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03/11/2012. AustralianBusinessGroup Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! AustralianBusinessGroup has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi all! Hope the weekend is going well for you so far, whatever you’ve been getting up to. Not much news to report on for you today, though I wasn’t expecting a whole lot anyway given that it’s both a Saturday and a couple of the recent closures. But no matter how quiet things get, one thing about the HYIP industry is that there’s very very rarely nothing at all to report on, and the amount of new programs opening up only ever slows down but never quite stops. So as of today I still have a couple of new additions to the MNO monitoring page to tell you about, and I’m going to continue with a mid to long term program called AustralianBusinessGroup. Of course it’s not entirely accurate to say AustralianBusinessGroup is all that new exactly, I just meant it’s new to my monitor. In actual fact the program has been running for the last five months or so, around the end of May as far as I remember, so I guess it’s possible some of you will have come across them somewhere in the past. If not as signed up members then you may have seen their name on some other monitors/forums, though to say the admin is looking for a slow and gradual increase in activity is an understatement. But if you are a member then I hope AustralianBusinessGroup have been good to you because they’ve completed all of their plans already, and in some cases many many times over. So while I do have some reservations about the program which I’ll get to, there’s definitely no denying that somebody may very well have made an amazing profit from them since last Summer.

AustralianBusinessGroup are offering four investment plans in total. They run for various different terms and cost various different minimums to join, but one thing they all have in common is that they give members an interest payment on business days only while returning your deposit on expiry. The first of these is called The ABG Start Plan and can be joined for a minimum of just $1. The term runs for 15 business days (three weeks) during which time you can earn 1% interest per day, Monday through Friday. That adds up to 15% in total at the end which can then be counted as your net profit once AustralianBusinessGroup return your principal. Maximum deposit is $300.

Taking up where that one leaves off is The ABG Light Plan, costing a minimum $301 to join. The term this time runs for 30 business days (six weeks), paying members a more generous 1.4% interest per day from Monday to Friday. By the end of the term this all adds up to 42% in total, which can then be considered as profit once AustralianBusinessGroup return your initial principal. Maximum investment allowed for this option is $2,500.

The remaining two plans are obviously aimed at the bigger players, with membership of the The ABG Trust Plan starting from $2,501. Interest payments are still made everyday from Monday to Friday, with the rate going up to 1.8% and the term stretching to 55 business days (eleven weeks). Total payments should add up to 99% before AustralianBusinessGroup add your original deposit on top of that. The maximum accepted into this plan is $4,000.

And finally for a $4,001 deposit you can sign up for AustralianBusinessGroup‘s ABG Gold Forbes Plan. Running for 80 business days (16 weeks) you are offered a daily interest payment of 2.2% from Monday to Friday, and your principal handed back on expiry. That, assuming it works out as you hope, would leve you with a net profit of 176%. Maximum spend is $15,000.

What I don’t like about AustralianBusinessGroup, the reservations I mentioned in the first paragraph, is the poor choice of payment processor. I mean don’t get me wrong, they’ve managed to survive this long so I doubt the admin cares very much for my suggestions, but if he’s happy just chugging along as as they are now and not seriously expanding the program’s membership base then that’s the way to do it. Otherwise they could do with adding some fresh options to the list which currently only contains LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. I think the problems with LR are well enough documented by now, and PM is just a much safer version but don’t offer anything else in terms of services provided. But if you’re OK with that then that’s your own business. Payouts will need to be requested by members from inside their private account area and will then be processed manually by the admin. You are asked to allow up to 24 hours for your payment to be completed under the program’s terms and conditions, keeping in mind that AustralianBusinessGroup don’t pay profits on the weekend.

