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 Beware! RealityProfit has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend so far. Congratulations to any readers in Spain or just fans of Spanish football celebrating winning the European championships earlier this evening as well. Enjoy the party but it’s a regular work day for me as I still have some news to get through for you. First however I want to take a closer look at the most recent addition to the MNO monitoring page, a program called RealityProfit which I should make clear right from the start that after a month online is by no means new but looks as if the admin is really only starting to push it now.

Something else about RealityProfit however is that it presents a very unique investment plan for members to join. Well, maybe unique isn’t the right word, but I can’t see much else in the HYIP industry at the moment that resembles it. In fact what it really reminds me of is some of the old surfing sites that used to be popular a couple of years back (I guess longer term readers will know what I’m talking about when you see how RealityProfit works).

So to start with there is only one investment plan available. You can join it for a minimum deposit of $10, and please note that for anything bigger than that you may only deposit in increments of $10. So in other words you can only spend $10, $20, $30, $40, and so on like that. And in return for your money, RealityProfit are offering a daily interest rate of 8%.

Now, this is where it starts to get a little tricky, so please read very carefully. First of all in order to earn your 8% interest you must remember to log into your account every day. If you don’t, then you won’t earn. The reason for this is officially that you will have to view some advertising for a 30 second period before being automatically re-directed to your RealityProfit account area (and as revenue from this advertising is allegedly the source of the money, hence the compulsory need for members to view it).

Understand everything so far? Good, because there’s still room for another twist which we find with the investment term. How long will RealityProfit pay you 8% per day? In theory for as long as you remain an active member – but here’s the catch:
you can only ever make one single withdrawal. The admin credits your account with the interest every day, but you have to leave it accumulate there until you are ready to withdraw. You may do this any time you wish, but once you do, that’s it. You’re no longer an active member of RealityProfit.

But this is where you need to be exceptionally careful, because RealityProfit will not be returning your principal. All you will ever be allowed to withdraw is your profit in one lump sum, your principal is gone the day you invest it. So remember you’re free to leave the program after one day if that’s what you want, but if you do all you get is 8% of your deposit back. You have to stay a member for a minimum of 13 days just to break even, so don’t even consider leaving before that. After that it’s up to you to set a realistic target that you believe the admin will be able to come up with. One suggestion for example (and it’s only a suggestion!) is that by waiting let’s say 15 days you would earn 120%, or your own money plus 20% net profit. Of course you are free to make your own calculations.

Just to clarify one thing about the withdrawals by the way, what I described above refers exclusively to you interest payments but not referral commissions. If you’re adept at promoting the program and have others in your downline then you can of course withdraw your ref comm payments without your interest earnings being affected in any way.

The list of payment processors accepted by RealityProfit is fair enough. Something I think almost no investor would complain too loudly about I guess, as three of the four main providers are listed including two verified options. These include SolidTrustPay and Payza, as well as LibertyReserve. So enough there to encourage a good number of investors I think. Payouts are only made from Monday to Friday and are made manually by the RealityProfit admin (and obviously as you are the one determining the length of your investment it’s up to you to make the request). The minimum withdrawal has to be at least $10, so smaller investors please keep that in mind. Once you’ve done this most requests can take anything up to 72 hours for the payment to be processed. Now, in reality it should hopefully be faster (and I mean a lot faster!) than that, but perhaps the fact that RealityProfit start by asking you to give them three days to complete a transaction, and then don’t even count Saturday and Sunday as part of it, is one reason why they’ve had such a painfully slow start since launching. But anyway, that’s the rule so take it or leave it.
That’s not all though. Payza members can expect a whopping seven day wait for their payouts, which according to the RealityProfit admin is due to restrictions placed by Payza themselves.

One thing I was wondering about RealityProfit by the way was how to entice investors to come back and keep spending. Because I have to say that while it is an original concept I’m not convinced that members would be enthusiastic about coming back to re-deposit again and again and again in much the same way they might in a regular online HYIP. Not that it’s a bad reflection on the program or anything, I just don’t see where the motivation might be. And that’s where another blast from the past comes into play. If longer term industry players are getting all nostalgic about the retro style of RealityProfit, maybe you also remember a common feature used by numerous programs many years back called the 50/50 rule? Well, RealityProfit has something similar.

