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Beware! NeoFunds has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I don’t know what it is about US elections that make them such a media event but every four years I always find myself glued to the TV or the radio well into the small hours following it. Last night was no exception, even though I don’t live there and have no opinion on what it’s like to live under the rule of one or another candidate. Anyway, for any US based readers I hope you’re pleased with the results (if not then you can always try moving to Iran!) but at least I didn’t have too much news to catch up on early in the morning. What I do have for you however, to start with at least, is a brand new short term HYIP that you might be interested in if you like that sort of thing called NeoFunds. I’ll get to the industry news reports at the end as usual but let’s take a look at what NeoFunds are trying to sell you as well as their other main features, and see if there’s anything you like in there.

There are three separate plans on offer in NeoFunds, though to be blunt the choice is kinda made for you (most of you anyway) owing to the high cost of joining two of them. I’ll give you the details anyway and you can make up your own minds, but starting with what is clearly going to be the most popular pick NeoFunds first plan can be joined for a $10 minimum. The term runs for 15 calendar days, during which time you get paid 8% per day on your principal. The principal itself is counted as part of the payments and so will not be returned on expiry, which means by the end your earnings should add up to 120%, or your own money back plus 20% net profit. Or to put it in monetary terms, a $100 deposit would get you back $8 per day until you have $120 back. There’s plenty of short term HYIPs out there that pay more than this, but it has to be said they are also way more dangerous. I’m not saying that what NeoFunds are offering here can run forever, just that in the HYIP world there’s no reason an experienced and fair minded admin couldn’t support this for a decent number of cycles. Whether we have one of those in charge here is a whole other question that no one can answer at this point, but we’re going to be finding out soon enough! Maximum spend is $2,500.

The remaining two plans work along more or less the same lines, the only difference being they are only open to the bigger players. $2501 for example is the minimum required to join the second NeoFunds plan, which also runs for 15 calendar days. What you get in return for joining there is an increased daily payment of 8.5%, principal included. This adds up to 127.5% by the end, or your own money back plus 27.5% net profit for yourself. The maximum deposit allowed here is $7,000.

And lastly for the really big spenders prepared to gamble anything from a $7,001 minimum up to $25,000 (the biggest amount taken by NeoFunds) there’s an offer of 9% interest per day for 15 calendar days. Your initial deposit is again counted as part of this and will not be returned separately, leaving you with final earnings of 135%. That’s your own money back plus 35% net profit.

The choice of payment options is quite reasonable, not quite all the most popular processors are listed but I do think there’s a more than adequate selection to satisfy all investors. NeoFunds handle transactions through SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, and the lesser known but still relatively new PexPay. Payouts are being made manually by the admin so you will need to log in to your NeoFunds private members account area and make a request. Once done you should hopefully be paid in no more than a 24 hour maximum timeframe. While on the subject of payments by the way, there’s just one other thing you may need to be aware of when joining NeoFunds. Just a minor detail, but as it’s different from most programs you’ll be familiar with it’s one worth mentioning – be aware that the first thing you need to do when joining is to fund your NeoFunds account balance. Only then can you re-direct the funds to the actual plan you’ve chosen and start earning money (so make sure you remember to do that, otherwise your money is just sitting there idle).

Security and design features are up to a decent enough standard, with the NeoFunds website being SSL encrypted in both public and private areas for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection from BlackLotus who are of course a well established name in the business for several years now. Arguably the most noteworthy feature however might be the script being used by the program which is from Gotenks. It’s not that common a sight in the HYIP industry and not really that widely used among admins which I suspect may be at least partially down to the cost as to the best of my knowledge is a bit on the pricey side. But if you want high quality and high standards then you need to pay for it, and on any previous occasions I’ve seen the Gotenks script in action I don’t recall there being any serious security issues. Not that this protects you from getting scammed of course, but as long as the program runs it should at least keep the hackers out and actually work the way you want it to work.

