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Hello everyone! Unfortunately the weekend just passed wasn’t that great as I had to deal with a lot of problems, just like many HYIP admins and regular investors also had to so many of you will know what I’m talking about. I the main topic discussed on the various forums was the return of LibertyReserve. So let’s talk about that in more detail.


The highly anticipated return of LibertyReserve after exactly a week of downtime/maintenance has finally happened. But it wasn’t what many folks were hoping for. I remind you that allegedly the main reason why the payment system was taken down for maintenance was the hundreds of locked accounts the rightful owners of which could not login and use them properly. I have reported about that issue on MNO already even prior to the closure and how it was all explained on the official LibertyReserve blog:

During this final stage of maintenance we are identifying erroneously blocked accounts and updating their statuses to “normal”. This is a long and tedious process so your patience is appreciated. While we are doing everything possible to bring the system back faster, these processes make take an additional up to 2-4 days to complete.

So much for two days! After an entire week offline not only did LibertyReserve not fix anything – they made the situation worse. Judge for yourself. People who already had their LR accounts locked discovered they are able to log in and send money into the account OK, but can’t get it out. A message saying the account is limited pops up when you try. Some people (like myself) suddenly discovered that they can’t send money to anyone despite being able to do so perfectly well before the maintenance period. That means that LibertyReserve administration used the entire week not to return access to the account holders but actually to make things worse by allowing the money to continue flowing in but not allowing you to exchange it or do anything you’d expect to do with an e-currency account. True to form the online support has absolutely no idea what’s happening and tell everyone to write to LR’s business department. I have contacted the above-mentioned department and was promised a reply within 48 hours. But given my history of communicating with LR staff I can confirm that they are the slowest most inefficient and impolite people in the industry thinking that no one will have an alternative and will use them anyway. Well, I can tell you that any of the other currencies serving the HYIP world – SolidTrustPay, EgoPay and PerfectMoney – are just looking so much better now than LR at the moment and I expect to see a lot of people switching to them if LibertyReserve doesn’t change their attitude.

Taking all this into consideration I made up my mind to stop accepting LibertyReserve for the time being as I don’t want to be constantly checking if my account is blocked or limited at any time LR pleases. In very rare cases I will still be able to access LibertyReserve but for this admins are advised to contact me first and I might make an exception. At this moment the whole situation smells of pure and simple robbery when a payment processor is doing everything possible to frustrate its members and make working with them intolerable and impossible. It’s a pity to have to watch this it as LibertyReserve is turning from one of the leaders of the HYIP industry to a deceitful mess with absolutely no or honesty or integrity or sense of service towards their clients. I’m quite sure that if the current issues with the limited accounts are not solved in the near future LibertyReserve will lose what little remains of their credibility. My advice to you would be (if your account is not limited yet) to keep your dealings with LR to a minimum and possibly consider switching to alternative currencies for your investment needs. At least do it for now while the situation with LR is shaky and unpredictable. Watch MNO for more updates on this.


Another payment processor to make the headlines in recent days has been SolidTrustPay, though in this case it’s been absolutely nothing like the disorganized chaos with LibertyReserve. To start with I suppose the thing of interest to most of you has been ZeekRewards. Now, to be completely honest with you I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what ZeekRewards is, nor do I care. And as it wasn’t covered on MNO then I don’t have anything to say about it. What I do know is that whatever it was it was huge, and it’s been unceremoniously shut down by the US government and their assets seized, including those held in online payment handlers like SolidTrustPay. All this has resulted in something of a smear campaign against STP, which is of course utterly frivolous and based on nothing even related to the truth. I’m not going to say the origin of these rumors, but I will say I expected a higher level of maturity from them as they were also involved with this.