What that rule basically stipulated was that at any one time a member could only withdraw 50% of his earnings, and 50% had to be ploughed back into the program. It wasn’t always popular – hence it being so rare today – but it did do a lot to maintain stability and keep membership levels at a high. Even if it was a sort of artificial enthusiasm it did at least bolster the cash flow. And that is what RealityProfit are aiming at here. Not on a 50/50 ratio, but at a much more painless rate of 75/25. So when you go to make a withdrawal, you only receive 75% of the money while 25% gets re-invested. That starts more or less from the beginning again so you are free to withdraw the remaining 25% pretty much anytime you choose. I guess the admin’s plan is that you probably won’t be withdrawing it to quickly, but that decision is yours entirely.

As for the design and security of the RealityProfit website, it’s hosted on a dedicated DDoS protected server by Koddos, and is running off an original script. There’s no SSL encryption in place though, so it does have a slightly unfinished feel to it. And if you have any further questions, comments, suggestions, or just account related problems then you can get in touch with the admin by filling in your details on the online ticketing support form and submitting it. RealityProfit features Yahoo instant messenger for live online chat, though nothing to indicate what kind of working hours are kept there or when, if ever, you’ll find the admin or an operator to chat with. They are also maintaining a Facebook page.

On the face of it RealityProfit may sound like an autosurf, though that’s not exactly what it is. It does play very heavily on the importance of advertising however, but it’s hardly relevant to the risk factor. It’s easy to get into RealityProfit, but the trick of course is in assessing how far you can push it and get out again with a reasonable profit. Whatever you do don’t leave it for too long, don’t put more money that you can afford to lose into it in the first place, and try to keep a balanced, diverse portfolio.



As I predicted in my last post the wave of scams hit this week straight after the collapse of industry leader Royalty7. I didn’t expect though that the consequences would be so devastating for so many programs, but it looks like a combination of failed piggybacking from the admins and former investors in Royalty7 getting scared off from investing in other programs led to several closures. Recently these included what had otherwise been some promising programs including Wacomark, OrbitsPay, FlitzInvestments and HYEarn. They are all proven scams now and joining is not advised.

As to Wacomark and OrbitsPay they were probably projects run by the same admin as there were just too many similarities to be ignored. They stopped paying almost at the same time which was hardly a surprise for me. Still, Wacomark only lasted 12 days and OrbitsPay passed 8 days which was definitely not enough to see a profit. I believe the admin got more attention for his programs than they actually deserved due to huge amounts of money circulating in the industry from Royalty7 profits and the huge success of FX7Pro which investment plans the admin of Wacomark and OrbitsPay tried to copy. It looks like he succeeded in that and collected a lot of money. Unfortunately, he disappeared very fast and didn’t let investors profit from his programs, but as I discussed before that was almost to be expected when Royalty7 started delaying payouts.

The admin of FlitzInvestments also stopped the payouts yesterday citing difficulties with his Payza account. I don’t quite believe this as it doesn’t explain how the program kept accepting Payza till the end. Anyway, the program scammed after 9 days online only allowing the very first investors who were in their 8 day daily plan to profit while scamming the others. Another one bites the dust!

Finally, HYEarn was a total joke with the admin running his program for eleven days only not getting anyone near a profit zone and changing his plans twice during that short period of time. The concept of the gradually increasing daily profits was fresh and I have no idea how the admin managed to close only attracting a few investors via LR and PM. If there is something else going on behind the scenes I’m not aware of it as the admin never replied to my queries regarding the delayed payouts. Please beware and do not invest in those four programs anymore which are bound a common trait “All4Scam”.


It appears after the collapse of so many short term programs recently, many of which were not able even last for one full cycle, the interest of the investors is gradually shifting back to the low interest programs with a more stable lifespan and steady daily performance for months. An excellent example of this has been BensonUnion (reviewed here). The program pays instantly to Payza, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney (also accepting direct bank wires) into a 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days plan with the original principal returned on expiry. And though BensonUnion is a relatively new program running for over five months now and the first investors are yet to get their original principals back I can confirm that they are already in the profit zone and continue to increase their profits from the program on every business day.

