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08/01/2024. Weekly CryptoNews Digest (January, 01 – January, 07)


Hey there, MNO blog readers! Greetings from sun-drenched Turkey, where I’m basking in the beauty of the Kemer coast during my holidays. This place is a hiker’s paradise, with emerald valleys cradled by snow-capped peaks and turquoise waters lapping at golden shores. Picture endless trails snaking through fragrant pine forests, each bend revealing breathtaking panoramas of the Mediterranean. The air is crisp with the scent of wild thyme and rosemary, and the sun paints the rugged cliffs in shades of ochre and gold. Trust me, Kemer isn’t just a beach destination; it’s a nature lover’s playground waiting to be explored, step by step. I’m going to come back home to London in a week from now, but meanwhile let me tell you how great it is to see you all tune in for another Weekly CryptoNews Digest on MNO this week.

Before getting into the specifics of what the crypto industry brought us to talk about last week I should remind you that I’m still available to answer all your questions with the best way of contacting me for a live chat still being via Telegram @mnoblog. You may also submit your query using this contact form or just email me directly at I’m looking forward to hearing from you and still encourage you to share your vote on the MNO TalkBack page in the last poll, so we could draw the final results in a few weeks time.

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It’s time now to get back with the major news from the crypto industry that captured our attention during the first week of 2024, from January, 01 to January, 07. The news was largely positive for all the crypto enthusiasts. So let’s start today’s Weekly CryptoNews Digest on MNO, shall we?


Bitcoin has indeed kicked off 2024 with a bang, leaving many optimistic about its future. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors fueling this strong start:
1. Breaking Key Resistance: After months of hovering around $40,000, Bitcoin surged above $45,000 in early January, breaching a crucial resistance level not seen since April 2023. This breakout signals renewed bullish sentiment and could pave the way for further gains.
2. Anticipation of ETFs: The potential approval of Bitcoin ETFs in the US continues to be a major catalyst. These ETFs would offer investors easier access to Bitcoin, potentially boosting institutional adoption and driving up demand.
3. Shifting Macroeconomic Landscape: Recent interest rate cuts and easing inflation concerns are creating a more favorable environment for riskier assets like Bitcoin. As investors seek higher returns, Bitcoin could become a more attractive option.
4. The Halving Looms: The next Bitcoin halving, expected in May 2024, will significantly reduce the supply of new Bitcoins entering the market. This scarcity event historically has led to price increases, further fueling optimism.
5. Technological Advancements: Developments like the Lightning Network are addressing scalability issues, making Bitcoin more efficient and potentially attracting new users.

However, it’s important to remember that the crypto market remains volatile. While the current outlook is positive, unforeseen events or regulatory changes could still lead to price swings.

Here are some additional things to consider:
– Expert predictions vary: Some analysts are optimistic about reaching $100,000 by year-end, while others predict a more modest rise.
– Risks still exist: Regulatory hurdles, security breaches, and broader economic factors could impact Bitcoin’s performance.
– Do your own research: As always, thorough research and careful consideration are crucial before making any investment decisions.

Ultimately, Bitcoin’s strong start in 2024 is a promising sign, but it’s still too early to declare victory. Stay informed, analyze the market carefully, and invest responsibly.


And one of the major anticipations that heating up the crypto market lately is the potential approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US by the SEC. This is a major event for the cryptocurrency industry, and the upcoming vote this week is a critical turning point. Here’s a deeper dive into what you need to know:

The Filings:
– ARK Invest and 21Shares are among the first movers in the race to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF in the US. Their filings are currently under review by the SEC.
– January 10th is the deadline for the SEC to respond to ARK and 21Shares’ appeals for listing their ETF. This deadline applies specifically to them, but the vote this week could have broader implications for other pending applications.

The Vote:
– This week, the five SEC commissioners are expected to vote on whether to approve the rule changes necessary for listing Bitcoin ETFs. This is a significant step, as the SEC has previously rejected such proposals due to concerns about market manipulation and investor protection.
– Approval is not guaranteed: While there are positive indications, such as recent amendments by ETF issuers and exchange rule filings, the commissioners could still vote against the changes.

Potential Outcomes:
– Green light for Bitcoin ETFs: If approved, this would be a watershed moment for the crypto industry, opening up a new avenue for mainstream investors to access Bitcoin through regulated products. It could also boost Bitcoin’s price and encourage further institutional adoption.
– Rejection, but hope for the future: If the vote is negative, it wouldn’t necessarily spell doom for Bitcoin ETFs. The SEC could provide feedback and request further modifications, paving the way for future approvals.
– Postponement: The vote could also be postponed if the commissioners need more time to review the filings or address outstanding concerns.

