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 Beware! InflexCapital has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! I hope the weekend’s been going well for you so far whatever you’ve been getting up to. Sunday’s are generally quiet in the industry anyway and despite taking a day off yesterday I don’t really have a whole lot of news to catch up on for you today. But that’s fine by me because apart from the introduction of one new program that I’ll be getting to in a moment the other thing I have for you today is quite a lengthy interview with Andrew who you might know as the admin of a very unique medium term HYIP called InflexCapital.

I hope you like to read because Andrew has a lot more to say about InflexCapital than the average admin and that’s something I hope benefits not only existing members but also any casual browsers or those still thinking about joining but not sure about it yet. If you read my original review of InflexCapital first published here, you’ll know that it’s quite a unique and individual program with a lot to separate it from its competitors so I’m glad that Andrew has done such a comprehensive job in answering my questions. I mean there’s nothing particularly difficult or complicated about it either, but I just think it’s refreshing to see an admin take his project more seriously than usual. Anyway, he has plenty to say so I’ll get on with the interview and let Andrew do the talking below, but I’ll just remind you first that apart from the review which is linked to above for further information, InflexCapital is offering terms of 2%-4% for 22 business days with your principal returned on expiry.

1. Hi Andrew, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and give us a little background information on yourself and your experience in managing other peoples money.

Hi Paul and readers of MNO, my name is Andrew Lucas and I am the CEO of InflexCapital Returns LTD. InflexCapital offers 3 different plans to cater to different groups of investors. Depending on your budget, you can invest in our Standard, Enterprise and Corporate plan.

I have been micro-managing several small firms for a few years, and I was invited to participate in this private trading group to help consolidate and streamline their operations.

2. Can you share some facts about the InflexCapital business with us? How long have you been in operation? Are you the sole employee or do you have an assistant or a partner?

We are a private trading group that is registered in UK. I am the CEO for our group and we have been in offline operation for several years now. We have recently decided to move our operations online to offer this opportunity to the world at large.

I am not the sole employee; we have several people responsible for different tasks. First off, there’s the support group that is responsible for answering support tickets and online chats. Matt Elm is our managing office for this particular group. He’s been doing a great job so far, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him. We also recently hired Li YuanLiang for our Chinese support. He is well-versed in Mandarin and you can send him an email using our Helpdesk.

We also have Sara who’s responsible for checking our accounts and checking IP addresses and make sure no one is committing fraud. She reports directly to me, and if there’s something suspicious or noteworthy about our accounts, she’ll let me know right away. She was the one who informed me about the LibertyReserve API issues a few days ago – an unfortunate event that had led to the termination of our instant payout feature. Nevertheless, we are confident that this will only benefit our firm in the long run.

As for myself, what I do is manage the company in terms of advertising, promotion and employee management. I coordinate work around the entire company, and if the need arises, I will step in and veto the decisions they make. Usually they’re pretty good with their work, so that saves me time and allows me to focus on my work.

3. Assuming someone is coming into the online investments industry for the first time, can you talk us through a step-by-step guide in how to become a member of InflexCapital and what happens afterwards?

Most certainly! InflexCapital’s home page is designed in such a way that it allows users to easily sign up and be a member of our community.

First off, a new member would need to sign up for one of the 3 different payment processors we accept, which are: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and also SolidTrustPay. The links to sign up are available on the media bar (the nifty bar at the bottom of the page) under E-Currencies.

Next, one would go to our page and click on Sign up. You can see the button to sign up located right under our description of different plans on our Home page.

Fill up the form, and there you go! You’re now officially a member of InflexCapital. Those are the simple steps that you can take to be a member. If you have any questions, we provide a thorough explanation on our FAQ page as well.

The benefits of being our member:
1) We provide great customer service
2) We offer great returns, paid at regular intervals (twice a day at 7am and 7pm GMT -6)
3) Our site is securely encrypted by SSL and also DDos protected
4) We have a group of professionals working 24/7 behind the curtains to make sure your funds are utilized to generate maximum returns

4. What are you offering investors in terms of plans and profits? What is the minimum and maximum amounts you can invest? What rates of interest do you pay?

We are offering 3 different payment plans:

Standard, which offers 2% daily for 30 calendar days, paid on business days only. The minimum to invest here is only $10, and the maximum is $10,000.