What I personally admire about BensonUnion is the fact that the admin Ragnar (interviewed here) does everything possible to improve the investors’ experience with the program adding more features to the original script. Most recently promoters of BensonUnion saw changes in their referral stats which are now more detailed. We should see more useful updates including the referral area being translated into ten languages (just like the rest of the of BensonUnion website) and I’m looking forward to update my readers about that once it’s done. Meanwhile, you can read the latest info from BensonUnion below:
BensonUnion official newsletter
Dear BensonUnion investors! We sincerely hope everyone had a good weekend and our investors are getting ready for the next business week. We previously promised to upgrade referral statistics. It’s done! Now every client of BensonUnion has much more information about his referrals, their deposit amounts, referral earnings. We also added graphs that will help you to compare your referral earnings and referrals activity. The new upgraded referral statistics pages will be translated to 10 languages next week. Stay tuned for next updates in July!”


Regular visitors and investors in OneInv (reviewed here) probably noticed the video presentation clip on the main page of the website and telling you more about the company itself and its investment process in more detail. You can watch this video to learn more about the program though I advise remaining skeptic about its legality in the first place and ignore all the false claims of that part:
Video Presentation now available.
Video Presentation now available. It’s helpful for the new investors to join us.

I would like to remind you that OneInv has been performing well for over nine months already. Don’t get too excited about it though as the interest paid to the investors on LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney is quite small and you can get only small amounts which would hardly get you into the profit zone before the program collapses – 0.6%-1.2% daily forever (principal back after 12 months), 1%-2% for 300 days (principal back). And this collapse is surely going to happen in a couple of months when the first payments are due on a 90 day on expiry plan promising a totally unrealistic return of 1800%. Please note that this plan and the other similar plans in OneInv – 2500% after 250 days, 2160% after 180 days, 2250% after 150 days – are NOT recommended for investing. I have learned the strategy used by the admin of OneInv for all his programs and can tell you that nobody is going to get paid from those ones which are cleverly disguised as daily plans. Congratulations to those who have been in OneInv from the beginning, but for those who are just considering joining now I would suggest you stay away and not waste your time and money with almost zero chance to make a profit.


If you’re an investor in GlobalOilFund (reviewed here) you’ll know that the program is almost a champion in processing fast payouts on all the investment plans – 105%-125% after 1 day, 55%-70% for 2 days, 130%-300% after 5 days, 180%-475% after 10 days, 300%-800% after 20 days, 500%-1300% after 30 days. They are also fast in adding deposits made by their investors via Payza. This is the only payment processor accepted by GlobalOilFund which has to be paid manually following the instructions in your member’s area and submitted to the admin for approval. Because of the weekend and the huge influx of deposits made in GlobalOilFund via Payza the admin delayed the addition to a few hours but immediately apologized. That’s the standard of service and behavior investors expect from a quality program, so kudos to the admin there. All other investors depositing via SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve are not affected and their deposits are added automatically and instantly. This slight delay and a couple of other less important topics were the subject of the latest newsletter from the program issued tonight:
GlobalOilFund Weekend Update – Payza deposits delay issue solved & explained!
A pleasant day to everyone at GlobalOilFund. This update shall address the delays in adding of the manual payza deposits that just occurred hours ago. Right now, we just completed all of the transactions and it took us several hours to catch up with the influx of deposits that got invested to our company.
Let me explain the reason of the delays ( which took up to 6 hours to process a manual deposit via payza transaction )
It is a Sunday today and only myself and Nathan are available to assist our investors, and a huge influx of deposits / investments came in. As you all know, Payza deposits are manually added. Most of the time these deposits take only minutes for us to add to the respective accounts and plans. But today some members needed to wait hours to get their deposits added. The main reason of this delay is that, there were hundreds of deposit transactions that came in earlier.
We do a series of checks and validations before we add a deposit to an account. We make sure that the transaction is valid and that the information is complete.
These are some who do not copy and paste the information needed on their transaction message. When this happens, we have to contact the depositor and ask for the information ( Plan & Username ) . This added to the delay that happened earlier.
I want to tell everyone to please make sure you include the plan and username on the message / memo field of your Payza transaction. This will make processing your deposits faster.
Okay, so that issue is now solved and we are able to catch up with the growing deposits. As of this writing, there are deposits we receive and we process those quicker because the information is complete and we completed the huge number of transactions earlier today.
Our website just undergone another security update, our programmer just had to make sure that the integrity of the website and security is updated.
Make sure you visit the Ratings page and forums whenever you receive payments from our company.
Thank you for trusting GlobalOilFund. We are always at your service.


