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 Beware! EvoFund has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! In contrast to yesterday I have quite a lot of news updates for you this evening, so I hope you’re not busy for the next while because you have plenty of reading to do! Apart from the news of course I also have some changes to MNO lined up that I’ve been working on for a while and are about to start taking shape very soon now. More about that as we go, but first I want to start today’s update with a closer look at a medium term HYI program called EvoFund. You’ll have noticed the name already if you’ve been looking at my monitoring page over the past few days because it’s been there for about a week now. They’ve recently decided to upgrade to the MNO Standard List, so I guess it’s time to take a closer look at the plans plus other features there and see if there’s anything in EvoFund you might like.

There are three plans to choose from in EvoFund, though strictly speaking I suppose it’s only one plan broken down into three sub-categories. You can join for a minimum deposit of $10 which is enough to get you into what they call The Novice Plan. It runs for a duration of 30 business days (six weeks), and during that time you are offered daily interest payment of 8%. This is made from Monday to Friday only and EvoFund are including your principal as part of the payments so don’t be waiting for that to be returned on expiry. Total payments therefore add up to 240%, or your own money back plus 140% net profit for yourself. The maximum you may deposit in this plan is $249.

For any larger deposits starting from $250 you will be sent to The Beneficial Plan. This is also running for 30 business days, but for deposits up to a maximum value of $499 EvoFund are offering an improved rate of 9% per business day. Again your initial principal is factored into those payments and so will not be handed back separately at the end. That means that by the time you have your final payment your returns will add up to 270% in total, or your own money plus 170% net profit.

And finally for the bigger investors though not as outrageously expensive as to close the plan off completely to realistic members, EvoFund have The Smart Plan. Here you will need a $500 minimum to sigh up, with a term running for 30 business days making interest payments from Monday to Friday. The rate is 10% daily, adding up to 300% by the time of expiry. As EvoFund are including your initial investment as part of those payments it works out at your own money back plus 200% net profit. I guess that’s kinda stretching things a bit but can be achieved, up to a point anyway. Sustaining it of course is a whole other matter! Maximum spend for this one is unlimited, so you’re free to deposit as much as you like. Just don’t take that as a green light to spend money you can’t afford to lose, mind.

One quick note about the investment plans that you should be aware of but I don’t really want to elaborate on due to the fact that it’s going to be obsolete at some point, is the admin’s offer of a bonus. There is an extra 20% added to all investments of $250 or more. So for example were you to deposit the bare minimum $250 you would have an extra $50 returned to you. Just be very careful though as it’s easy to misinterpret this. This bonus can be withdrawn only on completion of the 30 business day cycle. You will NOT be paid any interest on it while the plan itself is still running. Considering that your principal is not returned, just think of it as getting 20% of it back on expiry. It’s a limited offer, though EvoFund have not put a specific cut-off date on it. Rather they have placed a cap on the number of actual investors who may avail of it, limiting it to just the first 200. While I wouldn’t be privy to the number of members joining EvoFund with that kind of money (I can only see my own downline after all) I wouldn’t think there’s any great urgency here. But still, just be aware of it and if you were considering a bigger than average deposit in EvoFund anyway, keep in mind that the offer is there now but won’t be there forever.

A curious thing about EvoFund‘s choice of payment processors is that despite being very limited it will still no doubt appeal to a wide enough audience. It’s far from being a complete list but good enough to satisfy most investors so as not to limit the programs’ appeal too much. As of now EvoFund are taking deposits through LibertyReserve and SolidTrustPay. According to their own terms and conditions payouts to members should be made instantly, though I have to say I don’t recall any of my own payments being like that. They were impressively fast by the standards of any online HYIP, I’ll give them that, but not instant. It’s possible that only applies to LR, but as I myself always favor STP where possible then I wouldn’t be sure. Either way members are still required to log in to their EvoFund accounts to request the payment, and the admin will take it from there. It has been suggested that other processors will be added at some point in the future, but as the two most popular ones are already in place the number of extra members attracted into the program will of course be welcome and beneficial to EvoFund, but nonetheless limited.

