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27/08/2011. Interview with the admin of ReProFinance


Hello everybody! Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far wherever you are. I have some plans of my own this evening and since the weekends are normally pretty slow anyway I won’t be having a news update until tomorrow. What I do have for you though is something I hope you’ll find just as interesting. ReProFinance are by some distance now the longest running program to be monitored by MNO. As of today that’s a massive 447 days, a hugely impressive feat by any standards and today I’m pleased to have an interview with it’s admin.

ReProFinance was first reviewed on MNO here, but of course since that time more has changed on the program than I could possibly tell you about now without writing an entirely new review of the program (something I may yet do by the way). To just stick to perhaps the single most important detail however before we hear from the admin I’ll just mention that ReProFinance currently offers terms of 1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days, and 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days with your principal returned on expiry. I’ll let the admin explain the other aspects of the program which with a track record like theirs I hope you find an interesting read.

1. Hi Robin, and after well over a year since first being listed on MNO it’s great to finally get this interview with you! So why don’t you start by introducing yourself to the readers and tell us about your personal role in setting up and managing ReProFinance. What kind of experience do you have in this business?

Greetings, MNO! I am Robin Leston. At ReProFinance I am responsible for marketing, PR and service for VIP clients. My career experience started when I was working as a consultant for McKinsey company. Afterwards I switched for the banking industry and started new marketing practices and sale of banking services to corporate clients. 3 years ago when I was invited to work with ReProFinance I had no experience in marketing and PR of investment instruments but years of experience and accumulated base of clients helped me succeed. Now I am a member of the ReProFinance board and a full-time partner.

2. Can you give us some background information about ReProFinance, the work they do, the people working there, and a brief history of the company over the last fourteen months or so?

As I have told you we started our business three years ago. We had gathered a strong team of banking experts, technology staff, experienced traders and analysts, whose forecasts almost always come true (laughing).

We have had a clear view of our goal and have known where we are going. We started attracting serious offline investors and used the earnings from their operations to expand our staff of traders, analysts and marketing experts, and that allowed us to fully concentrate on our online division.

3. Tell us in detail about the investment plans ReProFinance are offering investors. Specifically the interest rates, the amounts one is allowed to invest, and the length of time they run for.

This information is available at our website. I can only add that we are open to counter offers and are ready to develop individual approach to every customer considering any nuances.

4. Why did you feel it necessary to change the plans so drastically? Was there really such dissatisfaction with the old ones? Also when a lot of online investors see such sudden changes that they didn’t ask for they tend to get a bit uneasy about the future of the program. What do you say to that?

At the inception of our business we needed more operational capital which we got from investors’ earnings to cover expenses for the staff expansion. Now as our client base grows we have an opportunity to pay 94% of earnings to our clients. That is why we decided to become more client-oriented.

5. What processing companies are you using to manage the money flowing in and out of the member’s accounts? With a growing demand for SolidTrustPay (after some positive changes there recently) in the industry among both program owners and their clients would you consider adding them?

Yeah, that is a good idea! (laughing). I will immediately send them our offer for partnership. In terms of reliable payment systems, I can firmly say that Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money are the ones. They are reliable both for investors and for our company.

6. Also I’m aware you had some problems with AlertPay some time ago, would you care to tell us what happened there? In light of some of their recent actions against internet based investment companies don’t you think it’s a threat to ReProFinance‘s future to continue with them like you did? Especially as there are safer alternatives.

It is not a secret that AlertPay used some fictitious excuse to freeze our account. Fortunately, in the course of negotiations we achieved an agreement with them and continued our partnership. Of course, it is more convenient and reliable to receive payments through Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, but we are trying to adapt our services to the needs of our clients and if they need to pay with AlertPay, we would gladly accept it.

7. I’m also a little puzzled sometimes by the withdrawals. Sometimes they’re instant and sometimes they’re not. What are the criteria for getting instant payouts and under other circumstances how long should I wait?

Our IT department have developed a unique fraud monitoring system based on scoring of suspicious operations. Every action of a client is assigned with a certain score ball. If the number of balls exceeds the limit the operation is processed with our finance department manually after a thorough analysis. This is primarily done for the security of our clients.

8. How secure is the ReProFinance website? Who is your hosting provider? What level of DDoS protection do you have? What about the script – where did that originate from?

First I want to tell you about our IT department. Our chief executive for IT graduated from MIT (Massachusetts institute of technology) and started his career at eBay, where he reworked the interface and the fraud monitoring system. After that he led some successful web companies and then, being excited about the idea he decided to join ReProFinance team. I will cite you just bare facts. In the period of 2 years we have had not a single incident related to unstable operation that could have affected our clients. Hosting and DDoS protection is fully outsourced to Dragonara. They accurately comply with the terms of the agreement, and, as you can see, the uptime of our website has always been 99.9%. Meantime, our website is at least once a week attacked by up to 10Gbits.

9. What kind of customer service network do you have? What are the best and most efficient ways to contact you if I have any questions or problems with my account?

The best feedback option is a live chat or special contact option in the member area of our website.

10. Can you tell about the international representatives you have hired? What kind of work does it involve and what are the benefits for those employed in the operation? What kind of skills and qualifications are required of someone applying for such a position?

In our company there are over 60 representatives from around the globe. Each of them decides separately what way they would promote our company. Some invite their friends and associates, some have their website where they place the affiliate link. The best promotion is arranging offline conferences at your regions. Such representatives make maximum earnings.

11. I have to say that it’s a bit unusual that you have a telephone number in Madrid but only provide support in English. Surely if your phone support crew are based in Spain there has to be at least one person with a working knowledge of Spanish. Why is this the case?

We have not yet come to the stage of adding more languages and hiring regional managers to offer support in native languages. We will surely please you with such changes in a short term.

12. What are your plans to develop ReProFinance in the future? Do you have any further changes or improvements in mind or would you say the program is more or less complete now?

First of all we plan to launch our unique system of bonds, which will allow our investors to purchase our bonds online, get their profits and cash out them any time that suits them. In September we are going to present many other attractive options to our clients and we are going to make this world much better and to revive the trust of people in that investment programs may be reliable and convenient investment instruments in our modern world!

Thanks a lot to Robin for that and I hope you all found it worth waiting for (this being the longest gap between a program being reviewed and its admin agreeing to answer some interview questions ever!). Best of luck to ReProFinance in completing another year online and I for one am keenly looking forward to the developments mentioned briefly by Robin there at the end coming in September.

That’s it for today, guys. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow with all the most important news updates from the previous couple of days. So stay tuned for that and see you all then!

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