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 Beware! WestFinanceGroup has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! The weekend is here again so I hope you’re all looking forward to it, and especially to anyone enjoying the Olympic games and the spirit that goes with it. I must admit I’ve been very lucky with tickets so far and have an absolutely packed schedule with may different events to attend and was fortunate enough to get in for a few of the medal presentation ceremonies as well. Most likely I’ll probably take a day off tomorrow depending on what news is out there to report on, but we have plenty to catch up on tonight. Before we get to the news though I want to look at the latest addition to the MNO monitor and I program I do feel cautiously optimistic about called WestFinanceGroup. It looks to be a very well thought-out and organized project and looks professional right from the start. WestFinanceGroup is also a very original program in terms of what investment plans they offer, and that too should give it a boost in a time when the industry traditionally slows down a bit.

The plans can be divided into two categories, and despite being so simple manage to be very original and quite interesting all at the same time. The fascinating thing about WestFinanceGroup you see is that you don’t get to pigeon hole them into any categories like short, medium, or long term. Because they’re all of those things at the same time. In a nutshell what happens here is that you the investor get to decide the exact length of your own investment term. You join, WestFinanceGroup then pay you a daily interest rate on your deposit, and then you take your principal back when you are ready to leave. Be it a day, be it a month, be it a year, or anything in between. The choice is yours but do be aware that the length of term will not have any affect on the rate of interest being paid.

So to start with you may join WestFinanceGroup for just a $5 minimum, and that’s something that makes it even more accessible. The first option is called The Standard Plan and makes daily interest payments. Rates are calculated according to how much you invest and are as follows:
From the minimum $5 up to $100 the rate is 1.3% per day. Invest between $101 and $500 and WestFinanceGroup are offering 1.4% per day. Deposits of $501 up to $1000 can earn 1.6% interest per day. Bigger spenders prepared to go in with from $1,001 to $5,000 are being offered 1.9% interest per day, and finally for anything larger than that up to a $20,000 maximum can make the top rate 2.4% per day.

At this point I would usually offer some basic practical example of how an investment should, in theory, work out for you. This is of course an utterly pointless exercise with WestFinanceGroup as every single one of you will be completely different. Because the “expiry date” for want of a better word is open-ended. You can either come up with a figure in your own mind – let’s say double your money back for example – and make your own calculations as to how long that will take. Or else you are free to simply allow your principal to stay put for as long as you think WestFinanceGroup can keep up the payments. The choice is yours but the principal remains your property at all times and can be withdrawn anytime.

Next up is one called The Compounded Plan. The main difference between this and the last plan is that the rates you are paid have less to do with the amount you invest but rather increase according to how long you leave it in place. I suppose the simplest way to describe this would be to call it an on expiry plan, but in this case you must decide in advance for how long you wish to invest for. Your principal will still be returned, but you’re not free to decide that you’ll just take it back any day you like when the mood strikes you. It’s subject to a fixed term lock-in period as decided in advance by the investor. WestFinanceGroup‘s shortest term is 5 days by the way, and the longest is 365.

You can still join for just $5, and WestFinanceGroup are making the following offers to investors:
Commit your principal for anything between 5 and 10 days and you are paid 1.3% interest per day (regardless of amount). So the way it would work is if you invested $100 here, the first day gets you 1.3% interest on that, compounded to you principal, so that on the second day you earn 1.3% interest on $101.30. The plan is worded in such a way as to perhaps give the impression that you receive a daily interest payment, so it’s important to point this out to the newbies – the interest earned is added to your principal every day in full (“Compounding”), which means that every day you earn interest on a bigger and bigger principal. You just don’t get to touch it until the very end when you receive the whole thing in one big lump sum payment. For longer investments a term of 11 to 20 days gets you 1.4% per day, a term of 21 to 30 days gets you 1.6% per day, a term of 31 to 40 days will earn 1.9% daily, and finally if you choose a lock-in period of from 41 to 365 calendar days WestFinanceGroup are offering 2.4% daily.