On the design and security side of things, EvoFund is up to an acceptable standard. Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by Koddos, and the website is SSL secured for safer browsing and transactions by Comodo. EvoFund is running off a script under license from ProBizScript and if you have any further questions for the admin or account related issues then you can get in touch with him by filling in your details on the online e-mail ticketing form and submitting it via the contacts page. You’ll also notice a postal address in the UK but I’d tend to dismiss that as a serviced virtual office used for mailing purposes and not where you would physically find anyone connected with EvoFund. The fact that the phone number that goes with the address doesn’t have a UK area code would kinda confirm this, but don’t make a big deal out of it either as it’s actually quite a common practice with “real” businesses as well. If you don’t like any of that then you can always just write to the EvoFund admin directly at the e-mail address listed on the contacts page. So far I have found him to be quite responsive which is always a positive sign, if not an actual selling point in itself. Then again a lot of admins are when things are going well.

A lot of the texts are unfortunately a straight copy/paste job used already in a number of older HYIP websites. Therefore I would have to say it’s not worth my while repeating (or worth your while reading) whatever alleged business plans EvoFund have for supporting their payments to members. It’s on the EvoFund website should you wish to examine it for yourselves anyway, I just don’t think it carries much credence. Never mind, it’s no better or no worse than anything you’ll see in the HYIP industry so treat it exactly as any other scheme you come across – like a high risk game with a chance of a profit and no guarantees. So remember the number one rule in the HYIP industry which is to protect yourself first and foremost, and that means keeping your spending limit well under an amount you wouldn’t mind losing and if joining EvoFund at all then try at least to make it a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Despite of some concerns expressed by the investors of BensonUnion this Monday the payments from the program eventually came through and were processed, though with some delays. The explanation given by the admin reminded members that interest was not credited on Monday due to an official holiday in the US and therefore a non-business day when 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days with the principal return on expiry is supposed to get paid. I can confirm that withdrawals from BensonUnion to LibertyReserve are back to normal and I was paid instantly the last few times. It’s pretty satisfying to see everything explained in the newsletter from BensonUnion last night:

Weekend + non-trading day on Monday
Dear investors! We received a lot of complaints that people didn’t receive profit on Monday. We kindly ask everyone to follow the news on the website on such days instead of complaining in public resources. Also there were some pending Liberty Reserve withdrawals on these days, we had to replace Liberty Reserve account number that we use for processing withdrawals and our programmers could set it up only by Monday afternoon. Once they did it, we started processing pending Liberty Reserve withdrawals and most of them were processed within minutes and by this moment everyone got paid. Almost whole BensonUnion team was on away due to weekend and holidays because thats not weekdays and we hope for understanding because everyone needs to have a rest after hard trading week. Please get ready for Webinar that will take place on Thursday, November 15th. We will send out the newsletter with meeting details and conference room link later today. There is also one more good news that we have completed Solid Trust Pay integration because of too much requests to add this payment option to the list. Thanks for your attention!

As promised another email to members today included details on tomorrow’s webinar with the admin Ragnar Wellington (if you wish to read my interview with him please click here). I must add that since I first reviewed the program ten months ago here the list of payment processors accepted has broadened significantly and in addition to the originally accepted LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney BensonUnion now take EgoPay, PexPay, and BitCoin (with the direct bank wires also available) starting from a $10 minimum. If you have any other questions in addition to what you already read about BensonUnion on MNO please join the video-conference tomorrow at the time and link provided below:

The 4th webinar with CEO. Thursday, 1:00 PM EST
Dear active and potential investors of BensonUnion! Tomorrow we will hold 4th webinar with Mr. Wellington, the CEO of BensonUnion. Meeting URL: . Meeting time: 1:00 PM Eastern Time (EST). Please visit meeting URL to find what time it will be in your location. Meeting will last 60 minutes and Mr. Wellington will share some information about all events which happened since previous conference. Everyone will be able to talk to CEO in realtime video conference. Please be patient because Mr. Wellington will be overloaded with questions tomorrow. Do not miss this event!