Enterprise, which offers 3% daily for 30 calendar days, paid on business days only. The minimum to invest here is only $500 and the maximum is $10,000. The catch: You have to have an active deposit in the Standard plan before you can invest in Enterprise. In the event that your Standard plan deposit expires, you have to invest at least the bare minimum into Standard before you can make another investment into Enterprise.

Corporate – the crown jewel of our site – offers 4% daily for 30 calendar days, paid on business days only as well. The minimum to invest here is only $500, and the maximum to invest here is $10,000. Just like the case with Enterprise, you have to have an active investment in Enterprise before you can invest into Corporate. Again, due to the interdependence between these plans, you have to plan and manage your investment period wisely to make the most of it.

At the end of your investment, we return 95% of your principal back into your account, available for withdrawal immediately.

For our loyal investors, we offer an added incentive to reinvest. Should you choose to reinvest your principal to make even more money, we will add 5% of your principal back into your investment, making it a whole 100% of your initial seed money.

In order for the 5% to be added to your funds, please send us an email and we will credit it as soon as we can.

We have organized these plans in such a way to offer flexibility to investors. We realized that with the current structure, there are different ways for investors to invest, and that makes it more exciting to join in.

5. It’s quite a unique set of plans to be sure, but what is the purpose of forcing investors to join one plan before allowing them to join another? Do you think the program might be opened up to a much wider audience if this was not a requirement? How have members reacted?

Unique is right on, Paul. We are always open to suggestions and we at InflexCapital are a unique bunch always thinking of the next big idea. For us, we think that the plans offer a certain level of flexibility for users, so that they can control how much they earn. We believe the freedom to make the most of your money lies in your hands, and that’s why we have implemented certain rules that might not play that well with investors for now, but we are always looking for success down the road.

We initially received a lot of negative responses to our implementation. However, we stuck to our guns, and we believe that as time goes along, investors will start to see the huge potential in our plans.

To be truthful, we are absolutely aware that investors might be more inclined to invest with us if we remove those rules. Many have already approached us suggesting for those rules removed.

Nevertheless, we believe that sustainability is the keyword here for us. With those rules in place, we will be much, much more sustainable that if we were without. We are not aiming for the “explosive” growth a lot of other companies are seeking for – we are aiming to grow slowly, gain investors’ trust, and build our foundation from there on out. “Rome was not built in a day”, and we believe that saying reflects exactly what we believe in.

6. What payment processors are InflexCapital currently dealing with? I know you made instant withdrawals in the past, but what were the circumstances that lead to this being removed? Will instant payouts be reinstated at some point or not? What is the current payment schedule?

We currently accept the 3 major payment processors in the industry, namely LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay.

Indeed, we were making instant withdrawals to LibertyReserve in the past. When we first started introducing this feature, we stated that we will be closely monitoring the feature because instant payouts have always been a two-sided sword, if history is anything to go by. The main concern we had was security because LibertyReserve’s API introduces an unmonitored and unsecured gateway to our company’s funds.

Unfortunately, LibertyReserve’s server had some issues that had introduced a slew of problems for our group. While all payouts were still processed on time, that made us realize how susceptible we were to major problems such as double-payments or even unprocessed withdrawals showing up as being processed. The actual damage from that incident was very, very minor, but the lesson we learned was priceless. As such, we concluded that we would be processing withdrawals manually to ensure that each investor will get his payout on time and without any hiccup.

At InflexCapital, we are a big believer of democracy. This is not our own – it belongs to all the investors as well. You guys are the actual shareholders in this, so your voice means a lot to us. If investors demand for instant payouts to be reinstated, we will definitely take that into account and consider reinstating the feature.

The current payout schedule looks like below:
1) LibertyReserve: Twice a day at 7am and 7pm GMT – 6
2) PerfectMoney: Twice a day at 7am and 7pm GMT – 6
3) SolidTrustPay: Twice a day at 7am and 7pm GMT – 6

We only process payouts on business days. So anything requested after 7pm GMT-6 on Friday, on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday at 7am GMT -6.

7. Can you give us any other general statistics on the program, for example the number of active members, total deposits, total withdrawals, popularity of individual plans, etc?

We are aware of the jealous eyes of hackers looking to exploit any website that has high number of active investors, so we will opt to not disclose any sensitive information at this point. At the current moment, the most popular plans have been Standard and Enterprise, with a handful in Enterprise.

To underline our growth over the past month, our Alexa ranking shot up from over 2 million to 186,000 today. That is just one of the indicators we look at when we review our position in the industry, and we take it upon ourselves to constantly bring new innovations and improvements to the site.