I’m including the full update which I’ve copied directly from the SolidTrustPay blog below, and I don’t really have that much to add to it because the writer (I’m guessing it was written by Stella, the STP owner) pretty much summed up what I was going to say anyway. Rumors that STP will run out of money because the ZeekRewards money has been seized by the feds are just ridiculous. That money never belonged to STP in the first place, they were merely handling it on behalf of their clients, and any other funds are not affected. Plus some of the figures been thrown around as facts are of course no more than guesswork. Only the investigating officers of the SEC (plus the owner of ZeekRewards as well I suppose) are going to know the real numbers involved. I imagine it will all become public when due process takes over but for now this is not public information so anyone telling you otherwise is either just having a guess or trying to mislead you with their own secret agenda. Read the official version of events from STP below:

Zeekrewards Update
This update applies to all STPay members who were affiliates of the online company, As most members now know, the website, and its corporate entity, Rex Venture Group, LLC has been closed by the SEC as indicated here: ZEEKREWARDS CLOSURE
SolidTrust, along with all other financial entities that provided payment services for them, has been contacted by the SEC and asked to suspend the Zeekrewards SolidTrust Pay account. This was done on Friday, August 17, 2012. Subsequently, the SEC has requested that all funds presently on hold in the account be wired to the US Federal Reserve Bank on or before September 5, 2012. SolidTrust plans on wiring the funds before that time to ensure timely delivery in advance of the due date.
We are, of course, being asked if members are entitled to any refunds and the answer is, unfortunately, not directly through us. As all funds are now the property of the US Government, any refunds to eligible Zeekrewards affiliates will come from the designated receivership body appointed by the United States.
Any members attempting to receive a refund via a chargeback or reversal will find themselves in violation of the court order and their attempts will be challenged and refuted. It is best for everyone to be patient, respect the court order, and wait for any refunds to be granted to them.
There has been some rumour and speculation that 1) SolidTrust will run out of money after it sends the balance of the Zeekrewards account as requested and 2) SolidTrust itself is under investigation by the SEC. We would like to reassure members that neither of the above is anywhere near any semblance of anything resembling Fact or Truth. Think about these facts for a moment:
…how could anyone that wasn’t top management in STPay, possibly know the total value of STPay funds?
…how would anyone, who wasn’t employed by the SEC, know of an internal SEC investigation that wasn’t already public knowledge?
SolidTrust Pay was around years before Zeekrewards and will be around years after it has all passed. The present rumours are nothing but a smear campaign to discredit STPay and attack their position as one of the top ranking, most trusted ewallet providers in the world.

Another event with SolidTrustPay, and I really have to say I wish they handled this better, was the introduction of a new security feature that will detect a change not in your IP address but in the country of origin where you initially set up the account. I was caught completely by surprise by this when on Saturday (yes, it had to be a day when their support weren’t working!) my account was blocked. I got the message:
You are attempting to login from a different IP Address that does not match the country you signed up from. Your account has been suspended.

The situation was dealt with quickly enough when I contacted Stella, who explained that it’s now in place to prevent accounts being opened with fake and stolen information or credit cards from one country, and then being activated months later from locations at the other side of the world. So I do appreciate their efforts in protecting the interests of their legitimate members I would have preferred some advance warning. Anyway, no harm done (to me) but the same rule applies to HYIP admins. If their accounts are good then there won’t be an issue, even if they do get temporarily blocked as mine did (I think I’ve actually accessed my account from 25 different countries to date). The block will be removed if the account is good, but if it’s based on a stolen passport or bought on the black market then forget about it. They’ll nail you for it and rightfully so, but I’d be afraid of the headaches this might give people who work on the road so to speak, or are just taking a vacation.

That’s just one question I’m going to ask Stella in an upcoming interview shes graciously agreed to take that I’ll be sending her soon. However as an MNO reader you are also invited to participate here, so you’re all welcome to submit your questions to my e-mail address (just put “Questions for STP” in the subject bar) and I’ll include them. Just be aware that this isn’t really the place for specific account support issues so try and keep it more general, and also don’t go looking for private or confidential information either as it won’t be included.


I had to move HYIPla and MegaProfitAds to Problem status on MNO tonight and any further investments with either are not recommended.

MegaProfitAds was on Scam Status a few days ago but went back to Paying after the admin suddenly paid all the pendings without ever explaining the reasons for the delay. But yesterday I received some complaints which I couldn’t dismiss after verifying the accounts of my readers and seeing that MegaProfitAds is still paying selectively. Thanks to everyone who gave me access to their accounts and exposed the selective payouts by MegaProfitAds. Please do not invest in that scam!