Apart from that however I’d have to say a lot of the basics have been put in place to help AustralianBusinessGroup run for as long as they can. The hosting is fine for one thing, being on a dedicated server with support and protection by BlockDos who are a well established name by now, and SSL encryption by Thawte. The program is running off an original custom made script which a lot of folks seem to like, and is bilingual being available in either Russian or English. As a Russian speaker myself I noticed that’s the version that’s slightly better written, indicating it’s the English one that’s the translation and unlikely to have been done by a native Australian like the name of the program implies. If you need to contact AustralianBusinessGroup with any further questions then you will find an online support ticketing form you will need to complete and submit. Also listed is a postal address in Australia which I doubt is anything other than a message collection service (if even that) though it comes with a telephone number if you want to try and call it. The AustralianBusinessGroup website does feature a built-in Live Chat feature, but like the majority of HYIPs doesn’t give any kind of working schedule as to when, if ever, you might find an operator there, and I myself have never personally noticed it in use at all.

Texts and website content are typically vague, and allude to AustralianBusinessGroup having something to do with ForEx trading. But that’s all they do, allude to it rater than giving any concrete evidence of their trading that members can track as would otherwise be your right in a real company. Graphics showing pictures of boats and what I think looks to be some kind of gas refinery hardly tie in with the business of currency exchange either (or at least I don’t see the connection anyway!). Not to make a big deal out of it or anything, I’m not saying anything here experienced readers didn’t kinda know right from the start, but for the sake of the newbies whose enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of them, I would just suggest you take things easy here. Just like any other online HYIP AustralianBusinessGroup has the high risks that surpass the reward, so please remember to always stay well within a sensible spending limit that you can afford to lose if that’s what it came down to. And of course if joining AustralianBusinessGroup at all then try and do so as part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



If you haven’t read my review of Tivsol yet (click here to see it) or even after doing so still find it confusing to understand how it all works then you should definitely watch the two and a half minute video which explains the advantages of joining the program in an easy-to-understand manner. I must say that after 16 days monitoring on MNO Tivsol managed to climb to #9 on my Premium list and it’s a very decent achievement indeed if you ask me. The program accepts a wide variety of payment processors including LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, PexPay, OKPay, and EgoPay and pays within 24 hours of request on two investment plans. In one of them you earn 5% for 30 calendar days, principal included, in exchange for surfing not less than 10 pages daily in an autosurf mode that will take less than two minutes of your time. In the regular HYIP plan you have to do nothing except join for 3% for 90 calendar days with principal returned on expiry. Here is the latest news from Tivsol posted today:

Tivsol Video
Valued Member,
We bring you good greetings. Tivsol keeps growing and improving to meet the needs of our members.
We have a new video which you can either watch on our website or simply use the below link:
please leave your comments as it would help us improve our services.


I was pleased to see that yesterday Nubcoyu (reviewed here) finally managed to add SolidTrustPay as their fourth payment processor joining LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and EgoPay for the 1.4% for 200 business days plan on offer. The admin of Nubcoyu also announced the long-anticipated interview that was published a few days ago on MNO blog and can be read here. The most interesting thing about Nubcoyu is certainly the fascinating stories which the admin delivers to us every weekend and today I already received the fourth issue. In it you will learn about multiple income ventures run by Nubcoyu including a sex toy shop, a hot pot restaurant and two pirate DVDs stands which the program allegedly profits from while also including information on the admin’s personal and family life. Not sure what it all has to do with the Nubcoyu program itself but in any case every newsletter is an entertaining read. The full update is below:

Nubcoyu Friday Issue 4 (2/11/2012)
Dear Valued Investors,
I’d like to apologize for another late delivery of Nubcoyu Friday. I was working over time with my Nubcoyu group yesterday in order to properly close the weekly accounting statistics and plan for the coming weeks. It finished at midnight and I was too tired so I decided to move the news report to the next day. Well, the waiting is over and here is the latest report of this Halloween week!
Nubcoyu Group Participates In Yamanashi Prefectural Soccer Championship
The school my daughter is attending, Hatachi Senior High School enters the semi-final round against the Teikyou 3rd High School in the soccer match. My daughter was one of the cheerleaders so how can I not go? I also was one of the sponsors of the students drinking water and packed lunch too, by the way. I got on the same bus as the other students at 9:45 AM and arrived at the stadium at around 11 AM, when the match had just started. We earned our victory against Teikyou High School with the 3:0 score. Impressive, isn’t it? I was also glad to see my daughter having fun with her duties as the cheerleader too. I thought she, along with her friends did a splendid work in bringing out a fantastic show.
Our Japanese Salesgirls Have Arrived In Thailand Earlier Today
We’re glad that our sex toy stand is just an inch away from reality. The three girls I’ve sent to Thailand have reported in their arrival in the Suvannabhumi Airport earlier today. I immediately contacted Meg to arrange town houses for them to stay in and to give them “trainings” for the work. I think Meg will be able to manage it well, and I’ll make sure I hear from him about the 5th Of November launch and grand sales of sex toy at the special limited time 50% discount offer! The new phenomenon is about to unfold!
Admin Receives The Authority Over A Hot Pot Restaurant
As most of you might already know, I work in the HYIP department of a Japanese syndicate. My progress was assessed by the higher ups, including the boss himself. The result was satisfying and he decided to transfer one of his businesses into the Nubcoyu Group management. That is, the hot pot store in LAZA WALK shopping mall, Miyama Shabu Shabu (a traditional hot pot food). The restaurant is usually crowded with people, especially on weekends throughout the way. Oh, please note that we’re a buffet restaurant and we offer these choices of meat:
Pork: 1490 Yen, Black Pork (Beacon): 2190 Yen, Pork and Beef: 1890 Yen, American Beef: 3190 Yen, Black Beef (Matsusaka Beef):5190 Yen, Drinks and vegetables are unlimitedly refillable!
Expansion Of Our Pirated DVD stands to Pantip Plaza!
Pantip Plaza, also known as the largest IT mall in Bangkok and the center of pirated materials have now welcomed our expansion there. We’ve bought 2 stands for $300 each and are now equipped with the High Speed DVD writer. We’re excited to report this growth to everyone and we’re expecting everyone’s support in our newly established business. Also our new shops will feature more Japanese porns as ever so never miss it!
Nubcoyu Accepts SolidTrustPay!
Although we’re still awaiting verification from STP, we’ve assessed our performance and according to our conclusion, we find it possible for an unverified STP account to handle with this rate of growth. We still don’t have big investors, however nor we have big withdrawers yet. By the time we do have one, we believe the verification should be long finished. So for the sake of our client’s conveniences, we’ve decided to add STP to our portfolio.
Nubcoyu Interviewed By MNO
Last week, we’ve received an honoured opportunity to be interviewed by MNO, one of the most trusted monitors known for its first level alert of possible problems with programs. You can read more about us by following this link:
That’s it for today’s newsletter. And don’t forget to follow Misaki-chan’s diary which should be upcoming soon. She’s pretty with her university life so we can’t help it, can we?
Nubcoyu On Social Media:


After careful consideration I decided to move PipsFund to Problem status on MNO tonight. The reason is delayed payouts for more than 36 hours and no explanation why from the admin. Well, actually it looks like only my personal email to him was totally ignored while there was a short message on PipsFund‘s ShoutBox which sounds unconvincing at best – “we have some tech issues, it will be processed within few hours”. That message was submitted 10 hours ago and needless to say that no withdrawals from PipsFund have not been processed as of now. I doubt very much the admin cannot pay to any of the four accepted payment processors due to some alleged technical issues. At least he could think of a better excuse because this one sounds very lame. Anyway, if PipsFund is gone which I have little doubt it is, then it was a major failure as only the investors who joined within the first two weeks saw any profits. Please note that the program is still accepting deposits and listed as Paying on almost all other monitors – but do not let this mislead you and stop investing there until payouts resume!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ForexEarn, TheMoneyGalaxy, ProsperaNova, Phinanci, FNOCapital  EndlessProfits.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, CarbonDeals, PerfectFinance, MajesticProfits. Tivsol, CaspianCapital, AWTC, DiamondAsset, FinanceCore, LLLtd, TureProfit, ProForexUnion, Nubcoyu, Finnexia, StrongInvestment, GangnamInv (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin.
From MNO Basic list: RoiChoice, XtremeRichness, Fxen, InvestLand.

That’s it for today, guys. See you tomorrow with more news and a more detailed review of EndlessProfits!

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