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03/01/2012. NewGNi Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! NewGNi has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! I know that for may of you this will be you first day back in work after the holiday so Happy New Year to anyone visiting MNO for the first time in 2012. I know a lot of people make resolutions at this time of the year but when you think about it they’re basically all the very same thing no matter who makes them – that this year will be better than the last. And I’ll certainly join you in wishing that for all the readers here. As for me I think some of you will know I’m in Croatia to celebrate the New Year and today am writing from the train to the coastal city of Split from where I’m looking forward to exploring some of the Adriatic islands. It’s a long journey but I don’t usually mind on the train though, as it gives me some time to catch up on some work.

Anyway, I don’t really want to start the week with a cliché, but I guess a new year is all about potential and new beginnings. Arguably the program with the biggest amount of potential we’ll see this year (and yes, I am aware how that sounds just three days into January!) is the one I’m looking at today – NewGNi, which is probably also the most exciting. It’s tricky enough to describe them though as this is of course the second incarnation of the program. This wasn’t really something I wanted to give too much time to in this review but it can’t really be avoided, and as Jurgen (the NewGNi admin) isn’t trying to make any denials about the program’s history then I suppose it’s only fair to give a very brief explanation of their background to anyone new to the industry. Though longer term HYIP players will already know all about them.

Basically for the 18 months between October 2008 and around March 2010 the old version of GNI was the biggest single program in the online HYIP industry, comfortably ahead of their nearest competitors. The website itself struggled on for a while after that, but by about March or so payments had more or less began to dry up. I’d kinda hoped to avoid dragging this up again but as it’s already out there in the public domain I guess it’s better to address it now and avoid the inevitable questions that will follow from all those who might not remember NewGNi‘s last run. The reason’s for the collapse of one of the biggest, most successful, and longest running programs in the industry’s history are varied, but can be traced to two single events. First of all the almost staggering fraud carried out by StrictPay, at that time one of the biggest online payment processors dealing with HYIPs. They closed, taking all their member’s money with them, and in the process bankrupting dozens of HYIPs, e-currency exchange providers, and a good number of regular investors when they did. To put it into perspective StrictPay were probably as big back then as AlertPay are today, so you can imagine the affect that had on the industry. The other event that dealt a crippling blow to GNI was of course their bank getting into financial difficulties and having their assets frozen in the European Union. Personally I have to say that their choice of bank was something I never liked in the first place, opting for a private offshore one located in Northern Cyprus which looked decidedly shady even to the untrained eye as opposed to a regular big name High Street bank in a more stable and regulated economy. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there now and the past is past. The money was no longer available to pay the members for reasons outside the admin’s control and that spelt the unfortunate demise of GNI.

So that’s the history lesson. If that presents a problem for anyone (and no one could blame you if it does) then remember that you are free to avoid NewGNi if you wish. The number one rule in the HYIP industry is that you and nobody else are responsible for your own money at all times. If you don’t like something for any reason then walk away from it now and stop reading. Simple as that, because nobody’s forcing you to join. For the thousands of other readers who visit MNO because basically they enjoy a gamble and have no objection to taking a personal risk in the hope of earning a profit then read on. I’ll describe the features of NewGNi, tell you why I’m excited by it, and you can see if you agree with me or not.

So from this point on let’s treat NewGNi as a totally brand new program – which is exactly what they are anyway, just possibly under the control of arguably the most competent and dependable admin in the industry’s history. MNO was the sole exclusive monitor for his last program and as such worked very closely with them. I know exactly what he’s capable of and can tell you he can deliver some fantastic results. He’s Jurgen Wilkens and was a partner in the former GNI, leaving after the trouble with the program’s bank account made it apparent that the future was no longer sustainable and allowed his business partner Robert to try and salvage what he could.

Now with a few expensive but important lessons under his belt Jurgen has the benefit of hindsight and is ready to continue with NewGNi. So what do they have to offer? Well, it’s a fairly straight forward low ROI long term investment program with a choice of two plans – one that pays you daily and another that offers a slightly more competitive rate but only pays once per week.