For much the same reasons as the first plan I can’t really offer any practical examples here as the variations depend on the investors. What I can tell you though is that you will find a very useful little calculator on the WestFinanceGroup homepage that will allow you to determine your potential earnings from both plans so you can see which one is better for you depending on what you are looking for.

WestFinanceGroup are currently listing three payment processors you can use to join up with. These include the ever present LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney as well as the relative newcomer to the industry EgoPay. Payouts are made manually by the admin and so need to be requested from your account area. After doing so you are asked to allow up to 24 hours for the request to be processed and the transaction completed. My own payments were quite a bit faster though I’d kinda expect as much with WestFinanceGroup still being so new.

As for the program’s design features, well I suppose these things can be a matter of opinion but mine is that WestFinanceGroup‘s website is outstanding. It’s not just about making something that’s nice to look at or whatever, it’s about making a good first impression and really laying out what your intentions are for the program and how you might achieve them. WestFinanceGroup have quite a comprehensive FAQ section for instance and for once actually genuinely addresses the questions you might have, rather than the same old template that gets used time and time again by 90% of the rest of the industry. Experienced industry players will probably recognize when an effort has been put into a program and what that can mean for its potential, so you’ll know what I mean here.

Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and DDoS protection provided by Hostgator. You’ll notice WestFinanceGroup‘s script as the most eye-catching feature though, being totally unique and custom made for the program. When there are so many cheap/pirated generic scripts to be had I think it only further underlines how serious the admin is about running his program right. I’m not saying it guarantees you anything as an investor because clearly it doesn’t, but I do think the team behind WestFinanceGroup will at least make a serious effort in forcing the investing public to sit up, take notice, and treat the project seriously. Furthermore the WestFinanceGroup website is fully SSL encrypted by Comodo in both public and members areas for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Should you need to contact the admin for any further questions or account related issues then you can either mail him directly at the address provided or else fill in your details on the online ticketing form and submit it via the contacts page.

Something else you may notice on the WestFinanceGroup website is that they are looking to hire some regional representatives. It’s early days yet of course so at the time of writing you won’t find any names actually listed there, though if you’re any good at that sort of thing and happen to enjoy it then you’ll find a description of what’s required of you (and what you can expect in return) on their website. It will be starting up soon so I guess the admin will look at your application whenever he’s ready to go ahead with it. Meanwhile social media sites like Facebook and Twitter should be on the way. Information is a bit sparse as the logos of both feature on the WestFinanceGroup website even though when you click on them they don’t take you anywhere, but at least they’re handy things to have for communicating with your members if you’re own website has any technical problems.

Texts are original so I guess that’s an extra point to the admin. Unfortunately I do have to say they’re a little bit muddled and give only the patchiest and most vague impression of what WestFinanceGroup are supposed to be all about. Officially that’s trading in the ForEx markets but that’s far from the first time we’ve heard that claim in the HYIP industry. The website goes on to describe itself as “registered offshore”, but without a word as to where or what this even means. Not that it would matter much if it did because this is yet another aspect to WestFinanceGroup that the more experienced readers will recognize and immediately disregard anyway. But for the benefit of anyone less familiar with the workings of the online HYIP world you really need to I won’t say ignore these things but to focus on other aspects of the program you are looking at at the time. But this is arguably the most flexible new program in the industry at the moment and one I think will get a lot of attention as the Summer slowly turns to Autumn and the industry starts to pick up again in a few weeks. Just remember that if you’re joining WestFinanceGroup you should under no circumstances expect any guarantees, never spend above a modest and sensible spending limit that won’t hurt you were you to lose it, and probably make more effective use of the program by keeping it as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