Impact on the Market:
– The market is eagerly awaiting the SEC’s decision, with significant volatility expected, regardless of the outcome. Approval could trigger a surge in Bitcoin’s price, while rejection could lead to a sell-off.
– This event is also being closely watched by traditional financial institutions who are considering entering the crypto space. A positive outcome could accelerate their involvement.

So stay tuned, guys, as this week is crucial for the future of Bitcoin ETFs in the US. Keep an eye on the MNO blog for further updates on the vote and its potential impact next week.


While Vitalik Buterin officially unveiled Ethereum’s 2024 roadmap in early January 2024, the foundational elements were actually established in 2023. This roadmap focuses on refining and solidifying the improvements initiated in the previous year, rather than introducing major revolutionary changes.

Here are the key principles of the 2024 roadmap:
– Continued focus on the “Six Es”: The roadmap revolves around six core areas – The Merge, The Surge, The Scourge, The Verge, The Purge, and The Splurge. These represent specific upgrades aiming to address scalability, security, sustainability, and user experience.
– The Merge – solidifying PoS: The transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) via The Merge has already happened in September 2022. The 2024 focus is on optimizing and stabilizing this change, particularly through implementing Single Slot Finality (SSF) for faster block validation.
– Scalability and transaction speed: Increasing Ethereum’s transaction capacity and reducing fees remains a high priority. The Surge aims to achieve this through various techniques like sharding and rollups, ultimately targeting 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) across both Ethereum and Layer 2 networks.
– Security and decentralization: The Scourge focuses on mitigating centralization risks associated with Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) and improving the overall security of the network.
– User experience and developer tools: The Verge and Purge aim to simplify interactions with Ethereum and streamline development on the platform. This includes reducing data storage requirements and making block verification easier.
– Splurge – open to innovation: The Splurge remains open to future advancements and unforeseen needs. It represents a flexible space for further development and adaptation to ensure Ethereum’s continued evolution.

Overall, the 2024 roadmap paints a picture of consolidation and optimization for Ethereum. While major milestones like The Merge are already behind us, the focus now lies on fine-tuning these upgrades and preparing Ethereum for widespread adoption and future innovations.


MicroStrategy‘s co-founder, Michael Saylor, is selling $216 million worth of company stock options. This move has generated significant interest and speculation within the crypto and financial communities. Here’s a breakdown of the key details and potential implications:

Reasons for the Sale:
– Personal financial obligations: Saylor has stated that he intends to use a portion of the proceeds to address personal financial obligations. This could include debt repayment, investments outside of MicroStrategy, or simply diversifying his personal portfolio.
– Bitcoin acquisition: Saylor is a vocal Bitcoin proponent and has already invested a significant amount of MicroStrategy’s treasury in Bitcoin. He has expressed interest in using some of the proceeds to purchase more Bitcoin, potentially further strengthening his personal holdings.
– Tax optimization: Selling stock options in tranches over time can be a strategic way to manage tax liabilities. By spreading out the sale, Saylor could potentially minimize the tax impact on the transaction.

Implications for MicroStrategy:
– Stock price volatility: The sale of such a large amount of stock options could lead to short-term volatility in MicroStrategy’s share price. However, the impact could be mitigated by the fact that the sale is spread out over four months and Saylor remains a significant shareholder.
– Investor confidence: Some investors might interpret the sale as a sign of Saylor’s decreased confidence in MicroStrategy’s future prospects. However, others might view it as a strategic move to address personal needs and ultimately benefit the company in the long run.
– Focus on Bitcoin: Saylor’s continued emphasis on Bitcoin could further solidify MicroStrategy’s position as a major Bitcoin holder and potentially influence the company’s future investment decisions.

Saylor’s stock option sale is a significant event for both MicroStrategy and the broader crypto market. While the exact motivations and long-term implications remain to be seen, it’s a move that’s likely to be closely watched and analyzed by investors and industry observers.


Last week The Avalanche Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that supports the growth and development of the Avalanche blockchain platform, decided to consider buying memecoins for its “Culture Catalyst” initiative. It is indeed a novel and potentially game-changing move in the cryptocurrency space. Here’s a deeper dive into the key points:

Culture Catalyst Initiative:
– Launched in March 2022, the initiative aims to “spark innovation,” empower creators, and propel blockchain adoption. It primarily supports NFT projects with cultural value on the Avalanche network.

