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20/01/2012. BensonUnion Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! BensonUnion has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. After getting home from vacation, you know I really think I could do with a rest, lol! I still have a lot to catch up on with MNO, weekend or not, so if you’re not doing much I hope you’ll have a look. The first thing I want to say is that it’s not been a huge surprise to me but a pleasant one nonetheless about the number of high quality long term programs to have emerged in the industry so far this year. So the program I’m looking at this evening is called BensonUnion, and while OK, it might be a bit early to put them in the same category as the current leaders I’d be quite hopeful they’ll get there soon enough. It’s not often I get such a good first impression from an online HYIP (time will tell if it’s justified) but as far as the potential of BensonUnion goes it does look a promising prospect. There’s a long way to go and a lot of work, but the potential is undeniably there. It’s also quite an impressive website as well but I’ll get to that in a few minutes after we look into the investment plans.

What you have if five plans, each one named after one of the five “Great Lakes” of the US/Canada. I suppose strictly speaking you could describe them as long term plans but the thing you need to keep in mind is that BensonUnion have a get-out-early clause attached to the plans, so if you don’t fancy the full term you can leave if you wish. This come with a fee of course so remember to factor that in to your calculations. The fee if you do choose to opt out early is 25% (reasonable compared to a lot of similar programs) so despite that the real benefit here is that it makes BensonUnion that little bit more appealing to the shorter term HYIP fan as well as the traditional long term player as well, thus giving them a good competitive edge. Not a bad position to be starting out in it has to be said.

Anyway, where was I? The first option which will appeal to the greatest number of investors due to the price is called The Ontario Fund and can be joined for a $10 minimum deposit. It runs for a full term of 170 business days (keeping in mind you can leave before that if you want), Payments during that time will be paid at a rate of 1.2% per business day which is 6% per week and adding up to 204% in total. BensonUnion will return your principal in full if you stay the full term so that can be considered your net profit then. Maximum investment here is $499.

For a deposit between a $500 minimum up to $4,999 you have The Erie Fund. For the same 170 business day term (with early withdrawal available) BensonUnion offer a daily payment of 1.4%, Monday to Friday. That will give you a weekly return of 7% and a final net profit of 238%, which is on top of your principal which is then returned.

After that things get a bit, well, lofty. The cost of joining any of the remaining plans is prohibitive for most investors. I’ll go through them anyway though even if you can’t quite afford them yourself I think the existing options are both profitable and sustainable. So for BensonUnion‘s third plan we have The Huron Fund which will take deposits ranging from $5,000 up to $24,999. The term is as with the others 170 business days with a daily rate of 1.7% interest. That gives members a weekly return of 8.5% and a final net profit of 289% to which BensonUnion will then add your principal.

I’ll be brief with the final two plans as they are unlikely to generate much interest, at least not from anyone I know reading MNO anyway. The Michigan Fund accepts deposits between $25,000 and 49,999, offering 2.1% interest per day for 170 business days, while The Superior Fund starts at $50,000 with no upper limit paying 2.45% per day for the same term. BensonUnion return your principal on expiry of both.

I should point out at this stage that all BensonUnion Plans can be joined with either dollars or euros. I just described them in dollars because I know that’s how most of you operate, but the choice is there if you want it. Payout options are, like the majority of longer term HYIPs, limited to a choice of either LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. There’s both pluses and minuses to this, but for the most part will add to the stability of the program as long as it’s actually with us. BensonUnion go some way towards compensating for the lack of choice by awarding members with instant payouts on request. Just log into your account and make a withdrawal, you should see it in your e-currency account immediately afterward. Bank wires are also available though you’re going to have to take this up with the BensonUnion admin if interested because generally a whole other set of rules will apply as regards minimum deposits, withdrawals, fees, etc, there. And for fans of compounding the feature is also available, starting from 10% and increasing in increments of 10% each time, ie 10%, 20%, 30%, and so on.

I suppose it’s the BensonUnion website itself that really caught my eye first. I mean it’s by no means a prerequisite for a successful program – and indeed some very amateur websites have gone on to be massive hits in the past – in the longer term side of the HYIP industry you really need to grab people’s attention early and keep it. BensonUnion do this easily, translating the website into ten different languages, making one of the most professionally produced video and PDF presentations I’ve ever seen in the industry (including business tutorial videos) and running off a totally unique and custom made script. They also feature a decent section of general security in the FAQ section, a lot of which is of course common sense but they do include some solid advice on stuff like what to do if your payment processor account got hacked, something that a lot of people new to the industry would do well to check out. Hosting is on a dedicated server, not directly with Dragonara but with support and DDoS protection provided by them. As a customer of Dragonara myself I can vouch for the quality of that particular service.