For any further questions or account related issues the NeoFunds admin can be contacted through a couple of different channels. There’s the usual support ticketing form that you can fill out and submit via the program’s contacts page, or there’s a series of different e-mail addresses you can write to directly. Each of these (there’s three in total) relate to an individual subject, so if your question relates to a specific topic you can choose the appropriate address. Otherwise just fill in the form. One thing that’s a bit misleading is unfortunately the inclusion of a banner which promises Live Support, a feature we are told is available “24/7”. The only thing that happens when you click this banner is you get taken to the NeoFunds contacts page and their e-mail addresses, so this is either a mistake or else the admin and I have a very different understanding of what exactly defines “live support” (because this isn’t it). And finally for those of you who appreciate social networking sites you might like to know that NeoFunds have their own pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Texts would appear to be original, though a bit vague to say the least. NeoFunds describe themselves as a “private wealth manager” though make no further effort to expand on that or explain exactly what it means. Crucially however the homepage does explicitly state “no company would survive forever especially an online venture” so it’s not too difficult for you to read between the lines. Whether that was written by the admin or just the designer I don’t really know, but I think it’s fair and reasonable that the line itself appears on the NeoFunds homepage. And it’s something that you can apply to all online HYIPs for that matter, not just this one, but as is so often the case in this business the ones who make money from NeoFunds will be the ones who pay attention to this, and the ones who lose money will be the ones who don’t. So set yourself a reasonable spending limit that you can both afford and afford to lose, plus if joining NeoFunds at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Last night the site of BensonUnion was unavailable for a few hours but it managed to recover pretty fast. The admin of the program Ragnar (interviewed here) admitted the infrastructure of their hosting provider BlockDos was attacked which resulted in the server re-configuration which made the site unavailable temporarily. Fortunately BensonUnion is back online and keeps paying instantly on the 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business day investment plan with principal back on expiry via direct bank wires and many payment processors including LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, PexPay, and BitCoin starting from a $10 minimum. Since its first inception almost ten months ago BensonUnion (reviewed here) proved many skeptics wrong by paying stably and on time and earning investors’ trust by constant improvements and regular communication with members in the form of webinars where the public are invited to put their own questions to Ragnar. The next webinar is scheduled for November 15 with full details in the following newsletter newsletter:

Short-term downtime explanation & Next webinar
Dear investors! Some other client of our DDOS protection provider is getting attacked so our website was partially unavailable for a few locations for last few hours. They provided us individual configuration to make our website accessible for all locations. Please keep in mind that DNS update may take a few hours and be patient if you still cannot access our website. You can use web anonymizers or proxy servers as well. Also we would like to inform that new webinar with the CEO of BensonUnion will be held on Thursday, November 15. Monthly webinars already became our tradition and these meetings allow our active and potential clients to communicate face-to-face with top executive of BensonUnion. We will provide more details regarding webinar plan and meeting time in next newsletter. Stay tuned!


If you remember, yesterday LLLtd reported issues in sending STP payouts to members who deposited in 6.75%-7.5% for 20 days. It looks like the problem didn’t affect any other payment processors accepted by them – LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney – and everyone was still paid within terms there even yesterday. Today the admin of LLLtd announced that the problem had been solved and that STP withdrawals had been sent to those waiting on them. I can confirm this myself as I received both pending withdrawals to STP today and am glad to see that LLLtd remains on Paying status on MNO after the first 15 days online. Here’s the latest short message from LLLtd (reviewed here):

STP Withdrawals
Dear Members,
We have already started to process the STP withdrawals and we were able to catch up with the backlogs.
Please accept our apologies for the delay you may have experienced, although almost all were done within the 24 hours timeframe we have.
We will appreciate your ongoing support.
Thank you.


Please note that CarbonDeals and Tivsol were both moved to Problem status on MNO (though for different reasons) and further investments in either are not recommended at this point.

In the case of CarbonDeals, the admin didn’t keep the promise made yesterday and failed to resume payouts which were switched off allegedly due to some technical issues he was going to fix during this time. Surely it was already a bad sign indicating that the program could be in trouble already, but at the same time if the admin didn’t send this email he would be able just to accept deposits as usual and pretend that nothing was wrong. So I believe this apologetic email for delayed payouts sent by CarbonDeals yesterday was aimed at confusing investors and taking some time to possibly withdraw funds from a certain payment processor, otherwise I have no idea what the real reason would be or why it was sent in the first place. CarbonDeals hasn’t resumed payments as of tonight and the admin didn’t make any other statements, so I suppose after 25 days online, which was definitely enough for experienced investors to make a decent profit, they’re finished. It’s a pity it couldn’t last longer, but I guess that’s just how things work out in this business.

