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 Beware! Bull&BearCapital has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! To round off the weekend before getting to the regular news section I’m going to take a more detailed look at another of the recent additions to the MNO monitoring page. Tonight it’s the turn of Bull&BearCapital, a mid to long term program with small selection of investment plans though despite that they are still quite different. The program is brand new so if you are looking to add something to your portfolios then keep reading, see if Bull&BearCapital has anything that you might like.

The first of two plans is by far the most attractive I would think. Just my opinion, you’re free to disagree, but I do see it as the only real practical option. It runs for a rather oddly calculated term of 58 calendar days and can be joined for an affordable minimum spend of just $10. During the course of the term Bull&BearCapital are making daily interest payments of 3%. This rate is universal regardless of how big or how small your initial deposit, although the maximum amount allowed is $15,000. Once the cycle ends, that’s it. You won’t be getting your principal back as Bull&BearCapital have already counted it as part of the payments. So that would leave you with a total return of 174%, or more accurately 74% net profit.

To put it in monetary terms let’s suppose you invested $100 with Bull&BearCapital. They would pay you back $3 per day, every day, for 58 days in total. That allows you to break even (ie earn back an amount equal to your original investment meaning you can’t possibly lose money after this point) on day 34, and complete the cycle with $174 in total, or $74 profit.

The second plan is more profitable, but to be honest I have to say the Bull&BearCapital admin is asking for a bit much from his members for this one to get really popular. I’m sure he’ll disagree, and sure, maybe I’m wrong, but the only opinion that matters here is yours so I’ll describe it for you and see what you think.

To start with it runs for the same 58 calendar day term. It’s a lot more expensive to join with a $500 minimum required to be allowed in. The maximum is $150,000. Bull&BearCapital offer a 200% return on your investment, and your principal is already included as part of that so won’t be returned. But the cost isn’t really what’s holding it back though (it might be a lot of money but a huge number of players can easily afford it if the terms are right). The problem lies with the payment schedule. Bull&BearCapital only make one single payment on expiry of the 58 day term, and I have to say that’s a painfully long time to have that kind of money tied up in an online HYIP without seeing any return on it whatsoever. I mean I wouldn’t mind because the rate itself could easily be achieved in HYIP terms, and doubling your money in 58 days wouldn’t be classed as particularly amazing. But who’s going to trust an admin with that kind of money for that length of time? That’s entirely up to you but even if Bull&BearCapital were to at least offer a weekly payment they’d probably get a lot more investors to this plan than they will the way things are at the moment.

Payment options are a bit mixed, with the choice being quite poor right now. Only LibertyReserve (who have enough problems of their own right now) and PerfectMoney are accepted. The admin has suggested SolidTrustPay could be added soon, but as that can take a month to be verified and there isn’t even any official notice that Bull&BearCapital have even started to apply for STP yet then it’s going to stay just LR and PM for a while more. I will of course report right here if anything changes on that front, so if waiting for STP before joining the program then right here on MNO is the first place you’re going to hear about it. Things improve with the payouts themselves though, as they are all made instantly which I’m sure everybody likes. You will still need to log into your Bull&BearCapital account to make the request, but once done the money should drop into your e-currency account within a few seconds. Regular readers might know I’m no fan of compounding by the way (personal opinion, no reflection on the HYIPs who offer it) but if you enjoy the extra gamble then Bull&BearCapital make it available.

Bull&BearCapital is running off a totally custom made script which is obviously an advantage over the pre-made templates. The website is SSL secured and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and DDoS protection by AntiDDos who in a relatively short space of time in the HYIP industry have established a solid reputation for quality. At least off the top of my head anyway I can’t say I remember any of the programs they’ve hosted in the last two years closing as a result of DDoS attacks or downtime. If you have any further questions for the admin or any account related issues then you can get in touch with Bull&BearCapital by a variety of ways including a built-in Live Chat feature. Otherwise you can just fill in your details on the online ticketing form and submit it through the contacts page. Bull&BearCapital also list a telephone number, though oddly enough the area code is not that of the country where they list their postal address, leading me to conclude that most likely both are just third party services and simply forwarded to the admin rather than leading directly to him. But that’s always how it goes in the HYIP industry. I did quite like the fact that they include a page dedicated to online security by the way. I mean a lot of it is just common sense anyway but it’s good to see it and you can never overstate the importance of the information listed there, especially to the newbies.