I’ll start with the daily plan as I imagine it will probably be the more popular. It’s called The Daily Winner Plan and NewGNi will accept a minimum deposit of $20 to join. There is no expiry day as such to the plan so once you join that’s pretty much it – NewGNi will continue paying you for as long as the program runs. Your principal is subject to a 180 day lock-in period however, so after that you are free to either ask for your original deposit back and leave the program, or else just leave it in place and continue getting paid until such a time as you are ready to leave. Personally if it were my money I’d just leave it there and continue to get paid as by the time the lock-in period expires you’ll already have a substantial profit anyway, so it’s just a passive income with no further risk attached from that point on. But that’s your call. The rate itself that NewGNi are offering is a basic 1% per day, paid on business days only (Monday to Friday).

It’s impossible of course to therefore give a practical example of how much of a profit an investment in this plan will get you, as it’s basically up to yourself how long you want to keep earning for. But it will be quite a lengthy spell of 20 weeks before you break even and start counting the profit. I’d prefer to think of this period as a positive aspect to NewGNi myself. Yes, I know it can test your patience but it gives the program some much needed time to grow and flourish, and with payments of 1% per business day the key word here is sustainability. It won’t be a fast profit in HYIP terms but NewGNi will get you there eventually, and should be able to maintain those payments for a very long time indeed.

A slightly more profitable option is NewGNi‘s Weekly Champion Plan. It will set you back a more substantial minimum of $50 to join, but once you’re in the rate of interest is a more generous 6%, paid once per week. Again there is no fixed expiry date on your deposit so as a member NewGNi will continue to pay you until such a time as you decide to leave. Just be aware that there is still a 180 day lock-in period during which you can’t leave, but after that you can do as you wish.

The most important point in this plan is as always when the investor breaks even. In other words you’ve earned an amount equal to what you spent in NewGNi in the first place and therefore can’t possibly lose money after that. In this case you will be in such a position after 17 weeks, and by the time the lock-in period expires you’ll be well in profit. So again if it were up to me I’d just leave the principal deposit in place and continue earning as it’s a totally passive income and not going to cost you anything as such. But what you do with your own money is your business. I’d also give some serious consideration to this plan as an investor. The thing is that I know most of you would prefer daily payments, and that’s only natural. But when you consider that the interest rate is low and your deposit is locked away almost six months anyway, the benefits of daily payments are really diluted here. The more profitable weekly option is well worth thinking about, at least for part of your investment anyway, assuming you’re prepared to go in with the $50 minimum or more.

Payment options are a bit basic but that’s not entirely a bad thing in this case. The usual long term stalwarts of LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are the only processors being used by NewGNi at the moment. Their predecessor did have a better spread but it wasn’t always a positive experience. LR and PM are if nothing else predictable and dependable, and will throw up no sudden surprises that have caused so many problems for what were otherwise good programs in the past, freezing accounts without warning. Payments are made manually and will need to be requested from inside your members account area. Regardless of when you actually make the request it will be processed sometime after 16.00 (GMT) so if you’re in a hurry try and get it in before that time. Otherwise it will be done the following day. Also keep in mind that NewGNi do not work at the weekend, so if you’re making a withdrawal then be prepared to wait until the following Monday. The minimum withdrawal from NewGNi by the way is $1 so small investors please take note of that!

The only other thing I wanted to say about the investment plans concerns the process of actually making a deposit. It’s not complicated but it is a little different to what most readers are used to. So I just mention it for the benefit of those new to the industry. Basically it’s a straight forward procedure of first funding your account in NewGNi by depositing from your chosen payment processor – clicking the “Fund e-Wallet” tab in your account area. Then you re-direct that money from your account into the investment plan that you prefer – clicking the “Make New Purchase” tab, keeping in mind that you’re free to deposit in both plans as I did.