A more complicated situation arose in HYIPla which tried desperately to stay afloat while LR was not accessible for the week and did manage to pay to other payment processors alright. However the final blow was the suspension of their STP account which also affected a couple of other programs on MNO. That totally finished HYIPla and it’s a confirmed scam now, after only 11 days online which was not enough for everyone to make profits from their 12% for 12 business day plan, especially if you were so misfortunate as to join HYIPla via LibertyReserve which was inaccessible for the major part of the program’s lifecycle. Straight after their STP account suspension the admin of HYIPla Jeff reported about the LR back online and added EgoPay as the program’s fourth payment processor. HYIPla might also have been a victim of LR limiting their account but I guess we will never find that out as LR payouts have stopped for good and the admin never replied to my latest email. I believe HYIPla had the potential to become big, but bad timing and problems with payment processors put a stop to that.


Staying roundly on the topic of payment processors, of you’re one of those affected by the current issues surrounding LibertyReserve then one admin ready to help you out is Mark (interviewed here) from the always impressive Finvance program. In his latest newsletter to Finvance members, Mark focuses largely on internal e-currency exchanges that investors can request from their own account area. As LibertyReserve themselves are now back online, despite their still being widespread problems with individual accounts Finvance are able to resume payouts. You are free to receive your payment to LR assuming your account there is functioning as normal if that’s what you want, but if you’re still having difficulties then Finvance‘s recent offer is still open. They will allow you to exchange your funds with them to another e-currency and get paid to SolidTrustPay or EgoPay. And this really is a very generous gesture because it’s free of charge. Industry rates can fluctuate but Finvance are putting in the time and effort for a 0% fee from their members. The program, which offers a single plan paying 8% for 20 business days to its members, was first reviewed on MNO exactly seven weeks ago today (click here to read it) and has been a solid performer ever since. The full newsletter from Finvance is included below:

Liberty Reserve Withdrawals and Exchange
Liberty Reserve systems have come back online and withdrawals requests are in process of being paid. To provide an efficient support system, we are sending out a newsletter discussing our payout procedure for those withdrawal requests to LR that were not converted to other e-currencies. Liberty Reserve Withdrawals will be processed from OLDEST to NEWEST. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for withdrawal requests for our team to process.
Liberty Reserve Exchanges to SolidTrustPay and EgoPay are still active during this time. You may still convert balances to SolidTrustPay and EgoPay for withdrawal requests. If you need assistance with Liberty Reserve to SolidTrustPay or EgoPay, please open up one support ticket, and a support agent will assist you in order of our tickets received.
All exchanges have a 0% rate of conversion. This includes our new system now for those who make new deposits in Liberty Reserve can convert their balances to Perfect Money or the other two e-currencies we accept; SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money exchanges are only available for new LR deposits made from the moment the Liberty Reserve system came back online from extended maintenance.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please open a support ticket. They will be answered in the order they are received. We appreciate your patience.

And just minutes before publishing the news I got the latest report from Finvance informing members that all pending payments to LibertyReserve had been processed. Here is the latest news from the program:
Liberty Reserve Withdrawals Completed
Thank you for your patience since Liberty Reserve came back online. We beat our estimations by a long shot in processing the backlog of Liberty Reserve requests. In addition to our usual payouts for today to all four e-currencies, we processed over 9000 individual payout requests that were in a pending state during LR downtime.


Members of Bull&BearCapital got a short update today, but it was a good one and worth waiting for. They have now added SolidTrustPay as their third payment processor, joining LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney for their two plans that offer 3% for 58 days or 200% after 58 days. The fact that Bull&BearCapital managed to survive at all with PerfectMoney being the sole functioning payment processor for most of the last week is in itself noteworthy, and hopefully more admins will take note that you simply have to have alternatives these days. Payments to STP are instant by the way, as they are to LR and PM though I haven’t actually tested this personally yet. Bull&BearCapital was first reviewed on MNO here, and their latest news bulletin is below:

Bull&BearCapital – STP Added
Hello, dear Bull&BearCapital members. We are now accepting SolidTrustpay for our deposits.
You can add your SolidTrustpay account by clicking on Edit profile link in member area.
SolidTrustpay payments are instant.
Best Regards”.