If you require any further assistance from the BensonUnion support team, have any questions, account related issues, or the like, then you can contact them by filling out the online ticketing form and submitting it, or by mailing them directly at the e-mail address listed there. BensonUnion have a postal address in Hong Kong, though that’s something I have no way of verifying. You may also wish to try their telephone number. Something else that will shortly be featuring under the program’s customer service section is the network of regional representatives that is currently being recruited from among the members. If that’s something of interest to you or that you think you might be adept at then check out the BensonUnion website for more info. Users of social networks can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s an extremely well organized and professionally put together website, and someone new to the industry may well be forgiven for mistaking the BensonUnion website for that of a bank or regular financial services company. The giveaway of course is the inclusion of LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, meaning that BensonUnion is none of those things. It’s an online HYIP, a damn good one mind you, but still an online HYIP. There’s a huge degree of risk involved and it’s always going to be a gamble. But that’s what you have to do if you’re serious about being an industry player. There’s definitely a chance to make money here though, and most of all to those joining early. No matter how impressive a first impression however there is never an excuse for spending more money than you can afford to lose in any anonymous net based program, BensonUnion included. And the other thing is to protect yourself from heavy losses in any one venture by keeping a wide portfolio where you can recoup your investments with a lot less stress.



I must admin that I was not online at the time when the NewGNi website was offline yesterday for only a few hours, but just realized afterward how many people were worried about it so much. And though the admin of the program Jurgen remained active on the program’s Twitter and Facebook pages explaining the situation as a technical glitch on side of their service provider Dragonara. Only today, after all the pendings were paid did they breath a sigh of relief and continue to enjoy the program. That is why I totally agree with what Jurgen emphasized in his latest newsletter about the utmost importance to read the daily updates on social networking websites and MNO which is the first to report the latest news from the HYIP industry. Also as you might know MNO was chosen as NewGNi‘s exclusive monitor, so you can rely on the information provided here when it comes to incidents like yesterday’s.

Anyway, everything is back to normal and the members of NewGNi are getting paid on every business day as usual. Two payouts were processed today (those that were requested yesterday and today) on both investment plans. NewGNi is accepting minimum deposits of $20 and $50 respectively to 1% per business day and 6% weekly plans. As you might remember from my detailed review published here the plans have no expiry date and will pay you until you decide to request your principal back subject only to a 180-day lock-in period. Until recently only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney were accepted by NewGNi and Jurgen specially mentioned on the program’s Facebook that AlertPay would not be accepted in any case due to their unpredictable policy against HYIPs and ongoing credit card payout issues most possibly connected with the recent scandal about them being used by sites promoting illicit drugs and child pornography (read more about that in my article here). Anyway, instead of AP another Canadian payment processor and its main rival was introduced, much to the joy of some good many investors – SolidTrustPay. This is a highly respected processor with years of servicing its members and convenient deposit and withdrawal options. The payment processor preach a strict approach to their clients and demand serious verification from the admins in order to handle the money, so it’s beneficial for all the current and potential members of NewGNi. In addition to that, cash bonuses of $10 to $50 depending on the deposited amount were announced for those first 100 members who deposit via STP and since the program just hit only its 400th member today there are still dozens of spots up for grabs. For more information on that please read the latest weekly newsletter from NewGNi:

Dear clients, friends and fans
Another week has past and despite the facts that there are no important news, I’d like to update you on a few issues:
We welcomed our 400th member earlier today: Welcome to NewGNi Marc!
On a marginal note: We have now a 44.25% active member ratio. That is quite amazing, thank you all!
Most of you should be aware by now, that NewGNi is a verified SolidTrust Pay (STP) merchant since the beginning of this week. Sorry, I have to repeat a few phrases from our latest newsletter now, since some members just joined recently:
STP is a Canadian based, flexible and user-friendly payment system, that offers its clients advanced services, like funding your account with a Bank Wire transfer or with your VISA or MasterCard. Withdrawals can also be requested direct to your Bank account or to your Credit Card (STP’s Terms and Conditions apply). Currently six different currency options are accepted for funding and withdrawal.
If you don’t have an STP account you may open one here – it’s free!
On the occasion of accepting SolidTrust Pay we are offering the following bonuses for a limited time, if you deposit with STP:
$10 bonus for deposits of $100 or more
$20 bonus for deposits of $200 or more
$50 bonus for deposits of $500 or more
As there are always rules in life, the following rules apply:
-First hundred deposits only
-One bonus per member only
-Bonuses will be credited to your E-Wallet
-Bonuses will be credited manually within 48 hours on weekdays only
In order to claim your bonus please contact us via Support Ticket from your members area, with the phrase ‘STP Bonus’ in the subject and your transactions details in the body. So far about 30 or so bonuses has been claimed; still plenty left to go for.
Now, please read the real trigger for this newsletter:
You might have noticed that NewGNi was unavailable for about six or so hours yesterday, due to undefined technical reasons, according to our hosting company Dragonara. If something like that happens to any investment related website, some members tend to get nervous, what is fully understandable. Others (mostly those without any active deposits) like to ‘add fuel to the fire’: This is pandering to the public’s basest instincts and their main objective is to create panic among active members, for whatever reason …
Anyway, what I like to say, and sincerely not for the first time since we launched this project:
If our website is not available for whatever reasons, I urge you, please check our Facebook and Twitter pages for immediate information or our exclusive monitor’s blog at for daily updates. For those of you who don’t know yet, please spend them a visit for unbiased information about the industries premium programs.
Enough said, I wish you all a nice weekend!
I’ll see you next week.
Best regards, Jurgen
NewGNi Administration”.


SolidTrustPay was also added today by another new but already quite successful short-term program – IncomeInt (reviewed here). I remind you that IncomeInt offers two plans only – 110% after 5 days and 130% after 15 days. That alone will definitely strengthen the position on IncomeInt in the HYIP market, especially among those who prefer short-term programs but only use STP and AP and therefore don’t participate in most of the popular short-term programs now. In my opinion, targeting this niche can be really beneficial for IncomeInt and we will see within the next days and hopefully weeks a significant growth in membership. The addition of STP was the main topic of the short newsletter posted on the site of IncomeInt today:
Dear members,
As some of you requested via phone or e-mail support, SolidTrustPay has now been added as another way to deposit and withdraw on Income International.
We were not familiar with this payment processor but after getting in touch with them and analyzing their features, we agreed that they are a very smart tool and fits IncomeInt‘s business model.
The same rules apply for investments made using Solid Trust Pay, deposits are automatic and withdrawals are sent to your e-currency account within 24 hours.
Cordially yours, Eric Noys”.


Just yesterday the review of LucidNature was published on MNO (click here to read it) and today it was announced in the official newsletter sent to members. Although the first cycle is not over yet and no one who invested in the 1.5%-2.5% for 25 business days plan with principal return on expiry is in profit yet, according to the admin Edwyn they have over 400 members now. It’s not hard to imagine that provided the fact that in addition to LibertyReserve LucidNature also accepts AlertPay and SolidTrustPay which may attract more serious investors in the long run. Of course it’s too early to judge the program’s potential at this point, I believe we will have a better idea about the person behind LucidNature after he replies to my interview questions which I’m going to send to him within the next 24 hours. Below you will find the latest newsletter from LucidNature:
Moving Forward and MNO Review
Dear LucidNature clients,
We would like to welcome all new members who joined LucidNature in the past few days. You are more than welcome to contact us with any inquiries you might have.
As we are approaching the first cycle of principal payments, in around 2 weeks from now, we would like to announce that we have been reviewed by one of the well-known review sites in the online investing industry – Money News Online. Please feel free to read the full review posted on their site here:
We would like to thank Money News Online for making this review and including LucidNature in their Premium list of investing programs.
Our Alexa rank is increasing significantly. We are experiencing an uptrend, and we are growing in a steady manner.
We are moving forward with more than 400 members who already joined us since our opening.
We would like to thank you all for making this happen, by spreading the word about the LucidNature project and by posting your feedback on public forums and ranking monitors. We reward our active clients with a 5% commission for attracting potential investors.
At LucidNature we are working hard on increasing our investors’ base and sustaining the program. We are looking forward to making the first principal payments and making our clients’ experience, a pleasing journey.
Best Regards, LucidNature staff”.


Unfortunately, I have to deliver you some bad news about APEnergyInvest (reviewed here). It looks like they might be in trouble due to delayed withdrawals which the admin tried to explain on the official Facebook page:
Due to increased activity and weight of traffic, our instant withdrawals service may not be available as much as before. We operate with very low limits in our accounts for security reasons and because of huge growth our daily withdrawal amounts far exceed these limits. Payments not made instantly will be made manually within the published timescales. This policy is in the interest of safety and security of our system.