The security and design of the NewGNi are pretty good and up to a high standard. Hosting is on a dedicated DDoS protected server from Dragonara who as you may know recently took over the hosting of MNO, so I can confirm how professional and efficient a service provider they are and how good their support is. The script is the same as that used by the old program and is provided by ShadowScript. Perhaps not the best known name in the industry but certainly one of the best products. Previous experience with them indicates it’s a good and dependable choice and NewGNi are unlikely to have any serious issues with them. In fact the script can comfortably manage literally tens of thousands of accounts simultaneously as has been proved in the past. One interesting feature to the program is the use of a PIN system. If you like to move around a bit and will be accessing your account from different locations then every time you try to do so from a different IP address than the last time a PIN security code will be sent to the e-mail address you used when joining in order to protect your account from any unauthorized visits. It’s probably not a difficult feature for them to implement, but not many programs are doing this and I do think it’s just one example of what sets NewGNi so far above the rest of the industry. Any questions for the admin – and I bet he gets an avalanche of them! – can be submitted via the support form in the public area of the website or if you’re an existing NewGNi member through the ticketing system in your account area. I know Jurgen isn’t running the show by himself so hopefully you won’t be waiting long for one of the team there to get back to you.

As for the alleged business activities backing the whole thing up, well, this was always going to be a controversial subject. For what it’s worth out of the literally thousands of HYIPs I’ve come across over the years I have to say the one and only program I ever thought might (might!) just really be doing what they said they were was the old GNI. And who knows? Maybe they were, but even if so it still didn’t stop the whole thing from imploding. So this time I think it best that the readers make up their own minds as to whether they either a) believe what NewGNi say they are doing or b) even care. Most of the experienced players have little interest in these things anyway and will rightly treat every program as a gamble. But for the record the alleged business behind NewGNi is arbitrage betting.

In layman’s terms that is basically gambling on sports events but only in such a way as you have to win money no matter what the result. With so many bookmakers out there these days constantly trying to take business away from each other and offer the most competitive odds to their clients. So when you have an event with only two participants (football, hockey, tennis, and so on where’s only two possible winners) and when both teams are very evenly matched, some bookmakers are going to overlap each other slightly in what odds they offer to gamblers. So that means that very occasionally NewGNi can find a situation where no matter what outcome they bet on, by spreading the bet between all possible outcomes you make enough money from whichever one eventually comes out on top to cancel the losses from the other bet and still leave you with a profit. Sounds easy but it isn’t. Otherwise we’d all be doing it, right?

Anyway, whether NewGNi are doing it or not isn’t a debate I’m going to have here. It’s your money, and if you’re interested you can take it up with the admin. All I can tell you is that Jurgen was part of a team that operated the best researched, developed, organized, and managed online investment program that I have ever witnessed in my life, and if you think there’s a chance to make money online then NewGNi has a reasonable chance of providing it for you. I can’t really see it getting as big as the last version but that’s mostly down to the industry being vastly over-inflated back in those days, and anyway that shouldn’t really matter to the individual player. And of course the slower growth would help keep the program more grounded and more sustainable in the long run. But I also like the prudent manner in which Jurgen is managing the NewGNi funds, staying away from monitors that will only bleed the program’s finances dry in return for nothing but pages of pointless forum posts, and also keeping the advertising budget under tight control. Last time out MNO was the only monitor ever used by GNI and the only website on which they paid for advertising and the results were highly effective, proving that you don’t need a bunch of sharks milking you for every dime to rise to the top.

I sincerely hope it happens this time as well, however in the interests of fairness I will as always warn you never to spend more money that you can comfortably afford to live without, try and view the HYIP industry as a fun way to play with a few bucks and (if you’re lucky) supplement your income rather than becoming something you depend on, and of course if you’re going to play then try and use NewGNi as part of a wider more diverse portfolio. But I have a feeling it’s going to be working its way into a lot of investors lists soon enough.



