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31/07/2012. InflexCapital Review and Daily News from the Industry


 Beware! InflexCapital has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. After a pretty slow couple of days, which I didn’t really mind with so much going on in the Olympics, I’m looking forward to things hopefully picking up a bit in the industry for the new business week. To start it all off I want to take a closer look at a program recently added to the MNO monitoring list called InflexCapital, which is a medium term HYIP that opened in the early part of July. It’s an interesting program to say the least with a unique set of investment plans that are likely to catch the eye of many investors due to there not being much else around at the moment you could really compare them to. I guess some of you might already be members of InflexCapital but for the benefit of those who aren’t I’d like to describe some of the features for you before moving on to the day’s news.

To start with I suppose what makes InflexCapital so memorable is that they offer a series of three plans, each one more profitable the last. The twist is that in order to take advantage of the higher interest rates you must first join a lower paying option. In other words only InflexCapital members who have already invested in plan number one will be allowed to join plan number two. And if you want to join plan number three, you must first have a deposit in plan number two. Sound a bit confusing? Well, I’ll try to explain it better as we go.

The first thing you need to note about InflexCapital is that while all three plans are measured in calendar days, payments are made on business days only. All plans run for 30 calendar days and offer daily payments. Now, this is something you need to be careful with because the number of business days contained within a 30 calendar day period can vary. Just take a look at a calendar and count the days to see what I mean. For example, if you start counting from Saturday you’ll find 20 business days. Start counting from Monday and you’ll find 22. So in order to make the most effective use of InflexCapital and maximize your return then it’s in your own best interest to plan this out properly first. For the purposes of this review I’m going to assume there are 22 payment days in the plan, but just in case what you actually earn does not match my calculations exactly you’ll know the reason why.

The other thing you need to remember is that when the plans expire your principal is returned, however InflexCapital will be deducting 5% of it for themselves first. So for example if you invested $100 in the program only $95 will be returned. But that’s not really a big deal provided they make all your interest payments first because you’ll still be in profit. I’ll take that into account when estimating the potential earnings from each plan for you anyway.

So the first of the three options is called The Standard Plan. You can join it for a $10 minimum, and in return you will get paid 2% interest every day from Monday to Friday for 30 calendar days. That would give you maximum earning of 44% interest before InflexCapital returns 95% of your principal. So the total return comes to 139%, or 39% net profit.

To put it in monetary terms let’s take a simple example of let’s say a $100 deposit. InflexCapital will pay you $2 per business day for 30 calendar days. That comes to $44 in total at which point they return 95% of your principal, in this case $95 allowing you to complete the term with $139 altogether, or $39 profit on your investment.

The second option is called The Enterprise Plan. In order to join it you MUST have a deposit in the previous Standard Plan first. But as the Standard Plan need only cost you $10 in the first place it’s hardly a serious issue, especially as the minimum deposit in The Enterprise Plan is $500. I mean if you can afford the $500 you’re unlikely to be bothered about having to make a $10 deposit in another plan first, are you? Anyway, the plan runs for 30 calendar days like I said, but making payments from Monday to Friday only. In return for your money InflexCapital are offering an interest rate of 3% per business day. That comes to 66% in total by the end of the term, when InflexCapital should return 95% of your principal. That leaves you with a potential return of 161%, or 61% net profit. Maximum spend is $10,000 by the way.

InflexCapital‘s final option is The Corporate Plan. It’s almost identical to the previous plan except they offer a higher interest rate, however you will not be allowed to join unless you join The Enterprise Plan first. If you’ve already done that and are happy to continue, then you can join The Corporate Plan for a $500 minimum and up to a $10,000 maximum. The term is exactly the same as the other two plans (30 calendar days), but the interest rate goes up to 4% per business day. By the end of the term payments will potentially add up to as much as 88%, when InflexCapital should return 95% of your initial principal. That leaves you with a 183% return, from which 83% is your net profit.