I bet there are very few people left in the HYIP industry who don’t know who FelminaAlliance (reviewed here) are. They’ve been paying since July 2011 and since then many have profited from their 1%-1.6% for 180 business days plan. More recently they launched a shorter term plan with lower interests but faster returns – 0.8%-1.4% for 90 business days. Please note that on both plans in FelminaAlliance you’re entitled to get your original principal back on expiry while the minimum of $20 is accepted via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and EgoPay.

Even such a successful project like FelminaAlliance which recently got into the Top 5 most popular programs on MNO’s Premium List needs a boost in membership at times to ensure stability. I believe the management are really creative when it comes to unorthodox methods of promotion and the recent addition of the so called Promo Coupon Codes is just another step to enhance its influence and reach new members. The new coupon code is given to all promoters and gives their referrals a chance to get a $10 deposit absolutely free which will be credited as your principal in FelminaAlliance once you register an account using the code. Since the minimum to invest in FelminaAlliance is $20 you will need to add $10 more of your own funds via EgoPay, LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney in order to start earning from the total deposit. In other words, use this promo code XKALN-RCJGV-WBQDR when registering your account with FelminaAlliance via this link, and get $10 extra on all the deposits made with at least $10 of your own money. I think this will be a perfect opportunity for newbies to start earning with FelminaAlliance, especially if they think the $20 minimum is too high and would like to start with $10 of their money while taking advantage of the full $20 deposit. So register your account in FelminaAlliance today and use this promo code XKALN-RCJGV-WBQDR to start earning more. Please note that I have 49 more codes available for my readers and you can ask me for another one anytime if the old one expires or is not accepted for any reason. Further details are below:

[FelminaAlliance] You can now use Promo Coupon Codes to promote FelminaAlliance!
You can now start promoting FelminaAlliance using Promo Coupon Codes. You can give them out to new people you would like to join FelminaAlliance under you.
Each Promo Coupon Code gives a $10.00 bonus added to the account principal of the newly created account. Note that one will need to make an additional deposit of at least $10.00 in order to start earning interest in the account.
To get your Promo Coupon Codes and start making use of this opportunity, you need to:
– log into your account with us,
– go to the ‘Invite Your Friends’ area of your account and click to get the Promo Coupon Codes,
– the Promo Coupon Codes will be sent to your contact email address immediately,
– send the Promo Coupon Codes to your friends, contacts, site visitors and simply everyone who you would like to invite to join FelminaAlliance through your referral link,
– note that each Promo Coupon Code is linked to your account, so every person using the Promo Coupon Code you provided will join your downline automatically,
– also keep in mind that each Promo Coupon Code can only be used once.
To activate the Promo Coupon Code, your prospects will need to:
– copy the Promo Coupon Code received from you,
– enter the code into the ‘Promo Coupon Code’ field of the Account Registration form,
– the $10.00 will be immediately credited to the account principal of the newly created account.
It is okay to distribute the Promo Coupon Codes:
– to your family, friends, contacts and simply anyone you would like to invite to FelminaAlliance and register in your downline,
– on various forums, discussion boards and blogs,
– send in limited and targeted mailings.
It is NOT okay to:
– send the Promo Coupon Codes in unsolicited mass mailings,
– distribute them to people who are clearly not interested in such offers.
Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department should you have any questions or need assistance with your account.
Kind regards, FelminaAlliance Customer Service Department”.


MicroMoneyBank is still to be reviewed on MNO, however I already noticed some interest after introducing it yesterday. MicroMoneyBank just launched very recently offering investments via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve into the following plans – 7.5%-10% for 20 days, 185%-225% after 15 days. The minimum to invest starts from $10 and I’m glad to report that I was paid myself a couple of times already very quickly which prompted me to move MicroMoneyBank to Paying status. I think it’s a very good beginning and hopefully the admin Kyle will keep it this way for a long time to come. In the recent newsletter sent MicroMoneyBank members today he listed some advantages of joining his program against others that I believe will help you make a more informed decision before the upcoming review. Please read the newsletter for more details below:

Hello, We’ll like to welcome all our new members for joining MicroMoneyBank.
We are really excited so far with the way things are running smoothly and we’ll like to assure you of a wonderful experience at MicroMoneyBank.
MicroMoneyBank is a simple straight forward project which offer its members daily passive earning on the basis of participation in the two profitable sharing plans. We offer you one of the most secure and reliable investing environment in an online setting and we are dedicated to providing our investors with some of the most exclusive services and products on the global financial zone.
Here are some of our benefits:
All payments are made to your account Daily.
You’re assured a Guaranteed investment return
Minimum spend is $10 and there is no maximum.
You may make an additional spend as many times as you like.
You earn 7% Referral commission in both our Deluxe and Royal Plan
You’re offered a 24x7x365 customer support
Small minimum investment from $10
We are serious and committed to your success and we look forward to serving you better.
Thanks, Kyle Mitchell
Admin, MicroMoneyBank.


I suppose some readers have already joined BulgeInvest which started 8 days ago and took advantage of its 9% for 15 calendar days returns paid via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve for a minimum deposit of $5. Today the admin sent his first newsletter giving the link to the full review of BulgeInvest posted on MNO a few days ago (click here to read it) and also shared some other important links which you can use to help promote the program and see what others are saying about it including the Rating page, Facebook page, and two main HYIP forum threads. The full newsletter is below:

Welcome to BulgeInvest
Hello Bulge Investors,
I would like to welcome every one of you who joined our program and all the new members joining us every day.
The start of BulgeInvest brought positive results. The program is picking up popularity and we are featured on most of the major monitoring sites and more advertising is being added as we speak. You can check the review made by Money-News-Online:
Also you can visit our ratings’ page where you can find the places BulgeInvest is being advertised:
We were asked why there was absence of a support page, so that you can send us your inquiries. We provide you with live chat but when that is offline you can still send us message which we will see and reply.
Furthermore, we would like to remind you that your principal is included in the daily 9% return. You are paid on daily bases and don’t need to wait for the full 15 days cycle to end.
Our Facebook group is quite active where members are posting very often and I am there to help. You can visit our group on:
Also you can visit our Facebook page.
You can check our threads in the public forums:
Regards, Martin Aberg”.


I fear that the days of InvestLand are numbered and joining it now might not be such a clever move. The thing is that two days ago I first saw a very suspicious exchange offer made publicly to any member (you can see it under the Exchange Currencies tab in your personal account with InvestLand) that the site could give you 25% extra to STP if you give your LR funds to the admin. I guess there is no need to remind an experienced investor about some crucial differences between SolidTrustPay and LibertyReserve. But if you’re a newbie in the payment processors field then you should know that SolidTrustPay transactions can be reversed at any time and accounts have to be fully verified to take advantage of all the services provided while LibertyReserve is a totally anonymous and irreversible payment processor. In addition to that, you should remember that exchanges between STP members to avoid the verified exchanges are strictly forbidden, so the admin of InvestLand is trying to engage the members in an illegal activity here. Remember that he’s not risking anything, because he is the one who obviously can’t move his STP funds and therefore offering such a too-good-to-be-true offer to anyone now while if you get caught your transaction with STP can be reversed later due to violating their terms of service. The admin should know this perfectly well, and I guess InvestLand is getting to the point when he’s trying to take advantage of newbies and get his STP funds out to LibertyReserve and convert in to cash without any questions. In my opinion it surely indicates a cashflow issue for InvestLand and one should think twice before joining any of the plans there – 50%-219% for 5 days. By the way, you see they changed from the 20%-73% for 15 days which I described in my review of the program published here, so it’s yet another reason to stay away. Yes, for now the program is paying OK to EgoPay, STP, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney, but one should always try to figure out the admin’s motives for changing investment plans too frequently and always pay attention to such messages like the one regarding the very lucrative but nonetheless inadvisable exchange offer:

E-currency exchange service.
Dear investors !
Now you can use your LibertyReserve to exchange our STP . Rate +25% : 100LR =125 STP. This means you send us $100LibertyReserve, you will get $125 STP. We sent money directly on your STP account (not on deposit!)
If you need, please contact us:”.