Although TopsFund (reviewed here) keeps a strong hold on the top spot on MNO’s Premium listing and keeps paying fine on the original daily plans via LibertyReserve – 11% for 10 days, 0.5%-1.5% daily forever (principal back after 18 months), 0.6%-0.7% for 300 days (principal returned on request), 1.5%-3% for 150 days (principal back). At the same time you can read the following article about the strategy once employed by EzProfit posted here to find out exactly what the admin is doing here by adding such unsustainable plans as 1800% after 360 days, 1080% after 180 days and 2250% after 150 days and what you might possibly expect from him later, when the time comes to pay up. So, all the plans that are paying on expiry by TopsFund are strongly advised against. The new plan which was added just today is no exception as for the huge minimum of $750 it provides you with an unreal opportunity to earn 1620%-1800% after 90 days. This is definitely one to avoid (if you read the EzProfit‘s strategy article you would definitely know what I mean by that):
Mutual 90 Plan Launch!
We pay 18%-20%% daily for 90 days. Total return is 1620%-1800% .
Mutual 90 plan offer with limited 10000 units. Once the units sold out this plan will close and not allow to invest. Minimum invest is 3 units ($750). 1 unit = $250.
Along with that announcement the traditional winners of the monthly “Top Investor” and “Top Referral” contest have been announced:
Top Investor & Top Referral January 2012
Top Investor of the month December-January 2011-2012 is Marcus J.Walker .
Top Referral of the month December-January 2011-2012 is Mohamad B.Mustafa.
Congratulations! Enjoy the $10000 bonus which credited into your account balance!
Well, if you ask me how TopsFund program can pay such high bonuses on a monthly basis I will reveal you the secret how it’s being made. First option, they make some makie-yappie names and since you can’t verify if the bonuses were actually paid anyway, nobody will never know that such members simply do not exist. And second option, if such members actually do exist they will be credited with the bonus of $10,000 which they won’t be able to withdraw for a few months (plans on expiry) after which the program will simply disappear. As you can see, you shouldn’t be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out! And by the way, creating a limited number of investment units selling daily like hot cakes is from the same arsenal of dishonest methods used by some admins. So, don’t get misled by TopsFund‘s administration and only invest into daily paying plans however tempted the others would not look like to you!


I’m extremely pleased to report that ReProFinance (reviewed here) has been moved back to Paying status on MNO today. That decision was made not only because I myself received a payment but because it was independently verified by a couple of my referrals in the program. I hope that the program is back on track now that it’s returned to the #2 position in Premium listing on MNO where it was before the announced holidays. But if you still have any issues or unpaid withdrawals please contact me and I will do my best to get in touch with the program’s admin (interviewed here) as soon as possible. For now the most interesting thing to watch about ReProFinance would be the conference in Dominica scheduled for late January which according to many reports is fake as neither the hotel where the rooms were supposedly booked nor the insurance company that is about to sponsor ReProFinance‘s regatta confirmed any knowledge of the event yet. So, it would be extremely interesting to watch what kind of excuse will be given about the conference which is obviously a figment of their imagination. Moreover, there is more speculation on whether ReProFinance will survive till February at all. With an impressive record of over 580 days online and instantly paying on three main investment plans returning principal on expiry – 1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days, 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days, 2.2% for 60 business days – ReProFinance proved to be the most popular long-term program of 2011. I really hope that it will continue its good payments record for many more months to come, but please be vigilant and always check MNO blog before making important investment decisions. With this suspicious conference later in the month anything can happen! So stay updated on the latest developments with ReProFinance only on MNO!


