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Beware! UsdTrading has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! With less than a week to go I trust you’re all getting in the festive spirit by now. I didn’t have much news to report on yesterday, hence no update last night, but I think that’s going to be changing before too long. Mid January at the latest I would imagine and new programs will be springing up all over the place, some of which will doubtlessly be of a very high standard, but that’s not to say there isn’t a lot of admins getting an early start and organizing their new ventures right now. Take one called UsdTrading for example, which is a brand new medium term HYIP which has just started about two days ago. So if you’re not taking a break from the industry and are still on the lookout for new non-short term projects before the New Year then before tonight’s news update I want to take a look at what UsdTrading are offering, as well as their other main features. Take a look anyway, and see what you think.

UsdTrading is a remarkably simple program in the sense that it only offers one single investment plan to its members. Well, how many do you need, right? It is as I said more of a medium term program, with the plan divided into two subsections that reward investors based on how much they are prepared to spend. So to start with you can join for a minimum deposit of just $10. Once you decide to do that, the investment plan itself will run for a term of 30 calendar days, with payments being made on business days only. During that time, and for anything up to a maximum limit of $1,000, UsdTrading will pay members 7% interest per business day, Monday to Friday, for their deposit. Now, that may look excessive at first glance, however this is made more sustainable by the fact that UsdTrading will not be returning your principal on the plan’s expiry. That’s already being counted as part of your daily payments so your final earnings which should eventually come to 154% will include your own money plus 54% net profit. Just be aware that this can vary. The number of business days contained within a 30 calendar day period will depend on what day of the week you join, I’m just working off the maximum possibility here of 22 business days in the term, assuming you join on a Monday.

So to put that in monetary terms, let’s pretend you spent $100 on the program. In exchange UsdTrading would pay you $7 per day from Monday to Friday for the following 30 days. You would then earn back your initial hundred after 15 payments and start counting the profits after that. The total returned to you should, we hope, come to $154, or your own money plus $54 on top.

The second option which is to invest a minimum of $1,001 works more or less the same way, but does have some crucial differences. The obvious one of course is that UsdTrading increase the rate of interest offered to members, but something that’s less apparent is that compounding is only open to those spending this huge sum of money or more. Not that I personally advise compounding by the way (quite the opposite in fact, I don’t much care for the practice) but I would say that it being available is no reflection either good or bad on the program offering it. But anyway, let’s see the numbers. For a $1,001 deposit and no maximum level, UsdTrading offer members an improved rate of 9% interest per business day for the same 30 calendar day term. That would eventually come to a return of 198%, though again this would include your own initial principal factored into the payments. So your net profit would be 98%. Again this can vary according to what day of the week you join, my calculations are based on 22 payments within the 30 calendar day term.

Both plans seem reasonably sustainable in HYIP terms, however one major criticism that I hope the admin will adress soon is that they are very badly explained and very misleading for investors. I mean it’s never really that obvious that the plans themselves are measured in calendar days but the payments made on business days only.

Other than the affordable minimum need to join, UsdTrading has a pretty good list of payment options, though that’s fast becoming a minimum expectation for most investors these days anyway. You’ll see all the main operators listed there, including SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve, so there isn’t a great deal they can do to improve on that. Payouts to members are made by the admin manually and so need to be requested from inside your UsdTrading private members account area. Once you’ve done that you will have to wait anything up to 72 hours for the transaction to be completed. At this point I can’t really comment on what the “average” or typical waiting time would be, but the admin would really need to be ensuring that 72 hours is the extreme end of things if he wants to make sure his program achieves any degree of popularity. Just remember that while you won’t actually be earning any interest on weekends, there’s nothing to stop you requesting a payout if there’s one owed to you.

On the technical and design side of things, UsdTrading is running off a script that’s licensed from GoldCoders so will have a familiar feel to it for most regular players. Hosting is on a dedicated server, with CloudFlare handling the hosting and DDoSDefend handling the website’s protection from DDoS attacks. For an extra layer of security the UsdTrading website is also using SSL encryption from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Once you get to the website itself by the way you’ll notice it comes with a built-in Google auto-translator tool so anyone not so strong in English can change the texts into their own language. These things are, well, a bit patchy at best and don’t exactly give an accurate picture of what’s being said, but at the same time are at least close enough to give someone the general idea of what’s being said so might be helpful to some. Kudos to the admin anyway for at least making some effort, as opposed to none. If you have any further questions about UsdTrading, its plans, how it all works, or any account related issues then the admin can be reached by either writing directly to the listed e-mail address or else filling out the online ticketing form and submitting it. A postal address is also listed though I wouldn’t pay any more attention to this one than to any other online HYIP as the tend to be no more than serviced offices and mail forwarding points if they happen to be genuine at all.