One admin who seems to have a little bit too much spare time on his hands today is of Absolutiva, (first reviewed here). They released no fewer than three updates in very quick succession though I’m not sure the information contained in them was really worth the effort. The first of these is a reminder that if you have an inactive account with Absolutiva, in other words if you signed up but never actually got round to making a deposit, then the account is only open for 30 days before the admin closes it. Considering it will cost you nothing just to open the account then I guess the real point of the exercise was to remind anyone who changed their minds that the program is still there and happy to accept your donations. This is the first update:

Inactive Account Reminder
This email is simply a reminder for those who did not login into their account for the past 30 days. We would like to remind you our policy in regards to this:
Do you close accounts due to inactivity?
Yes, accounts are deactivated and suspended after 30 days of inactivity. When the account is deactivated, you can no longer access it anymore. If you ever decide to reactivate your suspended account, you must contact our support department in order to gain access.
NOTE: We do not delete nor suspend accounts that have any transactions linked to it. Whether the transaction is linked to referral commission or an expired deposit. Only accounts with no transaction will be suspended after 30 days of inactivity.

This was followed by what we already knew which was that LibertyReserve have completed their “maintenance” (whatever good it did I couldn’t tell you!) and that Absolutiva payments there had resumed:

Important Notice 8/26/2012
This email is to inform you that Liberty Reserve have apparently finished off with their maintenance and their service are operational once again. All pending withdrawal requests have been completed. For those who had their withdrawal request cancelled, please request it again.
We have also noticed that some of our clients have received double payment due to Liberty Reserve technical issue. To avoid any confusion, your account balance has been adjusted to reflect the double payment being sent by mistake to your account. If you see a negative balance in your account, that means you have received a double payment.
If you have any question or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at any given time.

And finally came a threat/warning to anyone who accidentally got paid twice and doesn’t give the money back to Absolutiva – the admin will block your account which I have to say is taking things to extremes and going a bit far to say the least. I hope this reaction to an accidental double payment isn’t a result of cash flow worries as some have suspected with the program re-vamping its investment plans recently, which was a highly unusual move for a long term HYIP to do after such a short time online. Plans are now 1.4%-2% for 120 business days, 2.5%-3.5% for 90 business days, and 7.5%-10.5% for 30 weeks, all with principal back on expiry. Here’s the third and final update from Absolutiva:

How to gain access to your account?
This email is only for members who are unable to view their account dashboard. If that is the case, you must refund the double payment you have received in yesterdays glitch. Failure do to so will result in a permanent account suspension.
Refunded payment should be sent back to our Liberty Reserve account number: U7913614
After sending back the money, please send open a ticket as soon as possible in order to avoid any further delays.


Speaking of scrambling for cash, I fear the writing is most definitely on the wall for OneInv now. This admin has run a number of programs in the past, and to be totally fair to the guy there has been some success with them. However his methods and his schemes and his tricks are like an open book to be now, and I can see the collapse of this one coming a mile off. One of the OneInv admin’s favorite scams for example is to introduce a bunch of new plans, deliberately describe them in a way that makes you think you get paid by the day, and then tell you after he’s got your money that payment is only made on expiry. Take his latest “masterpiece” for example, with two new plans offering 25% and 30% interest per day. In the update below which I’ve taken from the OneInv website you’ll notice how they say the interest will be “sent to your account”. What they fail to mention is that you will not actually be allowed to withdraw anything from that account. In the unlikely event that the program is still online when it comes time to collect, the excuses start flying. Like they need a scan of your passport and utility bills first (to use for criminal fraud and identity theft – what else?!) and will send you out a cheque in the mail. The world’s worst post office is conveniently located on the same street as OneInv, because they seem to lose everything and the cheque never arrives.

Yes, I’m aware of the irony of allowing OneInv to remain on Paying Status on MNO, but the fact is that they genuinely are paying on the daily payment plans. I just got sick of the stunts this guy was pulling so I banned him from listing his programs on my monitor in the future, but for the sake of my existing downline will continue to give a fair and accurate status for OneInv until the end. They just have far less daily payment plans than they want you to think, and with the interest rate so low I don’t feel that OneInv will be online long enough for any new members joining now to ever be in profit. But that’s for you to decide and if you’re determined to part company with your money then read about the new offers from OneInv (reviewed here) below:

ONE INV Signature and ONE INV Premier plan launched!
With more than USD $10 million capital , now we decided to launch ONE INV Signature and ONE INV Premier plan to share our profit together.
ONE INV Signature plan pay 25% daily to your account for 10 days. Total 250% return. Principal deposit not return.
ONE INV Premier plan pay 30% daily for 12 days. Total 360% return. Principal deposit is not return.
Please note, these two plans only offer for limited investment amount and limited time.


