returns as well as investing over $1000 in any of the two plans which will be fully described in my review of the program which should be published tomorrow. TradeQ only accepts LibertyReserve deposits starting from $10 and direct Bank wires. The first variable weekly interest is credited to your account after 7 days and has to be requested from your member’s area. The program is running off a customized script and the website is SSL-secured and hosted on a dedicated server protected by Dragonara. The overall quality of the program is quite high, so I’m looking forward to give you a more detailed review soon. Stay tuned for that and see you all tomorrow!

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