Over the weekend the admin of the above reviewed RealityProfit took the time to issue two more lengthy newsletters. The first one reward the five lucky winners of the first referral contest that lasted for more than two weeks. Also discussed was the earning strategy in the program which will allow some to make up to $9,600 per month from the upgrades made via SolidTrustPay, Payza or LibertyReserve. The admin also mentioned the growing membership and shared his plans to get to 20,000 members by the end of October. Those active in social networking sites were encouraged to like RealityProfit on Facebook and more actively promote it there. Here’s the full newsletter issued last night:
The RealityProfit referral contest ended yesterday and it was a huge success.
Here are the Winners of Referral Contest and the prizes they have won.
During the period of (2012-06-12 – 2012-06-30)
No User Downline User
Top Referent/Sponsor
1:-vitunk — 380 $300.00, 2:-Sullivan — 309 $250.00, 3:-mishi123 — 231 $200.00, 4:-wealthncash9 — 209 $100.00, 5:-superwealth — 174 $50.00
A big thank you to all who partook in this contest. The above winners have had their funds credited to their accounts.
Today the 31st day of our site being launched, we now have over 4,493 members who trust RealityProfit for their daily earnings with Over 10,000 Ad Packs which have been purchased in the past 31 days.
But remember it is our goal is to grow our membership to over 10,000 members before the 1st of August and 20,000 members by the end of October.
RealityProfit is an online growing success!
The question is, would you like to be a part of this success?
Those who understand how RealityProfit works have developed an income strategy of $19,200.00 monthly.
Some of our good members have purchased up to $8,000 worth of ad packs. These members are already earning up to $640.00 daily.
Others have purchased up to $4,000 worth of Ad Packs.
These members are already earning up to $9,600.00 Monthly.
The best thing for you to do right now to be part of this success is to purchase an ad pack today. Everyday!
To do this , simply click on your ref link:
Login into your account and get started with at least an ad unit which cost just $10.00
Those who already have Ad Packs can purchase more.
Remember that you can own up to $8,000.00 worth of Ad Packs and that will produce for you an income of $640.00 daily until you decide to expire your ad packs.
Again, I welcome you to RealityProfit as we hope to provide for you an opportunity capable of changing your lives.
Remember, at RealityProfit, we answer every support ticket in a timely manner, we pay everyone the exact same 8% daily rebate on ad packs,no matter when you join.
You are truly important to us, so we work extremely hard for you.
You require no recruiting and we mean that, no matrix to fill, no straightline where only the first earn, no 1 or 2up to give away, we stay true and honest to you.
Finest Regards, Wiley Dorothy. RealityProfit Support
Withdrawals Are Enabled Monday To Saturday!!
Referral Commission Withdrawals are Daily!!
RealityProfit Recent Payouts: http://realityprofit.com/index.php?p=recent_payout
RealityProfit Tutorials: http://realityprofit.com/tutorial/index.html
RealityProfit Happy members Comments: http://realityprofit.com/index.php?p=testimonials
RealityProfit Referral Contest Link: http://realityprofit.com/index.php?p=ref_contest
RealityProfit on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Realityprofit
PS: Be sure to LIKE and join our Facebook community, using the link on our RP Home page.
FB offers you another way to advertise , either to your friends via your FB page, or through the many free FB marketing groups!

