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20/08/2012. RightFive Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! RightFive has stopped paying! Do not invest there! 

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Working for myself I don’t really take many days off as you know, so it doesn’t make much difference to me, but today is one time I’m glad to see the start on the new business week and can finally deliver a more detailed review of what is surely the most eagerly awaited programs to hit the industry this year – RightFive. Just to refresh your memories, you’ll probably have noticed RightFive advertised on MNO for quite some time now after the admin bought up some spots to put the word out prior to launching. I must say it worked well for his as there was much discussion as to what the whole thing was about, what they were offering, and so on. But then just as anticipation was at its peak and RightFive was ready to start taking investments there was a major setback. Not really a serious problem for you to worry about of course, but something that was beyond the admin’s control. It basically involved a massive backlog at SolidTrustPay in the verification of new accounts, and it was now taking a matter of weeks rather than days. This has all been fixed now but I really do hope that RightFive hasn’t lost any momentum because the delay in opening did take the edge off the excitement. And that would really be unfortunate because having checked the program out thoroughly myself I can tell you that RightFive has definitely been worth the wait. And who knows, maybe the re-scheduled launch date might even benefit them in some ways, because we will soon be into September and that month traditionally sees an increase in HYIP related activities.

So like I said, despite the wait I haven’t been disappointed. RightFive is looking well and clearly a tremendous amount of work and planning have gone into it. And it shows. I’ll get to the finer points in a few moments but first I think we should start with the reason we’re all looking at the program in the first place – the investment plans. RightFive has two of them, and I have to say they’re both pretty appealing. They’re both quite affordable as well by the way, so don’t think you have to limit yourself to just one or the other because there’s nothing to stop you from joining both. One is a short term plan making a single payment on expiry, while the other is closer to a medium term plan that will pay you interest every day.

I’ll start with the daily plan. For this you will require a minimum of $20 to join, though RightFive will take anything up to a $50,000 maximum. The term then runs for 30 calendar days, during which you will be paid 5% interest on you investment par day. RightFive are including your initial deposit as part of the payments so it’s deemed that this has already been returned once the cycle finishes. That means that your payments add up to a total of 150%, which is your own money back plus 50% net profit.

To put that in monetary terms let’s pretend you invested $100. That would then see RightFive pay you back $5 per day, every day, for 30 days. You would earn back your initial principal after 20 days and therefore break even, and complete the term with total earnings of $150 out of which $50 is your net profit.

The second plan is even easier, and runs for a term of 7 calendar days. It too requires a minimum deposit of $20 to join, though (I’m guessing) to limit the damage done by the inevitable hit-and-runners the RightFive admin has placed a $2,000 cap on investments here. It should also go a long way towards protecting the wider cash flow of the program so too much money from the 30 day plan doesn’t get eaten up supporting payouts to this one (ie if you want to join for 30 days you don’t have to be afraid that all the money will go into the 7 day plan and be gone by the time you see a profit, so kudos to the admin for actually thinking this one through!). As for the interest, RightFive make one single payment on expiry of 110%, principal included.

So that means for a $100 deposit here, you’d get $110 back to you seven days later. Both plans have a lot going for them, and there are certain advantages to either one so it’s kinda hard to say which is better. It depends on what you’re looking for I guess, but I just wanted to point out that on a profit per day basis the 30 day plan is clearly more lucrative. The main advantage of the on expiry 7 day plan however that it puts you into profit a lot faster. Not as much profit obviously, but if you need it faster then that’s the way to go. Otherwise as I already said you’re free to split your money between plans if that’s what you’d prefer.

The choice of payment processors is as good as anything you’ll see elsewhere in the HYIP industry, as all the popular options are there. RightFive are taking SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. To limit the workload and free the admin for the task of actually managing the program, certain restrictions have been placed on withdrawals. Please make yourself aware of these and don’t get hysterical all over the HYIP forums if you don’t get paid and don’t know the reason why. For one thing there is a minimum withdrawal of $2. As long as you have that then OK, but you are also only allowed to make one withdrawal per e-currency and per account each day. So once per day to STP if you have money there, but also once per day to PM if you also have money there, and so on. Payments are made by the admin manually so you will need to request them from inside your RightFive account. Once done you will be asked to allow a maximum of 48 hours for it to be processed. Personally my own have been much faster, though I suspect the admin is thinking ahead to when RightFive becomes more and more popular as it’s surely destined to do.