That could be a good enough explanation if the members were not extremely worried about that unnecessary delay in payouts and not posted everywhere about it. As usual, monitors seem not to be affected as I saw reports floating around on some forums for APEnergyInvest‘s support. The delayed withdrawals would not be a problem for me as the terms and conditions still state that the instant withdrawals from the program is not a must and they can be processed within a 48 hour maximum. However at the time of writing I have one verified complaint from one of my readers which I verified personally. It appears he was not paid over $300 for longer than 48 hours already. That alone really worried me so I contacted the admin of APEnergyInvest Mal for an explanation. At the same time, I have moved APEnergyInvest to Waiting status on MNO and would not recommend joining until the problem is addressed and the withdrawals resume. Until that happens the program risks being moved to Problem status on MNO tomorrow. Let’s hope for the best. I will update you on APEnergyInvest’s status tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.


Just yesterday I was discussing the increased advertising for LuxorAlliance (reviewed here) when commenting on their second weekly newsletter. I predicted the further advertising expenses as LuxorAlliance is getting more popular every day paying on four investment plans with principal returned on expiry for over three weeks now. Currently LuxorAlliance accepts LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and start from $1 to 1.8% for 15 days, 2% for 30 days, 2.4% for 45 days, 2.8% for 60 days plans. Starting today the admin of LuxorAlliance has decided to upgrade to Premium listing on MNO with the possibility of interviewing him later on. I hope it will prove a wise decision for him and bring more investors to his program as LuxorAlliance definitely deserves it with proactive admin issuing quite entertaining newsletters and paying to his members very fast so far. Let’s hope he will keep it this way for a long time!


It looks like the members’ support on Facebook is really vital for the admin of LifeTimeProfits Lara who issued a short newsletter today asking her members to “like” the program on Facebook:
Like us on Facebook
Your support is essential for our career.
If you are satisfied with our service, you can like us on facebook:
Best Regards
Lara. LifeTimeProfits”.
LifeTimeProfits (reviewed here) has been monitored on MNO for nearly seven weeks now and the first investors should start receiving the first profits on their investments by now. The program pays 3%-5% for 50 business days with payments processed on LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.


This morning I added another short-term program of the type that has been increasingly popular and profitable recently for investors. ProvidentInv (this is the program’s name) has been online for five days and offers payments to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney on numerous investment plans with a single payout on expiry – 105%-130% after 1 day, 116%-230% after 3 days, 137%-630% after 7 days, 180%-1300% after 14 days, 270%-2600% after 30 days. The script is licensed from GoldCoders, ProvidentInv is hosted on a dedicated server by AntiDdos and is properly SSL secured. The minimum to invest starts at $10 and the payments are processed quite fast judging by the first payment I received tonight). More about ProvidentInv will be posted in my detailed review tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, I will leave you with the first greeting from the admin posted on the site when it just launched:
Finally ProvidentInv in open for investors worldwide!
After moths of hard work our team are proud to announce that our investment program ProvidentInv is online. Site is secured with highest ddos protection and managed by professionals. We aim to deliver powerful and risk-adjusted investment returns to our investors, achieving consistent performance through the quality of our people and experience. Investments in ProvidentInv will insure you from doubtful investments and will let you to get an access to an important for the company market segment within the framework of business diversification strategy.


Here is the list of the programs I was paid by during the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: EVBusiness, TopWallet, WorldwideCapital, JunixOverseas, MoneyHysteria, RelaxCapital, OnlineInvest.
From MNO Premium list: TopsFund, ReProFinance, OneInv, Royalty7, NewGNi, EurexTrade, BaseBucks, FXMoguls, ForexReflex, IncomeInt, LuxorAlliance, GeniusVenture, FelminaAlliance, ProfitableSunrise, WinningProfits, SolidForexLtd, PlexCapital, LucidNature, BensonUnion.
From MNO Standard list: StrongDollars, EasyForexInvestment, LifeTimeProfits, ProvidentInv (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: EtoroGainClub, WalesFinance, AmbrianInvestment.

That’s all I have to report for you tonight. I hope you all have a good weekend but still don’t forget to check out my blog for the latest updates on your favorite HYIPs and new reviews. See you tomorrow, guys!

/strong/a we are working hard on increasing our investors’ base and sustaining the program. We are looking forward to making the first principal payments and making our clients’ experience, a pleasing journey.
Best Regards,

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