Yesterday’s interview on MNO was the main topic for the latest newsletter from FXMoguls (reviewed here). In the interview the admin Jason tried to convince his members about the different and truly sustainable nature of FXMoguls which according to him use proven strategies in order to pay to his members. It looks impossible to me that one can pay such profits as FXMoguls pay to its LibertReserve and PerfectMoney investors – 2.4%-3.7% for 150 business days with principal returned on expiry. Even the total profit of 360% after 7 months time seems unachievable even for the most talented experts, while the fact that FXMoguls can provide it for the investors with tiny deposits starting from $0.01 makes this task simply unbelievable. You can read the whole interview with FXMoguls here and draw your own conclusions. Anyway, after nearly a month online the program seems quite stable to me and developing quite rapidly attracting dozens of investors all over the world which I truly believe that with the passionate administration team as we have in FXMoguls this program can achieve some great results. The full interview with FXMoguls can be read here and this is the latest newsletter that was issued straight after the interview was published:
FXMoguls Newsletter for 01/02/12
Dear members, Today’s newsletter will be a relatively short one. It is simply to announce that we have had the good fortune of conducting an interview with who we feel is one of the best bloggers online.
This interview was a great experience for Leanna and I as it gave us a good opportunity for reflection and to take a look at where we started from and what our 1, 3 and 5 year goals are. I know that I speak for the entire FXMoguls LTD staff when I say that we are very pleased with where we stand currently and feel that we are perfectly positioned for steady growth in the coming years.
The interview that we conducted with Paul from Money News Online can be read here –
On a side note – it has come to our attention that some of the other big name programs in the industry have had some issues as of late. This is no doubt due to the fact that they were using new member’s money to payout old investors. As this seems to be a common theme in this world let me assure you that FXMoguls LTD does not and will not ever engage in this practice.
While we do take every measure to ensure that our trading system is safe from those who may wish to duplicate it we have taken efforts to put your mind at ease regarding your investment with us and the team of professionals that run FXMoguls. You can always follow our trades live as they happen right from your member’s area.
A heartfelt thank you goes out to Paul and all of the members of FXMoguls. May your new year be full of blessings.
Sincerely, FXMoguls LTD Staff”.


An alarming situation arose today when I was contacted by a hacker claiming to have infiltrated RiskCapitalFund (reviewed here). The thing is that this was no idle claim but rather very very true, proven to me by the fact that the hacker in question was able to successfully obtain my password and security question answer in the program. I also believe I was not the only monitor to be contacted in this way. Unfortunately I also have to say that I am not satisfied by the manner in which the RiskCapitalFund is treating the situation and is not taking it seriously enough for my liking. He responded to me by saying that it was only the accounts of monitors that were (to use his expression) “selectively targeted” in an attempt to discredit the program in the online HYIP media. But the fact of the matter is that whether or not the hacker could be bothered looking for the accounts of regular investors or not is irrelevant here – if he can prove he can take control of the monitors accounts in the program today then you can be damn sure he can also take control of anybody else’s whenever he likes, and it also proves that the admin is not in full control of his website. Unfortunately while this is the case I have no option but to say I would not recommend joining the program until I am fully convinced that the issue is being dealt with seriously. However I also want to make this clear, and I can’t stress this enough, that the payments from RiskCapitalFund, which are of 150% after 25 days including principal, have not been affected by this. To the best of my knowledge all investors have been paid everything they are owed and promptly too, so there is no need for anyone to panic about this. I will not be moving RiskCapitalFund to problem status, but simply urging greater caution until the admin issues an official statement outlining to members exactly what’s happened here and exactly what he’s doing to make sure it never happens again. I will also have an interview with the admin in the next couple of days and am hopeful that the situation will have been dealt with comprehensively before that.