In fact, InflexCapital has introduced numerous new additions and features to the site since our first day online. Most of the new features can be seen on our site as well, such as the Support Ticket system, LiveChat, media bar, and so on. With that said, we will keep adding new features to the site in order to improve your experience on our site.

8. What would be the best and most efficient way of contacting you if I have any questions or problems?

Communication is of utmost importance to our investors and at InflexCapital, we understand that. We have added a Support Ticket system and LiveChat on our site to answer any questions you have. In addition, I will also be on MNO’s ShoutBox several times a day.

If you would like an even faster response, you can email me at my personal email address. This is usually reserved only for business contacts and other urgent matters, so I would urge you to only email me there if you cannot find your answer anywhere else.

To be truthful, after being on MNO’s Shoutbox the last few days, I noticed that the group of members here are very helpful and informative. So for new investors, I would highly recommend signing up there and try to learn as much as possible from the members. The wise will always be happy to impart his knowledge; so do not hesitate to ask!

9. What have been the most common questions, problems, or other support related issues that you have had to deal with so far? Is there anything you would like to address here so that members can avoid having to contact you?

The most common questions so far are do you pay on business days, when do you process payouts and how are you today?

For the first two questions, you can find the answers on our FAQ page. The page is always updated with new questions and answers, so I would highly recommend looking at that page first before contacting us. Please do not get us wrong, nevertheless. We love talking to you, but we would also like to have some time to ourselves so that we can continue to provide the highest, top-quality service you deserve.

For the third question, to that I always say I’ve never felt better! InflexCapital is my child, and I derive no greater pleasure than seeing it grow stronger each day.

Again, MNO’s Shoutbox is a treasure trove full of information. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to pop up there and ask some questions. The members are absolutely helpful, and you will always find me there also.

10. Can you tell us in detail about the security of InflexCapital? Who is your hosting provider and how highly do you rate them as a service provider? Do you have SSL encryption?

InflexCapital is currently on an SSL-encrypted site, which you can verify yourself by looking at our https prefix. For those unfamiliar with this technology, SSL stands for Secured-Socket Layer. It essentially provides a layer of security for online transactions, ensuring that no hackers are listening in to your privacy.

Our script is custom modified off GoldCoders’s script. We value security, and in order to achieve maximum security, we decided to hire some programmers to patch up the script to make it look absolutely unique and create an atmosphere that truly belongs to InflexCapital.

We are currently using GeniusGuard for our hosting needs and they have been flawless so far. We are on a dedicated server with DDos protection from them as well, and on a scale of 1 – 10, I would rate them at 8.

To us, name brand does not mean anything in the face of reliability and security. The most important thing that we look for in a hosting provider is reliability. GeniusGuard offers us peace of mind and continues to perform at the level that we expect, so we will continue to use their service until proven otherwise.

11. What script are you running off? I mentioned in my review of InflexCapital that I did have some doubts about this and how safe it might be without any official technical support from GoldCoders. How do you respond to that and what is your plan to deal with any script related problems?

We are running off a customized GoldCoders’ script. The reason we did so was because we wanted to have a flavor that caters directly to InflexCapital’s needs. And as we mentioned earlier, security is one of our main concerns.

We wanted to eliminate any possibilities of being exploited by malicious hackers, so we hired programmers to plug any possible loophole in the script. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

As of this writing, there’s a full-time programmer working for us. He will add/subtract any features that we need, and he’s been very capable at what he does.

And again, instead of waiting around like sitting ducks for GoldCoders’ to assist us with any script issues, we would rather have an on-call programmer who can dig in and fix it right away. The ability to do so is very, very important for us, and we would like to keep it that way.

12. What other outside business and investment activities are you involved with? Can we see any independently verifiable proof of these activities?

We are a private trading group, and all information at this point is confidential. We are registered in the UK under InflexCapital Returns LTD, and we have a trader who handles the trading business for us. For the last year and a half, he has been consistently bringing in great results for us, so we think that he’s perhaps one of the better traders in the market who can maximize our returns.

13. Tell us more about the general advertising and promotional strategies being used by InflexCapital. In a very competitive market what are you doing to bring the program to a wider investment audience?

We have planned this online venture for a very long time. Advertising and marketing are very crucial to survive in this competitive market, so we came up with numerous ideas on the board to help push InflexCapital to the forefront of the industry.