The first program I would like to introduce tonight is PipsFund. The program only launched a few days ago and joins the Premium list on MNO today. The minimum to invest in PipsFund is $1, so it’s affordable to everyone. In exchange you will get paid 2% for 120 calendar days plus your original deposit will be handed back on expiry. Please note that there is also a compulsory compounding feature that can be set from 1% to 100% in your account. The choice of payment processors accepted by PipsFund is perfect and all the popular options are there, like PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. Bank wire deposits and withdrawals are also available on request. PipsFund is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and you can request your withdrawals daily and be paid within 24-hours. The website has a black-and-white layout, is properly SSL-secured, and is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by AntiDdos, one of the market leaders now. I guess the best thing before the full review of PipsFund is published is to let the admin speak which he does in the welcome message posted on his website:

Welcome Message
Welcome to PipsFund!
We are now ready to accept new investors from all over the world into our investment group. PipsFund‘s traders have been investing in the Forex market for several years, especially on the USD/GBP pair and special techniques joining both technical and graphic analysis have been developed to ensure our strategies’ efficacy and lowing the risks involved.
Trading Forex is always a polemic business as many people claim to have lost money on it but that usually happens because people are not able to control their greediness and that’s one of our main differences; one of the main reasons we opened PipsFund was to increase our investment capital and decrease our risk level, which is already now. In simple words, the bigger our program gets, the safer your investment becomes.
Our profits are shared with our investors via one single investment plan paying 2% daily for 120 calendar days and your initial investment is returned after end of this period, giving you a net profit of 240% in only four months. Our page is hosted on a top-notch dedicated server with SSL encryption and a powerful DDoS attack protection. You can invest at PipsFund via LibertyReserve, EgoPay, PerfectMoney or SolidTrustPay and the minimum investment is only $1. You are also welcome to invest using a bank wire if you are investing a minimum of $5000, this limitation exists because of the fees involved in the process of moving our funds from our bank accounts to our trading accounts are quite high.
For more details about PipsFund and its strategies, please refer to our page and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support department who will be pleased to answer you and guide you on the process of becoming a part of our group.
We know there are hundreds of misleading opportunities on the internet and it’s perfectly normal to be afraid to start something new, we were as skeptical as you are when we first started to trade in Forex but today we realize that it doesn’t take a lot of money or a genius idea to become successful, all you have to do is take action, stick to the decisions you make and don’t be afraid of unknown paths, specially when you have someone, like PipsFund, to show you the way.
We hope to see you as a part of PipsFund soon!
PipsFund Administration”.


The second program on MNO’s Premium list tonight is called MTResults, or Max Trading Results. Unlike the first one MTResults is not a new program and has been paying for 25 days now. Today SolidTrustPay has been added to their list of available payment processors in the program which only accepted LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney before so I guess that was the main reason why MTResults only appeared on MNO now. Here is the update posted on the website regarding the STP addition:

SolidTrustPay is available!
We are glad to announce adding of SolidTrustPay to our payment processor list from Monday August 27, 2012. By using STP, you can fund your MTResults account even by your Credit/Debit Card.

The first one-two cycles in MTResults have been successfully completed already but I believe that the current SolidTrustPay addition and MNO’s Premium listing will give them a boost and make it more popular among online investors. I am going to give you the full review of the program by tomorrow, but tonight I will just discuss its main features. So, MTResults is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, the site is properly SSL-secured and is hosted on a Staminus dedicated server with DdosBurn protection. The investment plans offer from 6.5% to 7% daily for the duration of 20 calendar days (depending on the amount invested starting from $20) and the second plan offers a 125% return after 10 calendar days (the minimum to invest there is $75). More details on MTResults will be in my full review of the program, so stay tuned for that!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list:  -.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, KISnP, OneInv, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, BensonUnion, Finvance, FelminaAlliance, PlexCapital, YachtWealthClubWestFinanceGroup, RightFive, RoyalMaxDealers,  Bull&BearCapital, KBSInvestment.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, BGTGroups.
From MNO Basic list: CheeseCash, GoldTradeFunds, PerfectLotteryHippoWin.

That’s it for tonight, guys. Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow when I’ll have the review of MTResults and update you on the latest events from the HYIP industry. So please stay tuned and see you all tomorrow!

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