And for today’s newsletter the admin of RealityProfit was also very cheerful and greeted over 4570 members in the program and over 300 members joining daily. Members were also given some practical examples of how much they can earn from their upgrades and were given ten good reasons to upgrade their membership by purchasing ad packs. I believe you were able to understand from my review how it all works, but if I missed something then I’m sure that the admin will fill that gap for you in the latest newsletter issued tonight and re-posted below:
It has being a very superb first 31 days of launch at Reality Profit.
Our community today reached has grown to over 4570+ members and that is quite an incredible achievement!
I must say , I am soooooo impressed with all those who believed in us when we got started.
First of all, Let me use this opportunity to welcome all our new members and as well thank those of our active sponsors who have made this growth possible.
RealityProfit is just getting better everyday with over 300 new members joining daily!!!
How can anybody not see all the potentials this site has?
One thing you should know right from the start is that if you really want RealityProfit to work for you, then you should look at getting started with at least one ad pack today.
Right this moment!
I have outlined several investment strategies that will be possible for all, irrespective of your budget.
For example,
If you can invest $100, in 30 days at 8% daily, you will Earn: **$240.00**
If you can invest $1,000, in 30 days at 8% daily, you will Earn: **$2,400.00**
If you can invest $2,500, in 30 days at 8% daily, you will Earn: **$6,000.00**
If you can invest $5,000, in 30 days at 8% daily, you will Earn: **$12,000.00**
Another good way to make money at RealityProfit is by referring others who are interested in this opportunity.
YOU GET PAID 8% on every ad pack purchase made by people you refer, and an extra 7% on all your indirect referral purchases.
You see, RealityProfit was designed for you to make money.
It’s your choice to either profit from this opportunity or let it slip by.
Here again are 10 GOOD reasons why you should upgrade your account today :
-You GET PAID 8% Daily Forever.
-YOU CAN EARN UP To $640.00 Daily!!
-You do not have to Sponsor anyone To Earn !!
-No Membership fees whatsoever!!
-You have the FREEDOM to withdraw your earnings whenever you want to!!
-If you expire your ads after 15 days you will Earn 120% Returns !!
-If you expire your ads after 20 days you will Earn 160% Returns !!
-If you expire your ads after 30 days you will Earn 240% Returns !!
-If you expire your ads after 60 days you will Earn 480% Returns !!
-You receive 100,000 advertising credits for every ad pack you purchase!
You can make a withdrawal anytime. You can decide to withdraw your profits in a day, two days, in a week, in a month or in three months.
But the longer you allow your Ad Packs earning for you 8% daily profits, the higher your income possibilities.
Don’t wait any further, click the link below to get your account upgraded:
You can start with just one $10 upgrade . But remember the more ad packs you own, the higher your earning potential.
You could own up to a maximum of 1,000 ad packs and that means you will be receiving over $640.00 paid to you daily !!!


The admin of KISnP Zepp (to be interviewed on MNO soon) reported over the weekend that the first round of the currently running referral contest brought no winners as nobody managed to meet the winning criteria. Anyway, here is the short update regarding this:
Weekend Newsletter: First to Bring Game result
Hi members,
All payout requests are processed for today and will resume Monday.
As for the Round 1: First to Bring Game, unfortunately there is no winner. One member almost did but got only 2 active referrals with $25 deposit made.
Well that’s for the result.
And we’ll announce the details of the Round 2 soon.
We hope everyone to have a nice weekend ahead.
God Bless us all.
Admin, Zepp. KISnP.

I would like to remind you that currently KISnP (which was first reviewed on MNO here) accepts all four popular payment processors – LR, PM, STP and Payza – and the profits are paid on three no expiry plans with the option of principal withdrawal after a lock-in period of 150 calendar days – 1.1% per business day, 6.25% weekly, 30% monthly. For larger investors the admin also promises higher returns of 4.5% for 50 business days and 3.75% for 80 business days with no principal back on expiry. So far KISnP has been performing alright and I hope that the admin will keep it going for a long time!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGlobalOilFund, EWFund.
From MNO Premium list: ENR-G, OneInvSilverStructure, InvestForia, EurexTrade, ProfitableSunrise, BensonUnion, FelminaAlliance, DividendService, PlexCapital, ProfitHall, InvestConcept, Ivecon, RealityProfit (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, InternationalForexLLC.
From MNO Basic list: HedgeCapital.

That’s all I have for you tonight, everyone. I hope to see you all tomorrow when another business week in the HYIP industry starts. Stay tuned and always be up to date with MNO blog and monitor!

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