Something else I would suggest you skip would be the texts, ie the claims that UsdTrading are in any way a genuine financial company. Reason being the website content is a direct copy/paste job used by numerous other sources and in no way therefore to be taken seriously. Just for the record the claim stated is that UsdTrading is “oil production, gold, forex and stock”, but I’d rather you treat the program as any other online HYIP. And that of course means being cautious and remembering that you are handing money over to total strangers whom you will never see again. So set your spending limit accordingly, keep it well within a level that’s affordable to you, and if becoming a member of UsdTrading then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Mox, who pay on an 11% for 13 business days plan for over three weeks recently announced their working schedule during the Christmas holidays. Work will continue Monday to Friday as usual and members can withdraw and get paid within 12 hours of request to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay. It’s really good to see that not all the programs from my list are going to rest during the holidays at the expense of investors and Mox (reviewed here) is leading the way with that. I remind you that a few days ago it was also decided that all the withdrawals would be paid within 12 hours instead of the instant payouts Mox originally started with. I guess the program has already reached the point when it’s become widely known and security should take precedence over the appeal of instant payouts. Anyway, in the latest newsletter Mox send Christmas greetings to investors:

Mox Will Continue Work On Christmas Holiday
Hello everyone,
We are glad to announce that finally we have decided to continue our work on Christmas Holiday. Our system will generate profit from Monday to Friday during these days and we will process withdraws everyday as usual. Wish all of our members Merry Christmas in advance.
Sincerely, Mox Admin


PexPay has become the fourth payment processor (after LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and EgoPay) accepted by StallionGold (reviewed here). Although the popularity of PexPay is kinda questionable at the moment with no more than a handful trusting them, the appearance of more payment options can only benefit the program in the long term. Having been on MNO for over three months StallionGold reached #6 on my Premium List and proved its sustainability and profitability to the first investors already in profit from its 1.5%-4% for 100 business days plan with principal back on expiry and instantly processed payments. For more info on StallionGold you can also refer to my recent interview with the admin of the project Edward which can be found here. And for StallionGold‘s latest news update please read below:

PexPay Payments
Dear investors and website visitors, it is our pleasure to announce the addition of new deposit option at Stallion Gold. From now on, all of our members can use PexPay payment processor to make their investments and request withdrawals via this system. PexPay offers distinct and very convenient account funding options and its services are available worldwide.


The admin of PlatinumVertex updates members on even the smallest developments and sent a newsletter on the recently launched Hall of Fame where the best promoters and top investors of the program would be shown. He also mentions the ongoing Christmas Event contests where you can win a cash prize of $50. If you haven’t read my review published here yet, you should know that PlatinumVertex accepts deposits starting from a $1 minimum via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney and the investment plan pays from 4.5% to 6% for the duration of 40 business days (Monday to Friday). PlatinumVertex has been featured on MNO for three weeks already and the latest news from the program is included below:

Website Update
Good day to all the PlatinumVertex Members,
We are pleased to inform everyone that the “Hall of Fame” page is now updated. You can check out all the top deposits, top representatives and event winners in there.
David’s team has already created a wonderful banner for us all to commemorate the “BREAK EVEN POINT” day for PlatinumVertex investors.
Lastly, we would like to remind everyone of the Christmas Event for this week. Do send out your best pictures together with your Christmas tree. The winner of this week will receive a very good cash price of $50!
Happy Holidays!
PlatinumVertex Team


Finally, after a few days of uncertainty the admin of AustralianBusinessGroup (reviewed here) issued an official update confirming what I already suspected regarding the program’s domain suspension. The program itself kept working fine via their IP-address and in the latest newsletter posted yesterday the admin promised the domain issue would be resolved within the next few days, suggesting to use a temporary link to browse the website. Usually I’m very skeptical about such issues as many admins use this as an excuse to stall for time and get more deposits before closing, however, in this case I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Why? Simple, because after almost seven months of stable payouts on the deposits made via LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney in one of the following investment plans (all with the principal back on expiry) – 1% for 15 business days, 1.4% for 30 business days, 1.8% for 55 business days, 2.2% for 80 business days – AustralianBusinessGroup keeps paying even now, being on a temporary URL. It looks like we are dealing with professionals here and I wish them a lot of success and confirm that the program is on Paying status on MNO monitor as usual. I’ve already changed all the links leading to AustralianBusinessGroup on my website to the temporary ones given by the admin and which you can also use following the instructions provided below:

We are here now for 72 hours
Our domain is blocked, we solve the problem. This can take up to 72 hours.
Temporarily please use


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Mox, UsdTrading (the first payments received).
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, FelminaAlliance, StallionGold, ProsperaNova, BensonUnion, 4FXInvestment, ProForexUnion, DiamondAsset, SureInv, TureProfit, SecureIncome, Lightraffic, ReferToWealth, StartUpInvestCapital, Stravia.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, AustralianBusinessGroup, PlatinumVertex.
From MNO Basic list:  TrackInvest, EmpireBuildings, PickProfit, Sun7LifeInvestmentCapital, TheInvestmentBank, MainaLimited, Finance7.

Before saying good-bye for today I just want to warn you about possible payout issues with GuaranteedProfit. I have reports about withdrawal requests being returned to members’ accounts with no explanation from the admin why. This can indicate serious cashflow issues within the program, which is why GuaranteedProfit has been moved to Waiting status on MNO for now and I will report tomorrow regarding any further changes. Stay tuned for that and see you all again soon!

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