It’s all pretty good up until now I guess, but to be honest we haven’t seen anything new or world class. Sure, the plans are fine and the list of payment handlers is good, but RightFive are hardly the first ones in the industry to get such relatively rudimentary things right at the first attempt, right? They still need something special to set them above and apart from the rest of the industry, and I do believe they’ve found that in the design and security features. There’s no two ways about it, whoever is behind this project knows what they are doing, and they’re damn good at it! There’s no time-wasters here, and they’ve taken a highly professional attitude right from the start. The basics such as hosting and script are all good, but it’s the little extras that really make them shine. BlockDos who are still among the best in the business are hosting RightFive on a dedicated and protected server, and the website is fully SSL encrypted in public and members areas for safer browsing and more secure transactions. What really caught my eye though was the script, which is totally unique, custom made, and perfectly tailored to meet the program’s needs.

Protecting your account is of paramount importance and one of the many wonderful features on offer here is that of e-mail and mobile/cellphone SMS verification. You will need to activate these features in your account manually for yourself, and while it’s only optional you’d be strongly advised to do so. How it works is that every time someone tries to log into your account from a different IP address, a verification code will be sent to your e-mail address. Without this code access will be denied to whoever it is trying to log-in. Worried about the security of your e-mail account getting compromised? Then register your mobile number and RightFive will send you an SMS with the verification code (PerfectMoney have a similar feature and it works quite well for them). Just note that the SMS service isn’t free, however as you’ll hardly be using it very often it’s no big deal. It only costs $0.10c anyway, and something that you will get for free is SMS notification of any important server issues or downtime should it ever occur.

There’s a vast and extensive FAQ section that covers every imaginable detail related to the program, so it’s less likely that you’ll have to contact the RightFive support with very many questions. Despite being so detailed it’s still written in plain, straight talking basic English, and I don’t think there’s anything there that even those new to the industry won’t understand perfectly well. But if you do need to get in touch with them for anything then you need only fill in your details in the online ticketing form on the contacts page and submit. You can also just mail them directly at the address provided if you wish. RightFive provide a postal address in The Seychelles, though I believe this to be no more than a registered office and not where you’d find them genuinely located were you to visit (not that I’d mind giving it a try some rainy winter day, lol!). Accounts on Facebook and Twitter are also being kept, which wouldn’t be the first place I’d look for information but can be exceptionally useful in communicating with members if there was ever a problem with the proper website.

Overall it’s quite a fresh and original program, but the story behind it isn’t all that new. Not for the first time in the HYIP industry there’s a lot of claims and a lot of talk going on about the ForEx business, none of which can be independently verified. For what it’s worth RightFive have gone to the trouble of registering the company (in The Seychelles) though that by itself doesn’t provide you the investor with any guarantees. So much as I like RightFive I’m also reminding you there’s a high risk involved, and that you have no business participating in this industry if that’s a problem for you. Either accept it or forget it, it’s that simple. So if you do decide to take a chance on RightFive, and I do believe that at least some people will make a nice profit even if it’s not guaranteed to be you, then always stay comfortably under a sensible spending limit that you can afford (and afford to lose) and try also to keep a well balanced and varied portfolio.



The site of LibertyReserve has been offline all day today and as usual they are not in any hurry to get back online while the maintenance has lasted for well over the estimated four hours as stated on their blog:

Scheduled Maintenance – August 20, 11:00am (UTC)
Liberty Reserve will be unavailable on:
August 20, between 11:00 (am) and 3:00 (pm)(UTC)
This upgrade will give you a faster, more productive system.
Thank you for choosing Liberty Reserve.

As usual nothing good is expected from this latest slap-in-the-face for the LR account holders. Some even speculate that we are witnessing the last days of LR and while I wouldn’t go so far, but even if it is so I’m sure that smart MNO readers who read my articles and follow the advice would be the ones who will not suffer heavy losses compared to others who choose to ignore them. Just a couple of days ago I have posted an article about the ongoing crisis in LibertyReserve (click here to read it) and unexpected blockages of many users. Since then a huge panic among LR members started taking hold and many are desperately trying to exchange all their LibertyReserve to other more stable e-currencies. This alone made exchange rates plummet and devalued LibertyReserve severely. This gradual process will definitely continue if there is nothing to be done after the payment processor is back online. It seriously begins to look as if they did it deliberately and forcing many account holders into the frustration and desperation by their blockages and fraud alerts posted on forums and monitors.

These blockages and prolonged downtimes will surely affect the entire HYIP industry again and make a lot of the programs close prematurely. So for the next few days I would suggest you to be extremely cautious while joining and depositing in programs accepting LR (which is actually all of them though some with a smaller choice depend on it more than others). You will see after this crisis is over that only the strongest will be able to survive and I know for sure that some of the admins already got rid of their excess in LR which will ease their workload and financial losses if LibertyReserve is eventually going to leave the market. That is not just speculation but a widely discussed topic now and if there is nothing to be done regarding the locked accounts the trust towards the e-currency is in tatters and many programs and exchangers will be wary about working with them. That in turn will lead to the total reformation of the entire HYIP industry and will make other currencies to take a bigger slice of the current HYIP pie. So whatever the outcome for LibertyReserve I’m sure that we are on the verge of some momentous changes in the HYIP industry.