Payment options are decent enough. Apart from the ever present LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney InflexCapital are also using SolidTrustPay. The payment schedule has recently been changed due to technical problems with LR (where earlier payments had been instant). Payments are made manually to all payment processors now, and are made twice per day, morning and evening, at the same time. There’s nothing to indicate that instant payouts will be resumed, but like I said it’s down to reasons not under the admin’s control. So just log in to your member’s area the as you would with any other HYIP, and your payment will be made in due course the next time the admin is processing them. Strangely enough for a program with such a comparatively short investment term InflexCapital have an early withdrawal clause. I mean why you’d want to ask for your principal back early from a plan that only runs for 30 days in the first place I don’t really know, but InflexCapital make it available to you nonetheless. Penalty fees for doing so are quite hefty by the way starting at 30%, so you know it’s always better to play with money you wouldn’t really need to get back urgently anywhere in this industry.

Design wise InflexCapital looks very professional and is very well put together. I do have a minor misgiving about the script though, which was explained by the admin. It originates from GoldCoders but has been very heavily modified to suit the needs of the program. That’s all well and good but on account of it being so modified GoldCoders no longer provide support, ie it’s not licensed and so in the event of any technical faults GoldCoders won’t be providing any assistance. If the admin (or his programmer if he’s not actually doing it himself) is competent enough to modify the script himself then maybe it won’t be an issue, but I feel it worth mentioning. But the website is SSL protected by Comodo anyway. Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection by GeniusGuard. The InflexCapital admin seems highly responsive which is always a positive sign, and if you need to contact him for any further questions or account related issues then you can do so via the online ticketing system. You just need to fill out the form and submit it, and afterwards you’ll get a receipt with a tracking number allowing you to follow the progress of your ticket to make sure it’s dealt with to your satisfaction. Also included is a Live Chat feature where you can get your questions answered in real time, or you can just e-mail the admin directly at the address provided. You’ll see a postal address for InflexCapital listed in the UK though I know from experience these things tend to be serviced offices that act only as mail collection points. InflexCapital are also maintaining Facebook and Twitter accounts though I can’t really say they’re making the most effective use of either.

An impressive website is let down only by the shortage of original texts. A lot of what I read there is almost like “stock content” at this stage, appearing on a number of other HYIP and non-HYIP related websites. Still, a fairly minor complaint in this industry I guess, as most programs do this. I simply mention these things to let new readers not so well versed with the ways of the online HYIP industry know that it’s kinda unlikely that InflexCapital are genuinely involved in the field of “ForEx, stock options and mutual funds” like the website claims. If they were they’d at least be able to describe it in their own words, right? So just take it that InflexCapital are a high risk online HYIP with the potential to both earn you and lose you a lot of money. The good news however is that you have the power to limit any losses by investing a sensible, affordable sum in the first place. Earnings on the other hand depend largely on the admin but so far things seem to be running smoothly. Play if you like it, pass if you don’t, but keep your spending under control and remember that InflexCapital might be better as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Even before the review on MNO was published the admin of InflexCapital Andrew announced his program came to my monitor and was already listed on Paying status. He also mentioned a few changes his program underwent during the first weeks online and said that the answers to all your questions could be found in the FAQ section of InflexCapital‘s website. Here’s that newsletter in full for your information:

We are on Money-News-Online!
In line with our promise to advertise on more platforms, we have finally purchased a Premium Listing on, a prominent, if not the prominent, blog in the industry. Paul, who’s a veteran in the industry, has mentioned us on his blog post last night, and we are officially on Paying status today!
With that said, we are committed to a long-term relationship with our investors, and this step forward is merely a small gesture in the bigger scale of things. We would like to ask you guys to support us on various forums, blogs, monitors, or any social platforms that you’re involved in so that more people can join in on this bandwagon. It’s time everyone put their money to good use and make these money slaves work!
Over the past week, we’ve implemented some new things on the site. If you’ve been following us since day 1, you’ll notice that InflexCapital has basically undergone a facelift. From the new Ticketing system to the addition of SolidTrustPay, and now to the new media bar at the bottom of the page, there are new features/improvements added on a regular basis. What does this mean for you? This means that InflexCapital is a committed, professional firm with a clear goal. We are heading somewhere, and we would like you to be on board. We are not hoaxing you into joining us, but we think “actions speak louder than words”, and let us use our actions to prove to you where we really stand.
On a side note, a few investors have voiced their concerns about several things on our site:
Where is the FAQ page?
Why is my PerfectMoney/SolidTrustPay deposit not showing up on my account?
What is this 5% fee? Is that a fixed amount?
If I invest using LibertyReserve, can I withdraw to SolidTrustPay/PerfectMoney
For answers to most of those questions, you can find them in the FAQ page. The FAQ page was previously known as the “Knowledgebase”, and the wording appeared to throw some investors off. As such, we’ve finally changed it to “FAQ”, and you can find it at the footer (bottom) of the page. If it makes things easier, we’ve placed it under the Media bar as well under FAQ.
That’s it for today, and we hope you had a good weekend! Time to start another week in amazing fashion! Check us out on Facebook!”.