Memecoin Focus:
– In December 2023, the Foundation announced it would consider allocating part of the Culture Catalyst’s $100 million fund to purchase select Avalanche-based memecoins to create a collection.
– This move aims to recognize and encourage the “culture and fun” brought by meme-derived tokens, acknowledging their growing influence within the crypto community.

Selection Criteria:
– Not all memecoins will qualify for the foundation’s collection. Factors like number of holders, liquidity thresholds, project maturity, fair launch principles, and overall social sentiment will be considered.
– This suggests a focus on established and community-driven memecoins, minimizing risks associated with pump-and-dump schemes.

Potential Implications:
– This move could introduce mainstream investors to the memecoin space through a trusted entity like the Avalanche Foundation.
– It could also boost the credibility and value of selected memecoins, benefiting their communities.
– Additionally, it could further position Avalanche as a network embracing diverse crypto cultures and fostering innovation.

However, some concerns exist:
– The inherent volatility of memecoins could expose the Foundation to financial risks.
– Critics argue that memecoins lack real-world utility and prioritize hype over function.
– The long-term impact on Avalanche’s reputation and ecosystem remains uncertain.

Overall, the Avalanche Foundation’s memecoin plan represents a bold and potentially disruptive move. While risks exist, its potential to support new communities, drive cultural engagement, and attract new users to the Avalanche network cannot be ignored. The project’s success will depend on careful selection of memecoins and effective long-term strategies for integrating them into the Avalanche ecosystem.

Stay tuned for updates: It’s still early days, and more details about the selection process, specific memecoin choices, and implementation plans are expected in the coming months. Keeping an eye on further announcements from the Avalanche Foundation will be crucial in understanding the full scope and potential impact of this unique initiative. The MNO’s Weekly CryptoNews Digest will be on top of things and will let you know if there is anything else important to report on the matter.


And finally last week BitCoin turned 15! On January 3, 2024, the world saw the 15th anniversary of Bitcoin – a landmark occasion for the cryptocurrency community and a significant milestone in the history of finance and technology.

Here’s a look back at some key points of this journey:

Genesis Block and Early Days:
– January 3, 2009: Satoshi Nakamoto mined the genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain, marking the official birth of the first decentralized digital currency.
– Early years: Bitcoin faced skepticism and challenges, but it gradually gained traction among tech enthusiasts and libertarians.
– 2011: The first major price surge saw Bitcoin reach $32, reaching mainstream attention.

Rise and Volatility:
– 2013: Bitcoin reached $1,000, then crashed, highlighting the extreme volatility of the crypto market.
– 2017: Another bull run propelled Bitcoin to a record high of nearly $20,000, followed by a sharp correction.
– 2021: Bitcoin hit a new all-time high of over $68,000, fueled by institutional adoption and growing awareness.

Challenges and Adaptations:
– Scalability issues: The network faced limitations in transaction speed and fees, leading to development of scaling solutions like Lightning Network.
– Regulation and security: Concerns about illegal activities and security breaches prompted increased scrutiny and development of regulatory frameworks.
– Environmental impact: The energy consumption of Bitcoin mining raised concerns, leading to discussions about greener alternatives.

Present and Future Outlook:
– 2024: Bitcoin remains a prominent store of value and speculative asset, with increasing institutional involvement and broader market acceptance.
– Potential developments: Technological advancements, regulatory clarity, and wider adoption could drive further growth, while challenges like security threats and market volatility persist.

Reflections and Significance:
– Bitcoin’s anniversary is a reminder of the disruptive potential of blockchain technology and its impact on traditional financial systems.
– It highlights the importance of community-driven innovation and the ongoing evolution of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.

However, challenges remain:
– Regulation and security need careful consideration to ensure user protection and stability within the ecosystem.
– Addressing environmental concerns is crucial for broader adoption and sustainable growth.

Overall, Bitcoin’s 15th anniversary offers a moment to reflect on the past, present, and future of this revolutionary technology. While its journey has been tumultuous, its impact on the financial landscape is undeniable, and its outlook remains promising, albeit with evolving challenges and uncertainties.

That’s about it for this latest Weekly CryptoNews Digest on the MNO blog. I’ll be posting the next update on cryptocurrency next Monday. So, if you’re genuinely interested in what is going on in the cryptocurrency world, then make sure you check my blog then. I hope to talk to you again soon, my dear readers. Thanks for following MNO – For Money Lovers!

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