Overall, despite room for certain improvements the program still leaves a pretty good first impression. And provided the admin can keep the payouts consistently instant I see no reason why the program can’t get popular later. Texts appear to be largely original though what they’re alluding to is not, with Bull&BearCapital claiming involvement in the ForEx business. Hardly a first for the online HYIP industry and with any solid evidence of these activities or that they can be as profitable as the admin would have you believe in scant supply it is of course best to be cautious. That means setting a sensible spending limit that you don’t mind losing and if joining Bull&BearCapital then doing it as part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



The admin of KISnP Zepp (interviewed here) has finally issued a newsletter detailing the issue of missing earnings experienced by many members of the program on Friday. He offered a solution which will be different for those of you deposited into the daily paying with expiry or forever plans. So due to the script peculiarities those who invested into the following two plans – 4.5% for 50 business days, and 3.75% for 80 business days – will NOT have their accounts credited with the missed Friday earnings but instead they will have their deposits expire a day later so they could reach 225% and 300% earnings on their deposits respectively. Those of you in “forever” plans paying 1.1% per business day, 6.25% weekly, 30% monthly with the possibility to withdraw your principal after the lock-in period of 150 calendar days WILL have their accounts credited with the Friday earnings (which applies mostly to the daily paying plans). The full explanation is given by Zepp himself in the long and comprehensive newsletter sent to all members KISnP (reviewed here) recently. Please read it fully in order to understand everything:

KISnP Update: Solution to Missed Earnings on August 17th
Hi Paul,
Last Friday August 17th, at around 14:00 server time, an error started with our script not crediting the Interest Earning Balance of members who made deposits into Daily Plans and Forever Daily plan.
I received emails from members informing me of the issue and right away I contacted our programmer requesting him to look at the reason causing the error and fix it ASAP.
After hours of checking, he finally saw what the script error was.
He then fix it and we made test deposits to check if the error is already gone, and finally he declared it out of error already.
Now, I know many of you are still waiting to be credited with the missed earning that day.
That is why I am going to explain in the best way I can in this email the solution we have now.
First let me inform you that our Daily Plans are set up to expire deposits made into it based on return or the achievement of set percentage of initial principal.
Daily Plan 1 offers total return of 225%.
So each deposit made into this Plan will expire after getting exactly 225% return.
Daily Plan 2 offers total return of 300%.
So each deposit made into this Plan will expire after getting exactly 300% return.
Now, I will quote here the exact answer I received from our programmer after I sent him a follow up question regarding what we should do to those missed earnings that day, here it is:
i have replied this in details yesterday, yes script does know it miss the day and it will auto extend one day for all investment those earning has been miss. you may only need to credit for those user who are miss earning in forever plan.
So I will not credit manually the accounts of those members who missed earnings for their deposits in Daily Plans INSTEAD the script will automatically extend your deposits for one day to get the full return.
Because even if I credit manually the missed earnings into the affected accounts, it will not stop the script to extend your deposits and there is no way I can manually expire your deposits then unless I delete your account.
However, I still need to credit manually the missed earnings of those deposits made into Forever Plans, particularly in Forever Daily, because this does not have an expiry so auto extension is not applicable.
So now I am asking for everyone to please understand that this is the best solution we have and can offer at the moment.
I appreciate all the members who already expressed their positive support to this solution when I initially discussed this in MNO shoutbox yesterday.
Now I am going back to checking every account of our members and credit those that missed earnings for Forever Plan deposits.
Anyone who needs clarification, feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer it right away.
Admin, Zepp.


In the light of the recent unexplained blockages of LibertyReserve accounts (I have discussed it already in this article) the admin of InflexCapital Andrew (interviewed on MNO here) is trying to help those of his members who would like to get rid of their LibertyReserve by moving the funds to the relatively safe haven of PerfectMoney. For this purpose an internal exchange has been added in the program allowing you to exchange your funds from LR to PM and vice versa for some fees which are quite reasonable and are much less than the majority of exchanging services are offering at the moment. Of course in order to use this handy service you will have to first become a member of InflexCapital and make a deposit into the 2%-4% for 22 business days with the principal returned on expiry plan. I would like to remind you that STP is also accepted as a payment processor for InflexCapital the full review of which can be found here. And this is the latest newsletter from the program sent by Andrew late last night:

Exchanges Are In!
Hi dear members of InflexCapital,
Following a recent influx of reports concerning LibertyReserve’s unannounced and unexplained blocking of accounts, it has come to our attention that there are quite a number of investors who would like to be paid to PerfectMoney instead. Therefore, in adherence with our spirit of listening to the investors’ voice, we have now added a new Currency Exchange service that is available immediately in your back office.
We surveyed the market and decided upon a competitive rate that would allow you to exchange your funds from the back office. We noticed that some exchangers have even stopped working with LibertyReserve altogether, so the rates we are offering reflect the current market conditions, and it is a decision for you to make whether or not you would like to take advantage of the situation. At the moment, we would highly recommend transferring your funds to PerfectMoney in order to prevent any further losses. LibertyReserve is, at the moment, at a critical turning point of their services online, and we believe that you should take advantage of this exchange service to get your funds into a much safer and more trustworthy payment processor. Fear not, should LibertyReserve pick up their slacks and continue to perform as they had, we also allow you the opportunity to exchange your funds from PerfectMoney back to LibertyReserve.
At this moment, only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney exchanges are allowed. This is a service we rendered in response to LibertyReserve’s unexpected behavior, and therefore, we might turn off the service without prior notice. We sincerely hope that LibertyReserve will explain their actions for the past few days, and we will decide further on how to handle the issue should they decide to shut down your LibertyReserve account. If you have already made a deposit in our account, please do not worry as you can exchange all your earnings to PerfectMoney.
Therefore, if you haven’t already, we would urge you to add your PerfectMoney account in your office as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of this service right away. Please note that your PerfectMoney account number starts with a U followed by 7 digits, eg: U1234567. The 6-digit number that you received in your email when you first signed up is treated like a username in PerfectMoney’s system, and we cannot use that to pay you, unfortunately.
*IMPORTANT*: In order to add your PerfectMoney account, please submit a ticket here to have it manually added. Please submit your username along with your PerfectMoney account number (U1234567) in order for us to add your account promptly.
Thank you for your understanding, and we hope that this new feature will help you in numerous ways!


After more than a week after Finvance added EgoPay to the list of accepted payment processors which also includes SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney the deposits via EgoPay can finally be done automatically. The admin of Finvance (interviewed here) never actually specified in the update issued today what delayed him so long but I guess there might be some technical difficulties due to implementation of the new payment processor into the ProBiz script which Finvance is running off. I remind you that Finvance has successfully finished its first cycle and is now on its second paying 8% for the duration of 20 business days. The program has been getting more exposure recently after the welcome extension of its accepted payment processors to include STP and EP. Here is the latest from Finvance (reviewed here):

EgoPay deposits now automatic
You may now deposit via EgoPay automatically through your Finvance client panel. This brings automatic deposits to all four of our e-currency processors, Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and Egopay.


There was a short message from Jeff, the admin of HYIPla today. In it he gave the link to the recent review of his program posted on MNO (click here to read it). Incidentally Jeff agreed to answer some questions for an interview today so I’ll be sending him that tomorrow. Hopefully you will be able to read it on MNO very soon. For now I’ll remind you that HYIPla processes instant withdrawals to all the accepted payment processors – SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney – and that the only investment plan offers you 12% daily payouts for the duration of 12 business days (Monday to Friday). Here’s the latest update from HYIPla:

HYIPla Reviewed By MNO
Hello everyone,
The review of our program has been posted on MNO and you can find it here:
Sincerely, HYIPla Admin”.


Please note that two more programs have been moved to Problem status tonight – SafeRisk and Dynasty7. So please refrain from making any additional deposits there.

SafeRisk suddenly stopped paying yesterday and the end of the program coincided with the reported panic around LibertyReserve blocked accounts which I reported on my blog last night. Perhaps, the cash flow was really affected by that, perhaps the admin’s LR account was blocked. Anything’s possible and I can only speculate why the program finished after being online for 110 days. Well, at least it was a decent run and we can’t complain that SafeRisk was designed to scam fast.

The complete opposite comes to mind when we look at Dynasty7 which was apparently another fast summer scam. The program has been online for 11 days only and no one yet managed to be in profit from it even if you joined on day one. Suddenly my payout has been pending for 36 hours now while the FAQ clearly puts the waiting time at 12 hours maximum. I must add that unlike SafeRisk the admin of Dynasty7 actually replied to my email and said that the payouts on Saturdays and Sundays are not processed which is strange to hear as the site says non-crediting the accounts on weekends while there was nothing said about the non-processing times on such days. So, I assume the worst and moved Dynasty7 to Problem status. I guess everything will be clear about the program only by tomorrow, but for now I would recommend to stay away from Dynasty7!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list:  HYIPla.
From MNO Premium list: OneInv, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, BensonUnion, DividendService, Finvance, PlexCapital, WestFinanceGroup, YachtWealthClub, KBSInvestment, Bull&BearCapital.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news from the programs monitored on MNO. Please check out my blog tomorrow for more news and a detailed review of the highly-anticipated program RightFive which launched just last Friday. So stay tuned and see you all tomorrow!

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