Just a few days ago a new program called LuxorAlliance was launched and was added to the Standard listing on MNO monitor late last night. The program accepts LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney as the only payment processors starting from a $1 minimum, but the admin insists that he will also accept direct Bank wires and even payments made via Western Union. The investment plans on offer include – 1.8% for 15 days, 2% for 30 days, 2.4% for 45 days and 2.8% for 60 days. The principal is returned on expiry and your account is credited with daily profits on each calendar day after which the funds are available for withdrawal. The script used by LuxorAlliance is licensed from GoldCoders, so there is nothing unusual there. The site is properly SSL secured and is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by Koddos. LuxorAlliance is definitely targeting an audience not familiar with what HYIPs really are and would buy their stories about being a real company with a viable business properly registered in the UK. I hope those of you who read MNO often will not be mislead by that and if you don’t know registering a company in the UK is a cheap online process and that doesn’t even require you to be in the country (click here to find out how I once did it myself). On the other hand, I would like to compliment the admin’ as he definitely knows how to attract attention. The first newsletter issued by him straight after the launch shows that he’s probably very experienced and can take LuxorAlliance to new heights. Stay tuned for a more detailed review of LuxorAlliance on MNO soon while for now you can read the introductory newsletter from the admin Adam:
LuxorAlliance Launching
Hello Everyone, My name is Adam Grant and I would like to introduce LuxorAlliance to everyone who read this letter.
Our company was originally established in the United Kingdom, London, 16 Feb 2009, providing investment services to a narrow circle of clientele. We have now enhanced our services online, making them available to every interested investor across the world.
In the process of analyzing and searching the best marketplace for our services we run into the high-yield-investment industry where we found a lot of wonderful people who are craving to make their money work. As we continued our research of this industry we found out that there are a lot of different investment projects and it appears that most of them are bogus. These projects openly demonstrate documents, certificates and bank guarantees on their website while they don’t even take phone calls. What investment company or any company in the world could afford to miss or not answer their customer? Only fake one could. We found hyip industry to be very perspective but how it will survive if such programs create so much danger for the market and their investors. How would it survive?
By analyzing this industry we made a conclusion that it has been more activity in period from 2005 to 2009 and currently it’s decreasing. What is the reason? That is all about trust. Investors are losing trust day by day and accordingly hyip industry is dying out. There are three main reasons. This first is about trust: fake documents, telephone numbers and addresses etc. The second is about greed. There comes a time when administrators become greedy: credit exceeds the debit, capital outflow etc. The third is about competence and experience. There are small amount of experienced and competent administrators who are really able to manage finance activities properly and keep it up.
As I have already mentioned, the industry has changed for the worse and presents many challenges. However, the good news is that even though challenges we face are huge opportunity is even greater if we’ll act now. With our unique ideas, new business models, new markets, new services all based on our commitment to innovation and your commitment and desire for the bright future we’re destined for success.
There is now only one path and it leads to greater sustainability, growth, equity and prosperity. As a result, our approach is focused on continuous improvement, consistent with the strategy we pursue throughout our business.
Sincerely, Adam Grant
CEO, LuxorAlliance”.


Another program that was added to MNO last night is called JunixOverseas and its admin decided to go straight for Premium listing with a Sticky option for one month to be in Top three programs on my monitor straight away. JunixOverseas offers three investment plans with a 5%-10% bonus investment on top of what you’re going to deposit. The first plan is probably the most interesting and according to the admin it will be available only for the month of January. It pays 0.1% hourly (2.4% daily) for the duration of 30 calendar days after which the original principal can be withdrawn. The second and third plans are more traditional and remind me of those offered by NewGNi, however more profitable – 1.8% per business day and 10% weekly with no expiry and optional principal withdrawal after 30 calendar days. On all the plans there is a $10 minimum set and the three most popular payment processors are all accepted – AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. The script JunixOverseas is running off is called ProBizScript in its under license. The program is hosted on a dedicated Staminus server with DdoS protection of up to 1 Gbps according to the admin. If you have any further questions before the review is published on MNO tomorrow – then don’t hesitate to contact JunixOverseas‘ support. Their Live chat was already tested by me and showed professionalism with answering all my account related question in a fast and efficient manner. So, stay tuned for a more detailed review of JunixOverseas on MNO blog tomorrow!


Here is the list of the programs I was paid by during the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: APEnergyInvest, EVBusiness, JunixOverseas (the first payment received).
From MNO Premium list: TopsFund, ReProFinance, OneInv, EurexTrade, Royalty7, BaseBucks, HYIPInnovation, RiskCapitalFund, PaidJack, FXMogulsLedgerWallet, ForexReflex, SolidForexLtd, ProfitableSunrise, OnlineInvest, NewGNi, GeniusVenture.
From MNO Standard list: TopWallet, LifeTimeProfits, LuxorAlliance (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: AmbrianInvestment, WalesFinance, EtoroGainClub.

Please stay tuned and don’t forget to check out MNO again tomorrow as I’ll be reviewing another brand-new program called JunixOverseas. And of course you can expect the regular daily news from the industry in the new format which is also shown in my blog’s right sidebar if you might notice this which most readers seem to like so far. More surprises from MNO are coming later this month, so keep checking back more often!

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