There were some serious issues with LibertyReserve yesterday while PIN-codes were not sent to members and the API was not working properly, although by today it looks like everything is back to normal. I heard numerous reports from readers of hacking incidents which have become quite frequent in recent times as discussed on my blog a few months back. It looks like nothing has ever been done to fix this problem and LibertyReserve remains an unpredictable payment system with a lot of unresolved problems. It caused many HYIP admins to worry yesterday and some of them (like the admin of InflexCapital Andrew, for instance) even decided to disable their instant payouts for good and instead process them manually instead from now on. Below are the two latest updates from InflexCapital addressing the LR issues and its consequences which forced the change in the program’s payment schedule:

Is patience a virtue?
Hi guys,
We noticed that LibertyReserve’s API response is pretty slow today, and that has caused some requests to show as pending. However, as a matter of fact, the withdrawals are still automatically processed, but it could take a minute or two to be registered in your account. We ask that you be patient and check your e-currency account first before sending a ticket. So far, we have not missed a single payment, so there’s nothing to be too concerned about. We’re just writing to let you know what’s going on.
This is not something we can change, except to wait for LibertyReserve’s server to come back up to speed. PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay are still being processed manually as usual. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to send us a support ticket. Thanks!”

Payout Schedule
Dear members of InflexCapital,
Please take note that this is an important newsletter and we would like you to take your time to let the following information sink in.
We mentioned a few weeks earlier that we would set up LibertyReserve’s instant payment feature and that it would be under trial period while we monitor it’s performance.
This morning, LibertyReserve started to have some inexplicable system issues, as confirmed by a number of other sources. This was no fault of our own as we did not foresee this as well. While payments were still being processed instantly without fail, it appears that the payouts are not updated on our administration back-end. Essentially, what happened was that while the payout has already been processed, the requestee would still see his/her withdrawal as pending in the back office. It was a frustrating and confusing predicament for both our team and investors.
Nevertheless, it was nothing more than a sight confusion on our part, and no harm was done. We quickly regrouped, and emailed some users to make sure they received their payouts.
This was a red flag for us, nonetheless. As such, we have decided to disable the instant payout feature for now as we do not see that feature being beneficial in the long-run. We stated earlier that the instant payout feature was on trial. And today’s incident would be a nail in the coffin for this feature. We believe that it would be more of a vice than a virtue to have the instant payout in place.
With that said, we will start processing payouts manually, and it should not take more than 24 hours for your payout to be processed.
The following is the payout schedule:
For LibertyReserve: Twice a day at 7am GMT -6 and 7pm GMT -6.
For PerfectMoney: Twice a day at 7am GMT -6 and 7pm GMT -6
For SolidTrustPay: Twice a day at 7am GMT -6 and 7pm GMT -6
With regards to withdrawals on weekends, we will process it on Monday at 7am GMT -6. And for withdrawals that occur after 7pm GMT-6 on Friday, we will try to put in some extra hours that night if possible. Otherwise, we will process it on Monday 7am GMT -6 along with any withdrawals made on the weekends.
With that said, we are doing this in the best interests of our investors. LibertyReserve’s unreliability, while seemingly minor on the surface, has caused some unrest among ourselves while we tried to process the withdrawals and to make sure everyone gets his/her payout. Rest assured that we will process the payouts as quickly as possible to ease your transition to a manual system. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the LiveChat messenger or send us a support ticket.
Our entire team at InflexCapital thank you sincerely for your understanding and patience.