Although it is pretty obvious that the payments to LibertyReserve cannot be currently processed by HYIPs due to the site’s maintenance the admins of a couple of programs on MNO took the time to update their members on the current situation and delays caused by it.

HYIPla (reviewed here) for example was famous for its instant payouts to all the payment processors – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay. However, at the moment only PM and STP withdrawals in the 12% for 12 business days plan can be processed instantly. Here is the latest news from HYIPla regarding this:

Libertyreserve Website Is Offline For Maintenance
Dear members,
When we tried to open and got this message \’Liberty Reseve service is undergoing scheduled maintenance. So all deposits and withdraws are not available now.We will process all pending withdraws when it is back to normal. If you want to get instant payment,please request a withdraw when Libertyreserve has finished its maintenance.
Sincerely, HYIPla Admin”.

Finvance (reviewed here) also reported that the only payments being done now are those to EgoPay, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney. The payouts to LibertyReserve on the 8% for 20 business days plan offered by Finvance cannot be processed at the moment and therefore are delayed until LR is back online:

Liberty Reserve Maintenance
We are currently in payout processing mode for all currencies, Egopay, SolidTrustPay, and PerfectMoney. Liberty Reserve is currently down for maintenance as seen on their homepage. We will process Liberty Reserve withdrawals after their system comes back online.


I had to apologize to my readers today who were possibly misled by the Problem status of Dynasty7 on MNO and the information that was given in regards to the status change. Obviously this resulted Dynasty7‘s incompetence and inability to explain properly that the withdrawals are not paid over the weekend. On the FAQ page there was an announcement that the funds had to be paid within 12 hours which remained very misleading as due to their internal rules only Monday to Friday is counted. So, today the admin of Dynasty7 (reviewed here) found the time to clarify the issue to the members in the newsletter issued in regards to this:

Dynasty7 remind
Dear member
Please note that your withdraw requests will be accomplished ASAP, and within 48 business hours.
Please be patient. We don’t process request on Weekend.
Business Days are: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays);
Working Hours: 8:30AM – 6:00PM.
If you request on Saturday or Friday night, The next business day is Monday. You will get paid on Business day.


It looks like the LibertyReserve issues are echoing throughout the industry, causing many popular programs to collapse day after day. While the current LibertyReserve crisis might be not the only reason for this it’s certainly not helping matters all that much.

Today three more programs have been listed on Problem status on MNO. They are MutualAssets, MegaProfitAds and DecoFunds. Please note that no further investments in them can be recommended at this particular moment.

As for MegaProfitAds and DecoFunds they proved to be very short-lived scams with the lifespan not even enough to bring profits to their members. I don’t even want to talk about them anymore as I can’t be unbiased about these ugly scams.

What can I say about MutualAssets? The first signs of the program being in trouble came to my attention last night while people stated that the admin had actually admitted that the payouts would stop on Monday. This made me suspect something bad was going to happen, but I had no proof that the person my readers conversed to was actually the admin of MutualAssets. I guess today everything became clear as the payouts from MutualAssets have stopped and I believe the admin was indeed planning this scam already over the weekend. However, since the program usually didn’t process the payouts over the weekend I was unable to verify it until now. So MutualAssets is a proven scam now too.


Today one more program joined the Premium List on MNO – RoyalMaxDealers. I’m sure some of you have already heard of them as the program has been online and paying for about three weeks now, so the first payment cycle is already completed and the first investors got their profits. RoyalMaxDealers offer two investment plans – 11% for 18 days and 150% after 10 days. The minimum to invest in both is $5 and all four main payment processors are currently accepted – SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Once the withdrawal is requested the admin of RoyalMaxDealers requires 24 hours to pay it. The site is properly equipped for an investment company of this scale and along with a wide choice of payment processors it’s properly SSL-secured by Comodo, running off a licensed GoldCoders script, and hosted on a dedicated server by AntiDDos which has a good reputation in protecting HYIPs against DDoS attacks. More on RoyalMaxDealers will be discussed in the upcoming review of the program on MNO. Stay tuned for that, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list:  HYIPla.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, KISnP, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTradeDividendService, FinvanceYachtWealthClub, Bull&BearCapital, RightFive.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, Dynasty7, BGTGroups.
From MNO Basic list: Profit4Saving.

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for reading MNO and see you all tomorrow!

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