Tivsol was paying fine until yesterday when the site disappeared for most users due to the suspended domain by their registrar. The program paid till the last minute the admin could access it, but today the payouts stopped and nobody saw a penny. Although some of you can still access the site please do not be mistaken as it’s only a temporary situation. Soon the site will not be accessible from any location. According to the admin the domain suspension happened due to multiple complaints submitted by competitors which led to this unfortunate decision. Nothing can be done at this point to get this domain back and the only chance for Tivsol to survive would be to transfer the site to another domain which the admin already told me he’s currently working on it. I’m not sure it’s going to be successful but the most disturbing thing is that he seemingly doesn’t care about members getting any information about this. There’s been no news updates for the last 24 hours since the site went offline, so the members can only guess what’s going on. I don’t think the silence will be beneficial for the program’s future. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see them recover, but my gut feeling tells me that Tivsol will not be making a successful comeback with such a shabby attitude to keeping members informed. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but I don’t remember any successful comebacks after similar issues. Of course, kudos to the admin for replying to my email today, but he needs to be telling his members these things and not just me. The question remains if he will keep his promise to launch the Tivsol site on a new domain soon, but until that happens it will remain on Problem status on MNO. I’ll update if anything changes. Here’s the explanation I received today:

Dear Paul,
Our domain provider, has suspended our domain. Our competitors flood our provider with complaints.
We will have the site UP as soon as possible using a new domain.
Thank you.”


Last night BulgeInvest joined the Premium List on MNO after literally mere hours online. The program is really simple to understand as it pays only on one investment plan – 9% for 15 calendar days with the principal already included in the daily payouts. BulgeInvest is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and therefore payouts should be requested every day which the admin promises to pay in 12 hours or less. To participate in BulgeInvest you just need to have at least $5 on your EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. Hosting is on a dedicated server protected by BlackLotus and the site is SSL secured by Comodo. A full review of BulgeInvest will be on MNO tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!


Another new program joining MNO’s Standard listing today called DP9 looks more like a joke. I don’t know who created the website itself but it’s a complete disaster with elements stolen directly from the still online Royalty7 while the admin didn’t even try to disguise that he had copy/pasted the entire FAQ section from them. You can read the name of the admin is Michael Solomon (what?) which was the name used by the R7 admin too. Obviously there is a clear sense of amateurishness and laziness about it all and I hope the admin of DP9 will take my criticism constructively and will at least change the FAQ section of his website which contains wrong information and is just plain confusing to anyone reading it. Anyway, the plans offered by DP9 contains 7% to 9% daily paid for the duration of 28 or 30 days. The investment plans themselves are really weird and not well thought-out but I will analyze them properly in the upcoming review, provided DP9 is still online by then. Today the site was down already for an hour and I don’t think the hosting provider Snoork that is keeping DP9 site on a dedicated server is particularly well known for its uptime. At least the script is a licensed from GoldCoders and the site is SSL secured, however I’m not sure that it will help them. I might be wrong but a copycat version of another site without even the slightest attempt from the admin usually indicates a fast scam. I’ll be glad to be mistaken about this but we’ll see soon enough by watching DP9‘s performance which is now officially monitored on MNO.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ForexEarn, TheMoneyGalaxy, ProsperaNova, EndlessProfits, Phinanci.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, MajesticProfits, FelminaAlliance, PerfectFinance, CaspianCapital, BensonUnion, StallionGold, AWTC, LLLtd, FinanceCore, DiamondAsset, ProForexUnion, Finnexia, Nubcoyu, Finnexia, StrongInvestment, FNOCapital, BulgeInvest (the first payments received), NeoFunds (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, InvFuture, GoldenGambit, AustralianBusinessGroup.
From MNO Basic list: GoldTradeFunds, RoiChoice, InvestLand.

That’s everything for tonight, guys. See you tomorrow with another review and more news and updates from the HYIP industry!

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