I will start the regular daily news for tonight with the very important newsletter from NewGNi (reviewed here) which remains the absolute reigning leader of the current market in terms of both membership and turnover in the two plans on offer – 1% per business day and 6% weekly with no expiry date but an option to withdraw your principal after a 180 business day lock-in period. Till recently NewGNi only accepted LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay as payment processors, but starting today the newly launched PexPay has become the fourth option for members who can join from $20. As many readers noticed already, MNO is also accepting PexPay as a payment processor while displaying their banner on my blog for quite a few days now. I was just waiting for the biggest program in the industry to start accepting it too before officially announcing it on my blog. I believe that the admin of NewGNi Jurgen (interviewed here) actually saved me a lot of time and effort by outlining the main advantages of using PexPay as a payment option which will be particularly useful for US customer frequently sending and receiving money via ACH transfers. You can also make international bank wire transfers and send checks after your account in PexPay is properly verified, putting them in direct competition with STP and obviously attempting to fill the gap left by Payza’s exit from the HYIP industry. Jurgen told me me that he is also considering adding the Payza substitute EgoPay as possibly a fifth payment processor within the next few weeks provided EgoPay prove themselves free of any issues within the testing period. If you’re interested in creating a PexPay account you can do it here.

The second point which is very important for NewGNi‘s future well-being was the change hosting provider. They did exactly the opposite of what I did a few months ago by switching from Dragonara to BlockDos (whereas I switched from BlockDos to Dragonara). It looks like Jurgen was not at all satisfied with the quality of customer service which didn’t justify the high fees charged and so decided to move to BlockDos which is also one of the top hosting providers in the industry. I hope it will be the wise move and NewGNi‘s members will only benefit from it in the long run. Anyway, please note that due to the necessary servers change the site of NewGNi will be unavailable in some areas for up to 24 hours while the propagation around the world is in progress. As the transition process falls on the weekend it doesn’t affect the payout schedule as payouts are not made on weekends, although Jurgen specially emphasized to everyone wanting to make deposits into NewGNi that they can do it even if the site is inaccessible for some reason by making direct payments to the e-currency accounts specified below while providing your username and the desired plan in the memo to your payment. So, as you can see the disruption caused by the coming transition is expected to be minimal.

The final point point is the result of July’s contest with three lucky winners getting a $50 cash prize to their preferred payment processors named and are requested to contact the administration for that. My sincere congratulations to the winners and please remember that NewGNi has announced 2012 as The Year of The Giveaway, so expect more contests on the way of which the program’s exclusive monitor MNO will be glad to report on its pages. Below is the latest newsletter from NewGNi in its entirety:

Newsletter 3 August 2012
Dear clients, friends and fans
I trust you are all doing well!
We have a few things to follow up with you in today’s newsletter:
1. Introduction of PexPay
We are very glad to announce that as of today NewGNi has added PexPay as an additional payment option. PexPay is a US based, licensed and compliant payment system.
Our long time members are aware that we are delicate – or you may also say conservative, before adding additions to the range of accepted payment processors. So why PexPay?
Please read on and you will know why:
Who is PexPay?
PexPay is owned and operated by a Nevada based company, and is a licensed money service provider and compliant with the latest United States legislation.
Why are you accepting PexPay?
More than half of our members are located in the United States. Those members are not only preferring, but used to fund and withdraw their payment processor accounts via ACH. ACH payments are financial transactions handled through what is called the Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH is an electronic network which enables participating financial institutions to distribute electronic credit and debit entries to bank accounts and to settle such entries.
We have received dozens of requests from our members to add another payment system, able to process swift ACH payments. We had many discussions with the PexPay administration about the time frame of ACH withdrawals and they promised us to serve our members in a very timely manner. So we listened again and feel that PexPay will be a welcome addition to our portfolio of payment processors.
But I am not based in the US. Can I still use PexPay?
Sure you can. PexPay is a global payment processing system and is accepting deposit payments via wire transfer (SWIFT), credit cards and checks, apart from ACH. Withdrawals can take place via wire transfer, checks and ACH.
Whats about fees?
We feel their fees are reasonable low, please check their fees and charges – but more importantly, the PexPay administration promised us that account withdrawals will be handled in a timely manner.
I am interested to open an account with PexPay, how can I do it?
You can signup here. Please note that PexPay is not an anonymous entity, like some of the other payment processors. You need to verify your identity and bank account as well.
2. Change of hosting provider
After seven months of a rather discomfiting experience with our hosting provider Dragonara, we felt that enough is enough. As such, change was needed in the interest of all our members. We have therefore decided to move our online portal over to BlockDos for the hosting and protection of NewGNi. BlockDos is one of the industry leaders in hosting and DDoS protection and we expect from them a higher support level than previously anticipated by Dragonara.
We already have everything in place to do the swap – and expect to have the server change finalized within the next few hours. Please note that during this time there will be service interruptions and you might not be able to access your NewGNi website. Also once our server is transferred to BlockDos, there might be delays of up to 24 hours, due to DNS propagation. Thanks for your kind understanding!
If you are supposed to deposit in NewGNi during the downtime, please feel free to deposit direct in one of our payment processor accounts as follows:
STP: newGNi
PexPay: 121262
Liberty Reserve: U2289630
Perfect Money: U2829944
Please add your NewGNi username and the plan you’d like to deposit into. We will add your deposits manually as soon as the server change is concluded.
3. July 2012 Sweepstakes contest
You might remember, NewGNi has declared 2012 as the year of the giveaways.
This month three lucky winners were drawn to get $50 Cash each, paid directly into their preferred payment processor accounts. This month lucky winners are:
Rizal Andreawan
Michael McCleve
Mary-Jane Kohler
I am glad it’s you – congratulations! We have contacted our three winners already, please get back to us with your payment processor details.
Our upcoming giveaway contest for the month of August will be announced in next weeks newsletter. Look out for it!
Until then, take care!
Yours, Jurgen
Follow NewGNi on Twitter, Facebook and MNO”.


PexPay payment processor has definitely dedicated itself to a more aggressive advertising campaign lately to establish its position in the HYIP market as an alternative to SolidTrustPay which so far remains the only payment processor on the market requiring verification from members. And while this might be treated as a nuisance for some you should consider this as an extra layer of protection for your funds in PexPay which is a properly registered entity in the US. Anyway, I believe that now that NewGNi has added PexPay other programs will follow suit and it will be just a matter the time when more merchants will add them. In an effort to make PexPay an attractive option to HYIP investors and admins alike the management recently reduced the transaction fees of which the members were notified yesterday. I am still watching PexPay‘s development and will probably offer you a more extensive review of its main features after it gets more widespread acceptance among HYIP programs. Here is the latest update from PexPay about reducing the fees anyway:

Fee Update
Hello PexPay Customer,
We have exciting news! We have lowered our per transaction fee from $0.39 to $0.24. It doesn’t seem like much, but it will equate to big savings for you in the long run. This change was due directly to customer feedback. We thank you for your continued support of PexPay and look forward to serving your next payment needs.
Thank you, PexPay.


Good news for the members of AProfit and especially for those few who believed in the program from the beginning. Today the first payments on 3,000% after 60 days plan have been processed. While I don’t quite believe in this as those who chose to invest only $10 minimum in this plan 60 days are supposed to get their $300 payout which is too high to be sustained in the long run. I myself believe that the other plan paying by AProfit on expiry and offering 250%-500% after 30 days is much more realistic and can possibly be sustained for some time. The other question is how the admin of AProfit Denise is able to pay such high profits. I would say it’s because the members of AProfit invest less in the two on expiry plans. It’s important to notice here that AProfit just came to MNO two weeks ago but even this time was enough for many of my readers to profit from the daily paying investment plans. Now that SolidTrustPay was added to the list of payment processors a couple of days ago along with LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney the membership of AProfit is experiencing a real boost. This comes following the first successfully paid instant payouts to STP and a long history record of instant payouts to LR and PM which have been going on for two months. According to the admin there are already more than 10,000 members in AProfit and I believe it’s not the end of story as the program has improved by adding STP recently and is obviously getting good promotional results from advertising on the most reputed online sources like MNO where the admin regularly extend their Sticky listing. I hope that this will be enough to keep AProfit (reviewed here) going for a long time to come and congratulate the admin on a very decent achievement. More on that please read in the latest newsletter from AProfit posted below:

AProfit Has Been Paying Instantly For 60 Days
It is a very important day for AProfit today. It is the 60th day online of our programme. It means we have finished our 4th cycle of Plan 1 (10%-20% daily for 15 days),2nd cycle of Plan 2 (250%-500% after 30 days), and first cycle of Plan 3 (3000% after 60 days).We are very proud that all withdraws are processed instantly without any problem by our system. Libertyreserve, Perfectmoney, and now Solidtrustpay are accepted to invest and withdraw fund. Now more than 10,000 members have joined us and more than half of them are in profit now. Our team are always trying our best to make AProfit better and better. We always believe that we can be the best if we always keep paying instantly.
We want to say thank you for all members,especially our National Representatives. Thank you for all your trust and help. We also want to say thank you to admins of monitors, Paul of, Jeff of,etc. At last, we want to give us special thank to our member G Anthony who has helped us a lot.
Best Wishes
AProfit Team”.


I must say that during the last couple of weeks KISnP (reviewed here) has been experiencing an unprecedented level of growth on MNO having been propelled to the #2 position on my monitor recently and ranked just behind NewGNi. This growth is of course welcomed and embraced by any HYIP admin but we should remember also that with such trust comes huge responsibility. A professional admin like Zepp (which I’m sure he is) will always find a way to dispel investors’ concerns and ensure that his program performs well. So, please expect some changes from KISnP in a couple of weeks of which the admin hinted in the latest email issue late last night. I’m sure the decision will be made in the best interests of the members and the longevity and the stability of the program itself. I will keep you updated on my blog about that, though I must admit I have no idea what’s going to happen. I am not going to speculate about it here either and will just remind you that currently KISnP provides investors an opportunity to earn from three “forever” plans similar to what NewGNi has – 1.25% per business day, 6.5% weekly and 30% monthly with the option to get your initial principal back after 150 calendar days. Two more investment options open for larger investors with at least $500 on their LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay accounts – 4.5% for 50 business days and 3.75% for 80 business days with no principal returned.

More important info for the SolidTrustPay investors of KISnP included in the newsletter regards to requesting withdrawals only in whole amounts and the necessity to check your STP account in your profile to be submitted correctly to avoid delays with payouts made on business days (Monday to Friday). Please note that if you have any further questions about KISnP you can always ask Zepp ( he was interviewed here) yourself as he’s a frequent guest on the MNO ShoutBox where he can answer all your general questions about his program. You can read the whole newsletter from KISnP below:

KISnP Updates: Payouts, STP Reminder, Important Notice
Hi Members,
First I would like to say that I am now done processing payouts for today.
Next, I would like to remind everyone specially those who are requesting payouts to STP that you must request whole amounts only. STP is not allowing me to send money with cents.
Please do not forget this so I do not need to cancel your request and you will need to request again with the correct format of amount.
Best example:
$5 – YES
$2.50 – NO
Another thing, please those who have STP IDs, make sure that you have the correct STP ID in your account. It is not an email address. That will not be accepted in STP.
Your STP ID is the username you have and being used to log into your STP account.
I hope I am now clear on this issue.
And finally, I would like to give you all an advance notice that I am going to send a very important Newsletter within the next 2 weeks that will tackle of the important changes to be implemented that will help in making KISnP a very stable and sustainable program not only for months but for years to come. Which is what we all wanted to achieve.
There is no need to speculate or think negatively about this, because everything will be given in details and will be explained and feedback and opinions will be entertained then.
For now, we are still discussing the details of the changes and once we have a final output, then Newsletter with details and explanation will be sent.
Let me have this opportunity also to say BIG THANK YOU to every member of KISnP that supporting us continuously and trusting me to do only the best for all of us.
I will be in MNO Shoutbox for now. So those who wants to chat with me, you can go there.
Enjoy t he rest of your evening/day and God Bless us all.
Admin, Zepp