Please note that Phinanci and FinanceCore were moved to Problem status on MNO today due to the delayed payouts and the lack of updates from the admin. Actually the admin of Phinanci was the one trying to fool everyone by posting some nonsense on the program’s Facebook account and making up some lame excuse about the program’s growth and inability to process withdrawals in time. Well, if an admin cannot process withdrawals within 48 hours (that was the official timeframe for Phinanci) that is totally unprofessional. Even to believe that Phinanci was so popular was very hard, as the program was barely noticed on MNO even with the recent interview and Sticky listing purchased by the admin. Phinanci has been a total failure, lasting only for weeks where only the first investors in the 20 day plan managed to see a profit. The same goes for FinanceCore – the program brought profits only to the first investors who apparently didn’t rush to reinvest in the 20 and 25 day plans. So FinanceCore collapsed too. Once again – please do not invest in either program as they have stopped paying!


One of the short term programs that recently joined Premium listing on MNO is called SecureIncome. The project launched a couple of days ago but the first payouts are only due to be made in a few days as the shortest term possible with payouts on expiry is 7 calendar days. The return offered there is 120% or 125% depending on your deposit which can start from $10 and accepted via PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and LibertyReserve. Other plans offered by SecureIncome include 160%-170% after 16 days, 200%-220% after 25 days, 320% after 45 days, and 1000% after 50 days. Oddly enough, the latest plan not only accepts deposits from a very high minimum of $25,000 but also offering a car at the end of the term (though at those prices I can assure you the admin is the only one likely to be driving away, lol). All in all, the investment plans are looking more than sustainable for this style of program so I hope that SecureIncome is not intended as another fast Christmas scam and will last for some time to bring profits to professional HYIP players. The website features images of the trimmings of wealth, or rather the vulgar display of it, which apparently the admin craves. Annoying music in the background that sounds like it was taken from a porno movie rather than a serious investment project doesn’t do much either. SecureIncome is a properly SSL secured website running off a licensed GoldCoders script and is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by Koddos. More will be in the upcoming review on MNO soon!


Another program that launched last night and joined MNO Sticky/Premium listing today is LoyalAssets. They accept investments to just one plan offering 3% daily returns for a duration of 60 calendar days and principal back on expiry. The minimum to invest starts from $10 which is accepted via all the popular payment options – LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, and PerfectMoney. If you like fast payouts you might be pleased to see that LoyalAssets is processing most withdrawals instantly while those to EgoPay are done manually by the admin within 12 hours. LoyalAssets is a properly SSL secured website running off a licensed GoldCoders script with hosting on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by AntiDDos – the same provider as MNO. The welcome message was posted by the admin last night and you can read it below while the full review of LoyalAssets expect to see on MNO by the end of the week:

LoyalAssets is open Online!
We are pleased to announce that the LoyalAssets is officially open for business online. With our 10 years long experience in direct private sector of investments helps us to provide best quality and timely services to our clients. Our Group always acts in accordance with the best managing practices to secure high yields to the people we serve. Join LoyalAssets now and build the way to your financial freedom with us!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: TheMoneyGalaxy, BlueMoney, InvestLand.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, MajesticProfits, PerfectFinance, CaspianCapital, ForexEarn, ProForexUnion, LLLtd, BensonUnion, 4FXInvestment, AWTC, StallionGold, FNOCapital, ProsperaNova, DiamondAsset, EndlessProfits, NeoFunds, TureProfit, BulgeInvest, Nubcoyu, StrongInvestment, NewEnrG, ExanteAssets (the first payments received), MicroMoneyBank (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, EvoFund, DP9, AustralianBusinessGroup.
From MNO Basic list: GoldTradeFunds, XtremeRichness, Fxen, HippoWin, WorldOfBenefit (the first payments received).

That’s most of the news for today, but I had so much of it for today that I’m keeping it to only the most important updates and will catch up with the rest tomorrow along with a full review of ExanteAssets – the program that paid me today for the first time and was moved to Paying status on MNO. Hopefully today’s information was useful for you and as usual, I wish you good luck with your investments! See you tomorrow boys and girls!

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