The admin of AProfit Denise was also worried about the LR issues which prevented her from making instant payouts to LibertyReserve account holders yesterday. AProfit has been online for quite a while now, paying instantly to LR and PM on the following investment plans – 10%-20% for 15 days, 250%-500% after 30 days, 3000% after 60 days. The program has also occupied a very prominent position on MNO’s Sticky list recently, and had no issues with instant payouts until yesterday when LR went into meltdown yet again. Anyway, the admin keeps up good communication levels with the members which is vital in cases like this and kept everyone informed of the situation. Earlier today she said that all pending withdrawals had been returned to balance from where they could be requested again and withdrawn instantly. I can confirm myself that the instant withdrawals by AProfit (reviewed here) to LibertyReserve are now back to normal as mentioned in the latest updates:

About Libertyreserve Withdraw Again
It seems that there is still a problem with the API system of Libertyreserve. We tried to test it API systerm and got this message: Server returned an empty response. Which causes some withdraws can be processed instantly and some can not,and some withdraws were processed by multiple times. In order to avoid such situation,we will temporary disable Libertyreserve instant withdraws and will return all pending withdraws back to members’ accunt balance when it is back to normal. Then you can try again for a instant withdraw. We will also inform you then. And Perfectmoney withdraws are processed instantly as usual. Please note that there is no problem with our systerm. It is the problem with the system of And the E-mail systerm of also does not work at this time(the time when we send this mail). Thank you for understanding. AProfit will be always with you.
Best Wishes
AProfit Team”.

Libertyreserve Withdraw Instant Again!
Now Libertyreserve,com is fully back to normal. So our Libertyreserve withdraw is back to Instant again! We have returned all pending withdraws back to your account balance. Please request a withdraw again and get instant payment. Thank you for your patience. AProfit will be always with you.
Best Wishes

Finally, the admin of KISnP Zepp (interviewed here) also encountered problems yesterday preventing him from processing withdrawals. Today though another email was sent informing members that pending withdrawals to LibertyReserve had been processed. I remind you that apart from LR KISnP (reviewed here) also accepts EgoPay, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney into three non-expiry plans with the option to withdraw your principal after a lock-in period of 150 calendar days – 1.1% per business day, 6.25% weekly, 30% monthly. For larger investors KISnP also offers two other plans with a fixed investment term and higher interest – 4.5% for 50 business days and 3.75% for 80 business days. Below you can find the last two newsletters from KISnP explaining the recent LR problems:

KISnP Update: LR Payouts
Hi Members,
I just want to inform everyone of an issue I am having right now with Liberty Reserve.
I am not receiving any email from them with the pin code I need so I can log in to KISnP LR account.
I have tried many times already to no avail.
This is the first time I encountered this issue because I have been receiving their emails before.
I sent them a support ticket already about this and now waiting for them to reply.
Hopefully I will receive a reply from them within today so I can process the pending requests made this weekends.
I am done processing the requests made this weekend and the first batch of requests made today to PM, STP and EP.
I will send an update once I received a response from LR support.
Please, to all members who requested through LR, bear with me and rest assured I am doing my best to resolve this issue.
Admin, Zepp.

KISnP Update: LR Payouts Done
Hi Members,
I just want to inform you all that finally I am able to process all pending payouts to LR.
Yes I received an email with the pin code already!
And I will do my best for this not to happen again.
Thank you for all those who sent me an email assuring me they understand and willing to wait. I appreciate it a lot.
Ok so everything is back to normal now and hopefully we will not encounter any issues with the other processors as well.
I am off to attend a business meeting for now.
Admin, Zepp.