As you might remember, yesterday DonaldsGroup (reviewed here) added EgoPay to the list of payment processors which also includes SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney but for some reason the deposits via EgoPay could be made only manually. Plans include 1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days and 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days with principal back on expiry. Now it seems everything is working fine and your deposits made via EgoPay can be made from your member’s area in DonaldsGroup automatically and credited to your desire plan instantly. Here is the short message from today regarding this:

EgoPay Update
Just a quick update:
EgoPay has approved our website and deposits are automatic now.
Thanks for your patience.
Like us on facebook:
Follow us on twitter: @donaldsgroupcom”.


I don’t know how it was achieved by FixedMonthlyIncome which is currently the longest-running program on MNO (listed for 525 days and counting), but an article about the program was featured on Yahoo news portal recently. The admin of FixedMonthlyIncome proudly reported about their website and gave a link to it too, so you can read it below: about FMI
Dear valued customers,
Here you can find the last publication about FixedMonthlyIncome Inc. in
View Article
Best regards, FixedMonthlyIncome Inc. Customer Support

FixedMonthlyIncome was first reviewed on MNO over a year ago and currently occupies the #9 position on my Premium list. The program has perhaps the highest minimum to invest in the whole industry – $1,000 – which can only be accepted via a direct bank wire or LibertyReserve. The program pays 10% monthly fixed interest with some bonus months when you can get an payment for staying with them while you can leave it anytime by simply requesting your original principal back. The concept is pretty original yet simple and for more information on that you can always refer to my detailed review of FixedMonthlyIncome published here.


Please note that despite my very hectic schedule recently I’m not forgetting about my readers and try to make the MNO better and more convenient for my readers day after day. I have recently added Testimonials on my site due to requests by some readers who would like to express their sincere gratitude to my tireless efforts in educate people about the ways of the HYIP industry works and my work in updating you on the most popular programs online. Testimonials are not added automatically after submitting them but just queue for strict moderation and only after I approve them will they be displayed to everyone. So don’t waste your time if you want to post spam as it will not appear.

I would also like to inform you that after two weeks of disabled comments/ votes for your programs due to repeated spam attempts I have activated the Comments section to every program so you could vote for your favorites freely again. Note that I reserve the right to disapprove your bad comments about a program if you don’t supply me with the proof of your non-payment via email first. That is done due to the fact that most of the programs listed on MNO are pretty sensitive when it comes to bad votes which are quite frequent nowadays and could create an unnecessary panic. That’s why the comments will be moderated too, but unlike my testimonials they will continue to be posted immediately after submitting them, so please think twice before speaking your mind and think of the consequences of your vote. If spam persists I will have to disable the comments/ voting section again and then it will not be reactivated until after my programmer makes a pre-approval of each and every comment on MNO monitor compulsory. I would not like to do it though, but I will not allow some scammers to take advantage either. For now please enjoy the voting feature on MNO once again, guys!

Finally, I am glad to report that I have already received much positive feedback from readers regarding the recent addition of the e-currency exchange widget taken from Xchanger website which you can use without leaving my blog if you need to check the latest exchange rates to and from such popular payment processors as LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and EgoPay. The widget is located in the right sidebar of my blog just above the Payment Processor tab and I hope that you will make good use of itt when joining the Xchanger run by Andrew (interviewed here) and the only one fully endorsed by MNO.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listAProfit.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, KISnP, OneInv, EurexTrade, ProfitableSunrise, BensonUnion, DividendService, PlexCapital, Ivecon, Finvance, SafeRisk, GeniusCapital, DonaldsGroup, InflexCapital, StockFunds, WestFinanceGroup (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, InternationalForexLLC, Absolutiva.
From MNO Basic listGoldTradeFunds, OffshoreGain, MutualAssetsHippoWin.

More features will be added to MNO soon, so stay tuned for that. That’s all the news and updates for today, so have a nice weekend, everyone, and see you here again very soon!

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