First of all, we are going for slow growth because we are a mid-term firm offering sustainable returns for a long period of time. Our first step is to gain our current investors’ confidence. We strive to pay on time and to communicate our latest updates all the time in the most transparent manner. A solid foundation is the very important in our view, so we will try to achieve a stable member base before moving forward with any other advertising ideas.

So far, we are trying to be on various forums and blogs to provide assistance to new investors. It’s no surprise that we are still a very young company, so a lot of investors are still trying to grasp the idea behind our plans. We believe that after a certain period of time, when investors start to see the potential in InflexCapital, we will take off from there and start to advertise aggressively on various different platforms.

14. Are there any plans to develop InflexCapital further in the near future? Will there be any interesting changes made soon? How are you planning to keep the program competitive with so many other options open to investors?

This is our business secret and we can only say you should always expect great new things at InflexCapital. For now, we will look into features that are most requested by investors and go from there. In terms of interesting changes, perhaps we will look at adding a new payment processor soon enough to offer a wider range of options for investors to invest.

Personally, I am not concerned about InflexCapital’s competition. We focus solely on what we do, and I believe if we can do a good job at what we’re supposed to, which is to serve the investors in the most professional manner, we will win in the long run.

15. And finally, is there anything you feel that wasn’t covered in this interview that you think the readers of MNO should be aware of? Would you also like to comment on the review of your program, especially to address anything you felt was mistaken or somehow unfair?

I think all the questions are very well prepared, and also managed to inform our investors about the different facets of InflexCapital. The review is very comprehensive as well, and shows the investors what we truly stand for.

Perhaps the one thing I think the review could not quite show is the commitment from our group. I am here to make a difference in an industry plagued by too many insincere and unprofessional administrators who think that service to customer should be taken for granted. Not me. Not InflexCapital. We are always prepared to go the extra mile for our investors, and any input from our investors is taken seriously. We implement a bottom-up approach at InflexCapital, and we hope that investors can start to see that.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to our investors for their support so far. Without you guys, we will not be where we’re at today at all. And also we would like to pat ourselves on the back for our first month online! Woohoo!

Thank you Paul for the interview, and we look forward to a successful and long-lasting relationship with you and readers of MNO!

Thanks a lot to Andrew for the interview and good luck to him in making a success of the program. I only wish all the admins were as thorough and detailed when it came to explaining their programs as him. Good luck also to existing InflexCapital members who I hope will have a profitable experience with the program and also to potential members still sitting on the fence, I hope you found it in someway helpful in deciding whether InflexCapital is a suitable addition to your portfolios or not.


Last night a new program was added to MNO’s Premium listing – 711Finance. The admin of the program Amanda also purchased Sticky listing and a big banner on the MNO monitor both for one month which I find an encouraging sign of the seriousness of her intentions to run 711Finance for as long as possible. It’s also on Sticky status on a couple of other forums and monitors and is steadily becoming one of the leading names among shorter term programs. I can’t say that 711Finance is a brand new program exactly as it has been online for two weeks already paying on the only investment plan they make available – 12% for 12 calendar days with no principal return on expiry. Originally the program only accepted LibertyReserve but now PerfectMoney is also taken starting from a $7 minimum with payouts made manually within 24 hours of request. There was also a 24% deposit on your second deposit made on the second investment cycle with 711Finance available which is a very clever marketing trick to make existing members reinvest, keep them interested, and keep the cash flow moving (more on that read in my detailed review of 711Finance tomorrow). I believe that Amanda, the admin of 711Finance is a very experienced person, certainly knows how to make her program successful, and gradually increases their presence on the market. Technical features of the program include an SSL certificate by Comodo, a licensed script by ProBizScript and hosting on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by Koddos. In addition to that, I would like to mention the Live chat which is available literally 24/7 and where you can get assistance with any questions you might have. All in all, 711Finance is looking like a very well thought-out program run by an experienced and communicative admin and has everything to survive for a few more investment cycles. Let’s hope that MNO listing and advertising which Amanda mentioned in the latest short update posted on the site today is going to help with that task:

711Finance is now on MNO – Money-News-Online
711Finance is on MNO, premier listing sticky for 1 months paid upfront static TOP 728×90 Banner for 1 month paid upfront. We are slowing but steadily broadening our reach.
Best regards, Amanda”.

That’s about it for today, guys. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I’ll see you all tomorrow with the latest news updates from the programs covered on the MNO monitor and of course a more detailed look at the new program. Stay tuned for that and see you all then!

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