Finvance was yet another program discussing LR problems in the newsletter sent to members yesterday. Although there was no follow-up on that yet I believe the problem has been resolved as I received my pending payout to LibertyReserve today as usual. Finvance (reviewed here) offers investments via LR and PM to a single 8% for 20 business days plan. So far everything has been running well and apart from that temporary LR incident Finvance has been paying fast to all members. The latest newsletter from the admin regarding LR API issues is posted below:

Liberty Reserve API Issue
We have been experiencing extreme Liberty Reserve API issues when trying to process withdrawals through them over the past 8 hours. At times, it will process a few withdrawals, and at times it will fail and send back incorrect information to our server. We have contacted Liberty Reserve and were given this following message:
“Please note that there is a technical issue right now. The technicians are working on the problem. Unfortunately we do not handle an exact period of time when the system will be totally fixed. Therefore wait at least the next 12 hours or more… We really sorry for this inconvenience and we are thankful for your understanding!”


The admin of Ivecon and several other holders of SolidTrustPay accounts reported having access to their accounts blocked by IPs which has been successfully resolved by now. The issue though temporarily affected payouts to SolidTrustPay which used to be made by Ivecon instantly. By now I believe everything should be back to normal and the payouts to all accepted payment processors – SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are done instantly again. Ivecon was reviewed on MNO here and that the current investment plans include 1.2%-2.6% for 150 days with the original principals returned on expiry. Here is the email sent by Ivecon yesterday describing the problem:

STP issues
Today many STP users found their IPs are blocked by STP and they are not able to access their accounts.
You can check this forum thread for details
Our server IP is also blocked, so all STP withdrawals are now processed manually with delays. This should not affect STP deposits.


BensonUnion (reviewed here) have officially ended their long running promotion offering a 10% bonus on all bank wire deposits to members joining the investment plan offering 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days with principal back on expiry. As you might remember, after the recent issues with Payza the admin of BensonUnion Ragnar (interviewed here) chose not to switch to EgoPay but rather allowed members who deposited via Payza to withdraw their money to LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney, the only remaining payment processors. I must say that the program went well from the beginning having only LR and PM at their disposal and now having also direct bank wire deposits I believe it can satisfy the needs of the majority of investors. Here’s the latest short newsletter from BensonUnion:

BensonUnion official newsletter
Dear investors! BensonUnion reminds that today ends our special offer “10% bonus to bank wire deposits”. Our congratulations to everyone who participated in this offer since May. We are preparing a few interesting updates next month. Thanks for joining BensonUnion! We really hope that we make your vacation season better!”


Another newsletter from Absolutiva was received last night. The program pays on two investment plans with principal back on expiry – 1.4%-2% for 120 business days, 7.5%-10.5% for 30 weeks – and you can read more on its investment plans in my detailed review published here. Absolutiva currently accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay, while the deposits taken via PayPal are limited to $500 per transaction for security reasons. All the latest news from Absolutiva is below:

Newsletter – 7/30/2012
This email is to inform you that our website, as well as our server, were undergoing transparent maintenance. What is meant by transparent maintenance is that we resumed business although we were having technical works.
Server: Since our server is labeled as a Smart Server, we are able to adjust the hardware requirements with simply a click of a button. We have installed daily backups on our server to help protect your data in case of any disaster.
Website: Banner images that have been not loading properly to some clients have been fixed. The cause of that is directly related to hotlink protection. We have also increased the PayPal deposit limit from 100$ – 250$ to 100$ – 500$ per transaction.
As for withdrawal requests, we’ve noticed that Liberty Reserve is currently experiencing technical difficulties, thus if you notice that your withdrawal has been processed from your account, but with no batch number, do not worry. As soon as Liberty Reserve restores back their services, we will add those missing batch numbers.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky listAProfit.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi,  OneInv, EurexTrade, ProfitableSunrise, BensonUnion, KISnP, FelminaAlliance, DividendService, PlexCapital, PrimeXCash, Ivecon, Finvance, SafeRisk, GeniusCapital, DonaldsGroup, StockFunds, InflexCapital (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, InternationalForexLLC, Absolutiva.
From MNO Basic list: GoldTradeFunds, OffshoreGain, 18AdsForYou (the first payment received).

That’s it for today, guys. Sorry for not publishing last night due to a hectic schedule and I am glad that you’re sticking with MNO despite me being busy with other things lately. See you tomorrow with the latest news from the HYIP industry!

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